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Jessie Porn Story Final Part

Jessie had just finished with Luke and Robby, so now it was time to talk to Emma about what had happened with Luke. She walked into Emma's room and both Emma and Jessie were only in their robes. Jessie went and sat by Emma and said, "What were you thinking about having sex with your own b*****r?" she said in a calm voice. Emma responded with the shrug of her shoulders. "Well, I hope you know that it is wrong, and that if you got pregnant, who knows what would have happened." replied Jessie. "I'm sorry Jessie, I was upset, Luke saw me, and then you know what happened. I've just been gettin' so horny so often, and I can't control it." said Emma. "It's alright Emma, now I promise not to tell your parents, as long as it doesn't happen again ok?" Before Emma could answer, Emma felt her self getting wet again, and she saw that Jessie was taking a notice. Before Emma could excuse her self, Jessie threw off both of their robes, and started licking Emma's dripping wet pussy. "Oh my god Jessie, that feels SO GOOD!" said Emma with a deep long moan after. Jessie finished fast and quickly said, "I've had my fair share of lady time." Before Emma said a word, Jessie went out of the room, and came back with a strap on dildo. Emma started to say something, but saw that the dildo was a super sized ultra extreme comfort dildo. Emma nodded her head, but Jessie was already done hooking it up, she jumped on the bed, started playing, sucking, and licking Emma's huge breasts, and started pumping that huge dildo into her. Emma was moaning endlessly, she had never felt such comfort, and it was at least 3 inches bigger than Luke's cock. She came in a matter of minutes, all over the big dildo. Jessie was so pleased with herself, that she had gotten extremely wet over Emma's loud and sexy moaning. Jessie said "Your turn little girl, lets see what you got." Emma hooked it together, and started ramming Jessie's big round ass. Jessie was moaning louder than Emma, and she saw cum oozing out of her cunt. Jessie yelled loudly, exciting herself even more. Emma decided Jessie's round ass had enough, and pulled out the dildo and stuffed it right into Jessie's dripping vagina. Jessie yelled with excitement in her voice, making her cum even more. They fucked for 10 mins before Jessie cummed so hard all over the dildo, Emma, and herself. After about 2 mins of resting, Jessie said "Now I hope you have learned your lesson Emma, cause this isn't a reward, so don't expect me do this this all the time." Emma nodded in agreement, but had a strong feeling that something like this would happen again.

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