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First Time Glory Hole For Wife (PART 2)

I could see a hand. Slowly emerge through the hole, at first, lightly touching Vonna’s bare ass. Vonna jumped when she felt it, but I sort of held her where she was, convincing her it was all right. She finally settled back into sucking my cock and letting another stranger play with her ass and pussy. I began to hear her moan, and from her back side, saw her hips begin a slow, rhythmic motion, obviously to the guy fingering her pussy. This went on for about 3 minutes until the guy removed his hand and replaced it with his cock. It wasn’t a large cock, but it was pretty long, maybe 7 inches, but not very big around. I must have touched Vonna’s ass and felt different, because I saw her use her hand between her legs to feel what it was. When she figured out it was his cock, she just kept touching it and nothing else. I figured she was kind of waiting for my permission, so I gently began pushing her back towards the hole. That’s when I heard her gasp, as the cock penetrated her cunt deep, her ass pressed tight against the wall. Soon she was gasping for air as the stranger and I pounded her from both ends. She was getting pretty loud now, forgetting where she was. She had lost any inhabitations she may have had and was wildly enjoying the pleasure she was getting. A sliver of light hit my right eye and I turned my head to focus on it. It was the door to the booth, it was slowly being opened. At first, I though it might be the manager, because Vonna was so loud. But it turned out to be just a horny guy. He poked his head in and looked around, taking in all there was to see. He didn’t enter any further until I motioned him in. I guess Vonna saw all this, but never stopped what she was doing. The guy entered and closed and locked the door behind him, standing there watching. Vonna reached up to his crotch with one hand and began rubbing his dick through his pants. It wasn’t long before he dropped them and let my wife play and jack his naked cock. I could see he felt a little uncomfortable and whispered to him that there wasn’t much left but her hanging titties, telling him he would have to settle for them while my wife jacked him off. A few minutes later, we were all cumming. Soon there was no one in the booth again but my wife and I. With her dress still up over her waist and her tits still hanging out, she sat on the bench to recover. Her legs were spread in a relaxed position and I noticed the strangers cum dripping from her swollen, red pussy. A few minutes later, we were both dressed again and we left the shop. Vonna never did say anything about it after that, but when I asked her one day, if she would like to visit a glory hole again, she replied…”Any time you want, is ok with me.” We have been back many times and always have a blast.

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