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Gangbanged (Part 1)

I went to a local bar one night for a few beers and to watch the game, was sick of staying home. Was there a few hours, talking to a few guys about football, business, women when I said be right back, gotta take a piss. I left the bar, went to mens room, took out my cock to piss when I hear "Asshole, turn around"-look over my shoulder and 5 guys, incl. the ones I was talking to at the bar were standing there, blocking the door. I thought I was going to robbed.
The spokesman of the group, 6'2", black hair, pretty muscular says "Strip asshole" to me "or we will take off your clothes and u give us any shit we will beat you senseless".
I took off my clothes, shirt, shoes, and my jeans(no underwear)and stood there naked, cock hanging out.
They told me to crawl to them, across the filthy floor, which I did. They grabbed my head and one of the black guys stuck his cock in my mouth, and pushed it deep into my throat, balls banging up to my chin-8 inches at least. The rest took off their clothes and now I had 5 dicks to suck. They took turns, all getting rock hard and large, one at least 10 inches long, all leaking precum and my cock was getting hard, being used this way.
They then pushed me onto my back on the floor, stood around me and all 5 pissed all over me, drowning me in urine-my toes, stomach, chest, mouth all soaked-then they rubbed their dirty feet all over my soaked body, making me filthy with grime and shit from the floor.
They picked me up, dripping piss, and tied my wrists to the top of a stall, took there belts off their pants and proceeded to beat the shitout of me, leaving welts and deep marks all over-on my stomach, chest, thighs, cock fur,ass, back and feet.
10, 15 minutes went by, I was hanging, barley awake and they stopped. "Wow, look at his dick, its rock hard-obviously he likes it"
They threw me on the floor and I was told to eat everyones asshole, get them all soaked, which I did-then they told me to get my asshole soaked and after that the first cock was pushed in, hard, rough, pushed flat on my stomach and fucked-and fucked and fucked, my asshole loosing up, getting real gooey and then he came,-ALOT! and he fucked me like a madman and then pulled out, came up to my mouth and stuck his gooey cum soaked cock in and deep throated me while another pushed into my ass.

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