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Busty Bride Ch 4 - The Rehearsal

My high heels clicked and clattered across the cobblestones as I tried to run without falling, or at least breaking my ankle. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" I cursed myself, "Fucking late again!"

I'd gone out for lunch with a friend, lunch became a few glasses of wine, which then meant leaving the car behind and having to get the bus. And as anyone who knows the public transport system where I come from, getting the bus means one thing: lateness. However I was fully aware that being half-pissed and leaving it to the last minute to catch the bus didn't help matters. Three days before my big day. My rehearsal at the church. And I'm still not taking this seriously.

It was 6:15pm and I was 15 minutes late as I climbed the three steps to the church front door. Father Dempsey, James, his best man John and my chief bridesmaid Louise would all be there, all knowing-looks about Marie being, well, Marie. 'She'll be late. She's always late' would be more-or-less exactly what they would be saying to one another. No big deal I suppose; it's hardly slanderous. But it was annoying. Probably because it was so true, and there was little I seemed to be able to do to stop it.

I pushed open the large front door and stepped into the vestibule. It was at this precise moment I realised that not only was I late but that my attire wasn't exactly suitable for a place of worship. Accompanying my ridiculously high heeled sandals was a plum-coloured short, tight, low cut dress. 'Far too much cleavage for God's house' I thought as I crossed the vestibule and pushed he door open to step into the church proper.

The first thing I noticed, looking right down the aisle towards the altar was that no one was around. I walked down the aisle slowly, heels clicking and echoing loudly with every step, realising that I'd be doing this same walk again in just a few days, for real. As I reached the altar, I look left and right. The church was deathly silent. I croaked out a half-whispered "Hello?"

Nothing. The place was deserted. Where was everyone? They couldn't ALL be late. And where was the priest?

"Hello-o?" I called out again, a little louder this time. Still nothing.

'Maybe they're through the back' I wondered, but had no idea how to get there or whether I should even go sneaking around there in the first place.

There were six steps leading up to the raised altar. I stepped forward and climbed two of them before I heard a door I had previously not seen, up behind the altar, opening. I jumped a little as Fr Dempsey emerged, dressed head to toe in black, the only contrast being his small white dog collar.

"Oh, hi Father" I blushed a little, feeling like a schoolgirl being caught up to no good, aware that standing on the altar uninvited probably wasn't the done thing.

"Marie!" Fr Dempsey beamed "It's great to see you. And as early too" he laughed.

"Early?" I asked puzzled, looking at my watch.

"Well yes" he nodded, "we're not due to meet until seven".

"Seven?" I groaned, hands on hips. Fr Dempsey chuckled.

"I'm guessing you thought six, hence why you're here so early?"

"Yes Father" I sighed, annoyed at how flustered and annoyed I'd gotten trying to get here when I had plenty of time.

"Well you're here now" he smiled, "so feel free to hang around until James arrives".

"Ok, sure" I shrugged, not sure what to do in an empty church with a priest in attendance. In the space of this very brief conversation I'd climbed the remaining steps and was now up on the altar several feet away from Fr Dempsey. "Whatcha doing?" I asked like a airhead, unsure of how to make smalltalk with an elderly man of the cloth.

Again, he chuckled softly, recognising my discomfort. "I have a funeral mass in the morning, so I'm just getting some things prepared. Saves the rush tomorrow" he smiled warmly at me.

I'd known Fr Dempsey since I had attended the local primary school. He was always one of the loveliest priests I'd ever met. Not cold, or aloof, or even preachy. He just seemed like a nice man. And in the 15 years I'd known him, not once had I looked at him in any other way. But standing around, watching him prepare for his mass the next day, and perhaps aided by my tipsiness, I was, weirdly, looking him over. So wrong on so many levels but I was now just realising that he was, sort of, quite handsome.

I'd guessed him to be mid-60s at the very least. He was thinning on top but kept what remaining silver hair he had remaining nice and trim. He was tall—over six feet—and broad shouldered. For a man of his age, he certainly looked like he exercised. His eyes—which disappeared whenever he smiled—were a clear blue colour which along with his deep Irish burr, gave him a real energy whenever you spoke to him. 'Good grief' I thought to myself, 'for an old guy he's not too bad'.

As quickly as the thoughts had entered my mind, I tried to remove them. But then my mobile phone went off in my handbag. Fr Dempsey spun around quickly.

"Shit, Father! I'm so sorry!" I blurted out, apologising for my phone ringing in church while at the same time spitting out a profanity in the house of God. "Shit!" I cursed again as I realised I'd sworn, but clearly unable to think of another word with which to replace the expletive with.

Fr Dempsey did look a touch annoyed—or maybe more hurt—but again smiled as he saw me panic then fumble around with my handbag trying to receive what at that point sounded like the loudest ringtone ever. Reaching around in my mess of a handbag I couldn't find my phone, so I dropped it to the floor, squatted on my haunches and began removing things from it, sitting them in a pile on the floor. Eventually I found my phone and looked at the screen. It was James.

"Hey" I answered.

"Hey sweetie" he replied "Just checking you're on time for the rehearsal tonight. Remember, it's at seven o'clock, ok?"

"Of course I remember!" I lied, "In fact, I'm already here waiting. Got here early because I'm so excited." As I said that, I knew it was intended as a joke, a bit of teasing, but Catholic guilt kicked in and I immediately realised I was telling a lie, and having just sworn twice I looked up from my squatting position to see Fr Dempsey's reaction. It was not the reaction I was expecting.

It turns out, that in my squatting position, Fr Dempsey had been distracted, and now attracted, by the view he had of my deep cleavage. I look looking right up at him but he hadn't noticed. He was stood in front of me, mouth slightly agape, staring my my boobs. A priest!

I was stunned, but still had my fiancé on the phone. He had been chatting away for a minute or so while I was looking up at Fr Dempsey looking at me and I hadn't been paying attention.

"So I'll be there in half an hour, ok honey?" he said.

"Oh… um… sure, yeah" I said, distracted. "See you in half an hour then!" I sang, trying to sound like I had been tuned in to our conversation the whole time.

I hung up, waited for a second then looked up at Fr Dempsey again. He was still staring.

"So… um… that was James" I said, trying to break his trance-like state. It worked. He snapped right out of it. "Oh… right… yes…good" he stammered and became very flustered indeed. As I remained squatted down, putting my things back in my bag, I glanced up to see why. A bulge—a noticeable one too—in his trousers. My elderly priest had an erection after looking at my cleavage.

This was crazy. A man so dedicated to the church for so long was aroused by some half-exposed boobs. MY half-exposed boobs! I piled everything in to my bag and looked at him again. And again he was looking, trying this time to be discreet.

"Everything ok Father?" I asked, smiling up at him, just to see what he'd do.

"What? Oh yes… er… fine, yes" he spluttered again. For some reason I began to enjoy his discomfort. 'It doesn't get much more wrong than this' I thought, but I remained squatted down for longer than was necessary, enjoying him trying to be sneaky about checking me out. And at the same time, the sight of his bulge didn't look too terrible either.

The afternoon drinks, the sacred surroundings, the reverent atmosphere, the holy celibate man in front of me with a straining erection; I wasn't sure which of these things drove me to do what I did—it was probably a combination of them all, to be honest—but rather than stand up from my crouched position, I got on all fours and began to crawl towards Fr Dempsey. As I looked up at him I knew my boobs would have been swinging together but he was not looking at them any more, he was looking me right in the eye with an expression of terror on his face.

"M-M-Marie, what are you doing?" he stammered even more than before. He began to step back a little as I approached slowly, smiling up at him.

"It's ok Father" I smiled sweetly, "It's just a little fun".

"W-W-What?" he said, confused. He'd now bumped back against the side of the altar.

"I saw you looking" I purred softly, "I saw you looking at my boobs."


"And I can see what that's done to you" I cooed as I crawled right up and knelt before him. Looking up at him, the look on his face was priceless.

"Marie, I don't know what you're talking about but I suggest you stop this nonsense now" he said, trying to sound more assertive but the whole time his eyes were still darting to my cleavage.

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned…" I smiled as I reached out slowly and run the palm of my hand along the bulge in his trousers.

"Oh dear Lord!" Fr Dempsey cried out, decades of frustration echoing all round the church he served so selflessly for so long.

"See?" I smiled "This is what looking at my boobs did to you Father. Why deny yourself just a little bit of fun?" I giggled as I unzipped him, now driven by both lust and the thrill of the taboo. If there's one thing more wrong with having sex with a priest, it's surely having sex with a priest on his own altar, the priest that will be marrying you in just a few days.

"No, Marie, we must stop this now!" he gasped. But this was way too much fun to stop now. I unfastened his trousers, pulling them open and freed his hard cock from his briefs. And there it was, on the altar; the exposed erect cock of my priest, 60-odd years old and never used properly. It was six inches long and reasonably thick but with the fattest, pulsing veins I've ever seen. I held it gently in my hand and pulled the foreskin back slowly. Unsurprisingly, it was tight.

"Ahhhhhh" Fr Dempsey hissed, "Please Marie, please no more" he said, his voice wobbling. I looked up at him and saw his eyes tearing up. A man at the cusp of his ultimate conflict. The battle between spirit and flesh. I pulled back a little more and his large dark red head slipped from its sheath. There would be only one winner in this conflict.

With his bulbous cock head now freed, I stroked Fr Dempsey's rock hard cock a few times as I looked up at him. "Just relax" I whispered as I leant forward and took him in my mouth. Firstly, I sucked on that large sensitive head a few times before then sliding his cock into my mouth in its entirety. "Ohhhhhh Godddddddddd" he yelled and with two quick bucks of his hips, he began to cum in my mouth. I expected it to be quick but hadn't imaged it that quick. But, having been with non-celibate guys previously who have cum in their pants, all things considered, Fr Dempsey did ok.

I slurped down his exceptionally thick load as it squirted out. Due to its thick consistency, it felt like there was less cum ejaculating that normal. But it slid down my throat very nicely. I sucked his cock a few more times then waited for his post-orgasm guilt. But strangely, it didn't arrive. As I pulled from his cock, I smiled up at him and he, surprisingly, smiled back.

"Did you like that, Father?" I asked softly. Smiling down at me, he nodded a little. He was breathing deeply, looked shocked, but not horrified at what he'd done. Which was good news for me as my pussy was soaked!

"So, my boobs?" I smiled sweetly at him. "Want a better look?" I giggled teasingly as I slipped the straps of my dress from my shoulders and lowered it, exposing my boobs, nipples hard in the cool church air, as Fr Dempsey looked down, eyes almost popping from his head.

"Oh my c***d… they're magnificent" he whimpered.

"Well if you like them that much" I giggled again, taking his cock and placing it between my boobs and slowly tit-wanking him. My eyes never left his as I slowly moved up and down along his cock, the slipperiness of my saliva and his cum lubricating it nicely.

"How does that feel, Father?"

"Marie… my word… it's like nothing on earth" he croaked.

"Heavenly, huh?" I giggled teasingly as I kept working his cock between my boobs. Then I noticed. He was getting hard again. "My goodness Father" I grinned up at him, "That's some recovery power you have!"

He smiled sheepishly, blushing as I wanked his cock with my tits a few more times before letting it spring free. He looked at me wondering what was going on, cautiously eyeing me as I got to my feet, my exposed boobs wobbling around. I walked the two steps to stand right in front of him, smiling up at him, taking his hard old cock in my hand and jerking it slowly.

"If you think my boobs felt heavenly, just wait till you feel my pussy" I whispered very softly. His eyes bulged, in either shock or excitement, I couldn't tell.

"But we can't. You're almost married… James will be here any minute!" he strained as I kissed him softly on the lips and let go of his cock.

"He'll be here in 15 minutes" I smiled over my shoulder as I walked around the altar to the side where Fr Dempsey would say mass, looking out to the dozens of rows of empty pews. With my boobs still exposed, I smiled over at Fr Dempsey and leant forward bending over the altar. "I reckon that gives us enough time to have some fun, don't you?"

I could see him wrestling with his internal demons, but it didn't take long. He quickly made his way around to me, standing behind me.

"Lift up my dress" I whispered back at him, looking over my shoulder "and take my panties off".

I soon felt his soft hands on my bare thighs as he slid my tight dress up over my arse, exposing my pert young cheeks, split by my black thong. His breathing was sharp, and shallow, punctuated by the odd little grunt as he slid both thumbs inside my waistband and yanked my thong down to my knees. We both gasped; he as he saw my bare wet pussy, me as the realisation of what was about to happen really kicked in.

"This is just so, so wrong" he whimpered behind me as I felt one hand being placed on my waist "So sinful" he continued, almost inaudibly.

Then I felt it; my elderly priest's cock pressing and prodding against my pussy and arse. He was fumbling around and I knew we didn't have time for that so, much to his relief I guess, I reached behind me, took his cock in my hand and helped guide it into my sopping wet welcoming pussy.

"Ohhhhhh GODDDDDDDDDD" he grunted out loudly, his voice echoing loudly. He gripped my waist tightly with both hands and kept his cock sunk deep in me once he had slid his entire length into me. It felt nice, but the feeling of how wrong this all was, the thrill of being bent over an altar in a Catholic church looking out at the pews where all my invited guests would be seated in just a few days, just 10 minutes before my husband-to-be arrives for our rehearsal far, far exceeded the feeling any cock could ever give.

I began to push back and forth on Fr Dempsey's cock as he seemed like he was unsure what to do now he was in me. I began to wriggle and bounce my arse back and forth, swallowing his cock as I milked his pussy, flexing my pussy so tightly like I was trying to pull his cock off.

"Oh dear God, oh dear Goddddddd" he moaned over and over, as he then got into thrusting in time with me.

"Mmmmmm that's it Father" I moaned, "Fuck my little pussy". My encouragement worked as he picked up the pace, slamming into me deeper and harder. "Yesssssss Father, harder. Fuck my little pussy over your altar. Your God is watching Father, you'd better put on a good show" I teased, hoping to spur him on now he was this far gone.

"You're a very, very bad girl Marie" he grunted as he pounded me.

"Yesssss Father, yesssss please forgive me" I moaned more, pushing back harder.

He was really going for it now, fucking me hard against the cold smooth marble of the altar, my boobs pressed down firmly on it. My pussy was squelching loudly as he hammered in and out.

"M-M-Marie…" he panted breathlessly, "I'm going… again."

I smiled at him not being able to bring himself to say 'cum', or even 'orgasm'. A sliver of respectability while he's balls-deep in my pussy.

"Do it Father" I moaned softly "Just let it go." No sooner had the words left my lips I felt him erupting in my pussy, hard spurt after another, feeling like a lot more than his first load. 'His Second Cumming' I sniggered to myself.

Fr Dempsey's grunting became softer, gentler, then became almost like sobbing. His cock spasmed a few times more before softening. He then pulled it from me. Then, ever so tenderly, he leaned over me, whispered "I'm so sorry" in my ear and gently kissed me on the shoulder before stepping away.

Just then, the loud noise of the front door opening echoed through the church. As i heard Fr Dempsey fumbling around behind me cursing under his breath, I quickly pulled my thong up and stuffed my boobs back into my dress before slipping my straps back up on to my shoulders. Just at that second, James entered the church followed by John and Louise. He smiled as he saw me but also looked at me strangely as he approached, probably wondering why on earth I was up on the altar standing behind it like a priest would. And, well, he'd seen my face after I'd just had sex countless times but the situation and location was just too crazy for that to be the case, wasn't it?

I skipped down the stairs towards him, boobs wobbling as I went, tip toeing and kissing him with my cum-flavoured breath, which he thankfully didn't detect. And with my priests cum in my pussy, my husband-to-be, his best man and my chief bridesmaid began the rehearsal for the biggest day of my life.

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