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Susie and Anna

Susie was so looking forward to Anna's visit that by the time eight o'clock actually came around; she would have been physically drained if it weren't for the energizing sexual tension coursing through her. She had no idea what to expect. On one hand, she knew Anna was happily married, and from previous conversations had learned Anna was and always had been a heterosexual.

On the other hand, Susie had kissed and groped and even halfway undressed Anna earlier today, and not only did Anna seem untroubled by it, she even went so far as to suddenly accept the invitation to come over that she had basically rejected just moments before that had all gone down.

Susie went back and forth trying to decide what Anna was really up to. When she had kissed Anna, she was so into it that she didn't realize until later that Anna wasn't really kissing her back. And when Susie put her hand to Anna's breast, the nipple was very hard, but it was also only forty-some degrees out, so she wasn't necessarily turned on. But the clue that gave Susie the most hope was the whole reason for the two getting together...

It had all started earlier in the afternoon. Susie was trying to fulfil a fantasy of hers to get her own nude image on camera. But taking pictures of herself was neither as thrilling as she'd hoped, nor as easy. The pictures were quite uninspired. So she caught Anna the mail carrier just in time to ask for advice. Despite Anna being a married, middle-aged woman and Susie was only 22 and still lived with her parents, the two had formed a causal type of bond. Over the past few years, Susie had confided in the neighbourhood mail carrier with things she couldn't tell her parents, or things her friends weren't experienced enough to help her with. Most of their talk involved sex, and it was Anna that had finally helped Susie break out of her shell and finally go explore.

It was also Anna who had the honour of being the first woman Susie had ever felt attracted to.

Susie never intended on hitting on or making a move on her friend, but when she stood in her doorway wearing only a robe and asked Anna for advice about taking nude pictures, that all changed. In a series of unfortunate events, the robe ended up sailing on the wind, Susie ended up running in panic to hide her nude body from the world to see, and Anna ended up with Susie's tongue in her mouth and her breasts exposed when her attempt to help the poor girl was wildly misunderstood.

Before the robe had come off, Anna had declined Susie's request to help her take nude pictures of herself. But in the aftermath, not only did Anna change her mind about helping, she even offered to bring pictures of herself to use as examples!

Certainly tonight was going to be more than a couple friends talking about flash, focus, and film, Susie thought and hoped.

When the doorbell rang, Susie had to remind herself to stay calm. Despite what she wanted to happen, she had to be prepared for a tame night, not only so she wouldn't be disappointed if nothing happened, but so she wouldn't make Anna uncomfortable. Though Susie was new to the bisexual life, she had managed to get her share of women, and there would always be more. She had to respect Anna's orientation and desires, whatever they were.

Sticking to this promise to herself, Susie didn't offer Anna anything other than water to drink after she let her in and took her coat. Liquor, even if it was just offered and not taken, might raise Anna's suspicions. And if Susie had any for herself, it might cloud her mind and make her too bold.

The women went to Susie's bedroom, which was large, with a queen-sized bed, a massive oak desk, a full entertainment centre, small couch, recliner, and its own bathroom. It was no wonder Susie still lived at home. Her room was almost as big as many one bedroom apartments in the city.

"It used to be two small bedrooms," Susie said, seeing the surprise on Anna's face.
"And a den."
"Very nice," Anna said. They chatted a little, but the tension in the room was obvious. Even Susie, who could normally recover in this situation, felt captivated by Anna's beautiful eyes, which were usually hidden behind sunglasses.

There was dead silence for a few seconds, and then, getting to the point, Anna said, "That your computer?" It was more of a statement than a question--obviously it was her computer.

"Yeah," Susie said, and she moved over to it, following Anna's lead.

"Well, how about you show me one of your pictures, just so I can get a sense of what you're talking about."

Susie might have been excited to hear this woman ask to see a nude picture of her, but the reality of the situation didn't let the thought get carried away. She sat at the desk and pulled up one of the pictures she had taken earlier in the day. This particular one showed her naked from mid-thigh up to her eyes. Her forehead was cut off. Even after the debacle this afternoon, she was unexpectedly self-conscious about showing a nude picture of herself to a woman like Anna, who was so physically gifted, but it was also making her squirm in her chair with delight.

Anna was the kind of woman who got better with age. She had a full, curvy body but was not fat. Her ass was bigger than it used to be, but it had a perfect shape and lift. Her breasts hung a little lower than when she'd been younger, but they were even more appealing now, because they were soft, full, and natural and yet still so close to faultless.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Anna laughed nervously. "I didn't mean you had to show me one of those. You can show me one of you with your clothes on."

Now Susie was really embarrassed, not to mention disappointed. That was not the kind of response she was hoping for, even with a picture as bad as this one was. And if Anna wasn't expecting to see nude pictures, then she might not have brought any of her own.

"Um...I, uh, didn't really take any with my clothes on."

Anna sensed Susie's humiliation. "Don't worry. That's okay. Nothing I haven't seen before, right?" And now Anna was the embarrassed one, because she felt like she was saying all the wrong things. "I didn't mean that. You have a remarkable body, really. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a body like that before. Everything is so...right."

Susie didn't believe her, but she blushed anyway.
"Yeah sure."
Susie wasn't ashamed of her body, but it was still intimidating to be judged by someone so beautiful, and whose opinion she totally respected.

"No, really," Anna continued. "I never looked that good when I was your age."

Susie smiled, raised an eyebrow, and then glanced at Anna's significant bust. "Please."

"I'm serious. I always had good boobs, but my butt has always been a headache. When I was really thin, I had no ass. When I put on weight, I finally had an ass, but no shape to it. What you see here," and she pointed to her behind "is about as good as it has ever really been."

Susie took the opportunity to check out Anna's ass, which, despite what the woman was saying was an n awfully mouth-watering hunk of meat. "I think it's pretty damn nice."

Anna laughed. "Well, thank you. But really, if we'd grown up together, you would have been the friend who got all the boys. I think you're beautiful."

Hearing that word shouldn't have effected Susie as much as it did, considering the situation, but she couldn't help but shiver with excitement at the very, ultra-slim possibility it exposed. Anna seemed to notice Susie's response, and was quick to move past.

"But you're right," Anna said, looking back toward the picture. "The shot doesn't really show that. I mean, obviously the framing is off, and it looks kind of flat because of the flash or whatever."

Susie eventually put her concentration back on the picture, too. "Yeah. I set the camera on the TV, and I wasn't really sure where to stand to be in it all the way..."

"And that's another thing," Anna continued. "Your facial expression looks like you're a young woman worrying about where to stand for a picture. You don't look relaxed or like you're having any fun."

Susie nodded, disappointed at how quickly this conversation had turned sterile. She knew going into this that nothing was going to happen and she wouldn't try to change that, but she didn't realize how much of her mind and body was hoping against those realities. She was desperate to redirect things, despite her promise not to try and make things sexual.

"What about your pictures?" she asked. "Can I see how yours turned out?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Anna said. "I didn't bring the pictures. I don't know that they would've helped anyway, because like I told you earlier, I had this guy take them. I wasn't doing it alone."

Susie was confused. While Anna had explained she had some great nude pictures of her that were taken by a guy, she also had said she'd taken good naked pictures of herself before. If that was true, why didn't Anna just bring the ones she'd shot herself? Maybe Anna was too shy to show her own pictures--it made sense considering how she'd reacted seeing the nude image of Susie on the computer, but Susie didn't think so. More likely was that Anna had guessed Susie was bi because of today's events, and though she still came tonight in an attempt to help her friend, now she smelled a setup and was trying to find a way out.

"Besides," Anna continued. "It'll be more helpful if I direct you and show you what to do."

'On the other hand...' Susie thought as her heart suddenly pounded with excitement again.

Anna took Susie's digital camera from the desk and directed her to go to the middle of the room and strike a pose. It was at this point that Susie decided to break her promise and do what she could to seduce Anna. She didn't even really think it was possible, but at least attempting it would be exciting, and as long as she wasn't too obvious about it, she could still retain Anna as a friend. To start things off, Susie took off her top as she made her way to the spot Anna had suggested she stand. It being November, she was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a tank-top below it, so removing the long-sleeve garment for the picture didn't make her intentions at all obvious.

What did become obvious was the great body Anna was talking about when she complimented Susie earlier. The bulky long-sleeve shirt hid Susie's form a little, but the tight, orange tank top presented it. She was thin but not bony, and tight all over but not muscle bound. Her B-cup breasts stood high and jutted outward proudly without the help of a bra. Somehow her body radiated an energy that was matched by her bright blue eyes and her colourfully dyed hair, which included maroon, navy blue, and dark purple highlights in the dusty brunette strands.

Susie stood there, feeling her incredibly long nipples beginning to harden, and she hoped they wouldn't become her Achilles Heel by communicating her intensions. To try and conceal them, she struck a slightly bent over pose, offering the camera a good look at her cleavage through the neck of her top. To enhance the cleavage and make her breasts look fuller, she also squeezed them together with the sides of her arms. Then she watched for Anna's reaction.

"That's good," she said, watching, though not through the camera. Her response seemed genuine, though not particularly emotional. "I'm going to play with the lights a little, okay? Just stay like that."

Susie nodded, her body froze as Anna went around the room, first turning off the harsh overhead ceiling light and then going around turning on and adjusting a couple lamps. She frequently looked back at Susie to see what effect her lighting changes were having. Since Susie was holding her position, she didn't see but did hear Anna even open her closet, sift through her clothes, and seconds later the room glowed in a deep shade of red. Susie looked to see what was going on, and saw that Anna had placed something on one of the lamps to get this effect. But what really shocked Susie was that the garment she had chosen was a piece from Susie's lingerie collection--a sheer, red negligee.

After a couple minutes, when she was satisfied, Anna began to actually take photos. Even this was taking time, though, and Susie was growing restless.

"How do I look?" she asked, specifically choosing to say "I" rather than "they" and referring to the pictures.

"Good," Anna said unenthusiastically. "I mean you look great, but it's hard to get good lighting when your clothes are absorbing all the light."

Something about the way Anna's voice put emphasis on a few of her words was curious, Susie thought, and she instantly picked up on it. Her nipples began to tingle and grow again as she considered whether she was right or not. Susie decided to go for it and reply how she thought and hoped Anna wanted her to.

"Should I take something off?"

Anna looked at her with a serious expression, as if concentrating real hard. "Yeah. You've got a bra on, right? Maybe just take off your shirt so I can see the light on your skin."

Susie had to fight to keep herself composed. This was looking more and more like her informal photo-shoot was becoming a game. Anna had tried to cover her intentions by assuming out loud that Susie wore a bra even though it was obvious she wasn't. Anna, Susie thought, was setting herself up to be surprised.

"And you can do another pose," Anna continued, turning her attention to the lamps again. "I've got enough shots of you like that."

Susie raised her arms and began to slip off her shirt, freeing her breasts and her long, fully erect nipples that strained to grow harder. Anna still hadn't seen, as she was still playing with a lamp, and so Susie had time to throw away the shirt and strike her next pose. She crossed her arms over her breasts, using her forearms to hold them high and tucking in her shoulders and her biceps to push them together. Though her nipples were hidden, the top of her breasts swelled out greatly, looking fat and heavy. Below, she arched her back, presenting her flat tummy.

As she waited for Anna's attention, Susie suddenly realized what the older woman had done here. When she had changed the lighting in the room for the pictures, she had made the room dim, bathing it in crimson, setting an undeniably arousing mood. When confronted with the fact that she did not bring her own pictures, it was Anna's idea that Susie pose for her so she could snap some photos. Susie wasn't the one doing the seducing tonight. Anna was.

And just like that, the throbbing that had been only in her heart and her nipples was now between Susie's legs.

Anna looked back to her, taking in the view but not letting herself appear shocked or in any way effected. This confirmed what Susie suspected, because if Anna had really though Susie had been wearing a bra, it was clear she wasn't now, and yet she'd said nothing.

Anna took pictures, and standing half-naked before her, Susie tried not to tremble too much.

"That's good," Anna said. "Really good, Pout your lips and wet them a little."

A shock zipped up Susie's spine as she heard, then obeyed the order, letting her tongue moisten her lips.

"Okay," Anna said, not taking her eye from behind the camera. "I think the lighting is pretty good. I might make some adjustments here there, but I think you should just go with it. Start doing some more poses."

Susie was more than ready to take her arms down and present her chest to Anna, but Anna was one step ahead of her, and suddenly she was behind Susie, taking pictures of her naked back. Susie thought it would be too bold this soon into the game to turn and flash the camera, so she went with it, dropping her arms from her breasts, but allowing Anna and the camera to continue in ignorance of it.

Susie thrust her hips to the side and slightly twisted, giving Anna a chance to see her torso tighten, as well as a peak of the side of a breast. She put her hands in her hair and raised them as Anna snapped away. Then Susie unbuttoned her jeans, but only unzipped them halfway. She turned to face Anna, showing her this, but hiding her breasts again as she grabbed each one with a hand. Anna moved in close to take pictures of Susie's midriff and the tease of the undone jeans, and Susie thrust her taut tummy out to meet her.

Then Anna tilted the camera up, doing low angle shots from Susie's waist, showing the young woman holding a breast tightly in each hand while looking seductively down between them to the camera. As Susie looked down and wondered what to do next, she saw something red waded up in Anna's hand. Before she could even guess what it was, Anna was offering it to her, holding it up against Susie's chest. Susie recognized it as a pair of her own silk panties, and she tentatively took them, careful not reveal her breasts yet. Sensing what Anna wanted by the way she handed them to her, Susie removed her hands from her chest and used only one hand to hold the silk panties over them. The panties were small, and so was her hand, as not nearly as much of her breasts were concealed. In fact, spreading her fingers apart, she could only barely hide both nipples and areola completely behind the material, but she knew this was exactly what Anna wanted as the older woman snapped more pictures.

"Yeah," Anna said, her voice catching in her throat a little. "Just like that.”

Susie put her other hand down and just barely put her fingers into Anna's blonde hair. When Anna didn't back away, Susie pushed her fingers further, until she was softly touching her cheek, which was soft and warm. Susie looked down at Anna, not at the camera this time but through the camera and at Anna directly, her eyes sending millions of messages that all said the same thing. In this deep state of focus, Susie u*********sly let up on the panties she held to her chest just enough to let them slip off one of her breasts. Her long, hard nipple was revealed, and she heard Anna give out a light gasp before she immediately snapped a picture.

"How's that," Susie asked in a throaty voice she hadn't even planned on using.

Anna seemed afraid to move the camera from her face, though she pushed her cheek faintly against Susie's hand. "Susie, I..."

Susie cut her off by letting the panties drop completely, her breasts now free and finally with an audience to marvel at them. The panties dropped onto the camera, but Anna moved her face to look up Susie with her own eyes, staring at the succulent mounds of pert flesh and breathing heavily. Anna started to move her lips, wanting to say something, but not able to produce a sound.

Susie saw her struggling and put a finger to Anna's quivering lips. Susie smiled. "Take my picture."

Anna did as told, snapping pictures, but no longer looking through the camera to do it. She watched Susie on her own, guessing that the camera was in the right place for the shot, but not really caring because she was entranced by the moment, and only did this to keep what little restraint she still had. She stood up, stepped away from Susie, and took more shots of Susie's half-nude form.

Susie posed her body in different ways, moving her arms, twisting her body, and turning her head this way and that. She approached Anna, pushed her breasts together with her arms and thrust them right up to the camera so that any shot it did get would be too close to be in focus. Anna clicked the camera, but she stared hungrily at the flesh before her, and in one of the few times of her life, she still couldn't find a word to say.

Susie then threw herself onto her bed, lying on her back with her chest still thrust out, her firm breasts sinking into her body only slightly. She ran her hands over her tummy, then down her half undone jeans, slipping below the waist with one hand while further unzipping them with the other.

Anna followed her, still taking pictures, still silent. The women made eye contact only briefly, but in that moment they both knew what was happening, and their intentions were revealed. Anna was beyond reluctant, but she was also too intrigued to deny herself this experience and whatever it might become. Susie was hungry and horny, and she knew she was winning this game.

Susie slid her jeans off slowly, showing off her long, perfect thighs. When the jeans finally sunk to the floor, her legs looked as smooth as the white silk panties she wore. Those panties were the only clothing she now wore besides her anklet socks, and her body simply radiated sex as she coiled and stretched on the bed. She raised her legs, revealing her lower buttocks, then hugged her knees to her chest and crossed her ankles over her crotch. Anna snapped away.

After several pictures were taken of her in this position, Susie smiled big. "My turn." Anna looked even more stunned, if that was possible. "How am I ever going to learn," Susie continued, "If I never get behind the camera?"

Anna knew what this meant, and the fear registered clearly on her face. And yet, though shaking, she stepped forward, leaned over Susie on the bed and extended her arm to hand her the camera, her mouth open to say something...

Susie snatched the camera and wrapped her legs around Anna's back in the same instant, locking her in place, though Anna's instinctive attempt to free herself was half-hearted, at best. Susie ground her crotch against Anna's, tightening her thighs around Anna's ass and locking her ankles to further secure her. Still trying to appear unwilling, Anna placed her hands on Susie's naked midriff and made a weak attempt at pushing herself away.

Despite how pathetic her escape attempts were, Anna looked genuinely concerned now. She was losing control, not of the situation, but of herself. Finally she found her voice again and used it authoritatively.

"Ok," she boomed, louder than she'd wanted to be. "That's not a bad idea. You should get used to the camera. So you can take pictures of me...and we'll see how you did in a minute."

Susie tried to hide her smile. Poor Anna was so transparent. For years, Susie had always been the submissive, asking Anna questions and looking to her for advice, while Anna was the dominant one, giving the answers and always appearing calm and in control. Now Anna was quivering and her confidence had been so shaken she could barely speak, and Susie felt like a big jungle cat toying with her prey just before the kill.

Susie released Anna. Anna stepped back, took a bland pose by the desk, and waited. Susie rose from the bed, making sure not to conceal her breasts as she brought the camera to her face--but not to her eye. She snapped a picture.

"You can do better than that," Susie grinned.

But Anna didn't seem so sure. As the seconds ticked by, she looked more and more terrified.

"I don't think I can do this," she said, her voice barely a whisper. Her tone suggested this was not part of the game.

Susie didn't panic. "Nothing's happening," Susie said, her voice reassuring. "All I want to do is take pictures. We're just two girls taking pictures of each other to impress the boys. And like you said. We're not seeing anything we haven't seen before."

Anna nodded, trying to convince herself. She swallowed hard.

"Now take off your shirt. You're wearing a bra, right?"

Anna nodded again, and then tried to straighten up her posture with confidence. She unbuttoned her shirt, starting from the bottom, each button seeming to take forever. Susie snapped pictures the whole time, though her eyes never once looked through the camera.

"Yeah, like that," Susie said. And when the buttons were done, "Now open your shirt. Show the camera what you're hiding."

Anna opened her shirt, revealing her huge, fantastic breasts nearly bursting out of a black bra--the same bra that she had been wearing in the afternoon.

"Take your shirt off," Susie ordered. "I need to see the light on your skin."

Anna obeyed. She then stroked her cleavage, trying to look calm again, but her hand was shaking.

"Remove your bra."

Anna's reply came so fast, it was as though she'd wanted to say it for ten minutes.

"I think we've done enough for tonight."

She was trying to back out, but Susie knew she wasn't going anywhere. She approached Anna until they were face to camera to face. Anna didn't move away, but she didn't move closer, either. So Susie took her free hand and went behind Anna's back, found the clasp of her bra, fumbled for a second or two, and then watched at as the tight grip the garment had on Anna's chest suddenly went slack. As she moved her hand back to Anna's front, the bra sunk lower until it was resting only on her erect nipples, her areola pink and obvious against her white skin. She had very distinct tan lines, which seemed to make her breasts appear even larger and were more eye-catching. Susie gave the bra a gentle tug, and it came down, Anna's breasts finally fully naked before her. Memories of that afternoon, when Susie had first seen this magnificent chest, came back to both of them.

Susie snapped a picture.

"I'm," Anna whispered in a shaky voice. "We shouldn't..."

"Just pictures," Susie reassured her. "This is all just an act."

Susie moved her mouth up to Anna's and parted her lips. Anna didn't move until the last second when she opened her mouth to accept the kiss. Except it wasn't a kiss. Susie stopped, keeping her promise that this would only be pictures, and with their lips in the position of a full mouth kiss but still centimetres away from actually touching, she brought the camera up and snapped a picture of it.

At the sound, both women melted a little, their bodies pushing together only slightly, but the kiss never happened. All that touched was their breath on each other's lips.

Susie moved down, putting her lips so close but not close enough on Anna's neck and upper chest, kissing her not with her lips, but with her breath, and snapping pictures each time. Anna took deep breaths, fighting the physical urge to push herself against Susie's mouth, but welcoming the flood between her legs as she grew increasingly aroused with every second that went by.

Anna looked down when Susie reached her breasts and watched as the young woman stuck out her tongue. Susie put the tip of her tongue so close to Anna's nipple that she could actually feel the body heat, and yet Susie never touched her. She snapped a picture. Anna took a deep breath and her whole body stiffened.

Susie suddenly jumped up, lashing out at Anna's face with that tongue, though never making contact. She phantom licked Anna's mouth, took a picture, did the same to her cheek, took a picture, and then she handed off the camera back to Anna. Her hands free, Susie put them behind Anna, rested them on the desk, and brought her small, strong tits right up to Anna's large, softer ones. Susie continued to fake lick Anna's face and neck while pretending to rub her breasts against Anna's, though the women's chests only brushed twice accidentally, but the effect it had was magnificent. A pulsing, numbing pleasure rolled through their breasts with the faint contacts, a sensation that tickled their spines.

"You okay with that camera?" Susie asked when she saw that Anna wasn't taking pictures.

Anna just nodded, and then went to work, taking photos of their breasts almost touching, as well as shots of Susie just not lathering her with passionate licks and kisses.

Susie rose up again, straining on her tip toes so as to bring her chest up toward Anna's face. Anna recognized the intention and pretended to suck and kiss Susie's breasts, taking pictures of the area. She wrapped her lips around the ends of Susie's pointy tits, but never closed on them. Her mouth watered, and Susie's skin even dampened from the moisture in Anna's breath.

Susie took back the camera.

"Take off your clothes." She couldn't think of a more sexy way to say it.

Anna shrugged off the bra that still hung loosely from her shoulders, then stepped away from the desk and unfastened her pants. As Susie photo documented it, Anna removed her pants, bringing her big but exceptionally beautiful and sculpted ass into the bedroom's red light. She wore a pair of skimpy black panties that bulged from the thick muff below it. Susie, who had always kept her pussy closely trimmed, was instantly excited about seeing this.

"That's quite a bush you have there," she said. She was going to ask to see it, but thought better of it and instead simply dropped to her knees beside Anna.

Susie began faking kisses along the side of Anna's ass, then faking them on Anna's ass. But what wasn't fake was when Susie gripped the waist of Anna's panties and tugged at them as she snapped pictures, pulling them down slowly with one hand. Anna turned, presenting Susie with her ass and hiding her pussy, but Susie knew it was only a matter of time.

At last the panties gave way and dropped to Anna's ankles, leaving her completely naked before the camera and Susie's eyes. Susie faked a few more kisses and licks on Anna's naked ass, taking extra time to inhale her thick, sexual aroma, and then moved around her until she was face to face with Anna's muff. The hair was thick and curly and blonde, and Susie put her face so close to it that she could feel its warmth and smell nothing but feminine arousal. She opened her mouth as if to take a bite of this dessert, snapped a picture, and then pretended to lick the pussy full on and took another.

Above, Anna groaned.

"I want to see yours. I, I mean, I want to take a picture of yours..."

Susie stood up, gave Anna the camera, and pulled off her panties. Her very trim bush made it easy to see the cleft of her pussy, which excited Anna so much that she grew weak and dizzy and had to sit on the bed. Susie climbed on the bed with her, lying on her back, spreading her legs and putting a palm over her clit. When Susie touched herself, she almost came. She pulled her hand away.

"Come on," she said. "Take my picture."

Anna was no less nervous, but her sexual need was making her bolder. She got on all fours on the bed and leaned down toward Susie's crotch, studying it with her eyes while taking pictures of it over and over. She was so hungry that she salivated enough to have to swallow four times before finally getting close enough to lick Susie there. But she didn't. Anna stopped right before putting her nose and lips to Susie's flesh. She felt and smelled the girl's heat, but did nothing more than take a picture.
And another.

But then a curious thing happened. As Anna looked at Susie's cute little pussy, growing wet before her very eyes, she noticed Susie's breathing had tripled in speed, and her body was thrashing with increased power each second. And then Anna saw Susie's clit, and she realized her own deep breaths, heavy with arousal, were pushing and tickling Susie's clitoris. Without even touching her, Anna was giving this girl an orgasm.

She didn't even need to think about her next move. Anna knew if it worked for Susie, it would work for her, too. She swung her body around and positioned herself so she and Susie were in a 69. She knew this was the right thing to do because of the loud moan or pleasure she got from Susie when she lowered her muff towards her face. But keeping with the evening, Anna did not lower her pussy enough to be touched, though her breasts were too big to avoid resting their weight on Susie's abdomen. Instead, she put herself in position to be breathed on, not eaten, and soon she felt the same tickle on her clit, despite the fact that it was buried in her blonde fur.

"Take a picture!" Susie cried out, further along toward her climax than Anna was. "I want a picture of you eating me."

And at that, Anna not only took a picture, but she went at Susie's pussy with such vigour that it was amazing that she didn't actually touch the girl. The movements themselves were so sexual and needful as she pretended to munch the little cunt that they brought Anna right up to speed in the race to orgasm. Below, Susie was doing the same, and if it was hard for Anna not to give in, it was absolute torture for Susie to hold back.

But hold back they did, until a crashing tidal wave of orgasm swept over both of them at once, Susie crying out first, and then Anna following once she knew it was okay to let herself go. The women bucked and thrashed, and to keep themselves from diving in each other's pussies, they were f***ed to hold onto each other's thighs to keep themselves as stable as possible. Susie screamed and growled so loud and with such emotion that she sounded like she was in pain, though the truth was far from that. Anna sounded as if she'd just experienced a climax for the first time after 40 years of build up. The women could only hope that Susie's neighbours were too unimaginative to figure out what was going on; because there was no way they wouldn't have heard it.

When the orgasms died down, Anna and Susie had no choice but to rest their bodies, despite the fact that it meant breaking the code they had been so careful to follow. They collapsed onto each other, their breasts pressing against each other's bellies. Anna's thighs were suddenly as weak as rubber, and so she had to rest her sopping wet pussy on Susie's face. Susie, not wanting to break the trust, politely turned her head, but that didn't keep her from immensely enjoying the feel of the wet, hairy bush against her skin. At the other end, Susie rested her crotch on Anna's face, but Anna let it fall right where it lay, which was on her chin, with her nose tucked between Susie's silky thighs.

After a few second, Anna felt the camera on the mattress beside her. She picked it up and snapped a picture of Susie's cunt using her face as a pillow. Then she laid it down, felt Susie pick it up off the mattress, and heard a click. It was quite a turn on for Anna to know that there now existed a picture of her bushy pussy buried into a beautiful young girl's face.

Getting up and dressed again wasn't as nearly as pleasurable. Susie wanted to say something, but each time she thought of a coherent string of words, she worried about how Anna would take them. They ended up parting in awkward silence, with Anna exiting with such speed that she forgot to take her coat. Susie was a little thankful for that, because it gave her a reason to talk to Anna when she came for her next mail delivery. Maybe they could straighten something out.

Susie was taking the coat to her room, wanting to keep it hidden from her parents, when she heard a click on the floor. She looked down and saw a shiny black thing. She picked it up: a memory stick. Susie felt a thrill rise through her. So Anna had brought the pictures of herself. She faked forgetting them so she could try the role-playing scenario! As much as Susie wanted to consider what this meant, however, there were more pressing matters... She had to get her ass to her computer and check out these pictures!

Funny thing, though. Susie was about a third of the way through Anna's personal pics when she realized that her digital camera--the camera they'd been using tonight--was suspiciously missing...

Susie looked at the photographs over and over. One had a striking, beautiful face that expressed both innocence and a deep desire to lose it. The lips full, the long hair tousled, with just enough of it hanging down over bright blue, thirsty, 'come get me' bedroom eyes. Another showed a pair of magnificent breasts, defying gravity so well that the thick, long nipples were pointing more up than out. A third picture showed an ass, tight and small, but with a perfect bubble form that seemed to have come from its very own heavenly mould. And then there was the pussy photo, a thin, razor-straight strip of hair leading down to an otherwise naked vagina, the flush lips just barely peeking out. There were others that showed these same body parts at different angles and distances, and others still that focused more on this body's tight abs, or the artistically sculpted legs. And a couple photos were full body shots of one of the most beautiful and sensual 22 year olds on Earth.

But none of the photos were particularly flattering. Susie wasn't even sure 'photos' was the right word, considering she'd taken them with a digital camera and was now shuffling through the 'almost' camera shop quality print-outs she'd made with her computer. They were more like generic wanna-be photos.

Not helping was the quality of the pictures themselves; none of the angles, of which Susie had taken dozens of for each shot, seemed to catch the subject right. The focus was off on a few, despite the auto-focus having been engaged the whole time. And the lighting was really bad--as bad as or worse than the lighting she'd seen on even the most amateur of sites from the internet. And these print-outs were the best pictures she had.

Susie was still naked from her own personal photo shoot as she sat at the desk in her bedroom, waiting for the last of the print-outs to finish. The same images were also on her computer screen, looking just as awkward and cold as they were on paper. She had hoped that seeing them on ink would bring some life to the photos, but so far she was still disappointed.

She hated failing, and even this little setback was frustrating to no end. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Taking nude pictures of herself was a big fantasy she was finally making come true, but she was so concerned with getting good results, that she only felt mildly aroused as she snapped photos of herself in the privacy of her bedroom. The shots showing her nipples were a testament to that: they were slightly erect, at best.

Susie had finally pushed for this fantasy to come true after meeting with a friend who confided that she had once posed for nude pictures, and was now featured on some internet porn site. The friend said it was a bad experience because of how little she was paid, and because she basically was conned into giving away her nude likeness for mere pennies to some shrewd dotcom entrepreneurs.

But, the friend, added, she also considered the moments before the eventual letdown to be among the most arousing of her life. "Posing nude for pictures", she had said, "Especially when you know the whole world will get to see them, can almost make you cum from the sheer excitement of it all". She also said the nervousness is a good nervousness, and the tingling you get when you're finally doing it, though not the same as just before a good orgasm can be equally satisfying.

Of course, this particular friend was a bit of nut, Susie knew, so her judgment wasn't necessarily the greatest.

Still, Susie expected to feel much more pleasure in taking these photos than she had. Hell, she'd had more fun just imaging taking the pictures than she had in actually doing it. And now there was no real payoff, because the pictures simply sucked.

Susie considered that her problem of taking pictures alone may be as simple as what it was: she was alone. Her friend, after all, had at least a couple strangers from the website there to watch as she posed, and whenever Susie had heard about other people doing it, usually it was couples doing it to each other as foreplay.

But Susie didn't have any friends she felt comfortable doing this with. While very open minded sexually, Susie had only very recently fed on her long-ignored lusts. The people she'd met thus far were mostly strangers she'd casually hooked up with, and despite what they were like in bed, none of the relationships were solid enough to trust with this amount of responsibility. If even one photo got out, it could end up on a million popular websites in less time than it took her to slip her clothes back on.

Feeling defeated, Susie slumped in her chair and stared at the screen. Her eyes wandered to the time, and suddenly she bolted upright--she knew exactly who to ask about this problem!

Susie lived at home with her folks still, but neither was home, so she grabbed only her ivory silk robe as she raced out of her bedroom and to the front door. She peeked out the window of the door and saw her target just where she thought she'd be; delivering mail to the house next door, and now coming this way.

Susie and Anna the mail carrier had a strange relationship that went back years, when Susie's f****y had first moved into the neighbourhood. It started with a dildo that Susie had ordered for herself online. The company sending it promised the box would not give away the contents, but the box had been damaged during shipping, and so a whole corner was torn off. If someone gave it more than a casual glance, they'd be able to see exactly what it was.

And so when Anna came to deliver the item and saw this, she took it upon herself to keep it hidden when Susie's dad came to the door to receive the mail by hand. Later, after finishing deliveries to the block, Anna came back, snuck into the backyard where Susie was laying out by the pool, and slipped her the package.

Anna couldn't have known how huge was the disaster that she'd helped avert that day, and Susie couldn't thank her enough. They had sort of bonded since then, talking every once in a while about things that Susie didn't feel comfortable talking about with other people. Because Anna wasn't a biased parent, but still had the life experience far outweighing her teenage friends, she turned out to be a great confidant, even if the two had never met beyond Susie's doorstep. In fact, it was Anna that helped Susie to break out of her shell after high school--the girl she was back then didn't resemble the woman she was now in the slightest, and Susie had never felt better. She owed most of that metamorphosis to Anna.

Susie opened the door, peeking around the corner so as not to show too much of herself, even robed, to any neighbours passing by.

"Hey there, Susie," Anna said with a big grin. "Staying warm?"

It was November, and though the month had started off with record high temperatures, it was back down to the mid-forties today, and gloomy. Even still, Susie wasn't surprised to see Anna wearing her uniform shorts and dark sunglasses.

"Trying," Susie responded, tightening the thin, silk robe around her as she felt the cold creeping in from everywhere--especially underneath. "I see you're not," she laughed, gesturing to the shorts.

"Keeps me alive," Anna said, pulling mail out from her bag. "This weather is great for the nerves."

"Yeah, well you've got them," Susie said.

Anna stopped, the mail still in her hand, sensing Susie wanted to talk.

Susie wanted to ease into this, but after a moment she decided the right words just weren't going to come, so she blurted it out. "Have you ever taken pictures of yourself?"

Anna smiled. Nearly forty, Anna had held onto her exceptional youthful looks better than most. She was still a bombshell with long blonde hair, a full, curvy body good enough to be pin-up material, and topped off with a large pair of breasts that very few women her age could equal without the help of plastics and silicones--and Anna's were a hundred percent natural.

Though one of the secrets Susie hadn't revealed to Anna was that of her recent move to bisexuality, she sensed that Anna might have guessed it from the way Susie couldn't help but stare at her. Part of Susie considered that Anna was at least partly responsible for this new trend. After all, Anna was the first woman Susie admitted to herself feeling attracted to. Even now, the strength of her erect nipples, Susie knew, wasn't to be blamed entirely on the cold sneaking in her loose robe.

"You talking about the fun kind of pictures?" Anna asked.

"Sort of," Susie answered, assuming 'fun kind' to be the kind that Anna and her husband had probably taken of each other at some point. "Not too fun. Alone"

"Okay. Yeah, I've taken some of those."

"How did they turn out?" And before Anna could answer, Susie explained her problem.

"Look, it can be done," Anna said after listening. "But if I was you, I'd just let somebody else take them. You can concentrate on you, and the other person can concentrate on you, too. Plus having another pair of eyes makes it a lot more exciting."

"That's what I thought," Susie said.

She started to say something else, but suddenly a light breeze caught her robe just right, pulling the material up and out. Susie instinctively pushed it back down right away, but she knew even as she composed herself that her efforts were too late. Even without having seen it, she knew from the feeling of the cold air directly on her skin that, for about half a second, her naked pussy with its little strip of hair had been fully exposed.

Anna gave no indication of having seen it, though Susie thought it unlikely she could have missed. But even as her face reddened with embarrassment, a sizzling rush moved through her, concentrating at her chest and between her legs. Susie felt her nipples tingling with a little more intensity than they had been before. Accident or not, the flash had turned her on instantly.

Trying to remain collected so Anna wouldn't become aware of this, Susie struggled to remember what she was going to say.

"I, um...I just don't know anyone to take them."

Anna paused, seemed to consider something, and then nodded. "I know somebody. He's a guy, but I trusted him to take pictures of me, so..."

Susie wasn't listening anymore. Her mind had wandered back to the flashing of her pussy, and how hot not only the idea was, but also the feeling of the warm flesh between her legs exposed to the crisp November afternoon--and right out in the open, too! She found herself needing to feel it again. One of her fists clenched the material low, right in line with her crotch, to keep the robe there closed, while another closed the robe at her bust line. She moved the fist at her crotch upward slightly, leaving the garment below to flap open.

It was a subtle move, and Anna was unlikely to notice because so little had been revealed. But Susie felt it. She shuddered as another light gust washed beneath her, blowing against her now engorged lips and seeping beyond, chilling her asshole and running up along her crack. Her spine tingled to the point that Susie had to lean against the doorframe to keep from swaying.

"Could you take some pictures of me?" It just came out. Susie couldn't even recall thinking it before the words were already past her tongue. She hoped it had at least something to do with whatever Anna had been saying at that point, if she was even saying anything at all.

"Oh, honey," Anna said, looking around. "I don't know about that. I've still got the rest of my shift..."

"My parents will be gone tonight," Susie said, already warming up to her own idea. Not only would a second person help get better images, but if it was Anna, the experience would be even more thrilling. Of course, Susie thought, Anna didn't have to know about that aspect of it. "Saturday is their date night. They'll be out until at least midnight. You could come over."

As she explained this, Susie did with her top hand on her robe what she had already done with her bottom hand, except this time she moved it lower, allowing the top to blow open just a little. Her nipples were still hidden to anyone who wasn't standing right in front of her, but her cleavage as she hugged her breasts with her arms would have been evident even to someone driving by at 60 mph. Susie didn't try to read Anna's expression to see if she noticed or not, because even Susie hadn't known she had done it. This was completely u*********s, though she was very much aware of the pleasure of the cold air on her breasts and nipples, giving her goose bumps all over.

Anna seemed to consider Susie's invite, though she didn't appear keen to the idea. Then she sighed and started to back away, heading back to work. It was hard for Susie to read her because of her dark sunglasses covering her eyes.

"I don't know if I can make it tonight," Anna said. "Let me get back to you on it, okay?"

Anna was still backing away when she waved a casual goodbye, Susie's mail still in her hand. When Anna realized she hadn't handed it off yet, she stopped in her tracks and laughed.

Susie had forgotten about the mail, too, and when she saw Anna coming back to give it to her, holding it out as she approached, Susie instinctively stepped out of the doorway and onto the front step to meet her. As soon as she let go of her robe with her lower hand to take the mail, Susie knew it was a mistake. Maybe because she could hear the wind rolling through the trees, coming closer, and quickly.

While not a strong wind, this wasn't a little draft, either. It caught Susie's robe and threw it up around her head, the silk fabric dancing and flapping wildly. The chill was so intense it was already beginning to sting her skin, but that was of secondary concern; first was the fact that she was practically naked in front of the neighbourhood mail carrier, and whoever else happened to be looking. This was not just a glimpse of her carefully trimmed pussy but a full shot, and her ass, clenched from the cold, was on display, too.

She put her legs together, crossing her thighs to try and hide as much of her crotch as possible, but in half a second or so Susie panicked because the robe was not coming back down. She still clung to it at her breasts, so it was not flying away, but with only her free hand grasping and clawing the air, finding a grip on the flashing garment was proving impossible.

And then Susie did something really stupid. It happened so fast--only a second or two had passed since the wind first started to blow--and so she didn't have time to really think. But Susie felt like she could better grab the robe and pull it back down if she went after it with two hands. So she let go of the robe altogether, and it opened fully. Her plan to capture it immediately and cloak herself again before showing too much more failed instantly, when the wind pulled the loose sleeve down her left arm until her arm was out, and the only thing keeping the robe on her was her right arm. The rest of her was naked, cold, and certainly, she thought, foolish-looking as she scrambled after the sheer fabric spinning and tossing at her head.

She started walking, as if she could chase the thing that was still attached to her, but without being able to see where she was going, that only moved her further from the sanctity of her front door.

But suddenly there was a new sensation, not so much warmth as a slight absence of cold. And then Susie really felt it--warm fabric pressed against her tummy and rubbing against her sharp as blade nipples. Anna was there, shielding her from as much embarrassment as possible while trying to help control the flinging robe. It was all happening so rapidly, but Susie became acutely aware of several key things over the next couple seconds: a soft, icy hand that was not her own grasping her left, naked hip; the flesh of a smooth, bare thigh sliding in between and against her own thighs; and then another hand--just as cold and just as delicate as the first one--pressing a thin layer of silk against her right breast, the palm pushing onto the hard, stinging nipple.

The breeze was dying, and Susie was finally able to catch a couple handfuls of the material herself. She began putting it back on, relieved at being almost covered again, but being surprisingly let down when Anna stepped back, taking her thigh and her gentle hands with her.

But it wasn't over yet. The wind still blew enough to cause Susie trouble getting her arm back in the sleeve, and as she tried, that again left only one hand for her to hold the robe together. She grasped it in the middle, where the belt would be had she had one, which served to keep it on her, but did little to hide her pussy, ass, or breasts as the fabric continued to flap. Anna saw the continued struggle and tried to help her, but just as she got there, Susie saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked and saw her worst fear--a car was coming down the street!

Susie turned to run toward the door, not caring if the robe was all the way on or not as long as she got inside, but when she turned, the wind caught her full on. Anna had let her go so the girl could make a run for it unencumbered, but this left Susie as the only one holding the robe at all, and the wind grabbed it, prominently displaying her nude form once again. With still only the one arm through a sleeve, the robe flew like a flag, and Susie was its flagpole. She saw the car coming, and knew if the occupants hadn't seen her yet, they wouldn't be able to miss her in another second. She saw the doorway, further away than she would have guessed it had been, and she was too afraid to chance making it.

Instead, she panicked. She turned, running in the opposite direction, not just giving up on the fight with the robe, but actually letting it go so she could run without it in her face and actually see where she was going. There was some strategy to this; between her and the car, in the direction she was now running was an evergreen tree. Running to her door would have kept her in full view, but by running towards the tree as the car neared it from the other side, the evergreen served as a barrier between the two. Completely nude, Susie ran for the tree, unsure of what she was going to do once she got there.

It might have worked, if the f***es of nature hadn't been against Susie this afternoon. The car was driving by, apparently unaware of the young, very attractive streaker, until the much lighter and much faster moving silk robe blew past, catching enough attention for the car to suddenly slow considerably just as Susie was making it to the tree. Seeing this, now she couldn't afford to stop, because the gawkers in the car would get an even better look--the tree wouldn't shield her unless she was on the exact opposite side from the car, but with the car's current position--it had rolled to a near stop, now--if she was to be opposite of it, then that put her in full view of a busy cross street just a couple houses down.

So Susie kept running, past her neighbour’s house, and then saw the privacy fence at the side of this house. It had a door, and so she ran for it, opened it, went through, and just as she was going to slam it behind her, Anna burst in and threw herself onto her.

Susie didn't know what was happening, other than that this very attractive woman was suddenly hugging her tightly and forcibly pushing her back against the fence, then toward the corner where the fence met the house. Anna's cold hands were on Susie's shivering ass, and she held that ass as if she never intended to let go. One hand was even positioned in just the right spot that the fingers were actually in Susie's crack, and the tip of a fingernail teased her anus. Susie felt the ample push of Anna's boobs against her own, smaller breasts, and even Anna's face was right there, cheek to cheek as the two continued to stagger back, Anna squeezing her in between the fence and a large, thick hedge growing on this side of it that ran the width of the house.

Susie didn't understand what had caused this sudden turn of events, but in the height of the moment, she found herself responding. She hugged Anna back, slipping a hand up the woman's shorts and directly on her ass. The foot area here was landscaped with brittle wood chips that poked and stung Susie's bare feet, so she tried to get on her tip toes, but Anna was so intent on keeping her moving that she basically lifted her, hands still on the girl's naked ass, and finally thrust her up against the side of the house. When they stopped, Susie looked into Anna's wild eyes, saw her parted lips, and was about to kiss her when Anna released her ass and leaned back. Their bodies still touched, but Anna was backing away just enough to allow her to begin to take off her coat.

Susie couldn't believe this was going to happen.

Motivated beyond reason at how good and thrilling this all felt, Susie grabbed onto Anna's exposed uniform shirt while Anna was still shuffling off the coat. Susie pulled at the shirt, ripping off the top four buttons and exposing the woman's remarkable breasts held captive by a black bra. As the buttons were still airborne, Susie leaned in to Anna and kissed her full on the mouth. But her hands were still working quickly; she ripped at Anna's shirt again right away, tearing loose the last few buttons, then grabbed the woman's bra and pushed it up until Anna's round, heavy breasts spilled out.

With not more than a couple seconds having passed since Anna had first began taking off her coat and this whole thing began, Susie wondered if she was going too fast, and maybe she should slow down and enjoy it. But she was propelled by lust, and Susie broke the kiss just long enough to get a good look at Anna's spectacular breasts before dipping back and gnawing on Anna's ear and neck, gasping for breath the whole time. She took hold of Anna's right breast so full and warm and soft, and was about to duck down to take the tip in her mouth...

And then Anna f***ed her uniform coat between them, covering Susie's body with it as she shushed her. Putting the coat between them seemed to have an obvious message of refusal, but the shush is what really got Susie confused.

It was odd, first because Susie wasn't being loud by any means, but also the tone, which was not at all sexual in nature, but quite fear-driven. And then Susie saw it--movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked; someone was approaching from the backyard of this house. Susie froze, trying to piece this all together as the form came closer, closer. She recognized it as her neighbour, not the most likeable guy; the kind of neighbour whose first instinct is to calls the cops if the music gets a little loud at 2 in the afternoon rather than just ask you to turn it down. Susie hated him, and the last thing she wanted was for him to see her like this.

He walked right up to them until he was standing in front of them, but the women were stuffed between the house and the thick bush, hidden to anyone who wasn't looking for them. The neighbour grabbed the open fence door, seemed puzzled when he tested the latch, then closed it shut and simply walked away, returning to the backyard.

And then everything seemed to fit. When Susie had run, Anna had followed, trying to help her. And Anna knew, either from just having delivered mail here, or because she saw it as she chased Susie, that there were people at this house in the backyard. When Susie opened the fence door, it made a sound that Anna knew would alert the neighbours, so she half tackled her and shoved her behind the bushes to hide her and save her an ultimate embarrassment.

And knowing this neighbour, possibly a public nudity fine from the police.

Susie had misread the whole thing, though, clouded as her mind was from her desire to flirt with exposing herself in her doorway. And now she was more embarrassed than if she had been seen, because not only was her sexual nature exposed to Anna, but so were her lustful intentions.

Susie couldn't believe it. The tight grasp Anna had had on her ass wasn't a lustful hold--it was the first and only holds she could get in the split-second of time they had. And how Anna held herself against Susie was the only thing she could do to keep the both of them in the cramped area behind the bush without being obvious. And for the greatest misunderstanding: Anna took off the coat not because she wanted to get down and dirty, but to both to warm Susie, and to better hide her white skin in the dark hiding spot.

Susie wanted to shrink and just die. She had no idea what to do now.

Anna did, though. After making sure the neighbour was definitely gone, she eased out of the bush and told Susie to wait here while she retrieved the robe. Her shirt was ripped, so she had to put her coat back on to remain decent. Susie did as instructed, shivering and frightened, naked in the bushes. Anna eventually came back empty-handed.

She said she found the robe, but it had ended up in a puddle and was soaked. She needed her coat to continue her route, she said, but her uniform shirt beneath was useless the way it was anyway. So Anna took off her coat again, then her shirt, stripping right there in front of Susie as if nothing weird had happened between them. Despite the circumstances, Susie couldn't help but give Anna's cleavage a lingering stare as the women dressed, Susie into the torn shirt and Anna into the uniform coat.

When they were presentable again, the two snuck out of the neighbour’s yard and sped back to Susie's. Susie still had to fight to keep the shirt low enough to cover her nude bottom half, but the wind, ironically, was pretty tame at that point.

"Tell you what," Anna said when Susie was finally safe in her doorway, her mail collected and in her hand. "I don't know about taking pictures, but I'll stop over and show you the pictures this guy took of me. And maybe I'll give you a couple tips or something. Okay?"

Susie was floored. Anna was talking as if the past couple minutes had never happened. It seemed impossible, and yet she beamed with hopeful excitement. When she finally managed to find her voice, she replied. "Sounds great. Say seven o'clock?"

"Make it eight," Anna said, now crossing the yard toward the next house.

Susie dropped Anna's shirt to the floor as soon as she shut the door, impossibly needing to be naked, despite all that had just gone wrong. She leaned back against the closed front door, her nude back and ass pressed against the cool wood surface. Her nipples were raging. She was so cold she was shivering, yet she hardly noticed because of how horny she was. The blowing wind outside had kept her dry, but when Susie put a finger to her pussy lips, they became wet again instantaneously. She gasped and trembled, and was suddenly very weak in the knees.

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