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My Mature BBW Tease Encounter

I had been dating my girlfriend for about a year and living with her for about three when she had lost her job and we were f***ed to move out of our luxury apartment. Times were tough and our only other option was to move in with her parents while we get back on our feet. After moving in, the household consisted of myself, my girlfriend, my girlfriends mother, and my girlfriends stepfather, who by the way was a complete loser and asshole.
Her mother had never really liked me but had begun to come around, and actually began to accept me as her daughters boyfriend. Although she had been a bitch at first I always caught myself looking at her. She was about 44 at the time and wasn't really my type of woman, but the more we spent time together within the house, i felt myself fantasizing about her. She was a mature BBW Mexican woman with medium long dark cherry brown hair, medium dark skin, pretty face, and wore glasses from time to time that made her look sophisticated and sexy. She was about 5'6 with a huge nice round ass and smaller tits that were about a B cup, and skin so clean and soft looking that it made her look slightly younger than she was. The twist in this story was that she was an active member in her church and was as religious as they come. She was always talking about religion and talking about how me and my girl should change our ways. She pretty much was like a pastor herself.
One hot day in mid July, I had come home from work at about 6pm. My girlfriend and her mother were home and her stepfather was getting ready for work since he had always worked the night shifts at his job. All i wanted to do was take cold shower and jump into bed watch some TV and relax. Instead my girl had somehow convinced me to watch a movie in the living room with her and her mother. After agreeing to the movie, i jumped in the shower and by the time i came out the stepfather had left for work, and my girl was waiting for me and her mother on the couch. Granted the night was still hot, and i couldn't help myself but to be in some boxer shorts and a tank. My girl was in her normal PJ's and soon i would see what her mother was wearing when she walked into the living room.
I remember it being hot all day so the only logical thing was to be in as less clothes as possible. As we waiting for her mother to come out of her room i never expected to be as surprised as i was. Her mother finally came out after a long wait and my heart couldn't help but to race only because i had longed to see her in something revealing for a long time. She had wore only two pieces of clothing. It was a thin satin pajama two piece night wear. The top was silky slightly see through satin with light flower designs all over. It fit not to tight as i could still see that she was not wearing a bra, so much so that i could see the shape of her nipples as they rubbed against her silky soft satin top. It fit just right in length as she was standing up but rode up her back slightly when she sat down. I new i was in for a treat because to top it all off it was a v-neck, and as i tingled inside i knew that some time before the night ended i would finally get a glance at her tits that i had been fantasizing about for so long.
Her bottom consisted of some very short shorts. The fabric was the exact same as the top but instead it fit nice and snug, and as i got a better look, i could tell she was not wearing any panties, and although i had a panty fetish i didn't mind because her thick BBW thighs wrapped her shorts into her body so well as to almost give me a boner instantly. My girl never had noticed me checking out her mother because she always seemed to be on her phone playing around, and so as the night went on i couldn't help but to glance over every minute to see if her mother was showing anything else.
The best time of the night was when the movie was over and we all were getting ready to go to our rooms and go to sl**p. She had been sitting for a while and her shorts had the chance to to ride up her ass just a little, and her shirt had rode up just enough to see her belly. At this point i was so horny that i knew i had to fuck my girl that night. After talking for a few min about the movie that i didn't really pay attention to, she stood up and at the same time dropped the remote right in front of her feet. As i looked over to her, she stood up and bent over to grab it from the floor, I had finally got my glance at her tits. They were small tits but with huge round aureolas that almost covered her whole breast. Although it was a quick glance, i knew i had got enough to think about while i fucked my girl. But it wasn't the only thing i saw that night.
Me and my girl had already gone to our room and begun to get ready for some sex when i had heard her mother in the living room talking on the phone, I took this chance to give my girl a reason for me to go to the kitchen so i could get one last look, I had asked if she wanted some water with ice, and i felt so excited after she had said yes. As i walked to the kitchen and past the living room i seen that her mother was sitting on the fireplace stoop, folding some clothes she had washed. As i filled my cup with water, i heard her finish her conversation on the phone and hung up. I asked if she wanted some water and she said yes, so after getting her a glass i walked over to her right as she was folding a pair of her sexy satin lace panties almost as she new i had a panty fetish. Her legs were open as she had the laundry basket right in front of her as she folded clothes and as i got closer to her I glanced down between her legs and i could see her BBW camel toe silky short shorts, but to top it all off, i could see some of her pubic hairs flaring out the sides of her crotch. I got that tingly sensation all over my body as i wished i could fuck her right then. All this was making me crazy inside as i knew this was as close as i could get to doing anything with her, but to my ultimate surprise she gave me one of the best feeling Ive had in a long long time,as i handed her the glass of water she said to me in a low seductive voice, " next time ill make the show even better", and as i walked away with a slight boner she smiled and continued to fold her clothes as all i knew to say to her was "goodnight".

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