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Surprised me!

I am new to this story telling, so bare with me please.

Any chance I get I try to log on to a particular website and see what is available near my neighborhood.

This one ad I saw, the guy was wanting his dick sucked. I was very horny anyway and thought I'd see if he wanted to come over.

He wanted a glory hole, but I told him I didn't have one. He said he has never had a man suck him while his face was in view. I just explained for him to come over, sit back and relax and watch an x-rated flick I had of the ex-wife.

After a little chat, I started to undue his belt buckle. He then helped and slid his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

I knelt on the floor and gently started caressing his almost hard dick and balls. I took my time with it and imagined how I like to be teased and tried to do the same to him. He finally relaxed.

Now, my dick has been said that it is small. Well, comparing his dick with mine, HE WAS HUGE! Very, very thick. I gently stroked him and soon my mouth was ever so close. I started licking his dick and moved down to his balls. My hand was stroking his cock and I moved my mouth up over the head of his dick and I began to suck.

His breathing was getting faster, so I slowed things down a bit. I tried real hard to deep throat him and I have to say, I came close.

I licked and sucked his balls some more, lifted his balls up and licked even lower. If he would have scooted some off the couch, I probably would have gone and rimmed him. (That is something I have never done, but am willing to try).

Soon, my head was bobbing up and down on this thick cock. Sucking all the while my hand was stroking him faster.

I saw that he was getting close and I proceeded to continue. He arched his hips and just then he started squirting his hot cum in my throat. I was swallowing every bit of it and didn't spill a drop.

After he came in my mouth, he relaxed back on the couch as I continued to suck every drop I could out of him. Sticking my tongue down his dick hole, then flicking my tongue over the tip. He had to gently push my mouth away.

He told me I did an awesome blowjob and thanked me. He pulled up his pants, thanked me again, and then he left.

I immediately started jacking my own cock. It didn't take long as I came on my cupped hand and I licked every drop off of it.

I have never rimmed and would like to try it. And if a cock is not too big, I' even try to let him fuck my virgin ass. He could fuck my ass, turn me around and make me suck his cock, then go back to fucking me.

I wonder what it would feel like to have hot cum squirt in my ass??

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