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At the cinema (True Story)

Last night we went to the local IMax Cinema. We chose the VIP package as this allowed us to pre book our seats and gave us access to the VIP lounge for free drink and food before the film started. We booked the two corner seats right at the back of the cinema.

We arrived at the cinema complex early. There are a number of places to have a meal and we decided to go to the pub within the complex for food and a drink. As soon as she sat down Mrs V started to cross and un cross her legs giving a clear view of her stocking tops. As usual she wore no pants. Before leaving the pub Mrs V needed to visit the toilet which was upstairs. As she climbed the stairs she bent over giving the pub a great view of her stockings and bare ass.

So to the cinema. We arrived an hour early and went to the VIP area. We had free drinks, popcorn etc. We sat in the corner and Mrs V again started to flash her stocking tops. After about half an hour Mrs V wanted to move seats to the higher bar stools. Mr V soon found out why. Right opposite where we were sat were a young couple. Mrs V was facing them and under the table she had opened her legs. The couple were getting a great view of her stockings and pussy. You could tell by their faces they could see everything.

In to watch the film and after about an hour Mrs V grabbed Mr V's hand and put it under her coat which was on her lap. Mrs V had hitched her dress right up and Mr V could feel her soaking wet pussy. Mrs V moved forward in her chair to give Mr V better access. Mr V curled a finger into Mrs V's soaking pussy and started to rub her clitoris. Her clit was rock hard. After about 10 minutes of gentle rubbbing Mrs V started to rock gently in her chair. Mr V knew she was close to orgasm. Suddenly he could feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as Mrs V came. The orgasm was all the more intense as Mrs V could not say a word. Nobody in the cinema knew what had just happened.

On the way home Mrs V started to suck Mr V's cock as he drove along the motorway.

When in the house we rushed to the bedroom. Mrs V took off her dress she looked stunning in just her stockings and heels. She opened the curtains and stood at the window. Mr V sat below her between her legs and licked her still wet pussy and fingered her ass until she came again very loudly.

Mr V then got behind her and started to slowly fuck Mrs V doggy style. Mrs V was resting her elbows on the window ledge but suddenly stood upright so her tits were on view. There's somebody walking up the street she said and I hope they catch us. This really excited Mr V who withdrew his cock and shot his spunk all over Mrs V's ass.

What a night. This daring sex is certainly improving our love life.

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