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I had no clue

I was at my regular bar seat when she came in wearing her tight, thigh length little red dress. The guy next to me was some flaming jerk describing the millions he had just closed. He was apparently expecting her and slid over allowing her to sit between us. He started reading what she had brought and we starting talking.

The chemistry between us was immediate. She had just split from a guy who did not know what he had and I had been loose for some time. It tunred out that she had not had a drink or an organism in 10 years. She accepted a drink and I quoted my best Robert Service.

I walked her out to her car and as she turned to say goodnight, I lifted her by the waist , jammed her against her car with my swollen dick and stuck my tongue down her throat. She started to moan and I think came a little. It was clear we were going to fuck.

We agreed to meet the next morning for breakfast at my motel room.

She knocked on my door at 7AM and I opened the door with nothing on. She was suprised but came in and clossd the door behind her. She stripped and we fucked. She came for the first time in her life and it Damn near stopped her heart. You can hear her scream on the vids posted.

After fucking our brains out we decided to get to know each other. At dinner that night she let it be known that she is a closet exhibitionist. She would sunbath topless in her backyard knowing the neighbor was watching and her ex would come running out to cover her up.

I suggested a game to tease our waiter who was also our bell boy. He was a good looking young stud and obviously attracted to her.

The game would be to order room service breakfast and have her ass exposed on the bed. She would appear to be sl**ping with the covers pulled up exposing her ass hole, cunt and pussy hair. She was on her stomach with her right leg staight and her left knee pulled up to her chest exposing everything. She had lifted her butt up a little for a better view. I checked it out before he came and you could see right in her asshole and cunt. I would be shaving in the bathroom and tell the boy to come in.

This worked to perfection. He pushed to door open and came to a dead stop 3 feet from my women's cunt. He just stood there and looked. I said there was a tip on the table which was about a foot from her ass. He took it and stumbled out the door

He was our server the next evening and you should have seen his face. You could have fried an egg on it.

There is a lot more to tell. Check out her vids and you will see what i mean abour screaming.

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