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My first lesbian sex (not true story)

Hi, my name is Chiara, I'm 22 brown hair, green eyes, nice little boobs with pink nipples. When I was only 17 I was with the most popular guy of highschool and of course he was captain of football team. Me I was cheerleader in this team that's how we've met, he defloured me one night in his car and it was good and every weekend we were together in his car or somewhere else but very far from our ciy because we were popular and well esteemed by community.
However this fairytale had a tragic end, we were at weekend and as usual we had our rendezvous point before leaving, but he was not here at time, I looked everywhere around, and for no reason I came back to college where I found him having sex with my best friend and also member of cheerleader squad. I was shocked and I was crying so hard, they saw me and of course they tried to explain what it was obvious, he was cheating on me. I finally took my car, and drove for a long time without goal. I finally arrived in a small town where no one knew me. However I didn't feel at peace because I had the feeling that someone was looking at me, and it was right. A very beautiful girl, 17 too, with blond hair and blue eyes, she had an athletic body with small boobs and no bra, I saw her hard nipples. She came to me, I went out of the car and she introduced herself to me, her name was Hannah she was the daughter of the local sheriff and she was alone because she was brand new here. I wasn't alone then. We went into a bar we drank and talked during a long time. And the night came out, I was going back to my car but Hannah told me "No it's late now, come with me to my house, you'll dinner with us and have some sl**p in my bedroom, okay?" I was not able to answer because she took my hand and brought into her house where her father and her lived. She introduced me to her father a sweet man with principles who accepted to give me a bed. After dinner, me and Hannah went to her bedroom, a real girly bedroom with posters, flowers and a lot of books. She told me she loved reading, because she hid in her world when she didn't feel good. We continued to speak til very late in night and of course we spoke about sex, she felt so sorry for me and her story was not cool too, her boyfriend cheated on her too but with another guy and for revenge she had sex with her boyfriend's s****r. During the story I was masturbating because it made me feel so horny. We switched off the light and I imagined the situation Hannah licking this girl's pussy and I imagined that girl was me, I had a wonderful orgasm and my panties were so wet. I was going to sl**p deeply when I felt Hannah's hand on my boobs, she kissed my lips so gentle, I felt so strange, so happy, finally this dream came true. Her right hand was on my boobs and her left hand was on my panties. I wanted to take them off but she told me to keep them because she loved wet and dirty panties. During this delicious moment I wanted to return the favor and my hands was on her panties very wet like mine and we came together so hard that we have spams several minutes. Finally we slept deeply, the following morning, I opened eyes and when I turned up right I recieved a sweet and wet kiss from my new lover friend. Her father was at station and we had all day for us. She went downstairs first and I followed her few seconds after. We took our breakfast face to face and I felt her foot on my panties I did the same to her till we came. When I was finishing my tea I was going upstairs but she blocked me the passaqe and she told me " You have to be naked now or I won't let you pass" I took off everything I had and she did the same. Finally she took my panties and put them on, and to see her with my dirty panties made me so horny we made love all morning and all afternoon, at the end of the day, we were sweaty and tired but happy to be together and she told me "Would you want to be my girlfriend? Yes of course, I answered and you would you want to be my girlfriend??" She answered yes and after that we kissed and had only this name "babe" We were in the bathroom when Hannah's father came back, he was quite surprised but happy to see me again, he asked Hannah if she wanted me to stay another night, she said yes of course. We spent this second night to have sex and we tried a position that I only knew with my boyfriend the sixty-nine position and it was a lot sexier with her.
Unfortunately morning after I really had to go back or my parents would be really worried, we gave each other a kiss and promised to each other to keep contact.
I'm 22 now and I'm still with Hannah she's my shining star and we live together and want to be married.
If you enjoyed this story as I enjoyed to write and imagine it, just let me your comments and maybe I'll write a new hot lesbian story

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