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My Neighbors and Me (Pt 4 Dinner)

{This is the 4th part of “My Neighbors and Me” saga. In case you didn’t catch the first part, the Intro, it’s important that you read it first. I guess I screwed up and posted it as a blog instead of a story. Intro can be found on my profile. Please go there and make comments. Your input is helpful in creating this semi-true story. And now on with the story!}

Deb spun around, amazingly agile on those heels. As she pirouetted her skirt flared out and I could see that wore no panties. Her firm ass cheeks and young pussy flashed before my eyes before she stopped. “My god, Deb, they’re really pretty,” I said, responding to her question. “How do you manage to walk in them?”

“Oh, I’ve had lots of practice. Sometimes I borrow Sarah’s and dress up like she does and just walk around my room.” Deb looked directly at me and winked saying, “You know, like when you were painting and peeked into my room.” She walked over to the other side of the kitchen table shaking her ass like a $10 whore.

Sarah piped in, “Tom, you know Deb told me about how you saw her jilling off in her room. She said your cock was quite impressive.” I must have blushed because Sarah added, “Don’t be embarrassed, she should have shut the door.” I cleared my throat and started to say ,” Yeah, well I was just….”

Sarah interrupted me announcing that the pot roast was ready and that I should pour the wine. I poured our three glasses as Sarah served the main dish. My dick was at full mast and I had to shift in my chair to get comfortable.

The meal was delicious. As we ate we talked about gardening, Sarah’s job, and Deb’s courses at Junior College. We laughed together at the various funny things that happened in our lives. My intense hard on had relaxed a bit until right in the middle of Sarah’s story, I felt a distinct pressure between my legs. I looked down and there was Deb’s FM pump rubbing my crotch. I let out a soft groan as Deb slid her shoe up and down my zipper. Needless to say Old One Eye was on the rise again.

“Tom,” asked Sarah, “ is everything alright?”

“Sarah, everything is just wonderful. Your pot roast was delicious and the company is… well… stimulating to say the least.” I turned my attention back to Deb. She was smiling and licking her lips like the little tease she was.

During dinner we had finished the wine I had brought and a second bottle had been opened. We were nearly through that one and it was apparent that both Sarah and Deb were a little tipsy. Sarah suggested we move to the living room for dessert. “The dishes can wait ‘til later.” she added.

The three of us moved to the living room bringing our wine glasses. Deb picked up the near empty bottle and brought that with her too.

I took a seat on the couch. Sarah and Deb remained standing near the fireplace which was aglow with gas powered flames.

“So what’s for dessert?” I asked sheepishly.

“We are, you silly”, said Sarah. “ You just sit back and relax and make yourself comfortable, really comfortable.” “We want to put on a little show for you.”

Deb went over to the entertainment center and inserted a soft jazz CD. I removed my jacket and settled back into the couch. “Uh uh“, said Sarah, “Comfortable as in totally naked.”

“Yeah, Tom, we wanna see that gorgeous cock of yours before we start our show,” added Deb.

I didn’t need any further instructions. In moments I was completely naked, my clothes in a heap next to the couch. “Much better,” said Sarah as she drew Deb closer to her. Both girls looked at my cock which was fully hard again. In fact, it felt like the skin would burst it was so tight.

“You were right, Deb, that is one impressive fuck stick.”

The two women clasped each other and began to dance to the soft, sensual music. They started to kiss, a deep sexual probing of each others mouth. Sarah’s tongue flirted with Deb’s, their hands roaming over each others bodies. I sat wide eyed watching these two beautiful creatures fondle each other. I couldn’t help but begin to stroke myself. Long, slow gentle strokes as I watched Sarah and Deb get more and more involved in their Sappho play.

Sarah moved until she was behind Deb, both facing me. She took both of Deb’s pert young breasts and kneaded them through her top. Deb groaned and dropped her hands to the hem of her skirt. She lifted it up enough so she could get her hands under the material. Sarah ran her hands under Deb’s skimpy top and proceeded to lift it over her head. I got my first real good look at Deb’s teenage tits. As I thought, they were a generous C-cup, but what I hadn’t noticed before were her nipples. Deb had puffies! Not just little puffs, but serious, major puffy nipples. They stuck out from her boobies at least a full inch.

I had never been so turned on in my entire life. This was better than any porno flic I’d ever watched. But then it got better. Still swaying and grinding to the music they switched places. Now Sarah was in front as Deb caressed Sarah’s tits while licking her ear. Deb squeezed and kneaded Sarah’s massive jugs, popping two more buttons on her blouse. I stared intently at the 6 inches of fuckable cleavage and saw no sign that she was wearing a bra. Deb continued with the last buttons and pulling Sarah’s blouse off her shoulders she revealed that Sarah was indeed wearing a bra. It was a lacy black quarter cup that left her nipples totally exposed. And what nipples they were. Unlike Deb’s sweet puffies, Sarah had dark thimble-like nips surrounded by large crinkled areolas. Sarah squeezed her own tits as Deb squatted to remove Sarah’s skirt. The black material slid over her generous hips and slowly exposed the rest of Sarah’s voluptuous body. As she stepped out of her skirt, the rest of her lingerie was revealed. She wore a black lace waist cincher with eight garter clips. As she turned toward Deb, she showed me that her full fashioned nylons were attached precisely as they should be. I saw that there was a string dangling between he legs. At first I thought she was on the rag. Then I realized the other end of the string disappeared between her sumptuous ass cheeks.

Sarah’s shaved cunt was level with Deb’s face now, and I could see Deb’s tongue delving into Sarah’s pussy, as she had spread her feet apart just enough. Sarah moaned, Deb licked harder, and I stroked faster. At one point I had to squeeze the base of my prick to keep from coming. As it was, my pre-cum was providing plenty of lube.

Sarah pulled Deb to her feet, kissing her hotly, tasting her own juices on Deb’s tongue. Deb’s skirt soon hit the floor and Sarah’s fingers teased her step daughter’s ripe young twat. Deb reciprocated by sticking her finger into Sarah’s aroused pussy making them both moan with pleasure. They spent several minutes finger fucking while playing with each others tits and probing each other’s mouth with their tongues.

Finally they broke their kiss and looked over to me. I had slid down on the couch, my cock in hand and must have looked miserable since Sarah said “I think we’ve teased Tom enough for now. Let’s show him our appreciation, OK?” Deb just grinned and said “Oh yes, let’s”.

Both girls moved toward me stroking their tits, teasing their nipples. They knelt on the floor on either side of me. Each one took one of my legs and raised it behind their shoulder. Now both of their beautiful faces were between my splayed legs. Sarah was first to put her ruby red lips on the head of my cock. Slowly, ever so slowly she eased her mouth down my shaft.. Fireworks were going off in my brain as I felt Sarah’s warm smooth mouth engulf my cock. Just as slowly she raised her head until only the tip of my cock was in her mouth. She sucked hard and let the purple head of my dick pop from her mouth but continued by pushing her tongue into the little slit at my cock head. Deb was not far behind, crawling closer so that she could reach my balls. She took one in her mouth and gently sucked it deep, tugging lightly as Sarah again took my shaft deep into her mouth. Never in my life had I imagined this scenario ever becoming a reality, but I reveled in the sensation of their dual moths and tongues.

Sarah raised her head off my throbbing rod and told Deb, “I want to fuck him first. Why don’t you go sit and watch for awhile?”

“Sarah!” Deb said indignantly, “I want to fuck him too!”

Sarah responded by saying “Deb, I haven’t had a cock in my pussy in almost a month. You get laid almost every weekend. “

With a pouting face Deb said “Alright but you had better save me some.” Sarah giggled. “I’ll try.”

Deb reluctantly moved over to a chair by the fireplace. Sarah drew me to my feet. At 5’8” I was a tad shorter than Sarah, given that she still wore her 4” heels. She kissed me deeply, our tongues entwined as if we were both searching for something hidden in the recesses of our mouths. Her hand encircled my cock as we stood: she stroked it softly and gently. I dipped my head down a little to take on of her nipples in my mouth. It was stiff and firm. I suckled on her sweet teat running my tongue around its hardness. “Bite it,” she implored. I pinched her bud which was now about ¾ of an inch long and nipped at it, pulling it gently away from her breast. “Harder”, she panted. I reached up and cradled her heavy melon in both hands. I pulled harder, biting down a little more. “Awww,” she squealed, “Yesss”.

I knew there wasn’t much time to lose. I was on the brink of exploding. I wanted to feel the warm wetness of her cunt on my cock. I lowered her to the floor and raised her legs over my shoulders. I placed the head of my aching bone against the opening of her bald fuck hole. I eased in slowly, savoring every inch of her moist, velvety tunnel. I began to pump in and out slowly, the picking up the pace as Sarah started thrusting her hips against me. Her breathing was coming in shirt pants. “Fuck me, fuck me hard you bastard,” she grunted. I was almost insane with lust and proceeded to pound Sarah’s gash with all I had. I still didn’t want to cum yet so I eased off a little, catching my breath.

I glanced over at where Deb was sitting and saw that she had her legs d****d over the arms of the chair and was vigorously fucking herself with the empty wine bottle.

Sarah, realizing she wasn’t getting hammered at he moment cried, “Don’t you dare stop fucking me.” She rolled over onto her hands and knees. “Fuck me like this,” she said. “ Fuck me like a dog.” I obliged, stuffing my meat back into her sopping pussy. I was sweating and breathing hard. She was grunting like an a****l with every thrust of my stiff shaft. I pounded her hard, she wiggled her ass in time with my thrusts. Suddenly she screamed, “I’m CUMMMMING!” I pumped faster and harder. Sarah reached behind her, grabbed the string stuck up her ass and pulled. She grunted as each bead popped out of her ass until the last one left her shithole. She climaxed. She was gasping for breath, my dick still in her hole. Her pussy contracted around my dick and she collapsed face down on the floor.

To my amazement I hadn’t cum yet. In fact I was still as hard and horny as I was when dessert was served. Sarah finally began to move. She got back to her hands and knees and crawled to another chair near the fireplace. “Tom,” she smiled, “That was so wonderful, I just came harder than I ever have before.” “But now I think it’s Deb’s turn.”

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