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Wife - Anal only

Before we were married, my wife (aka Linda) was a HUGE slut. She was in a certain profession that allowed her to travel and be around a lot of men - big, macho, physically fit men, so she took advantage of these "perks". It also didn't hurt that she likes to drink, is gorgeous with a great body - especially her tits, and is comfortable talking with men.

Although she does not like it so uch, I love when she tells me stories of all the men she has fucked. Here's one ...

Linda is in her 20's and at a bar in a small town in Missouri. She know most of the folks (even has fucked a few of the guys). One guy is hitting on her pretty hard. As the night unfolds, she figures she may as well as give this guy what he wants. They go back to his place, start kissing and groping. She takes of her top and bra and he starts sucking on her beautiful tits. He keeps trying to get his finger in her pussy, but she won't let him. After a bit of more groping and touching, she tells him she is ready to get fucked. Linda stand up, takes off her pants and tells him she want his cock in her ass! I can only imagine what was racing through his mind .. he was happy to just be able to fuck her, now he gets to fuck her ass right off the bat!

Linda has him get some lube. She bends over, spreads her ass cheeks to show him how she is using her finger to shove lube up her ass. Once she is lubed up, she bends over a chair and tells him "come fuck my ass". Hard as a rock, he sticks his cock in her ass and pumps away. He obviously doesn't take long and cums in her ass.

Ater he pulls out, Linda keeps rubbing her pussy because she needs to cum. Watching Linda rub her pussy, he starts to get hard again. They go to the couch and go at it again in her ass. This time she cums.

Now the awkward part .. he has to take Linda home. They get dressed, drive home in relative silence. Linda says she sure enjoyed just getting fucked in her ass, though.

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