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It's Your Bedtime

The following script is based on actual events....Parental Advisory ONLY!

I'm a 21 year old male college student out for the summer. College had just ended and a few days later, on April 27th 2011, Tornadoes struck all across the nation particularly in the south. The power was out for a few weeks and it was crazy. A lot of people were panicking, but me being a country boy that i am was totally fine...But there was one problem. At my house when there is no electricity, there is also no water because the power operates the water. So after a few days of not having a shower my cousin invited me to her house to take a shower.

My cousin is 35/36yrs old and is damn fine. I'd often thought about fucking her. I once found her phone while she was gone. I went through her pictures and videos and she had two vidoes of her dildoing her pussy with a nicely sized pink dildo. Her pussy looked nice and tight for a 36 yr old milf. She has a daughter who is 18. Me and her daughter grew up together then when i was 14 we never saw each other again. Her mom had been divorced/seperated and her daughter went to live with her dad. But now she had returned to live with her mom and boy was she fine.

So I go over to their house and take a shower....afterwards, while talking with the both of them in the living room my milf cousin ask me what i plan to do tonight since the powers off. I told her that I had some alcohol and planed on getting a little buzz on. Her daughter immediately said some remark of jealousy and how she wished she could. My reflexive response was something rather inviting of them both. After a little persuasion her mom agreed to come to my house later that evening.

At about that time they had finally arrived. My older cousin had one wine cooler and allowed her daughter to have one as well. We sat there drinking, me a little more than everyone else, and chatted. Night eventually started to fall and not having any power it began to get dark. I lit some candles and lamps and it wasn't long until my older cousin said she was sl**py and was ready to go. She had had only one drink so she was safe to drive. I said don't leave my here k**dingly. Her daughter then asked if she could stay and continue to drink with me. My mom lives here so of course she figures nothing will happen and tells her daughter sure.

After her mom left we sat there drinking another after another. I think my intention was to get her d***k enough to pass out into a deep asl**p so I could touch her. My mom finally went to bed and my younger cousin decided to put on her night clothes. She went into my bathroom and when she return had own a tight top that squeezed her c-cup breasts, and a pair of tight shorts that just covered her ass.

We sat on my bed, that fits two comfortably, and had another drink. My eyes couldn't help but wonder at her body in amazement. Are conversation begin to become sexual. I asked her about one of her friends and she started telling me all this disgusting shit about her. She eventually told me that her friend had a mole on her pussy. I asked her how she knew that and she started to tell me about her experimental lesbian episodes. Her story began to excite me and was hard. I wanted to just start eating her pussy right then but I was afraid of how she would react to it. The look she had in her eyes said she wanted to fuck me I just know it. But this was my cousin and I just couldn't do that.

Not long after that we decided to go to bed. She wanted my bed, but i didn't want to give it up. So I told her I guess we can both sl**p here. She agreed and snuggled in on her side of the bed. I laid there for a minute feeling the tension of her pretending to be asl**p. I believe she wanted me to make a move but I refused. I laid there for the longest time with my phone close so I could know how much time had passed. Some time while waiting I passed out but I eventually woke.

After my eyes became adjusted I noticed she was completely out snoring. She was laid over on her side and had her ass pointing right at my direction. I used the light from my phone to study her. I thought I'd test how aware of a sl**per was she. I moved my hand up to her and laid it over her and she continued to snore. I then went further and lifter her arm that laid down by her side and still she was completely out snoring. I thought to myself id use her snoring to my advantage.

My dick was hard and I pulled it out of my shorts. I snuggled in close behind her till her body was right against mine. My cock slammed directly into her ass. I slowly began to rub my dick all over her ass. Her legs were tight together and i thought i would attempt to glide my cock between her legs. Just as I did she rolled over almost rolling into me. I slid over just in time barely avoiding her. She rolled onto her back and in no time was back to snoring.

Now her legs were open and after a test of her awarness level I ran my hand into her short and around her panties. Her shorts were so tight my hand barely fit. After a fight with her shorts my fingers finally found want they were searching for. Her little pussy was warm,wet and tight. So tight i could only get one finger in it. I worked my finger in her little pussy and watched as she enjoyed her dreaming pleasure. Her breathing started to change into more short breaths. Her pussy was so wet that I could hear juices squeaking when I moved my finger in an out of her.

After awhile, I retracted my hand from her shorts. I brought my finger to my nose to smell her sweet scent. Just as I was about to taste her I thought to myself it'd be hot if she tasted herself. And I proceeded to put my finger in her mouth. It amazed me at how deep of a sl**p she was in. I so badly wanted to put my dick in her pussy. After a minute of contemplating, I move down the bed and came up between her legs. I figured if she woke up she would be cool with it. I tugged on her shorts and slid them off with extra ease. I moved her legs so that they'd be spread a little wider and she just continued snorring.

I took a moment to decide what i was gonna do and then I put my head between her legs. I slid her poor excuse for panties to the side with ease. I put my lips to hers and began kissing her gently eventually working my tongue along and then inside of her pussy. Her body began to tense and her legs closed in around me wrapping me up inside. I let off and laid still. She returned to her natural state as she was before. I figured I'd better get inside her while i still could.

I rose up from between her legs and moved my cock into position. The head of my dick press against her lips. I gently pushed forward as my cock slowly penetrated her hot tight pussy. She was so wet that my cock glided in with ease. I began working my dick slowly in and out of her and she was still out. The sudden thought of taking advantage of my cousin was a rush of excitement to me causing me to lose my load uncontrollably. I came inside her with the biggest load i've ever shot. The thought of my cousin and then cumming in her sent a rush through me that cause me to shoot a major load into her. The overwhelming feeling of warm liquid inside her was just enough to wake her.

I was still inside her as she woke up and look at me face to face. I instinctively kissed her upon the lips and to my surprise she didn't struggle with any sign of furry. I had pulled out while kissing her and after are lips were done touching she asked me what had happened and why was she wet. I told her I had been eating her and she exploded all over my bed...Not True LOL. I didn't want her to know i just came inside her.

To my shock she said, "I was wondering if you was gonna make a move." I told her i was just afraid and wasn't sure how she would react. She removed her top and slid her cum soaking wet panties off. She got on top of me and put her big tits in my face. I began playin and sucking them. She reached down and grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze. She raised up as I helped slid it in her pussy. I just laid there and let her work my cock with slippery wet pussy. After a minute I grasped my hands around her hips forcing her down harder driving my dick deep inside her. The penetration from my cock caused her to moan uncontrollably. Fearing my mom might hear, I rolled her over and began to fuck her like before.

It wasn't long until I was on the verge of shooting another load and she knew I was about to pop. She wrapped her legs around me and locked them at the ankles not letting me loose. I knew exactly what she wanted without even hearing her say it. Just as I was about to talk she whispered to me that she was on birth control. A sudden surge of relief it me all at once. I once again came inside her leaving her pussy dripping full of cum. She laid there for the longest letting my cum settle good inside her before we decided to go to my bathroom to cleanup.

Once we cleaned up, we returned to bed and discussed what had just happened. We made an agreement to be fuck budies, which I don't mind at all. Then we made out and basically spooned until falling asl**p.

Me and her fuck and play around all the time. I will definitely be sharing more stories of me and her in the future so please enjoy. Please remember that this story is 100% true and I hope you all enjoy.


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