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"Come along, Daniel, time for mummy's little soldier to get up"

"Fuck off, Mum", thought Daniel, "I'm 17 for Christ sake, stop talking to
me like a baby".

Danny cuddled down under the bedclothes and swithered whether to have his
morning wank in bed or in the shower. "Better in the shower", he
decided, "Less chance of being disturbed". He got out of bed, pulled on
his robe and staggered to the bathroom only to find the door locked, his
16 year old s****r Faith was in, that meant a long wait. He decided to
go and eat his breakfast first, then shower and dress for college.

He staggered down stairs, still half-asl**p and walked into the kitchen
where his father was sitting eating and his mother was cooking. She
looked round, screamed, and shouted "Daniel, for goodness sake cover
yourself". Danny looked down and there was his morning glory, 7" and
solid, sticking through his open bathrobe. "For fuck sake, mum", he
said, "Will you just chill? You must have seen a cock before". His
father started to laugh but his mother was ranting and screaming about
being talked to "Like a common whore" and never having been so shocked in
her life. Danny looked at her and said, "Well, why don't you get your
tits out, I'll be shocked then we'll be even; his dad laughed even more,
which made his mum even more angry.

Finally he got up, stood behind her, put his arms around her and
whispered in her ear, "There, there, you know he is just young, you
mustn't get too upset". Slowly she became more calm and dad said "Why
don't you show young Daniel what beautiful tits you have, Audrey, you
know you are proud of them. As he was saying this he had opened he
dressing gown and was slowly rubbing her left nipple through the fine
fabric of her nightie. Audrey was flustered, not knowing how to respond
to the idea of exposing herself in front of her son, and feeling the heat
and turmoil in her groin that she always got when Jack played with her
nipples. Slowly Jack slipped his hands inside the nightie and pulled
gently on her nipples then took her tits right out and said to his son,
"There you go, Danny, you wanted to see them, what do you think?.

Danny was watching, staring at the two beautiful orbs in front of
him. For a woman of 39 she had an amazing pair of tits, slightly
drooping but holding a great shape, considering they were at least a
'D'. Danny was trying to keep his hand off his own dick when Jack said
"You know, Danny, when you were a baby you just loved to suck on these,
we thought you would never get on to solid food, you loved your mum's
milk so much. Not that it was a chore for your mum, having you suck on
her tits really turned her on, many a time I fucked her while you were
right there feeding".

By this time Audrey was moaning and whimpering, losing all control in the
surreal scenario she found herself in. "Why don't you suck on your mum's
titties once more, just for old times' sake, Danny", said Jack. Danny
slowly reached out with both hands, almost terrified to touch but unable
to resist. He cupped one breast in each hand and began to fondle each
one, then he brought the left one to his mouth and began to gently play
with the enormous nipple with his tongue. "Bite it", said Audrey, "Bite
it hard". Danny bit onto the nipple and pulled causing Audrey to sob and
whine even louder. Danny moved to the right breast and repeated what he
had done. By now his mother was gripping her tits and pushing them
together, as if she wanted both in Danny's mouth at the same time. She
was also moving gently, backwards and forwards from the hips: Danny
realised that his father was fucking her from behind right in front of

"Lift up your nightdress, Audrey, show Danny what a nice hairy cunt
you've got", said Jack, and she gripped the skirt with both hands and
lifted. Danny could see his dad's cock sliding between her legs and
entering her, parting her cunt lips. He pulled his cock out and said to
Danny, "Go ahead, boy, you haven't been I there for 17 years, it's time
you stretched her cunt again. Jack pulled Audrey upright, grabbed at her
tits with both hands and said, "Go ahead". Danny gripped his cock and
pointed it into the thick black bush and slid right in to the juicy
hole. He struggled to make it last, then he felt something else, through
the thin divide he could feel his dad's cock sliding into his mum's arse,
it was too much, Danny started to come, firing glob after glob of his cum
into his own mother's twat.

When he had finished he withdrew, staggered back a step and settled on a
stool; without hesitation Audrey bent forward, grabbed his cock and began
sucking on it, swallowing the remains of his load and the taste of her
own insides.

Suddenly they heard the bathroom door open, "Oh God", said Audrey, "We
have to stop this, we can't let little Faith see what we are doing, she
is too young".

"Relax", said Danny, "Her boyfriend Stewart has been fucking her for at
least 18 months."

Audrey began to cry, but Jack just fucked into her arse all the
harder. Faith walking into the kitchen asking something about a school
blouse and stopped in mid sentence.

"Get over here, Faith", said Jack, Danny tells me you like the feel of a
man inside you" Faith looked horrified but slowly walked towards her
father. Jack didn't slow down but said "Danny, why don't you open up
that bathrobe your s****r is wearing and let us all see what we have in
store". Danny opened the robe and took it from her shoulders. Her tits
were a perfect 'C' and her cunt was shaved. "Fucking beautiful, you make
your parents very proud", said Jack, "Why don't you stand nearer to your
mum, we have often talked of me watching her eat another pussy, now seems
a good time to start".

Danny gripped his s****r gently by the shoulders and pushed her towards
her mother's mouth. Audrey was weeping with shame, but couldn't stop her
tongue reaching into her daughter's cavity and tasting her sweet
juices. As Faith began to moan Danny reached round and squeezed her tits
and massaged them gently while her mum ran her tongue back and forth
across her clitoris. Danny's cock was as hard as ever and Audrey had her
hand between Faith's thighs and was squeezing his balls.

Jack had cum inside Audrey's arse but just kept on fucking. When he
withdrew he was still rock hard and for the first time Danny got a good
look at his dad's prick. It was slightly longer than his own, but much
thicker, and it had hair growing on the shaft.

"OK, Audrey", Jack said, "Better get this cock cleaned, you wouldn't want
me fucking your daughter with a dirty weapon". Audrey moved from Faith's
pussy and went down on her husband's cock. Danny couldn't believe what
he saw, she took he whole lot first time, didn't pause or hesitate until
her nose was pressing against Jack's stomach. "Enough, old girl, you
don't want me too exited", he said. "Ok, Faith, get that little shaved
cunt over hear and wrap it round your daddy's stick". Faith looked
horrified, "I can't take a thing that size, daddy, it's far too thick",
she said.

"Quicker you try the quicker you'll learn", said Jack, "You never refused
when you were a baby and I tickled your little cunt with my finger
whenever I changed your nappy". Jack put his big hands on her waist and
lifted her. He sat back on a stool and when Faith opened her legs he sat
her on his lap. He pointed his massive cock head to her cunt lips then
he pulled her down hard. Faith screamed at the pain but Jack was banging
her with all his might. "That is what you get for giving your cherry to
someone else, he'll keep on fucking you, but he'll never satisfy you
again like he did, now you know what a real man feels like.

Danny was so turned on watching that he pushed his mother over the table
and stuck his cock into her arse, still open from the pounding Jack had
given her. This time he was able to pace himself and take things slowly,
he was fucking his mother, his dad was fucking his s****r, things don't
get much better. His dad looked over at him, smiled and winked at him.

"Let's go up to our bedroom", said Jack, and wrapped his arms around
Faith's back and carried her still on his cock. By this time she was
loving the feeling of that enormous joystick separating her
insides. Danny and his mother followed then Jack placed Faith on the
bed. "Audrey, sit on the bed and get your legs up, I think it's time
your daughter found out what another pussy tastes like". Audrey sat back
on the pillows and opened her legs. By this time not only was Danny's
cum oozing out and running down her legs, but Jacks shitty cum was
leaking out too. Jack flipped Faith over and pushed her head into her
mother's sloppy cunt. At first she pulled back but when she got the
smell in her nostrils she dived right in and began to suck up all she
could get. Jack then got Danny on his knees and had him licking on his
s****r's pussy. As he lapped and tongued her he felt his dad touch his
arsehole. At first he thought his dad was sticking a wet finger into him
but realised it was his tongue, it drove Danny wild. Then his dad moved
forward and Danny felt something bigger, harder pressing into him. He
knew it was his father's huge prick and he began to panic. He struggled
and tried to get away but his dad held him firmly. He whispered into
Danny's ear, "Try to relax, I'm not going to do you like your s****r, I'm
going to be slow and gentle, but I'm going to fuck you". Slowly he got
the head into Danny then he stopped and waited before gently inching
forward. When he was half way in he withdrew a bit then pushed forward
bit by bit until Danny could feel his father's pubes against his
arse. Again his dad waited until the burning pain changed to the heat of
pleasure then he built up his speed and thrust. He spun Danny on to his
back and kept fucking without missing a stroke. Faith took his cock into
her mouth and f***ed down until he felt her throat grip him. At the same
time his mother leaned forward so that her tits were in his face so he
could suck on her.

Eventually he felt his father's cock swell even more and he knew they
would both come. As he felt his father's juices fill him he shot load
after load in the greatest climax of his young life.

In the afterglow he realised that he was really sticky and lying in a
pool of his own spunk. He also realised that the dream was over and he
really needed to get up or his mum would be back up looking for her
"little soldier"

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