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She Puked - True Story

Being a punk-rocker in the 1980's in a small city in Southern Ontario seemed to elevate my teenage status to that of a rock star. Before I dawned a Mohawk, ripped jeans and a leather jacket I was just another geek that drooled over every cheerleader that walked through the school hallways. But now I had status. I never tried to dispel the false (and sometimes true) stories that circulated around town about what nasty bits of anarchy I had committed the week before. I just loved being the center of attention.

With that, every good girl looking for a bad boy had me on their radar. I had the pick of the crop at my beck and call. After a few d***ken mistakes, I started to get picky. It was like I wanted to make every conservative asshole that would eventually go on to be a pillar of industry and society to remember that they couldn't have what I had back in the day.

My latest target was a firm, tall, gorgeous 15-year-old named Gwen. My punk-rock buddy Jeff had similar designs on Gwen's beautiful friend, Margo. So a double date wasn't hard to pull together for that night.

We plied them with stolen booze in an empty lot in the suburbs. When Jeff and I had both secured our dates with some necking and heavy petting, he volunteered that his parents were out for the night, and we should go back to his place. It was only 5 minutes away, so we all laughed and wondered what the fuck we were doing hanging out in public on a cold late-winter night. We bee-lined to Jeff's place.

Down in Jeff's basement he concocted rude, teenaged mixes of every bottle that lay waiting behind his parent's leather-covered bar -- typical teenage swamp-water. None of us complained. Booze was booze, and free was even better.

Jeff turned off the lights as we made ourselves comfortable on opposing sofas. Gwen and I made out with my hands probing, over her clothes, every firm part of her 15-year-old body. We could clearly hear Jeff and Margo work overtime -- the slobbering gags of a blowjob echoed through the room. The sound was inspirational... it definitely turned me on... and I think it was turning Gwen on too, as she worked her hand into my pants and started jerking my cock.

I loosened Gwen's pants with her wiggling her small hips to help facilitate her jeans sliding down over her tight little teenaged ass. She got on top of me and drove her tongue into my mouth, with her eyes closed. My stiff cock was poking halfway out of my pants, touching her belly, as I slid her sweater up a bit higher. I worked my hand under her white cotton panties and grabbed and massaged her tight ass cheeks. Gwen let out little whimpers, but focused on kissing me.

She took a break and helped me pull her sweater over her head, and then fell back on top of me, with her still growing tits poking up over her inadequate cotton bra, pressed against my chest. She reached down between us and continued to stoke my cock as we tried to ignore the prominent sounds of Margo sucking Jeff's dick, only a couple of feet away.

I maneuvered my hand under Gwen's pants and slid a finger past her super-tight asshole. I gave a little push, but it was like the Berlin Wall. There's no way I was getting past that. So I slid my finger a little farther down and found that Gwen's little pussy was already wet and waiting. When I plunged my finger into her she gasped. Suddenly Jeff and Margo came to a full stop. Margo said, "Are you OK?" and Jeff laughed, "What was that?" Gwen cleared her throat and said, "Yeah, shut up." They went back to business as I got a rhythm going with my finger in Gwen's pussy. To this day, I have never felt anything tighter.

Gwen quietly moaned to my finger-fuck and kissed every part of my face with passion. She gave up stroking my dick and held my head with both hands as she lay on top of me and parted my lips with her tongue. She arched her back and pulled away for a second. That's when I heard her stomach growl. I asked her if she was alright. She contorted her head a bit and said, "Yeah, I'm fine." She kissed me on the lips again, and again her stomach growled. I said, "Are you sure?" Her eyes fluttered for a second, and then her whole face turned into a caricature sketch of the devil. She let loose and hurled most of what she had drank that night straight onto my face.

There's no way of politely ignoring something like that. My face was covered in her puke. Jeff and Margo abandoned their fun. They could hear, just as well as I could feel, what had just happened. Jeff turned on the lights as he pulled up his pants. He laughed out loud and pointed at me as Margo came up beside us to console her friend. Gwen, totally embarrassed, composed herself and said, "Yeah, I'm fine."

I pulled my finger out of Gwen's pussy as we all started to think like reasonable adults. Her puke had splashed all over her sweater, only a couple of inches away. And her bra was doused too. Jeff guided us to the laundry room around the corner. I helped Gwen gain composure as best I could. She was dizzy. And for all we knew she was going to puke again. Jeff made a point of showing Gwen the sink as he grumbled about cleaning up the mess on the couch and floor. I stuck my head under the facet and washed away my date's offering.

When I came up, mostly cleaned, I saw Margo help her friend get out of her puked-covered bra. There they were -- the most beautiful teenaged tits I had ever seen. Suddenly I didn't give a flying fuck about being puked on. My dick sprang to attention.

Uncharacteristically, Jeff became really uptight as we all heard the front door slam closed. We heard some footsteps come closer to the basement door. "Jeff, we're home. Are you down there?" his mother said. In a panic he scrubbed Gwen's puke off of the sofa and replied, "Yup, just have a couple of friends over. Don't come down!" His naive and loving mother asked, "Are you guys hungry? Do you want some pop and chips?" as Margo wiped away Gwen's puke from her young b**sts with a wet towel. Jeff gained composure and replied, "No. We're fine. Go to bed."

The footsteps above us indicated that Jeff's parents had complied, as it sounded like they were heading up stairs to their bedroom. We all laughed with a sigh of relief.

My head, still soaking wet, lost all sense of reality. I stared at Gwen's beautiful young tits as she tried to get my attention with her eyes. I took the towel from Margo and said, "We'll be fine," giving her the hint that she should just go back and suck Jeff's dick. Margo handed me the towel and rolled her eyes as she said, "Whatever." Gwen embraced me and tried to apologize. She kissed me with her puke breath. I felt her firm tight skin with my hands and couldn't help but feel like the night wasn't over yet.

"I need to make this up to you," she said. "Please don't tell anyone about this." Up until now I have pretty much kept my promise. She asked me how she could go home like this. I pulled off my puke-covered sweater, and then my clean t-shirt, offering it to her, saying that I could always grab something from Jeff. 'Grateful' is an understatement. She took the t-shirt and put it on top of the dryer. She lowered herself to the ground and squatted. She pulled my pants open and stroked my cock, looking into my eyes with apologizes.

I'm not sure, but I still think that this was the first time she had ever taken a cock into her mouth. She took my head in and licked the helmet, her eyes still staring up into mine. I ran my fingers into her hair as she worked her way down. It was a gentle blowjob. Gwen bobbed a bit and then licked the top of my dick, never taking her eyes off of mine. She coughed a couple of times when she went down on me a little more than halfway. I asked her again if she was alright. She pulled off my dick and said, "I'll be fine," and then went back to her naive sucking.

The noise from the other room got Gwen going. Jeff was obviously getting the blowjob of a lifetime from Margo. And somehow that encourage Gwen to go a little bit deeper, a little bit faster, a little bit nastier. As she took my cock deeper she coughed more. It wasn't so much a gag as a cough. We could hear Jeff grunt and curse as he came into Margo's mouth. And I was ready to do the same. With a bit of abandon I pushed my cock into Gwen's waiting mouth. She did everything she could to comply. After all, this was her apology.

I couldn't hold it any more. Hearing Jeff grunt his stuff into Margo's mouth was enough on it's own. But when I looked down at Gwen's teenaged tits and her admirable attempt at her first blowjob, I couldn't hold on any longer. No porn-star stuff here. I just just started to unload into her mouth. When the first blast hit the back of Gwen's throat her eyes bulged. There was no warning. Not that she knew what a warning would be anyway. When the second blast went in, she gagged hard.

Suddenly she started to puke again. She gagged and spewed her stomach and my cum onto the floor, while I continues to shoot streams of spunk up into the air and onto her face and hair. It was so incredibly nasty.

I'm not sure what else I can say. No one got hurt... but damn! that was crazy.

Jeff now has a nation-wide warrant out for his arrest on marijuana-cultivating charges. Gwen is a respected university professor. I have no idea what happened to Margo. And me? I'm just a struggling writer, wasting time writing pornography to clear writer's block.

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