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Next FemDom pt 4

i was at a disadvantage in the contest to get Mistress's cock into my mouth as i was still cuffed and shackled with the metal mittens, girl was able to grab it away from me at will and shove it down her own throat. the fact that girl and i were both wearing my cum all over our faces made every time our cheeks touch that much more fun and dirty.
"I love to watch sluts like you both use your mouths. It proves to me what dirty whores the both of you are." Mistress said.
her words only made me want to show off what an oral slut i am for her. i started plunging my face downward on her huge rubber cock, bringing myself to gag on her cock over and over again. girl picked up on this and was not to be outdone. girl began straining to get as much cock in her mouth as she could. this was a competition that we would both win.
"Bitch boy, keep gagging on my cock, whore girl, go lick his asshole for me. Get him ready to fuck. I want to see your tongue deep inside his asshole"
without saying a word girl positioned herself behind me. as i was bent over on all fours, gagging on Mistress's cock, girl began licking my asshole.
even though i had cum all over girls face moments ago, i could feel my cock begin to thicken up and my balls begin to stir. her tongue felt amazing. girl did not hesitate to dive her tongue straight into my asshole, and lick everything her tongue could reach in my hole. girl darted her tongue in and out of me over and over again, taking short stops along the way to explore the rim of my asshole with her tongue.
i was doing all i could to impress Mistress with my ability to take her huge cock in my cum covered face fuck hole. i pushed myself deeper and deep on her cock with every thrust. Mistress did not once grab my head and assist me, i hoped this meant she was enjoying what i was doing. i fucked that cock of hers till tears filled my eyes...then i fucked it more, and deeper, gagging all the way.
girl was playing with my balls while she probed my asshole with her tongue. i knew it wasn't aloud, but i surly wasn't going to say anything. i had my mouth full of cock, how could i? girl knew it wasn't aloud as well, i could tell by her quick gropes and rubs of my balls. girl may have gotten lost in the moment, she, very boldly, reached under me and began jerking me off. i let out a moan, Mistress noticed right away.
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? JUST WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Mistress yelled as she ripped her cock from my mouth and stood up.
girl did not miss a beat. she continued to eat my asshole. she removed her hand from my cock and used both her hands to spread my ass open for her tongue to penetrate me deeper. i felt her mumble something into my asshole in order to respond to Mistress. Mistress was not fooled or impressed.
Mistress grabbed girl by the back of the head and pulled her from my cheeks, pulled girls face to her crotch and cock slapped her three times. Mistress had never cock slapped me so severely. Mistress was visibly enraged. i had never seen her this way, never seen this look on her face.
"yes Mistress." girl said. Mistress looked stunned. for a brief moment, i had no idea what was to come next.
the sly and devilish smile that i had become accustom to, slowly returned to Mistress's face, i could almost see the wheels in her head turning.
"You want him to fuck you bitch girl?"
"yes Mistress."
"You want him to use you like the piece of girl fuck meat you are?"
"yes Mistress."
"Beg me, beg me to let him fuck you like the whore girl you are."
as i stay on my hands and knees, i could feel my cock thicken to an almost painful erection. as i said before, i wanted her.
girl worked her face down to Mistresses feet, and began softly kissing Mistress's boots."please Mistress, please let him fuck me like the dirty slut i am."
"No, ask me again."
"oh please Mistress, let him fill me with his cock like a common street whore."
"NO. ask me nicer.
girl continued to kiss Mistress's feet. "oh please Mistress, please let me feel his cock in me. i want to show you what a greedy cock slut i can be."
"But you have already had his cock in your slutty mouth and your gaping whores pussy, what...." at that moment the three of us seemed to come to the same conclusion at the same time. Mistress, smirked, girls eyes got very wide, my cock jumped and a sneer came across my lips.
"You WILL have his cock in you bitch, IN YOUR ASSHOLE!"
"yes Mistress." girl said
Mistress looked at me and began walking toward me. "I want you to fuck her asshole with reckless abandon." Mistress said as she released me from all my hand shackles.
"I want you to give her all the cock she needs. I want you to break her asshole in nicely for me. I want to get this in her tonight." Mistress said as she reached down and stroked her huge rubber strapon.
"yes Mistress" my cock is extremely average, but judging from the plug girl had in her earlier, my cock would fit, but i would have to stretch her a bit. if i didn't pound her as hard as i could, Mistress would destroy her asshole with her cock.
girl was still on her knees, i stood behind her. i pushed her over on her hands and knees, i looked to Mistress for approval. Mistress nodded at me. i grabbed girl by the waist and drove my cock all the way in her asshole (she was still lubed from the plug, and my cock had so much pre-cum leaking out of it, that lube as not needed). girl let out a loud moan and threw her head back. instinctively i went to reach for it, Mistress beat me to it.
"His cock is all the way in your tight little fuck hole. Tell me how your first real cock feels in your fucking asshole bitch."
i had no idea.
"very different then the toys Mistress." girl managed to mutter. i could tell she was in a bit of pain, the kind of pain i knew well, the kind of pain i loved.
"Good, now take his cock you anal slut." Mistress said as she threw girls head downward.
Mistress looked me straight in the eye.
"Hammer you cock in her asshole you slut. Impress me with what you can do with it."
"yes Mistress."
i pulled my cock near all the way out of girls asshole, very slowly, then drove it all the way back in her with the power of a jackhammer. she moaned, and i loved it.
Mistress sat back and began rubbing her pussy through the strapon harness.
i gave girl a good 20 thrusts in this manner, by the twentieth, i could feel her asshole loosen up ever so slightly. even so, she was still tight as hell. i began to fuck her tight asshole with a very distinct rhythm. i wanted her to love it, i wanted her to crave cock in her ass the way i do.
feeling my balls slap into her huge pussy felt, and sounded phenomenal. Mistress picked up on this as well and crouched behind us to watch. by the noise i could hear from behind me, i assumed Mistress was playing with her beautiful pussy again, i was wrong.
"Take a small break slut boy." Mistress said as she grabbed my balls and pulled my cock from girls asshole
"Lesson number one whore girl, when cock leaves your asshole, it goes straight into your face fuck hole. Turn around and gag yourself on his cock."
i barely had time to enjoy the tears that began streaming down her dried cum covered face, because Mistress was caressing and pulling on my balls.
"I've got a great idea slut boy."Mistress said as she placed something on/around my balls. my balls suddenly felt very tight, and somehow longer, further away from my body.
"Stretching your balls bitch boy, watch my reason."
"yes Mistress." i had no idea what to expect
girl bent back over on her hands and knees.
"Put your face on the floor like a good piece of anal fuck meat." girl did as she was told
Mistress pushed my hips as i aimed for girls freshly fucked asshole.
"Fuck her slut boy, just like before."
i went back to a nice steady rhythm, using long strokes in girls asshole. i wanted her to feel every inch of my hard cock in and out of her. i could feel Mistress's hand under me playing with girls pussy, i likes the way it made girls asshole tighten up a bit.
on an in stroke, Mistress grabbed my balls and shoved them inside girls pussy. i have never felt anything like it, i didn't know what to do. i let out a moan as did girl.
"Look at my sluts, look at my pair of, 'willing to do whatever it takes to please Mistress' whores. NOW FUCK!
with my balls in girls pussy i could only make very short movements, but she seemed to enjoy it, as did i. Mistress stood up in front of us.
"Dirty sluts." Mistress said as she took to her knees in front of girl. Mistress grabbed girl by the hair, bringing her face off the ground, and shoved her massive rubber cock in girls throat.
girl gagged. her pussy and asshole clenched around me when she did. it felt amazing. every time Mistress gagged girl with her cock, i felt it in her. girl moaned through the face fucking she was receiving.
"That's it you double filled slut, cum for me. I want you to cum with his cock in your asshole."
girl began wailing uncontrollably as orgasm waved through her entire body. i felt it in her and could not control myself. i let my cum fly deep into her asshole. i lost my balance and pulled my cock from her asshole, and my balls from her pussy. Mistress never missed a beat. she jumped up, grabbed me by the back of the head and yelled at me
i was in no position to pretend that i could respond.
Mistress half d**g me over to girl, who was still on her knees, and shoved my face in her ass.
Mistress was pushing me so hard into girls asshole i could barely breathe. i fastly learned that was the point.
girl seemed to enjoy that as i could tell she was pushing my cum out of her asshole to meet my mouth. i felt like the dirty slut Mistress said i was, and i loved it. i would have done a better job, had i not been so woosy from what could have been the best orgasm of my life.
""NOW GET OVER HERE!" Mistress said as she d**g me a small distance away from where i had just had my tongue in girls asshole.
i felt something attach to the device that was fastened to my balls. i was quickly re-handcuffed. those handcuffs were then attached to something hanging from above.
Mistress stepped out of the light and my hands were drawn upward, as if on a cable or something. this did not bother or scare me, until it created a great deal of tension on my balls that were attached to the floor.
Mistress appeared from the shadows and slapped my flaccid cock for good measure i assume, then walked toward girl, whom was lying on her stomach now.
Mistress straddled her and spoke softly into girls ear.
"Such a good bitch you are, taking all that cock and all that cum in your asshole. Such a good anal slut, and you are about to be a better anal slut. It's my turn to have your asshole."
girls eyes got wide and within an instant Mistress pushed herself up, grabbed her huge rubber cock and shoved it in girls tight asshole. girl let out a yell like none i had heard from her.
"You will take my cock you asshole whore! Mistress said as she began pumping that huge cock in and out of girls tight asshole
bound as i was, i could only watch this brutal session as it happened, and i was sure i was going to love it.

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