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The boy was now a man. pt 1

A fictional story of a boys fantasy

As a youg lad growing up in a major female house,2 s****rs Candy 20 and sophie 18, I was always curious about the female body and often researched this on the net (watching porn really) I learnt that by looking at women clothed it wasnt much fun but by seing them partly clothed or naked, thats where the fun begins, I did some home study on this observing my s****rs undress, fuck and materbate some call it perving I wold rather like to think it was observation, also I had observed, that older women where hornier and more you observe the harder your cock gets and wank harder( there again people would say I was perving on my mum but it's how people look at it). Well I was now 18 and ready to put theory into practical and was looking for a willing victim, I thought about it long and hard and planned on what to do.

I heard mum go ito the bathroom and get in the shower I decided to walk into the bathroom by mistake (on purpose) naked and see the reaction of the length of my cock, as I got to the door naked my s****r Sophie came out an looked saying mums in there I said o and turned round, she gasped looking at my cock saying its massive can I handle it, I nodded my head and went into her room, she stroked it softly as it jumped under her touch as it firmed up.

Ok not the plan I had made but I had a hard on and a pussy that needed fuckin, she gripped it firmly kneeling down as she looked with hunger in her eyes as she started to suck it slowly, her warm mouth wrapped around the head sucking it slowly, I concentrated on not having a faulse start as her tounge run along the underside of my shaft she moaned softly as she pulled her mouth of saying it tasted great for a virgin, returning her mouth to it.

I told her to stand as I undone her top revealing her chest wit a nice deep clevage I undone the clasp at the front as her tits fell out her nipples where hard a darkish tan colour that I rolled in my fingers she reached for my cock rubbing it slowly, she led me to the bed by my cock as she pauuled her panties down saying well that cock needs feeding and bent over to reveal a shaved pussy that was wet, she demanded it in her and didnt care if I shot my load as soon as I was in.

I fed my cock in inch by inch stopping as I pushed to take the sensation down decreasing the chance of cumming straight away, sophie groaned saying it felt good saying all in please, I made a final push as I hit home her pussy was gripping my shaft as she moved her hips, i knew this was gonna be over very soon, I spanked her ass as she begged for more as she reached behing and grabbed my balls making me shoot my load instantly pumping a flood of cum into her pussy, the door opened as my cock slipped out it was Candy and she had seen it all through the key hole.

She looked at my spent cock and said I will expect the same later or mum will hear all about it, I agreed and went to my room getting dressed I heard them chat and giggle from my room, I went down for tea and looked at the time. I made my excuses and went to my room, as the hands ticked by I made my way to Candys room and walked in, she was waiting sitting on the edge of the bed, she told me to come over and stand infront of her.

She slowly unzipped my trousers reaching in to pull out my cock rubbing it softly as it shot to attention she commented saying Sophie wasnt lyeing as she slowly rubbed it back and forth, as she let go and opened her legs lay on the bed to reveal a shaved pussy her lips slightly open she wanted it in her, as I nudged my cock into her pussy she raised her legs for easier entry as it smoothly slid into her making her moan claiming it felt good and tight.

She started to undo her top as I moved back and to making her ample chest move as I pushed in and out she pulled her top back to reveal a black bra that incased her tits, I could see her dark hard nipples as they moved I was now close to cumming as I saw candys face full as pleasure, I said I was close, as she told me to stop and stand up, she took hold of my throbbing member rubbing it and placing it in her mouth as I had no way of stopping pumping a thick stream of cum in her mouth as it dripped on her tits.

My cock slipped from her mouth as it hung down candy wipped the corners of her mouth saying it was nice and next time I could cum in her pussy but had to shave my bolloxs as it was a real turn on for a guy to be smooth, I agreed and went to my room.

Part 2 soon .........

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