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Self-sucking and self-fucking


Like most guys, I've spent hours over the years trying to suck my own cock. I've tried every position imaginable and every state of erection from totally limp to fully hard. But, despite this, I had never managed before a couple of months ago.

I'd lost a bit of weight and was going running a few times a week. That obviously helped a bit as I must have been more flexible. I'd also taken a really long lazy shower, so I guess that helped my muscles relax too.

Anyway, for some reason or other I decided to try and suck my own cock again. I lay on the bed and put a cushion behind my head, then threw my legs up so they were above my head and tried to relax and get my knees near the bed. That failed, but I realised that my head was pushing backwards as my knees came down, so I grabbed another much harder cushion to try and keep my head forward.

When I did that my neck immediately started to get sore, but my cock was only a couple of inches from my face and still not fully hard. So, I put up with the pain and reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a small vibrator we keep there and shoved it into my ass.

My cock got harder and closer to my mouth. With one hand I pushed the baby vibe in and out and with the other I was squeezing on my cock head and pulling it as hard as I could manage towards my face.

It took about 20 minutes, but eventually I managed to reach my cock first with my tongue, then just about with my lips. I wanted to see if trying for longer would make it possible to actually suck myself, but almost as soon as it touched my lips I came like a train straight into my open mouth.

I've tried again since, but no luck so far.


Shoving my cock up my own ass wasn't something I'd thought of doing until I saw a video of a guy doing it a year or so ago. I tried it straight away, but while I could stretch my cock as far as my ass I couldn't get the head in.

I was sitting looking at videos of T-girls fucking guys today and as I very often do I'd tucked my cock back between my ass cheeks so I could feel the precum in my crack.

I'm not sure why, but I started to pull my cock back between my legs as hard as I possibly could and then sat down and spread my cheeks so I could feel my cock against my asshole. I realised that the head was further back than usual and a quick feel around told me that I'd managed to get it at least a head length past my hole.

That was it, I put a couple of fingers under the head and lowered myself down so my cock was pushing against my hole, then I felt the head slip into my ass.

It didn't go in far, so I don't know how it would feel if I could fuck myself as my outer ring has virtually no life in it due to years of fucking and fisting, plus my wife/mistress is on her period at the moment and when she is I'm not allowed to cum.

But, that was a hell of a lot more than I've ever managed in the past. I know now that I have to tug it back far more than I was doing before. I'm also wondering if I can manage to ass-to-mouth myself sometime.

I've been thinking about getting a penis pump to play with, but didn't really see any point as she says she doesn't care how big I am as we both mess around with other people anyway and a lot of the time I'm just serving others while in chastity. But now I'm thinking that perhaps I may manage to both self-suck and self-fuck properly if I try straight after pumping my cock to make it longer.

I'm sure my wife/mistress will be both very impressed if I can manage that and keen to get me to show her fuck buddy too. I'm also pretty convinced that she'll insist on ATM if I can manage both and I'll be more than happy to oblige if I can.

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