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Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

I have always had a thing for my mother. I still remember the day I started thinking about my mom in a different way than just my mom. We were on a road trip, and were staying at a motel, and she here get undressed, I don’t see her completely naked, but just seeing here big luscious ass filled panties and big titties in her very tight bra. Anytime when I would have a chance I would go to the bathroom where the dirty laundry hamper was that my mom used, and look for a pair of her worn panties or bra. I would usually just smell them and then put them back, but if I found multiple pairs sometimes one pair would come back to with me to my room. I also took a pair of her panties to jack off into. As the years went on I would lust over my mom so much, even to the point where I would take a pair of her panties, and jack off into them as I am standing in her room when she was asl**p, just knowing that any moment she could wake up and see what I was doing got me so hard. I was always very cautious when it came to taking a pair of her panties, never wanted to get caught. . I would always try to sneak a peek up her nightgown when I had a chance. My mom is an older woman with amazing curves like I mentioned earlier. Her bra size is 48DD and a wonderful big ass. Enough of the past… onto the story.
It was my mother’s birthday and we both had the day off from work. We spent the better part of the day together. I made her dinner, a nice spaghetti dinner, after that she opened her presents. They were very thoughtful. After all of that, we go to the TV room and watch a movie. One thing my mother does is she likes to drink wine, and it being her birthday and all, she drank a lot. She eventually fell asl**p in the chair. Since I am the son, I wanted to make sure she got to bed. She is was in a lazy boy type of chair, and fully reclined. So I go to wake up her up, at first I start silently calling “mom”, but as she did not stir on bit. So I go to gently shake her awake, I reach for her shoulder, but slip in the process and my hand slides down to her tits. My initial thought was to take it away, but she did not stir, so I kept it there. My heart was beating so fast, and my dick was getting hard in my jeans. I go to repeat the process of waking her up, this time she wakes up after a gently shake on the shoulder. She gets up and heads to the kitchen to get some water, and I follow her, she talks saying how good of son I am, she says she is quite tipsy, as soon as she says that she loses her balance and falls back into me. Her big ass goes right up to make still somewhat hard dick and it springs right back up to life, she does a little ass shake, saying it was just to get her balance. But I think it was more. We head out of the kitchen, she goes to turn of the hall light, and puts her glass down, turns to me and gives me a big hug. My dick was still pretty hard and I really wanted to make it known what she was doing to me, so I return the big hug and push my dick right up to her, but so much I to make it look like it’s not done on purpose. She ends the embrace and kisses me on the cheek. I follow her to the bed room to make sure she is going to be all right.
On her bed is the three cats we have, one takes off and so it’s just two remaining. We start talking about cats, she goes to pet the one that is right in front of me, and bends over and she once again pushes back into me, and I know she feels my dick in her ass crack, I push back and lean over her and pet the same cat. I stop, and she stands up and her hand brushes up against the front of my pants, what is thought to be accidently, her hand goes back and stays on it. She asks me what is this do I feel. At this point I am seeing how far this will go, so I say just one last present for you to unwrap. She giggles like a school girl and starts walking towards her bathroom, I am starting to get disappointed but as she closes the door she turns to me and asks me not to leave. About 5 minutes pass, and she comes out in a very old nightie, and too short. I am almost breathless, it barely covers her ass, and the amount of cleavage shown is pants busting. She rubs against me, gives me a small kiss on the lips and asks me to stay and cuddle with her tonight, as one last birthday gift. I have no problem with that, so I take off my jeans and crawl into bed with her, I cuddle right up to her big ass, and stick my raging hard dick into her crack, I should point out that she is not wearing underwear. She turns her head to me and says this is the best birthday ever, and gives me another kiss on the lips, but this time it lasts much longer and she sticks her tongue in my mouth and are out tongues starts battling each other, I break the embrace only to rip the old nightie off of her start kissing her wonderful big titties, I get between her legs to do this and she grabs my very hard dick and sticks in her pussy, all she says is welcome home. My dick goes into her pussy like a hot knife into butter, i just stay there motionless, savoring the feeling of my dick being inside my own mother, our eyes meet and she says fuck me, like I always know you have wanted too!
I did not need any further invitation, I go balls deep inside of her, she gasps and I start to pull out just as the head is exiting, and do the same thing all over again, now she wraps her legs around me and same with her arms, she starts to scream and orgasm the same time I feel my first wave of cum enter her, once again she gasp and tightens her hold on me, out tongues meet and she start making out like crazy, as wave after wave of cum enters her. As the last spurt goes, she lets go of her tight hold and my dick starts to deflate inside her, I collapse on her, and roll of. She turns her whole body towards me and kisses me again as I fall asl**p. I wake up a few hours later to a warm sensation of my dick, I look down and my whole dick inside her very warm and very wet mouth, she looks up at me and moves up me until she is squatting over me and sits on my dick and she rides me for I don’t know how long. Seeing those massive tits bounce up and down is a sight to behold. This whole process is repeated until day break.
The next morning I wake up and go shower, shortly after the water starts my mother joins me and we once again fuck, she tells me to call out of work, as she does the same. She spend the whole say fucking. She tells me again, this was the best birthday gift ever!

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