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Chapter One:


Patty brushed her long, wavy blonde hair out of her eyes and glowered
angrily at her son's bedroom door.

"Walter, I know what you're doing in there! I am absolutely sick of
listening to you jacking off in your room every day! Walter, are you

Her teenage son didn't answer. The rhythmic thumping continued louder
than ever, the sound of the headboard banging against the wall as
Walter eagerly beat his prick, flailing his fist up and down his stiff,
aching cock.


Patty swore and rapped angrily on the door. She was thirty-four and
gorgeous, with wide blue eyes complementing her blonde hair, and a
slim, stacked, big-titted body.

"Walter, pay attention to me!"

Walter groaned, and then the headboard started thumping against the
wall even more quickly. He was probably on the verge of spraying a big
load of cum all over his chest. Patty turned from the door, blushing
fiercely as she retreated down the hall. She was dressed casually, in
jeans and a blue work shirt that gave her large, braless tits plenty of
room to jiggle and bounce. It was the sort of outfit that any normal
housewife would have worn around the home, but she didn't feel normal.

For one thing, she was divorced now. The house and her modest monthly
alimony checks were all she had to remember her long marriage to her
husband. For another thing, she had a handsome young son who was
obsessed with jacking off.

It had started six months before, after the divorce. Walter was an
unusually handsome young lad of sixteen, tall and muscular, with a
bulging crotch that Patty, in spite of her embarrassment, had been
unable not to notice. Patty had read that the sex drive of growing boys
can be very strong, but that hadn't prepared her for the fact that
Walter's cock seemed to be stiff and bulging most of the time.

She supposed her appearance had something to do with it. Patty was
slimmer than average, with long legs and a cute, girlishly round ass.
But her tits were so big that most of her bras had to be custom-made.
Her body had always made men horny, and Patty was afraid that her only
c***d was no exception. She had been mortified to see his cock swelling
many times in the past six months, when she caught him ogling her

At least he could try to restrain himself, Patty thought. Or at least
be quiet about wanting to play with himself so much. It was three-
thirty in the afternoon now, and Walter had been home for a half hour.
He'd literally run upstairs as soon as he'd walked through the door
with an obscene-looking bulge tenting through his slacks.

Two minutes later, the thumping had started. She heard it at least four
times a day now. She'd tried to talk to him about it, both gently and
sternly, but he just wouldn't listen. All he said was that he couldn't
keep from rubbing his big prick as soon as it started to get stiff.

Well, he was just going to have to learn to ignore it, Patty thought
suddenly. Impulsively she went to the hall closet, finding the key to
Walter's bedroom door hanging on a nail. Determinedly she went back to
his room, knowing full well that she was about to catch her boy in the
act. It wasn't normal for a lad to play with himself so much. Walter
simply had to learn to control his sexual desires.

Patty let herself into his room. It took Walter a moment to notice that
she'd come in. As she'd expected, he was lying on his back with his
pants around his ankles. A jar of baby oil stood prominently on the
nightstand beside his bed. The youth's tongue lolled obscenely out of
the corner of his mouth as he worked his fist feverishly on his crotch,
whipping his hand up and down his throbbing, straining cock.

Patty looked at it. It was the first time she'd ever seen her son's
naked, stiff prick; in spite of herself, she couldn't help being
curious. She'd imagined that he'd have a relatively small prick, even
though he was almost full-grown.

Patty instantly saw that she was wrong. Walter's prick was huge.
Stiffly the long, fat cock meat shaft rose out of his cock curls, at
least nine inches long and as thick around as her wrist. The cock knob
was as big as a small apple, bloated deep red and glistening with
oozing cock cream. Instantly the divorce, sexually- frustrated mother
felt a shameful new craving throbbing in her cunt. She had never
imagined that seeing her own son's stiff prick would make her pussy
feel so wet and hot.

"All right, Walter. Stop it right now!"

Walter raised his head and finally saw that his mother was with him in
the room. He sighed, releasing his big cock and folding his hands
behind his head. He made no effort to cover his fuck organ, and the
giant cockshaft continued to buck and pulse over his stomach. Patty sat
beside her c***d on the bed, trying not to stare at his cock. She felt
her nipples stiffening and poking through the work shirt. She wished
she'd worn a bra to prevent her enormous tits from jiggling in front of
her son.

"Since when did you start barging in on me when my door's locked?"
Walter grumbled. "Can't I even have some privacy?"

"You know perfectly well I was knocking a moment ago. I think that's
sufficient justification for using the key. Walter, you know this is
something we need to talk about. All you ever do these days is jerk
off. It's not normal. You're not going to develop normally if you spend
all your time rubbing your cock and making it come."

"I can't help it," Walter grinned. "My cock gets hard, and I feel like
rubbing it. What's wrong with that?"

"Don't you know any young girls who could--" Patty blushed, stopping
short of telling her son to find a horny girl to fuck. "-- who could
help you think more about normal things?"

"You mean like fucking?" Walter's grin broadened. "Shit, Mum, I fuck a
lot of girls. If you want, I can bring one home tomorrow and fuck her
right here. I just like rubbing my prick a lot. It feels good."

" could at least pull up your pants when your own mother is
talking to you. This is very embarrassing."

"Well, you're the one who wanted to talk, Mum. I don't want to stop
jacking off now. I've had a big load in my nuts all day. I need to cum

And then the hung son shocked his mother again, sliding his hand down
to again tightly grip his giant prick. The astonished mother couldn't
help staring at his tremendous cock as he started beating his meat
again, slowly and very hard, groaning as he moved his fist up and down
the oversized length of his cock.

"Walter! Walter, for God's sake!" Patty gasped at him, overwhelmed with
both anger and an irresistible, i****tuous lust. " dare you do
that in front of your mother! You take your hand off your prick this

"I don't want to, Mum. It feels good."

And then Walter stared openly at her tits, sighing as he watched the
huge, spongy tits swaying slightly under her shirt.

"Man, you sure have a pair of big ones, Mum. Sometimes I like to think
about sucking them when I jerk off. It's even better looking at them at
the same time."


Patty was so shocked that she knew she had to make her boy stop beating
his cock that instant. She dropped her hand, intending to pull his
finger off of his prick. But Walter withdrew his hand at the same time.
The next thing Patty knew, her hand was filled with the hot stiffness
of Walter's prick.

"Ummm, that feels good, Mum! Why don't you rub it for me?"

"You little bastard!"

And then Patty started doing it. She didn't know what had come over
her, what had prompted her to begin the worst possible sin with her
son. Her pussy was very wet, throbbing so hornily in her panties that
she could hardly think straight. She felt overwhelmed by anger,
frustration and a wanton, uncontrollable lust.

Walter just lay there, smiling as he submitted to his sex- starved
mother's hand job. Patty stared openly at his huge prick now, grimacing
as she whipped her right hand up and down the cockstalk as fast as she

"Does this feel good? Is this what you want me to do to you, Walter?
Your very own mother? Are you really so disgusting that you want your
own Mummy to jack on your cock like this?

"Do you want Mummy to suck it too? You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd
like your own mother to put your prick in her mouth and swallow your
hot cum!"

Walter responded by pushing her hand away, swinging around to sit up on
the edge of the bed. He looked at his mother pointedly, then grinned,
snapped his fingers, and pointed arrogantly at his aching cock.

"Yeah, that's what I want, all right. Why don't you get on your knees
right now, Mum? My cock needs a good sucking right away!"

"You filthy, shameful, little boy --"

And then her words trailed off as she did what her son requested,
dropping to her knees in front of him and confronting the huge, aching
length of his prick. Patty realized that she was breathing very hard,
and that she could feel her heartbeat in her pussy better even than she
could feel it in her chest.

She felt as if she'd lost all control of herself, as if it were no
longer possible to distinguish between what she was really doing now
and what she might have dreamed about. She couldn't believe that she
was actually going to shove her own son's cock down her throat and
swallow his spewing cum.

Patty wrapped her fingers tightly around his throbbing cock, sliding
her fist to the root. She stared intently at the rosy, puffy cock knob
for several seconds, seeing how the whole fat crown glistened with
sticky spunk. The wanton mother lowered her head, pressing her lips to
his piss hole. Shamefully she thrust out her tongue, eagerly licking
the tasty cock juice from the tingling tip of his prick.

"Unnggh! That feels good, Mum!" Walter writhed on the edge of the bed,
holding her head with both hands. "Put it in your mouth, Mum! Suck it!
Unggh, suck it good!"

Patty shut her eyes, trying to block out the knowledge that she was now
the kind of mother who gave blow jobs to her very own son. Gradually
she let her lips slide onto his pulsing fuck organ, slurping in inch
after inch of his giant, throbbing cock. She stopped when she'd inhaled
over a third of it, when she would have choked herself if she'd tried
to swallow any more of his cock meat.

Then the horny mother started sucking the prick extremely hard, keeping
her eyes closed as she nursed contentedly on the aching stiffness of
his hard-on. An absurd voice in the back of her mind still tried to
justify what she was doing. She was showing him how awful he'd feel if
he let his own mother suck his prick.

Patty sucked the tasty cock harder and harder, shocking herself with
her eagerness to mouth and slurp her own c***d's prick. She f***ed her
face closer to his hairy crotch base, gagging herself, dying to swallow
all of his cock meat in one swallow. The huge prick responded to her
hard, wet sucking by growing even bigger and stiffer. The cock knob
puffed up obscenely, pulsating on the roof of her gullet.

"Ummlllppp," Patty gurgled. Her lewd, slurping sounds of cock sucking
contentment had become very loud too, filling up the bedroom.
Feverishly she started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth
with her boy's big prick. Her fingers tightened on the root of his
cock. Then she furiously started jacking his prick as she sucked the
tip, swirling and basting her tongue around the mushroom-shaped crown,
lapping up the salty spunk as it dribbled out of his enormous, aching

"Mum, I'm gonna cum soon!" Walter groaned. "Unggh! I can feel it, Mum!
It's really going to be a big one! Oh, suck it, suck me hard! You're
such a fantastic cocksucker!"

The shocking, disgusting compliment was music to her ears. Patty felt
her face redden as she started sucking cock as hard as she could,
rapidly puckering and bellowing her cheeks around the cum- laden
stiffness of his cock. Her fist was a blur, whacking up and down his
hard-on. She was desperate to nurse a heavy, spurting load out of his
cock, to be f***ed to swallow as fast as she could to gulp down all of
her son's cum.

"Swallow it, Mum! Cumming, cumming!"

He clutched her head, thrusting his hips off the bed, fucking his
cockshaft another inch between her lips. Patty started to gag, but
then, at last, her horny cock sucking efforts were finally rewarded. A
tremendous shower of spunk blasted out of his swollen cockhead,
squirting and splattering down his cum-loving mother's throat.

"Ummmllppp!" Patty gurgled.

The cock juice was spewing into her mouth, squirting on her tonsils and
running down her throat. Feverishly she clung to the enormous, cream-
shooting cock, loving the taste of her young son's seed. Shamefully,
the horny mother started sucking, jacking and swallowing all at the
same time, not wanting to release her boy's prick until she'd sucked
every droplet of salty cream from the crown of his cock meat.

After nearly a half-minute, the cum-explosion was over, and the stacked
blonde mother had her belly full of cock juice she'd secretly craved.
She raised her head from her son's crotch, dazed and desperately horny,
running her tongue around her mouth to lick up the cream. Patty was
breathing hard, and her pussy was so wet that it had completely soaked
her panty crotch band.

Walter's prick was still very hard, and throbbing in front of her face.
Patty's pussy spasmed as she suddenly imagined the huge, fat pussy-
pleaser plowing into her hairy cuntslit, ramming deeply in and out her

"Well. I hope you're satisfied, Walter," she panted. "You actually got
Mummy to suck your big prick for you. I suppose now you want to do
other dirty things with Mummy too."

Walter grinned, nodding. Patty rose to her feet, fumbling with her
shirt buttons, unable to stop staring at her c***d's enormous cock.

"Then I think you'd better take off the rest of your clothes, Walter.
Now that we've begun, we'd better get these disgusting desires out of
your system once and for all."

Walter grinned again, kicking off his shoes and sliding his pants off
the rest of the way. All he had on now was his shirt, and he didn't
need to take that off to give his mum the hard fucking she needed. He
sat up, watching her strip. Patty felt a flush of pride as she shrugged
the shirt off, revealing her enormous tits.

"You like Mummy's big tits, don't you, Walter?" she asked. Patty ran
her hands up her slim waist, cupping the giant, spongy tits and
kneading them lasciviously. The nipples capping the creamy double D-
cuppers were very wide and red, with stiff, protuberant tips. Patty
kicked off her shoes and undid her jeans. Then, naked except for her
panties, she joined her son on the bed.

"You can go ahead and suck Mummy's titties now, Walter. I suppose
you've been thinking about that when you jack off too."

Walter just nodded. He knelt beside his mother, filing his hands with
her gigantic, firm tits. Hungrily he kneaded and squeezed the
tremendous tits, rolling them, and fanning his thumbs across the
nipples. Patty shuddered as the pleasure of the tit massage went
straight into her cunt.

"You -- you can suck them if you like," she panted.

Walter sprawled on top of her, opening his mouth wide to engulf one
straining nipple. Feverishly he started slurping on his mother's
enormous tit, sucking and puckering his cheek, just as he'd once nursed
milk out of her tits as a suckling baby. Patty whimpered, the need in
her pussy growing stronger by the second. She tenderly cradled her
loving son's head, encouraging him to suck Mummy's tits as much as he

"You -- you can touch my pussy now," she whispered. "I suppose you want
to do that too."

Walter slid his hand down, moving it between her thighs to press his
finger against her pussy. Then he stopped tit-sucking and looked
triumphantly into her eyes.

"Man, Mum! You're really dripping!"

Patty blushed. She'd known her pussy was wet, but she didn't know it
was so wet that even her inner thighs were slick with her oozing pussy
oils. Walter seemed fascinated by his mum's hot, creamy pussy. He
grasped her panties and pulled them off, and the panty crotch stuck to
her wet, throbbing cunt. Now his stacked, sexy mother was completely
naked. Walter spread her thighs apart, staring at the wet, throbbing
pussy that had birthed him so many years before.

"What are you looking at me like that for, Walter?" Patty panted. "Why
don't you just go ahead and ram you big prick into me right now? I know
that's what you want to do, even if I am your mother."

"Wanna lick it first," Walter mumbled.

And then he sprawled between her long legs, pushing up her thighs to
give his mouth better access to her throbbing, tasty cuntslit. It took
the naked mother a minute to even understand that her son wanted to
suck her pussy. Then she shuddered, biting her lip as she felt the
first pressure of his tongue sluicing tentatively between the fragrant
folds of her cunt.

"Ungggh! Oh, Walter! What ... what are you doing that for, Walter?
Unggh! Unnggh!"

Walter was too busy licking to reply. He obviously loved the taste of
his mother's pussy, loved the way it felt to move his tongue busily up
and down her pink, juice-glistening cunt. Patty instantly felt afraid
of how she might act now. She'd been horny enough before Walter went
down on her. She didn't know how outlandishly she might behave if he
made her already aching cunt even wetter and itchier with his tongue.

"No, Walter! don't have to lick Mummy's pussy!
Unnggh! Just fuck your mother, Walter. I now that's what you want!"

Walter didn't answer. He held his mother's pussy lips open with his
fingers, allowing him to thrust his tongue deeper into her wet,
fragrant hole. The fuck cream kept running out of her cuntal depths,
and her clit was very fat and swollen, protruding at the top of her
fur-fringed cuntslit.

Walter moved his tongue higher, proving his skill as a pussy licker as
he began swabbing his mum's clit from side to side. The naked mother
squealed, clutching his head with both hands. Then she urgently started
thrusting and fucking her hips off the bed, urgently fucking her wet
pussy onto his face.

"Yes, Walter," she cried hoarsely. "Unngggh! Mummy needs sucking now!
Mummy needs sucking bad! Unggh! Lick Mummy's clitty, Walter! Oh, suck
it, suck it good, make your mother cum!"

Walter kept licking and kissing, pausing to rub his face on the dense,
platinum colored curls that covered her lower belly in a rich moss. Now
he straightened his fingers, pushing them into the narrow, clinging
interior of his mother's pussy channel. Patty shuddered as her son
started jacking off her throbbing cunt, licking directly on her clit at
the same time.

"Suck it, Walter! Oh, please!"

Walter took her clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but
f***efully, slurping on it, at the same time pumping his fingers
rapidly in and out of her cunt. Patty felt the cum welling up deep
inside of her, making her nipples and asshole tingle as the pre-
orgasmic sensations violently pleasured her whole body. Then she was
cumming, cumming uncontrollably, while her very own son sucked her

"Eat it, Walter! Unnggh! Lick it, lick your mother! Cumming,

Her throbbing pussy spasmed and spewed, giving her c***d a mouthful of
pussy juice to lick and suck up. Walter kept sucking her clit and
jacking her off, guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. It was
nearly a minute before the spasms subsided. By then, Patty had an
aching need deep, deep inside her pussy that she'd never felt before.
She desperately need to feel her son's fat, meaty prick pounding into
her cunt as fast as he could shove it in.

"You... you can fuck your mother no, Walter. I know that's what you
really want. Go ahead, Walter. Shove it in. Hurry!"

Walter mounted his naked mother, crawling up between her thighs with
his giant, dripping cock pulsing over his stomach. Impatiently Patty
reached down, grasping the cockshaft and directing the cock knob to her
pussy. She whimpered and bit her lip as she felt the meaty prick boring
into her and stretching her pouty pussy lips to bursting around the
invading thickness of his cock.

"Unnggh! Oh, you've really got a fat one, Walter! Unnggh! You're really
going to have to stuff it in, aren't you? Go ahead. Unggh! Shove it up
Mummy's pussy, honey. Hurry, hurry!

Walter spread his knees apart, to put his hips in the best position to
hammer in his cock. Then he started stroking, in and out, fucking his
organ deeper into his mother with every stroke. Patty raised her head,
looking down, watching the veined cockshaft gooshing in and out of her
clinging pussy. The sight was violently exciting. She started humping
and wiggling her round little ass, thrusting her throbbing pussy onto
Walter's huge cock.

"You... you can fuck me deeper, Walter," she panted. "Go ahead, Walter.
Fuck Mummy's tight cunt just as deep as you can!"

Walter started stroking harder, making his mother grimace and shudder
as he really started nailing his immense cock into her clinging,
throbbing pussy. At last it was all the way inside her, buried to the
balls in her cunt. Patty had never felt so stuffed with hard cock in
her life.

Her pussy was sucking and spasming uncontrollably now, constantly
nursing around the huge, belly-probing stiffness of his cock. Walter
lay motionless on top of her for several seconds. He let his elbow
bend, crushing her huge tits under his descending chest.

"Fuck your mother, Walter!"

The intensity of her i****tuous desire becoming more apparent, Patty
cocked her legs as high as she could and locked her calves together
across his back. Then she started wiggling and humping like a bitch in
heat, frantically fucking her tight, wet pussy onto her own son's cock.

"I said fuck me, Walter! Mummy's awfully horny now! Fuck me, fuck me

Walter pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his bloated,
dripping hard-on distended his mother's pussy lips. He shuddered as he
came down hard again, again spearing every inch of his giant fuck organ
into her pussy. By then Patty was humping like a sex-starved machine,
her huge tit mounds bouncing and quivering as she pistoned her pussy
onto her son's prick. Walter met his mother's rhythm, slamming his cock
deeply into her buttery, sucking cunt.

"That's right, Walter! Unngggh! Oh, shit, do it harder, fuck Mummy's
cunt as hard as you can!" Patty wrapped her arms around his shoulders,
hugging him tight, gasping and squealing as her pussy spasmed
uncontrollably around his big cock. "Fuck me, Walter! Fuck me!"

Walter panted on her shoulder, and then he started fucking his mother
as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked his hips between her
thighs, grunting as he rammed his giant, arrow-like prick into the
gooey depths of her sucking pussy. Already the horny mother could feel
the second series of spasms welling up in her loins, making her
ravished, cock-filled fuck hole suck even tighter around Walter's

"Mummy's cumming again, honey! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny
mother! Unnggh! Cumming, Walter! I'm cummmiinnnggg!"

Her pussy burst lusciously into orgasm, oozing out fuck cream, the
narrow pink walls gripping and contracting around her son's
tremendously huge cock. Walter collapsed on top of her, ramming his
cock in to the hilt. Then the second load of cum cream gushed out of
his prick. Patty felt it spraying and spewing, erupting deep inside her
pussy, deluging her womb with a hot, soothing load of jizz.

Hornily she flexed her fucking muscles around the erupting cockshaft,
helping her c***d drain the reservoir in his balls completely in her
pussy. But she could already feel her guilt, shame and disgust
returning now that she'd succumbed to the craving to give her pussy to
her own son. This would be the first time, she thought, and also the
last. She simply couldn't live with herself if she continued to relieve
her own son's cock every time it got achey and stiff.

Chapter Two:

Patty refused to fuck her son again that day, as often as he pestered
her for another chance to slide his seemingly always hard cock into her
pussy. Refusing him wasn't easy. She spent most of the evening finger
fucking, locked in her room and feverishly rubbing her wet pussy, all
to thoughts of the joy she'd experienced with her son's huge prick.

The next morning, Walter came to the breakfast table completely naked,
with an enormous throbbing hard-on that was already leaking tasty
looking cum juice. He made a valiant effort to fuck his mother again,
squeezing and fondling her body as she served him breakfast, making her
look at his magnificent cock. Again, Patty turned him down.

Again, she had to spend the next several hours finger fucking. She knew
it was worth the effort. Her torrid fuck and suck session the day
before had been a one-time degenerate episode that could never be
repeated. What kind of mother spread her legs and opened her pussy for
her very own c***d?

Early that afternoon, Patty dressed and went shopping. The first thing
she heard when she let herself back into the house was the frantic
moaning and screaming upstairs. Patty just stood there, unable to
believe her ears, instantly feeling her pussy growing wet, hot and
sticky under her panties. Then she remembered what her son had said the
day before. He'd decided to keep his promise. He'd brought home some
young girl to fuck.

"Oh, fuck me, Walter!" The girl was obviously in the throes of ecstasy.
She sounded very young. "Unngh! Oh, fuck me with your big cock, fuck me
hard! Make me cum, Walter!"

Patty put the groceries on the kitchen counter. She was trembling. She
went upstairs, her mind already filing with obscene images, of her hung
son slamming his dripping prick into some lucky little slut's gooey

The voices grew louder. Her son's bedroom door was open. Patty told
herself not to look, told herself that the sight of her son fucking
another girl would again put her i****tuous lust for him over the edge.
Patty couldn't help herself. She stood in the open door, staring in.

The girl was young, blonde and slinky. She was on top of Walter, who
lay on his back, smiling up at her, his hands folder behind his head.
The girl had a very quick, nimble ass, and she was now gyrating it in a
frenzy, frantically pistoning her wet little pussy up and down Walter's

"Gonna cum," the girl panted. She clutched Walter's shoulders,
shuddering as she slammed her hairy little fuck hole onto the base of
his prick. "Fuck me, Walter. Love your prick, Walter! Fuck me, fuck

"Get out," Patty hissed.

"Oh, shit!" the girl said.

The girl leapt off the bed, making Walter's cock slide out of her pussy
with an obscene popping sound. Patty advanced on her menacingly. Thirty
seconds later, the anonymous little slut was gone, having set a
potential world record in wiggling into her clothes and dashing down
the stairs.

She was alone in the house with her son again. Patty stood at the foot
of the bed, breathing hard, staring at her son's enormous cock.

"What was the meaning of that?"

"I was horny," Walter shrugged, with a grin. "I told you I might bring
some chick over, Mum. I mean, if you won't fuck me anymore, why
shouldn't I?"

"You're disgusting," Patty hissed. "A girl that age, fucking her like
that right in your room. With the door wide open. You ought to be
ashamed of yourself. Can't you ever think about anything but your big

"Nope. Matter of fact, I'm thinking about it right now. Why don't you
let me fuck your tight pussy again, Mumma? Shit, I'd shoot my cum up
your pussy than that chick's any day."

"You're disgusting."

"Come on, Mum."

He got off the bed, naked, his enormous fuck organ wagging obscenely
before him as he advanced on his chaste, secretly sex- starved mother.
Patty just stood there. She knew she could have left, or yelled at him
again. But watching Walter's gigantic cock boring into the young girl's
pussy had made her so, so horny. Her cunt was throbbing again, beating
as it oozed juice into her panties. Patty needed a good fucking very,
very badly.

"Take your hands off of me," she said feebly.

But she didn't mean it, and they both knew it. Walter led her to the
bed. He put her on her back, letting his mother lie there as he
stripped off her clothes. Her large, stiff-nippled tit melons wobbled
tantalizingly as he pulled off her bra, and Walter paused to nurse on
his mother's tits, to slurp her red nipples deeply between his lips.

Off came her shoes, her skirt, her wet, cunt juice-smelling bikini
panties. Then the fuck-hungry mother was completely naked. Walter
joined her on the bed, crawling up between her legs.

"Cock 'em up, Mum."

"No, Walter. You know it's a sin. You don't really want to fuck Mummy
again, do you?"

"I said cock 'em up."

"Oh, Walter...."

Shamefully, hornily, the mother then did as her son asked. She raised
her knees high over her shoulders, spreading them, completely opening
her wet, throbbing, curly-haired pussy hole for the invasion of his
cock. Walter grinned, mounting his mother. He fit the spongy tip of his
prick between the pouting petals of her very tight cunt.

"Man, I've really got a hot load now," he panted. "I was just about to
shoot off when you walked in. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard I'll
probably knock you off the bed!"

Patty didn't answer. She was too busy looking down, excitedly watching
her son's immense cock-lance boring into her pussy. The stiff prick
stretched her pussy lusciously, making the walls clasp and grip
exquisitely around the invading thickness of his cock.

For nearly a full day she'd fantasized about this, about again feeling
her boy's prick slamming back into the pussy that had birthed him. Now
it was deep inside her again, boring deep inside her cunt. Shamefully
the naked mother stared wiggling and humping, fucking her horny, itchy
pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of Walter's cock.

"Yes, Walter, it feels so good now," she panted. "It's time to fuck
Mummy again, honey. Unnggh! Fuck your mother, lover, fuck your mother's
horny cunt!"

She cocked her long legs up higher, dr****g her ankles over his
shoulders, completely opening her gooey pussy hole for the skewering
shaft of his cock. Her hung son started fucking. He braced his knees on
the bed, looming over his mum, supporting his weight on straight arms.
Rhythmically he fucked her tightly grasping pussy, spearing his big
cock in and out of her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck my pussy!" Patty gasped. She humped to meet his strokes,
her enormous tits bouncing and shivering, undulating every time her son
fucked her deep wit his cock. "Unnngh! Oh, shit, Walter, you've really
got a bit one! Give Mummy a good fucking now! Harder, honey, harder!
Fuck Mummy's cunt till I can't even walk!"

Walter moaned, experiencing the luscious tightness of his mother's
pussy. It seemed impossible that she had ever given birth; her cunt was
tighter, and sucked his cock more sweetly, than that of the girl he'd
been humping only minutes before.

Now his cock was all the way inside her syrupy fuck channel, buried to
the balls. Patty felt completely overwhelmed by the size of his fuck
shaft. It stuffed her belly, reaching into the depths of her womb. Her
horny son started working his ass rapidly on top of her, spearing his
big prick in and out of the clinging sheath of her pussy.

"Do you like the way I fuck you, Mum?" he panted. "Do you want me to
fuck you harder, Mum? Do you like the way I fuck your tight, juicy
little cunt?"

"Yes, baby," Patty squealed. She started bucking her hips in a frenzy,
eager for harder, deeper thrusting of the wonderfully big cock. "Fuck
your mother, baby. Mummy's cunt's so juicy! Unngggh! Harder, honey,
please do it harder! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, Mummy needs a good cum so

Walter sprawled flat on his naked mother, crushing her giant tits under
his chest. Then he started fucking her pussy as fast as he could. In
and out his huge cock sawed, spearing into her womb. Patty humped and
shuddered beneath him, grimacing and twisting her head from side to
side, overwhelmed by the ecstasy of being fucked with her own son's

"Mummy's going to cum now!" she gasped, almost shouting out the words.
"Harder, Walter! Unnggh! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! I'm
cumming! I'm cumming!"

Her pussy spasmed violently in orgasm, spewing juice onto Walter's
hammering cock, sucking the aching stiffness of his huge, pounding
prick. Walter kept fucking as hard as possible, relentlessly drilling
his organ into the depths of her pussy hole.

The cum lasted for nearly a minute straight. When it was over, Walter
was still ramming his cock into her belly as hard as he could. He
hadn't cum yet, had kept himself from filling his mother's belly with
his hot, spewing seed.

Which meant, Patty quickly realized, that she could suck it out of his
big prick instead.

"T-t-take it out, Walter," Patty panted, deeply ashamed of what she
longed to do next. "Please, stop fucking Mummy's pussy."

"Gotta cum," Walter grunted. "I know. I... I want to suck it now.
Please, Walter. Mummy wants to suck your cock so bad."

Walter stopped humping, pausing to smile knowingly down at his mum.
Then he slid his throbbing prick out of her pussy and rose from the
bed. He stood up, his cock pulsing as he waited for his mum to get on
her knees in front of him. Patty did it. It made her feel like even
more of a slut to kneel like this in front of her son, to be on her
knees looking up at him as she popped his cock into her mouth and
started sucking to draw out its load of spunk.

"Give me some good cock sucking, Mum...."

Patty stared hungrily at the huge cock throbbing in front of her face.
She gripped it in her fist, sliding her hand down to the base to hold
his cock in position. Then she popped the cock knob into her mouth, and
then she started sucking it.

It tasted especially good now, from fucking two wet, creamy pussies in
a row. Contentedly Patty gurgled as she nursed on the big prick,
thrusting her tongue into the cum hole to lap up the oozing jizz. The
cock knob was already very fat and puffy, and the cum cream oozed out
every instant. Patty's pussy got itchy again as she thought of how much
cock juice was jacked in her son's balls, of how heavily he would soon
be showering her tonsils with cream.

"Man, you like putting my cock in your mouth, don't you, Mum?"

Patty didn't answer. She was too busy sucking cock. Loudly and wetly
she slurped on the tasty prick, hearing her own gurgling, smacking
sounds of cock sucking pleasure filling the bedroom. The prick grew
even stiffer, beating on the roof of her mouth. Patty thrust her left
hand between her thighs, beginning to rub her wet pussy. Shamelessly
she finger fucked and sucked hard cock at the same time.

Her mouth was stretched to bursting, contorted obscenely as she
struggled to accommodate the bl**d-beating thickness of her young son's
cock. Patty bobbed her head, her blonde tresses bouncing on her
shoulders, urgently fucking her mouth with his cock. She tightened her
fingers around the base of his cock, and then she started beating his
prick meat much harder than before, urgently whipping her right hand up
and down the pulsing stalk of his prick.

"Gonna shoot it," Walter gasped.

He clutched her head with both hands, lunging forward, cramming another
half-inch of his cock between her lips.

"Suck it, Mum, suck it good! Unngh! You're a great cocksucker, Mum! Oh,
fuck, cumming now!"

The giant prick started spewing, spraying rich gobs of cum juice down
the cock-loving mother's throat. Patty nursed feverishly on her boy's
giant cock, loving the taste of his cream. Again and again, the sappy
white stuff sprayed out of his cock tip, spurting on her tonsils,
running down her throat. Patty clung shamelessly to the huge, squirting
cock, jacking and sucking it, feeling her belly filing up with cream.

At last the sticky white cock juice stopped blasting out of his hard-
on. Patty popped the big, wet cock out of her mouth, panting as she
stared intently at the cock knob. She felt completely depraved now,
unable to suppress her constant craving to fuck and suck with her own
son. If she'd gone this far with him, she might as well go the rest of
the way. It had been a long, long time since she'd felt a prick
anywhere near as huge as her son's boring into her tender little anus.

"You''re a dirty boy, Walter," Patty panted, still jacking his
fuck pole slow and hard. "You're a dirty boy for wanting to fuck your
mother like this. Don't you feel dirty for letting Mummy suck your


"I'll... I'll bet you fantasize about fucking Mummy's tight little
asshole too, don't you? That would be just like you. Do you fantasize
about fucking my hot little asshole when you jack off, honey? Is that
where you'd like to shove this big cock of yours next?"

Walter just grinned in response, his prick throbbing harder than ever.
Patty rose unsteadily to her feet. The idea of asshole fucking was
morally repugnant to her, but that meant nothing to the puckered, pink
hole that was now already throbbing lewdly in and out. It just happened
to be the case that Patty had been born with an unusually sensitive,
itchy little asshole. Whenever her cunt got wet, her asshole usually
felt hot and tingly too.

"You'd better get some Vaseline from the bathroom, Walter. I guess
you're never going to get over your sick desire to fuck your mother
unless I let you fuck my asshole too."

Walter disappeared into the bathroom. Patty grabbed a pillow, thrusting
it under her belly to elevate her hips. She felt completely ashamed of
herself, knowing how badly she needed this torrid session of assfucking
with her son. Shamefully she gripped her rounded little white ass
globes, spreading them wide, revealing her pink, puckered shit orifice
to her only son.

Walter returned to the bedroom, finding his mother sprawled on her
stomach, holding her ass cheeks open. He grinned, again joining her on
the bed. Patty heard him moving behind her, uncapping the Vaseline jar.
She whimpered as her boy started pasting the lube liberally all over
her little anus.

"Stick your fingers in, Walter. Get Mummy's little asshole nice and

Walter did as his mother asked, straightening his fingers, thrusting
them into the gripping interior of his mother's shit tunnel. Patty
groaned, fucking her tight, itchy asshole onto his hand. Then she heard
a new sound behind her as her son basted his huge cock liberally with

"That's enough, Walter. Time to fuck Mummy's asshole now, honey. Hurry,
honey, give Mummy's asshole a good, hard ass fucking!"

Walter mounted his naked mother, aiming his swollen cock tip at her
rubbery shit hole. Patty gasped with intense pleasure as she felt the
cock cleaving into her bowels, instantly stretching her burning asshole
to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his prick.

It had been so, so long since her last asshole reaming. Patty's asshole
was already sucking and spasming needfully in response to her son's
cock, sucking and gripping Walter's prick to welcome it into her body.
Patty bit her lip, suppressing the slight pain she felt as her asshole
stretched to accommodate his cock. Then she started humping again,
wiggling at the same time, trying to help her hung son stuff every inch
of his fuck pole into her narrow, gripping ass.

"Fuck your mother, fuck Mummy's little asshole!" she pleaded.

Patty released her buns, no longer needing to hole them open. She
thrust her hand under her belly and started finger fucking, rubbing her
aching clitty as hard as she could.

"Mummy needs assfucking, Walter!" she panted. "Deeper, baby, really ram
it in now! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, fuck Mummy's asshole as deep as you

Walter grunted as he heaved on top of her, forcing his immense cock
deeper and deeper into the Vaseline-slickened heat of her asshole. Then
it was all the way inside her, buried to the balls, his huge prick
pulsating as it soaked in the indescribable tightness of her shit

Patty started humping harder, moaning and crying as she shamefully
fucked her stretched, tingling asshole onto his cock. Walter pulled out
slowly, then rammed his prick back into her bowels. Then he settled
into a hard, fast rhythm, slamming his prick in and out of his mother's
horny little anus.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" Patty pleaded. She
finger fucked her pussy in a frenzy, simultaneously thrusting her
asshole onto his cock. "Unngggh! Mummy's got such a horny little
asshole, honey! It needs fucking super bad! Oh, shit, please do it
harder! Oh, darling, fuck Mummy's asshole as hard as you can!"

Walter did as his mother asked, ramming his cock up her shit chute as
hard as he could. The enormous fuck organ had swelled even stiffer, and
Patty sensed that her hung son would soon be basting her bowel tract
with another load of cum.

The orgasm burst suddenly deep inside her, making her pussy gush onto
her fingers, and her asshole spasmodically grip and milk around
Walter's hammering cock. Patty shrieked with shameful pleasure, humping
and bucking and thrusting as hard as she could.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck Mummy's horny asshole!" she cried. "My asshole's
cumming now, Walter! Fuck it, fuck it good! Cuummmiiinnngggg!"

Walter collapsed on top of her, ramming his cock to the hilt in her
tenderly sucking bowels. Then his load of cock juice spewed out of his
balls. It lashed out of his cock tip, spraying into his mother's
asshole, deluging her anus with an ocean of cream. Hornily the naked
mother flexed her shitting muscles around the huge, erupting cock,
helping him draining his balls completely in her ass.

* * * * *

She had to do something about Walter's craving to fuck her. Patty paced
her bedroom several hours later, trying to ignore the wet ache in her
pussy, wondering what she could do to end her shocking, i****tuous
liaison with her son.

She'd make him see a counselor. Yes, that was right. A counselor could
help him deal with his uncontrollable sex drive. Patty went to her
bureau, finding her address book and thumbing through the pages. She
still didn't think that her own lust had anything to do with the fact
that she'd let her son fuck her. She blamed it all on him.

Margaret Kelly. She was a ther****t of some sort. Patty had heard about
her because Margaret Kelly sometimes worked with young people referred
by Walter's school. Margaret was supposed to be a mother too, with a
growing son of her own. Having a record of school referrals was as much
endorsement as Patty needed. She'd make sure that Walter saw Margaret
Kelly as soon as possible, to discuss his shocking desire to suck and
fuck his very own mother.

Chapter Three:

"How long have you fantasized about a sexual relationship with your
mother, Walter?" Margaret Kelly asked.

"Is that what she told you?" Walter raised his eyebrows. "That I
fantasized about it?"

"Is there something else I should know?"

Walter hesitated. "No. No, that's it. I fantasize about it." He
grinned. "Yeah, I've been fantasizing about it a lot these days."

Margaret squirmed on the chair across from his, tapping the pencil tip
meditatively on the note pad. She remembered the call she'd received
that morning, and the frantic sound in Patty Wayne's voice as she'd
begged Margaret to accept a counseling appointment with Walter that

Walter had seemed pretty sullen when he'd entered her home a few
minutes before, and followed her into her small office in the rear of
her house. Margaret now considered the leering tone of his voice and
wondered if he had, in fact, already fucked his mother.

It was possible. It wouldn't bother Margaret in the least, if it were
true. To the school board and the local PTA, Margaret came across as a
modestly-priced counselor who occasionally helped out boys who were
having problems in school. What the school board didn't know was that
Margaret helped out most of these boys by letting them fuck her. The
only reason she ever worked as a counselor was that it gave a chance to
suck and fuck with lads just about Walter's age.

Margaret was thirty-six now, and looked at least four years younger.
She was petite with dark brown hair had a girlish body highlighted by
extremely large, very suckable tits. Margaret had married when she was
very young, birthing one c***d, Henry, who was now almost sixteen. Her
husband had divorced her three years ago. Margaret lived off of his
alimony checks and the money she made from counseling, which wasn't

The ironic thing was that her husband had divorced her because of her
extremely strong appetite for sucking and fucking young studs. A young
stud's cock, Margaret felt, stiffened much more rapidly than that of
his older counterpart, and invariably sprayed more hot, tasty cum juice
into her mouth or pussy or asshole. Young boys always fucked very hard
and fast, which was just how Margaret liked getting her pussy pounded,
and they were always eager to keep fucking and cumming all night.

Margaret had seduced many troubled lads that the school board, PTA or
principal's office had referred to her. The best cure for most young
male problems, she felt, was a healthy dose of fucking and cock
sucking. It was rare for any boy to act up at home or at school if he
was getting the cum sucked out of his cock on a daily basis. Margaret
was always eager to relieve a lad in this fashion, particularly if his
cock was long and fat. The bulge in Walter's pants indicated that he
had a long, fat one too.

Margaret had always had a special appetite for sucking the jizz out of
unusually big, stiff hard-ons. Her husband had been well-endowed, and
the glue that had held their marriage together had been her penchant
for nightly cock sucking. Now, Margaret felt violently aroused by even
the faint possibility that young Walter had actually fucked his own
mother. The most intensely satisfying fantasies she'd ever had, which
she'd suppressed religiously, were those of teaching her own, innocent
Henry how to suck and fuck.

"I might be missing the point, Walter," Margaret said. "When your
mother called me this morning, she told me that her problem with you
has become very serious. She said that you've frankly confessed a
sexual interest in her, and that you've even tried to initiate a sexual
relationship with her. Now, I get the impression that this i****tuous
contact has progressed farther than your mother indicated. Is that

"Whatever she told you." Walter shrugged.

"Do you fuck your mother, Walter?"

Walter just stared at her. Margaret moved her chair closer.

"It's perfectly all right with me if you do, Walter. Mother-son
i****tuous contact is far more prevalent than most people think. The
cock of a boy your age can grow stiff many times each day with a little
provocation. Boys your age can be very sexually aggressive, and it's
natural for them to make strong passes at available women, especially
their mothers. I want to assure you, Walter, that any admission you
make to me won't leave this room. Now tell me the truth. You have
fucked your mother, haven't you?"

Walter hesitated only a moment longer. Then he smiled.

"Yeah, I have."

"Who initiated this sexual contact?" Margaret asked, as she felt her
cunt getting wet and hot.

"I did. She didn't mind it much, though. She thinks she did. That's why
she sent me here."

"Why did you want to fuck your own mother, Walter? Were you just so
horny that any pussy would do, or did you have a particular craving to
fuck her?"


"Would you say that you have a very high sex drive, Walter?"

Margaret picked up the pencil and pretended to take notes.


"Do you masturbate a lot? How many times a day do you jack off, on the

"Five or six."

"That's a great deal, Walter. Do you always squirt out a great deal of
semen when you cum? Or do you sometimes just shoot out a small amount?"

"Always a lot."

Margaret felt her cunt throbbing. She stared at the lad's crotch,
realizing that the dirty talk, as she'd intended, was giving him a
magnificent looking hard-on.

"I can't help noticing that your prick is getting stiff right, now,
Walter. Does that happen frequently?"


"It feels good when your cock gets big and stiff, doesn't it?"


Margaret put down her notebook.

"Walter, I'm going to ask you a special favor now. I'd like you to take
down your pants and show your hard cock to me. I think my counseling to
you would be more valuable if I could see and inspect your cock. There
might be something wrong with it."

Walter stood up, leering at the busty brunette knowingly as he opened
his belt and pulled down his zipper. He stepped out of his shoes, then
let his pants drop to his ankles, stepping out of them, leaving him
naked from the waist down except for his socks.

"Oh, Walter. Why, it's just incredibly huge!"

The cock was enormous. It stood out of his cock fur like a baseball
bat, nine inches long and very thick, so stiff that it was bucking and
throbbing uncontrollably up and down. Margaret's mouth watered as she
ogled the fat, meaty cock knob, imagining how it would puff up just
before he shot a big load of juice down some lucky cocksucker's throat.

"I'd better take a closer look, Walter."

Margaret stood up, her pussy throbbing as she stood, then knelt before
her young client. She suppressed a groan as she stared at the mammoth
prick pulsing in front of her face. Margaret pinched his spongy cock
head, running her fingers all over his cock meat. The prick bucked and
pulsed in front of her face.

"It looks perfectly healthy," she said breathlessly. "Does it feel good
when I touch your hard cock like that?"


Margaret wrapped her hand around the root of his huge, throbbing prick.
Lewdly she started jacking the big cock up and down, slow and hard. She
stared at the cock knob, watching the piss hole open up to spit out
little droplets of cream.

"Does this feel better, Walter? Is this how you touch your prick when
you jack off?"

"I think it would feel a lot better if you sucked on it, Mrs. Kelly."

"That might be the****utic too, Walter. To see your reaction."

By now a great deal of sticky, milky cock juice had dribbled out of
Walter's cock head. Margaret pressed her palm on the cock knob, coating
it with her spunk. She slid her fist to the root of his prick, holding
it in position. Then, with a little smacking sound, she pressed her
lips to the tip of his cock.

His fuck organ tasted very good, and so did the cum ooze. Margaret
could already picture herself eagerly gulping down a heavy cum blast
when she made him pop his rocks. She shut her eyes, concentrating on
the taste and sensations of cock sucking. Gradually she let her lips
part, slurping in inch after inch of his huge, throbbing prick.

Walter looked down at her, excited by the spectacle of the brunette
inhaling his big prick. Margaret stopped when her lips were stretched
to the bursting point around the aching thickness of his cock. She
immediately started sucking very hard, knowing how much a young boy
enjoys a hard, wet cock sucking. Walter shuddered with pleasure,
clutching her head with both hands.

"Hard," he panted. "Do it really hard!"

Margaret pictured Walter's mother on her knees like this, hungrily
slurping the tasty stiffness of her own son's prick. The image was
arousing to her; she would have to make a point of asking Walter for
the details of his i****tuous contact with his mother.

Then, Margaret again found herself thinking of giving head like this to
her own son, Henry. It was her most forbidden fantasy, and one that
violently aroused her as she considered it now. Margaret's cheeks
flushed brightly as she slurped on Walter's cock, determined to milk a
really big load of cum juice out of his prick.

"Harder," Walter panted. "Oh, shit, you suck my cock so good!"

Margaret started beating his cock as she sucked, whipping her strong
right hand tirelessly up and down his huge, aching cock meat. Her cock
sucking sounds grew progressively louder, as she eagerly sucked his
big, bl**d-laden cock. Hot, milky cock juice dribbled out of the cock
know, oozing onto her tongue. Margaret lapped it up, sucking and
slurping, her belly aching as she imagined herself gulping down a
really rich load of jizz.

After five minutes of steady hard, wet sucking, Walter's prick had
grown as hard as iron. He writhed as he stood over her, wincing and
pulling her hair, on the verge of spraying her tonsils with spunk.

Margaret alternated rapidly between puffing her cheeks up and caving
them in again, hungrily sucking cock as hard as she could. Her fist was
a blur as it whipped up and down his cock, wildly jacking Walter's fuck
organ into her mouth.

Now the prick throbbed violently on the roof of her mouth, ready to

"I'm cumming!" Walter gasped suddenly. "Suck my cock, Mrs. Kelly, suck
my stiff fucking cock! Oh fuck, cuummiiinnnggg!"

An incredible geyser of cum juice blasted out of his piss hole,
spurting on the roof of the cream-starved mother's mouth. The first
burst was followed by spurt after spurt of hot, tasty cum.

Margaret whimpered, flaring her nostrils to breathe around the donkey
cock thickness of Walter's erupting prick. The cock juice kept spraying
out of his cock head, shooting onto her tonsils, filling her stomach
with cream. Margaret clung ecstatically to the disgorging prick,
slurping and gulping, determined to nurse every drop of cum out of
Walter's balls.

At last his orgasm subsided. Margaret took the big, wet prick out of
her mouth and stared at it intently. It was still stiff. Looking at it
made her pussy tingle. How good it would be to allow a hung lad who'd
fucked his own mother to ram her pussy too.

"Well. That was very the****utic, Walter," Margaret said huskily. "You
certainly were correct in saying that your prick always shoots off
plentifully when you orgasm. I can't help noticing that your cock is
still extremely stiff now. Do you often need to cum twice in a row to
relieve the painful stiffness in your fuck organ?"

"Yeah," Walter sighed. "Sometimes even more than that."

"Then let's try another therapy exercise, Walter. You can fuck my
pussy, right here on the floor, and you can think about your mother
when you're doing it. Does that sound like an appealing idea to you?"


"All right, Walter. Let me just take off my clothes."

The wanton brunette rose to her feet, never taking her eyes off of
Walter's enormous cock. Quickly she stripped naked, anticipating the
effect that the unveiling of her petite, voluptuous body would have on
Walter's cock.

Walter groaned, staring at her, his prick pulsing harder than ever.
Margaret was proud of her body. She was petite all over, except for her
tits, which were extremely large and firm as they had been when she was
in her teens. If it had not been for her position as a ther****t and
mother, the brunette would have spent much more time teasing men with
her mouth-watering chest size. She enjoyed doing her errands in a tight
t-shirt without a bra, letting men watch as her sumptuous tits quivered
and bounced as she moved.

Walter was ogling her big tits now. Margaret stretched out on the
floor, wiggling her tight little ass into a good humping position on
the carpet. She continued to stare hungrily at the lad's immense prick
as she cocked and spread her girlish thighs high and wide.

"Go ahead, Walter. Get on top of me. Fuck my juicy cunt."

Walter dropped to his knees, his mammoth fuck pole jerking and
twitching over her belly. He held his prick in hand, then fit the
spongy cock tip into her tight, wet pussy. Margaret looked down,
eagerly watching the fat, blue-veined fuck pole disappearing into her

"Is my cunt tight enough for you, Walter? Do you like fucking my pussy
as much has you like fucking your horny mother?"

Walter didn't answer. He hovered on straight arms above her, his knees
spread between her legs, his ass cheeks flexing as he fucked his long,
achey cockshaft deeper into her pussy. The giant prick was really
stretching her now. Margaret gasped with pleasure, feeling the
battering ram hard-on plowing relentlessly into her. She started
wiggling and humping at the same time, helping her young client bury
his cock completely in her spasming, clasping cuntslit.

"It feels so good, Walter! Unnggh! Fuck me deep, honey. Fuck me like
you fuck your mother, honey. I need a good, hard fucking too!"

Walter sprawled on top of her, crushing her tits under his chest. His
hand came down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Then he started
fucking fast and hard, banging her blushing little ass onto the floor,
drilling her tight pussy with long, skewering strokes of his bl**d-
laden cock.

"Is this how you fuck your mother, Walter? Unhggh! Oh, fuck, my pussy's
so wet! Do it harder now! Feels so fucking good!"

She raised her legs as high as she could, dr****g her ankles over his
shoulders, completely opening her gooey fuck hole for the womb-reaching
thrusts of his cock. Walter grimaced as he loomed over her,
experiencing the delicious, spasming tightness of her pussy. Faster and
faster he rammed his cock into her belly, reaming out her cunt
completely with every stroke.

"You like fucking, don't you, Walter? Unghh! That's why you fucked your
mother, isn't it? You just wanted a nice, tight pussy to fuck. Isn't
that right?"

Walter just kept on grunting and humping, banging his stiff prick into
her pussy. Margaret humped and wiggled to meet his strokes, shuddering
every time the stiff cock reached the innermost depths of her cunt.

"Do you have a horny mother, Walter? Does she like the way you fuck her
as much as I do? It's nice to have a mum who's willing to fuck you,
isn't? You don't have to go out and find a willing girl when your prick
gets hard. You can just stay home and fuck your mother's own cunt."

Margaret flexed her pussy muscles, making her narrow fucking channel
grip and milk around the lad's pounding cock. By now Walter was fucking
as hard as he could. He panted hoarsely on her neck, violently aroused
by both her tight, gripping pussy and the obscene things she said about
his fucking relationship with his mother.

Margaret could feel her pussy gripping and flexing uncontrollably now.
It was time to stop teasing Walter about his mother, and to instead
concentrate on making herself cum.

"Unngggh! My pussy's so wet now, Walter! Unggh! Fuck my cunt hole, fuck
it super hard!"

Walter fucked harder still, ramming his hips down, pounding his
gigantic prick into the gushing sheath of her pussy. Margaret humped
frantically to meet his strokes, her giant tits jiggling under his
chest. Then her pussy started to suck and throb, and she knew she was
on the verge of an extremely hard cum.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy!" she squealed. "I'm
cumming, Walter! Cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

The cum was long and hard, pounding through her naked body, making her
cock-stuffed fuck hole ripple lusciously around the probing length of
Walter's prick. Walter kept fucking as fast as he could, his meaty
cockshaft growing to total stiffness inside her belly. Then he rammed
his big cock to the hilt, and Margaret knew he was cumming too.

"Oh, Mrs. Kelly!"

The second load of whit, sticky cock juice sprayed out of his cock tip,
spouting and streaming torrentially into her cunt. Margaret shuddered
with pleasure as she felt it blasting into her pussy, anointing the
itchy walls of her cunt hole with a soothing tide of jizz.

"That's a good boy, Walter. Shoot it all out."

She humped, wiggled and flexed her fucking muscles, contracting her
pussy around his jism-squirting cock, helping the hung lad shoot out
every drop.

At last the cum was over. Walter groaned and flopped off of her body,
his cock pulling out of her pussy with a soft, popping sound.
Margaret's cunt felt very wet and swollen, with a big puddle leaking
out of her hairy slit onto the carpet.

"Walter, you made an awfully big mess down there," she said. "Hasn't
your mother taught you not to leave a mess? You're supposed to clean up
the messes you make, Walter. With your tongue."

Walter stared at her. Margaret spread her thighs again, giving him a
mouth watering spread-beaver view of her pussy. She dipped her finger
into her red, cum-dripping hole, darting it salaciously in and out.

"It's all hot and creamy," she panted. "I want you to clean it up for
me, right now. I can't put on my panties when there's so much cock
juice in my pussy. I want you to give my pussy a good cleaning with
your tongue."

Walter still stared at her, shocked and excited that a woman who seemed
so formal at first glance could voice such obscenities. Then he smiled
and stretched out on his stomach between her legs. Margaret stared at
him eagerly, watching as he pressed his mouth to her throbbing pussy.
Then Walter started licking and lapping, sluicing his tongue up and
down between the swollen folds of her pussy, licking up his own cum.

"That's a good boy, Walter. Unggh! You like licking pussy, don't you?
I'll bet your mummy likes it when you suck her cunt too."

Walter was too busy licking and sucking to reply. He thrust his tongue
deep inside her pouty-lipped hole, shamelessly sucking his own cock
juice out of the depths of her cuntal sheath. Margaret held his head
and worked her ass slowly, fucking her throbbing pussy on his face.

"I think your only problem is that you're so horny, Walter. I know just
how to help you with your problem with your mother. Whenever your cock
gets hard, you can just visit me and fuck me instead. I won't mind at
all. I'll like it."

Walter nodded, busily licking and lapping, sucking the cum off her
pussy until the horny little fuck hole gleamed only with cunt oils and
spit. He moved his mouth higher, beginning to suck directly on her
clit. Margaret whimpered, holding his head, keeping the tongue and lip
action where she wanted it. But, as much as Walter delighted her, her
u*********s mind was already straying to another, more forbidden

She still wanted to fuck her own son.

Chapter Four:

"Mum! I don't have any clothes on!"

"That's all right, Henry. Mummy wants to have a little talk with you."

It was late that night. Margaret had deliberately entered her son's
room without knocking, hoping to catch him in the nude. She'd almost
succeeded. Henry had just come out of the shower, but he was still
holding the towel, and he automatically covered his crotch with it when
the door opened. He now sat bashfully on the edge of the bed, looking
expectantly at his mum.

Margaret stepped into the pool of light cast by the lamp on his
nightstand. She'd dressed carefully for the occasion, in a crotch-
length negligee that clearly revealed her spectacularly voluptuous body
through the transparent fabric. Henry's eyes bulged as he saw his mum's
big tits bouncing and jiggling. It was the effect Margaret had desired.

She'd finally made up her mind to seduce her own son, to teach innocent
Henry the joys of sliding his stiff cock into his own mother's cunt.
Walter obviously hadn't been harmed by the intense pleasure of fucking
his own mother. She couldn't imagine that Henry would be either.

"That... that's a real nice nightie, Mum," Henry said, blushing. He was
short and slightly built, with a cherubic face that made him look even
younger than he was. "It sure doesn't leave much to the imagination."

"Thank you, Henry. I guess I'll take that as a compliment. I'm sorry if
I startled you. Do you mind if I just stay and talk to you for a


Margaret sat beside her son on the bed, trying not to look at his
crotch. "You know, you're getting to be a very handsome young man,
Henry. Why, you're nearly full-grown now. It's been a long time since
I've had a really frank discussion with you about the things you're
thinking about. Deep down inside, I suppose I still think of you as my
little boy."

"That's okay," Henry shrugged.

"Henry, let me ask you a personal question: Do you think a lot about
sex these days?"

Margaret shifted sideways on the bed, her tits jiggling under the
negligee, staring at him. Henry blushed and looked away.

"Well, yeah. I guess I do."

"I'm sure it's been quite awhile since you reached puberty, Henry. But
I've never really had a frank sexual discussion with you. I suppose
that's ironic. I discuss these things with clients who are your age all
the time." Margaret hesitated. "Henry, are you still a virgin?"

"Jeez, Mum."

"You can be candid with Mummy, Henry."

Henry shrugged. "Yeah, I am."

"Have you had any girlfriends in school yet?"

"Not really."

"You probably wish you weren't a virgin, Henry. Isn't that right?"
Margaret squirmed closer to him, resting a maternal hand on his thigh.
"Do you have a lot of fantasies about fucking a woman's pussy, Henry?
If you'll excuse my language."

"I guess."

"And do you masturbate a great deal when you have these fantasies?"

Henry's blush grew brighter. Margaret thought she could see something
stiffening under the towel.


"Every day?"


"It must be very frustrating, Henry. On one hand, a boy your age is
equipped with a penis that stiffens easily at the slightest
provocation, that would like nothing better than to be rammed deep
inside a tight, willing cunt. On the other hand, how can you know what
to do with a willing pussy without special tutoring? Have you ever
really seen a naked pussy, Henry?"


"That must very frustrating." Margaret smiled, stroking his thigh.
"Henry would you do Mummy a special favor for you?"


"Would you take the towel out of the way, so Mummy can take a look at
your penis?"

"Jeez, Mum!"

"I just want to see if it's normally developed, Henry. See? I'm very
willing to teach you about sex, honey. I think it's part of my duty to
you as a mother. Don't be shy, Henry. Please."

Henry stared at his mother for several seconds, then shrugged and took
off the towel. Margaret shuddered as she immediately felt her pussy
growing very wet and hot. Her son's cock was already half stiff, and it
was extremely large. Despite his slight, boyish build, he was every bit
as incredibly well-hung as Walter.

"Oh, Henry. You've really got a big one."

Margaret slid off the bed, kneeling in front of her naked son. She
spread his knees to inspect his cock more closely, her mouth watering
with her need for cock sucking. Tenderly she cupped the rubbery, half-
swollen cock on her fingers, pinching the cock tip lightly. Henry's
prick immediately began to stiffen in rapid jerks. Soon it was as hard
as iron, standing straight out of his cock fur, pulsing and jerking in
front of her face.

"Oh, Henry. It really turns you on when Mummy touches your cock,
doesn't it? Does it feel good when your cock is all stiff?"

"I... I guess. This is kind of embarrassing, though."

"You don't need to feel embarrassed, Henry. I'm your mother."

Margaret wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock, staring
intently at the fat, red knob of his huge, stiff prick. She kept
staring at his cockhead as she jacked his cock slow and hard. The piss
hole opened up, emitting pearly droplets of cum.

"Your cock's leaking Henry. Do you think you've got an awful lot of cum
stored up in your balls?"

"I guess."

"It must hurt to have such a big, stiff prick and to have your balls
all swollen with a backed-up load of cum. Do you often have to jack off
several times in a row, Henry, to make your cock feel better?"


Margaret tightened her fingers around his cock base. Then she started
fisting his meaty prick organ fast and hard, staring at the tip of his
cock ,watching the cum juice dribble out as she gave him a fast, expert
hand job.

"Is this how you jack off, Henry? Is Mummy's hand making your big cock
feel better?"

"Oh, Mum! Mummy!"

"I had a very unusual counseling case today, Henry. The boy's name is
Walter. He's perfectly normal in most respects, but he happens to enjoy
fucking his own mother. From what I heard, his mother enjoys it too.
I'm not sure how I should counsel him, honey. I'm not sure that there's
anything wrong with a mother letting her own son fuck her pussy every

"When a young cock get hard, after all, it craves immediate relief. Who
but a loving, horny mother would be most willing to let the boy shove
his stiff, aching organ into her pussy, and relieve its stiffness by
shooting out a big load of cum? Do you think it's a sin for a mother to
fuck her son, Henry?"

"I don't know."

"Your prick is extremely stiff right now, Henry. I think you enjoy the
way I'm jacking on it. But I think what you really need to relieve the
extreme stiffness in your cock is some long, wet sucking. I happen to
be willing to put your cock in my mouth, dear, and suck out your load
of cum. Would you think it so awful if I willingly gave a cock sucking
session to my very own son?"

Henry didn't answer. Margaret jacked on his enormous prick harder,
making more cock juice ooze out of the cock tip. She lowered her head,
pressing her lips on his cockhead in a lewd, sucking kiss. Henry
sighed, his cock throbbing wildly. The wanton mother licked and jacked
her son's prick for several seconds, until the mushroom- shaped crown
glistened with spit.

"You do want Mummy to suck your prick, don't you?"

"Yes, Mum! Oh, please!"

"That's a good boy."

Her words trailed off as she again lowered her head, this time sliding
her son's fuck organ into her mouth. Henry had such a big one that she
really had to stretch her lips to accommodate it. Margaret suppressed
the gagging reflex, determinedly sliding her wet, sucking lips onto the
bl**d-beating hardness of his cock. She stopped forcing her head down
when she had over a third of his immense cock jammed between her lips.

The horny mother started sucking, puckering her cheeks to increase the
suctioning pressure around his cock meat. Henry's prick tasted very
good, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. Margaret listened
to her own slurping, smacking sounds of cock sucking contentment. Her
pussy creamed to the thought that she was actually giving head to her
own flesh and bl**d.

Margaret shut her eyes, concentrating on the blow job, on the taste and
feel of the huge cock in her mouth. She started sucking cock much
harder, her cheeks reddening with the intensity of her cock sucking.
Her tongue tirelessly swirled and laved over his hear- shaped cock
crown, basting it with spit, lapping up the salty cum juice that oozed
constantly from the little hole in the tip.

"Harder," Henry pleaded. He clutched his mother's head with both hands,
wincing as he felt the pressure building in his cock. "Unggggh! Feels
so good, Mummy! Oh, please, keep sucking my prick!"

Margaret sucked harder and harder, repeatedly almost gagging herself
with the pulsing stiffness of her young son's hard-on. Eagerly she
jammed her face toward his hairy crotch, trying to inhale even more of
his cock meat. The prick pulsed wildly, beating on the roof of her
mouth. Margaret's pussy ached as she thought of how much cock juice
would soon be spewing out of her horny son's tremendous prick, spraying
down her throat.

Shamelessly, the horny mother started bobbing her head up and down,
fucking her mouth with her boy's stiff prick. She tightened her finger
around the root, jacking his cock hard and fast. So much spunk was
oozing out of the piss hole now that she knew his orgasm as only
seconds away. Impulsively Margaret moved her left hand under his hips,
between his writhing ass cheeks, remembering a special trick she knew
to help a man really shoot off big.

Her son's asshole felt tight and hot. Henry yelped in surprise as his
mum pushed her left forefinger into his asshole, worming it deep inside
the rubbery-sucking ass tunnel. Then she started jacking off his shit
hole, keeping the pressure on his prostate. Her right fist tore
furiously up and down his huge, throbbing prick. Wetly her cockmeat-
stuffed mouth clung to his cock, sucking as hard as she could.

"I'm cumming, Mum! Oh fuck, cuummmiiinnngggg!"

The giant cock started spraying out juice. Hot gobs of rich, salty jism
blasted out of his boner, vaulting onto the roof of her mouth, running
down her throat. Margaret mewled happily as her mouth was drenched with
the salty outpouring of her son's cum cream.

It was rich and delicious, the best tasting cock juice she'd ever
sucked out of a cock in her life. Deliriously, Margaret clung to her
son's erupting hard-on, sucking and jacking on it, shuddering as the
cum juice sprayed onto her tonsils, giving the full belly of cock milk
she'd craved from the beginning.

"Oh Mummy! Mummy, that was so good!"

At last Margaret raised her head, letting her boy's giant prick slide
wetly out of her mouth. She looked up at him, still hungrily jacking
his hard-on. It was still extremely stiff, more than hard enough to
slide deeply into his own mother's cunt.

"You have a good cock to suck, honey. Mummy liked that as much as you
did," Margaret said. "Do you feel guilty about letting your mother suck
you off like that?"

"No. Not really."

"Because I'm willing to do it a lot more often from now on, darling, if
it will make your cock feel better." Margaret ran her tongue around the
corners of her mouth, lapping up the cum. "Would you like Mummy to give
you a good cock sucking every day, honey?"

"Y-yes, Mum."

"Your cock is still extremely stiff now, honey," Margaret observed,
lewdly fisting the boner. "I think you need to shoot more cum out of
your prick. Honey, sucking all that cream out of your cock has made
Mummy's pussy awfully wet and horny. Would you do Mummy a favor, baby,
and let me teach you about fucking now?"

Henry gulped nervously, nodding. The wanton mother rose to her feet.
She stared at her c***d's giant pussy-pleaser as she took off the
negligee, revealing her naked body. Then she stretched out on her back
on the bed, ready to fuck her son.

"I've got big titties, don't I, Henry?" She slid her hands up her
waist, cupping her giant, stiff-nippled tit melons. "Would you like to
nurse on Mummy's tits for awhile, before I teach you about fucking?"

Henry nodded. He sprawled on top of his mother, his wet cock throbbing
on her thigh. Hungrily he lowered his face to her huge, creamy-white
tits, sucking one stiff nipple deeply between his lips. Margaret
groaned with pleasure, cupping his head, letting him slurp on her tits
as much as he liked.

"You like sucking Mummy's titties, don't you, honey? Does it remind you
of when you were a little boy, honey? I'll bet you wish you could suck
hot milk out of Mummy's tits right now."

Henry nodded, going from tit to tit, sucking on her huge tits. The joy
of tit-sucking finally seemed to be too much for him. Abruptly he
raised his head, and then he made a clumsy attempt to mount his naked
mother, crawling up between her splayed thighs and trying to put his
cock in.

"Not so fast, darling," Margaret giggled. "Here. Be a good boy, just
kneel between my legs. Mummy will teach you all about fucking."

Henry obeyed his mother, kneeling, his giant fuck organ pulsing over
her dense, black-haired pussy triangle. Margaret wiggled her hot little
ass into a good humping position. She cocked her girlish legs as high
as she could, until her knees were nearly up to her shoulders, and her
dripping-wet, pouty-lipped pussy was wide open for her son. Margaret
took hold of his prick, drawing him forward with it, nudging the tip
into her gooey cunt.

"Go ahead, honey. Time to fuck your mother now."

Henry spread his knees apart, supporting his shoulders on straight
arms. He looked down, watching his cock going into his mother's snug,
clinging cunt. Eagerly he started to thrust his ass, driving his giant
cockshaft into her pussy. Margaret whimpered and bit her lip as her wet
cunt hole stretched to admit his cock.

"Oh God, Henry, you've got such a big one!"

Margaret released his cock, now that there was no longer any danger of
it slipping out. Instead she concentrated on her wiggling, humping
motions, doing her best to help her inexperienced son shove his cock
all the way up her cunt.

"Does it feel good, Henry? You like fucking Mummy, don't you? Do you
like the way Mummy's pussy sucks your big cock?"

Henry nodded. A fast learner, the horny youth was already catching on
to the rhythm of fucking. Henry flexed his ass cheeks, driving his big
prick deeper into his mother's pussy. Margaret looked down again,
excited to watch the meaty fuck pole disappearing between the clinging,
swollen lips of her very horny cunt.

"Now ram it in, Henry," she panted. "Don't worry about hurting me.
Mummy loves getting fucked with big cocks. Shove it in, honey, right

Henry collapsed on top of his horny mother, crushing her big tits under
his chest. His hips came down hard, spearing every inch of his immense
cock into the welcoming tightness of her pussy. Then he started fucking
his mother hard and fast, overcome with his own eagerness, panting on
her shoulder as he rammed his prick rapidly in and out of her wet,
spasming cunt.

"That's a good boy, Henry!" Margaret panted. She threw her legs
together, locking them around his back. Then she started humping her
ass in a frenzy of fuck passion, eagerly pistoning her throbbing pussy
onto his cock. "Unggh! Mummy loves your big prick, honey! Ungggh! Oh,
please, oh, shit, fuck me with it! Mummy's cunt so horny! Fuck your
mother, fuck your mother hard!"

Henry's dazed expression showed that he liked fucking his mother's
tight pussy even more than he liked having his cock sucked. He started
fucking harder and harder, his cock pulsing inside her pussy, so long
and fat that it easily reached her womb with every stroke. Margaret
felt like her whole body was burning up. Her pussy sucked and spasmed
uncontrollably, delighted to have a big, fat prick like her son's to
suck on.

"You're making Mummy cum, honey! Unngggh! Really hard now, Henry! Move
your ass! Fuck your mother just as hard as you can!"

Henry abandoned all restraint, feverishly pounding his erected
cockshaft into the gooey sheath of his mother's pussy. Then the naked
mother and son were humping in rhythmic unison, fast and hard,
oblivious to everything in the world except the intense pleasure of a
thick, long pussy-pleaser slamming in and out of a wet, tight, curly-
haired cunt.

"I'm cumming, Henry!" Their bellies were slapping sweatily together,
and the bed springs squeaked obscenely with the torrid energy of their
humping. "Ungggh! Harder, lover! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny
mother! I'm cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

It was one of the most violent orgasms of her life. Her pussy rippled
uncontrollably into orgasm, spasming and contracting around the
hammering cockshaft of her hung son's prick. Margaret could even feel
the cum in her asshole, the puckered little shit ring that now burned
and itched as her pussy undulated around Henry's skewering prick.

"Oh, Mum! I'm cumming again, Mum!"

Henry started fucking harder than ever, his cock as hard as steel,
guiding his naked mother through the intensity of her orgasm. Suddenly
Margaret felt the cum juice flooding out of his hard-on, spraying
torrentially into her pussy. Deeply it blasted into her cunt, soothing
the itchy inner walls with a creamy tide of jizz.

"That's a good boy," Margaret panted. "Yes, you can cum in Mummy's
pussy. Go ahead, baby, shoot out all that hot cum!"

Margaret flexed her fucking muscles, shamelessly making her tight pussy
nurse every droplet of cock juice out of her son's enormous cock. Henry
kept fucking and cumming, draining his balls completely in his mother's
pussy. Then he sprawled flat on top of her, his prick still stiff and
throbbing in her cunt.

Where it belonged, Margaret thought. Where it would be a lot more often
from now on.

Chapter Five:

Margaret stood at the kitchen counter the next morning, smiling as she
prepared the tuna salad sandwich that her son would take to school.
Four more times her hung, horny c***d had fucked her the night before,
shooting load after load into her wet, juicy pussy. Margaret felt more
sexually satisfied than she had been in months. She was naked now,
eager to teach her son more about sex before he left for the day. No
matter how often he satisfied the wet need in her pussy, Margaret's
cunt always grew hot and itchy for more.

"Hi, Mum."

Margaret turned, smiling at her son. He wore only a pair of pajama
bottoms, through which she could see his big cock swinging between his
legs. He looked sheepish and embarrassed, but still stared hungrily at
his mother's body. Margaret wondered if his cock was sore from fucking
her cunt so much.

"Good morning, darling. Give Mummy a nice kiss."

She embraced her son, lewdly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth,
squeezing his ass. When Henry finally broke the obscene embrace, he had
grown a giant, rock-hard boner that now tented blatantly through the
sheer flannel.

"Did you sl**p well after fucking Mummy last night, honey?"


"And you've got another big hot hard-on now." Margaret shook her head,
as if humorously exasperated with the constancy of her son's sex drive.
"Honestly, you're just incorrigible, Henry. I suppose you'd like Mummy
to help you with that big hard-on before you go to school today."

Henry just nodded, shy and horny, his cock twitching in his pajama
bottoms as he stared at his mother's body. Margaret wrapped up the
sandwich, then walked out of the kitchen, leading her son back to the
bedroom. She hopped on the bed, sprawling on her back and spreading her
thighs wide apart.

"Take off your pajamas, honey. Mummy wants to see your big cock,

Henry obeyed his mother, stepping out of the pajama pants, revealing
his enormously swollen cock. Looking at her son's prick made Margaret
hungry to feel it ramming into her pussy again. But there was something
else she'd yet to teach her son. Any good son, she felt, needed to be
well-skilled in licking his mother's cunt.

"Look at my pussy, Henry."

Margaret splayed her thighs wide apart, shamelessly displaying her wet,
hairy fuck hole to her only c***d. Henry's cock throbbed even harder as
he ogled his mother's pussy. Margaret dipped her finger into her furry
cunt slit, darting it in and out.

"I know you like Mummy's cunt enough to fuck it, honey," she purred.
"Now I want to find out if you like licking it, too. Have any of the
boys at school ever talked about cunt licking, darling?"

Henry nodded.

"A lot of boys really like licking wet pussy, Henry. Some boys even
like it better than fucking, or getting their cocks sucked. A wet cunt
has a natural aroma that most men find very arousing. I'd like to see
if you like licking Mummy's cunt too, baby. Then I'll let you fuck me."

The expression on Henry's face told Margaret that he was going to be
well-suited to a long career as a pussy licker. He sprawled on the bed,
moving up to lie between her thighs, facing her wet, fragrant pussy.
Margaret took her hand out of the way, giving her son ample room to
lick and suck.

"Put your mouth on it, Henry. See how it tastes."

Henry obeyed his mum, pressing his mouth to her wet, swollen, pouty-
lipped hole. He groaned, revealing that he liked the taste of pussy
juice very much indeed. Henry thrust out his tongue, pushing it deep
inside his mum's throbbing cunt hole. Margaret grimaced and wiggled her
ass as Henry started licking and lapping, sluicing his tongue up and
down between the pink, juice-oozing folds of her itchy little cuntslit.

"You like cunt licking, don't you, Henry?" Margaret panted. She held
his head with both hands, thrusting her ass off the mattress, slowing
fucking her throbbing cunt hole onto his mouth. "A lot of boys think it
tastes kind of fishy. But I'll bet you like licking this kind of fish,
don't you? I'll bet it reminds you of how Mummy's pussy smells when
you're giving it a good fucking."

Henry nodded, his face buried between his mother's thighs. Without
being asked, he moved his hands up, delicately peeling open her pussy
petals with his fingers. The interior of her pussy was pink, bright,
glistening with juice. Henry swabbed the throbbing fuck hole with his
tongue, then seemed to notice the fat little bump protruding at the

"That's my clitty, Henry," his mother panted. "That's the most
sensitive part. Why don't you lick it for your mother?"

Henry obeyed, touching his tongue tentatively to the sensitive, achey
clit nubbin. Margaret instantly bucked as if she'd been shot, her big
tits quivering as she fucked her ass off the bed much harder than

"That feels so good, Henry! Unnnggghhh! Mummy likes getting her clit
licked and sucked! Oh, Henry, lick it for Mummy! Put it in your mouth,
darling! Suck Mummy's clitty too!"

Henry straightened two fingers, gently guiding them into the narrow,
clinging interior of his mother's pussy. Then he lovingly started
swabbing her clit with his tongue, basting it with saliva. He took the
clit bud between his lips, sucking it, making it swell bigger. Then he
settled into a rhythm that his mother found extremely pleasurable,
sucking her clit as he fucked her pussy with his hand.

"Unnggghhh! That's enough! Fuck your mother now, Henry! Hurry, Henry,
put your cock in Mummy's pussy! Fuck your mother hard!"

Henry rose up, mounting his mother, aiming his throbbing cockhead at
the well-wetted pussy opening. Margaret cocked her knees up to her
shoulders, looking down and watching her son guide in the cockmeat. The
cock knob popped into her gooey pussy hole, and then the cockshaft.
Then inch after inch of the long, stiff pussy-pleaser was boring into
her fuck channel, stuffing the mother's cunt to bursting with the big,
stiff cock she craved."Fuck me, Henry! Unngggh! I'm so horny now! Fuck
your mother, fuck your horny mother!"

Henry sprawled on top of his naked mother, crushing her tits under his
chest. Margaret shuddered, feeling the tremendous fuck pole stabbing to
the hilt in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back, humping
fast and hard. Henry met her rhythm, fucking his huge, achey cock in
and out of her cunt.

His fucking was especially satisfying right after the licking. His
tongue and fingers had made her pussy so hot and drippy, and now it was
intensely satisfying to give her hot, hairy cunt hole something long
and probing to suck on to.

Margaret's cunt now clung to her son's stroking cock with a special
tightness, nursing around every inch of the cockshaft. Her pussy was so
horny and itchy that she couldn't think of anything else. She needed a
long, violent fucking now, so she could relieve herself with a long cum
on her son's huge cock.

"Fuck your mother, Henry!" She bounded her ass frantically off the bed,
pistoning her tight, throbbing pussy onto his prick as fast as she
could. "Really hard now, baby! Unh, unh, ram it in! Fuck Mummy's pussy
just as hard as you can!"

Henry fucked his mother, panting on her shoulder, relentlessly spearing
his huge, swollen fuck shaft into the gushing depths of her pussy. Her
frantic humping rhythm spurred him on. Soon he was stuffing her pussy
as fast and deep as he could, utterly reaming her fuck channel with
every skewering stroke of his prick.

"Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother!" Margaret chanted. "Unngggh!
Feels so good, Henry! Mummy's cumming now! Oh, fuck, oh shit, Mummy's

Her wet, hairy pussy spasmed and spewed, gushing fuck juice onto her
son's cock, milking the belly-probing stiffness of his prick. Still
Henry didn't let the morning's first load of cum juice flood into her
belly. Instead he gripped her ass cheeks and kept fucking his mother
hard and fast, pounding his cock into her stomach, guiding her through
the peak of her cum.

And it was in the middle of her orgasm that Margaret realized,
suddenly, how badly she wanted to feel her son's cock pounding into her
asshole. The violent cum had spread through her whole body, making her
puckered little shit sphincter pulsate in and out as her pussy spasmed
around his cock. It had been a long time since Margaret had enjoyed a
really good ass reaming, particularly with a cock nearly as large as
her son's. She wondered if Henry would enjoy fucking his mother's
asshole as much as he obviously loved sticking his big cock into her

"Take it out, Henry," she panted. "Mummy wants to show you another
place to put your prick now."

Henry obeyed his mother, though it obviously hurt him to do so.
Margaret stared at the giant cockshaft as it reappeared from her furry,
clinging pussy. The prick was red, dripping with cunt cream, stone-hard
with its need to shoot out the load clogging his balls. Margaret's
asshole tingled and burned as she imagined getting such a huge donkey
prick stuffed between her ass cheeks.

Margaret rolled over, sprawling on her belly. She thought of telling
Henry to fetch some Vaseline from the bathroom, but she decided it
wasn't necessary. His cock was dripping with pussy juice, after all,
and besides, she was too horny to wait. Henry gasped in shock as he
watched his horny mother stretch her ass cheeks open with her fingers,
shamelessly displaying her pink, puckered shit opening to her very own

"Have you ever heard about asshole fucking, son?" Margaret panted.


"I'll bet you have, honey. Henry, a lot of women really love getting
their assholes fucked. I'm no exception. Why, sometimes my little
asshole gets just as hot and horny as my pussy. Do you see the way
Mummy's asshole is throbbing right now?"


"That means it needs a good fucking. But it's a lot tighter than a
pussy, Henry, and you can hurt it more easily. Ordinarily, it's a good
idea to use lots and lots of petroleum jelly before you try to give a
girl a good ass fucking. You don't have to do that now, 'cause Mummy's
asshole is so horny."

"Yes, Mum."

"Get on top of me, honey. Hold your cock in your hand, and then put the
tip into Mummy's horny little asshole. I know you're going to like
fucking my ass. It's awfully, awfully tight. But be sure to slide your
cock in slowly at first. I'll tell you when you can go faster. All

"Yes, Mum."

Henry mounted his mother, holding his enormous cock in hand, fitting
the spongy, cum-oozing knob into the rubbery ring of her asshole.
Margaret held her ass cheeks wider apart, shuddering as she felt the
first pressure of his cockhead on her red, horny asshole. Then it was
boring into her, stretching her shit sphincter wide, making her rubbery
ass channel suck and spasm uncontrollably on the invading thickness of
his cock.

"Unngggh! Oh, Henry! You've got a really big prick, honey! Unngggh!
Fuck Mummy's asshole now, baby! Nice and slow, that's right! Shove your
big, stiff boner right up Mummy's ass!"

Henry squirmed on top of her, putting his hips in the best position to
drill his huge cock lance to the hilt in his mother's bowels. Fucking a
tight asshole, he found, felt different from fucking a pussy. The hole
was much tighter; he had to thrust more slowly, at least at first.
Gradually Henry settled into a steady fucking rhythm, packing more of
his huge prick up his mother's asshole with every stroke.

Now the naked mother's asshole had really begun to itch and burn. The
horny shit sphincter was stretched to bursting around her young son's
cock, sucking on the veined prick shaft as it stabbed relentlessly into
the depths of her bowels. There was some pain as his cock burrowed into
her asshole, but it was more than compensated for by a delicious
pleasure that grew stronger every second. Soon the horny mother was
humping fast and hard, whimpering as she held her ass cheeks apart,
eagerly fucking her tender, horny asshole onto the satisfying stiffness
of her son's huge cock.

"Yes, yes, fuck Mummy's asshole, honey!" she gasped. "You can do it
hard now! Unggh! It doesn't hurt at all! Oh, please, Henry, Mummy's
asshole needs fucking so fucking much!"

Henry lunged down hard, packing every inch of his mammoth cock- lance
into the sucking tightness of his mother's anus. For several seconds he
lay still, letting his prick soak in the spasming tightness of her ass
tract. Then he pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the tip of his
cock parted her ass ring. Margaret gasped with pleasure as her son
again nailed his huge cock into the welcoming tightness of her bowels.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!"

Henry started giving his mother the violent, deep ass fucking she
needed. In and out his big cock sawed, fucking through the gripping,
rubbery tightness of her shit tube. Henry panted on her shoulder, his
balls painfully swollen with an early morning load of spunk. He fucked
her tight asshole harder and harder, ramming his aching cock through
the sucking grip of her bowels.

"Ram it in, Henry!" Margaret released her jiggling ass buns, no longer
needing to spread apart to allow her c***d to ream out her bowels. She
thrust both hands under her belly, groping through her juice-matted
pussy curls until she found her fat, swollen clit. Shamelessly the
naked mother started rubbing the tingling little bud, jacking off her
pussy as her hung son pleasure her asshole with his huge, stroking

Henry thrust harder and harder, until he was ass-fucking his mother
with all the strength in his loins. Furiously he stabbed his cock into
her rubbery-gripping asshole, feeling the stretched shit sphincter
clinging to his cock with every stroke. His giant fuck organ was
getting even stiffer, and Margaret sensed that he would soon be
showering her bowels with jism. She rubbed her clit in a frenzy of
i****tuous fuck passion, frantically fucking her hot, itchy asshole
onto her young son's big prick.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" she pleaded. "Ungggh!
You've got such a big one, Henry! Mummy's asshole loves your big prick!
Unngggh! Cumming now! Fuck your mother, fuck Mummy's horny asshole! I'm
cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole spasmed and throbbed, milking the skewering stiffness of
her son's enormous cock. Henry kept ass-fucking as hard as he could,
guiding her through the peak of her cum. Then he collapsed on his
mother's blushing ass buns, slamming his prick as far up her stretched
itchy asshole as it would go.

The milky white cock juice spewed out of his hard-on, flooding his
mother's asshole with hot sticky cum. Margaret felt the creamy load
spouting into her ravished shit tunnel, anointing the burning walls
with a soothing tide of jizz.

"Oh, Henry," she panted. She flexed her shitting muscles around the
cum-squirting hard-on, helping her hung c***d shoot out every drop.
Later today, she realized, she was scheduled for another counseling
session with Walter Wayne. He would undoubtedly want to fuck her too.
Margaret was already beginning to get used to the idea of having two
hung, horny studs to fuck her mouth, pussy or asshole whenever she

Chapter Six:

"Ungggh! No! Don't fuck Mummy's pussy again, Walter!" Patty gasped.
"It's a sin! You know it's a sin to fuck your own mother!"

Walter paid no attention. He was on top of her now, holding her legs
open, trying to stuff his big cock up her pussy. Ten minutes earlier,
he'd barged into her bedroom, catching his naked mother feverishly
finger fucking her cunt.

That was all the encouragement her horny son had needed. Patty had
valiantly resisted her craving to fuck her son again, but she still
hungered for his prick, and both of them knew it. Patty had immediately
stopped playing with her cunt, trying to act stern as she asked Walter
to leave. Walter had just grinned and stripped off his pajamas. Now he
was only seconds away from getting his cock back into her pussy, where
they both knew it belonged.

"Please, Walter! Don't fuck Mummy's cunt again! No, Walter, no!
Tell...tell your counselor about it this afternoon! She can help you!
Don't keep fucking Mummy!"

Walter got the tip of his huge fuck organ into his mother's hairy cunt
slit. The second she felt the giant prick plowing in, Patty knew she
was a goner. She stopped struggling, instead lay still on the bed. Her
legs were spread wide, her knees up to her shoulders. She didn't try to
lower them, though that would have made it harder for her son to fuck
her. Instead she just lay there, looking down, watching the huge cock
spearing deeper and deeper into her tight, buttery cunt.

"Do you still want me to stop, Mum?"

Walter stared at her, smiling, knowing the effect the big cock had on
his horny mum. Then he lay flat on her naked body, crushing her big
tits under his chest. The next thing Patty knew, her son was ramming
his prick all the way up her tight, juicy pussy, completely stuffing
the cunt that had given birth to him so many years before.

"Ungggh! Oh, Walter! You bad boy!"

The sex-starved mother raised her legs as high as she could, dr****g
her ankles over his shoulders. Then she frantically started wiggling
and humping, pumping her wet pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his
cock. Walter met her strokes, ramming his cock into her furry fuck
opening. Soon the mother and son were humping in rhythmic unison, their
bellies slapping together and the bed springs squeaking as they
feverishly, hungrily fucked.

"Still want me to stop, Mum? Do you?"

Patty responded by twisting her son around, surprising him with her
strength, pushing him onto his back. Now she was on top, her knees
planted on the bed to either side of his hips, where she could control
the speed and energy of their fucking.

Patty gripped his shoulders, her enormous, stiff-nippled tits swaying
heavily over his chest. Her face was flushed and contorted, a mask of
i****tuous passion. Furiously she started wiggling and humping her ass
again, shuddering as she pistoned her glove-tight pussy onto the
satisfying stiffness of her young son's cock.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck your mother, Walter! Please, please,
please, baby, fuck your mother's juicy cunt!"

Walter looked up, watching his giant fuck pole sliding in and out of
his mother's tight pussy. Then he started bucking to meet her strokes,
fucking his ass off the bed, ramming his cock deep inside her cunt
channel. Soon they were fucking in rhythmic unison again, Patty
groaning and sighing as she felt herself drawing closer to a violent,
early-morning cum.

"Fuck Mummy's wet pussy, honey!" The bed springs squeaked in protest as
she humped her ass in a frenzy, banging her hairy pussy onto the root
of her son's prick. "Unngggh! Mummy's cunt's so wet and juicy! Oh,
harder, do it harder! Mummy needs fucking so goddamn bad!"

Walter fucked his mum as hard as he could, bucking his ass high off the
bed, clawing her hips as he speared his huge fuck pole in and out her
pussy. Patty felt a violent orgasm welling up in her loins. She fucked
her hung son like a bitch in heat, her face contorted in ecstasy,
thinking of nothing but the satisfying stiffness of his huge, pounding

"Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! Ungggh! Mummy's cumming now!

Walter heaved his hips off the bed, impaling his prick into his
mother's pussy. He came at the same time, spewing great, sticky gobs of
cock juice into the buttery tightness of her cunt. Patty squealed as
she felt the load spouting into her cunt channel, soothing the itchy
walls of her pussy. But already she was thinking of how ashamed she
felt, how sinful it was for a mother to willingly give her cunt to her
very own son.

She just hoped that Walter's counseling sessions with Margaret Kelly
did him some good.

* * * * *

"Man, I really think this is doing me a lot of good, Mrs. Kelly,"
Walter said, later that afternoon. "You must like sucking my prick
better than any woman I ever met in my life!"

"Then why don't you just let me suck your prick when it gets hard,
Walter?" Margaret raised her face from his lap, a glistening strand of
saliva hanging obscenely from her lower lip to the tip of his prick.
"I'm sure you can see why your mother feels so ashamed of letting you
fuck her. Why don't you just let me suck the cum out of your cock

"Yeah, but I like fucking her too," Walter grinned. "Besides, she's
really horny. If I tried to leave her alone for a couple of days, she'd
probably wind up attacking me. Then she'd really feel guilty."

Walter winced, his cock throbbing with bl**d and jism. He held
Margaret's head with both hands, guiding her face back down to his

"Keep sucking," he said.

Margaret was happy to oblige. Walter's cock was so tremendously long
and fat, nearly as sweet to suck on as her very own son's. Margaret's
hunger for cock sucking and cum-gulping had grown even stronger since
she'd begun fucking both the young studs. Hardly a half-hour had passed
in the past day that she hadn't thought hungrily of the pleasure of
sucking prick, of stuffing a really big one down her throat and
slurping out its rich, sappy load of spunk.

Again the horny mother opened her mouth wide, plunging her open lips
onto the tasty stiffness of Walter's huge cock. She shut her eyes,
concentrating on the pleasure of cock sucking. Her lips ovaled wetly
around the fat, veined shank of his fuck pole. Margaret eagerly started
sucking cock very hard, slurping and gurgling loudly as she nursed on
the bl**d-beating hardness of her young client's prick.

Walter's cock grew longer and stiffer, the red leaky cock knob pulsing
on the roof of her mouth. Margaret nearly choked herself, trying to
stuff his prick farther between her lips. Her fingers tightened on the
root of his cock, and then she commenced a fast, urgent hand job,
feverishly jacking his boner from the base to the sucking lips.

"Harder," Walter pleaded. He stared at her, entranced by the spectacle
of the gorgeous woman with a mouth full of cock. "Suck the cum out,
Mrs. Kelly! Oh, shit, I'm really going to shoot big this time!"

By now Margaret's right hand was a blur, wildly tugging up and down the
huge, throbbing cock. She alternated between puckering her cheeks
sharply inward and flaring them outward again, keeping a constant,
suckling pressure on the tasty hugeness of Walter's cock.

More cock juice was burbling out all the time, which Margaret eagerly
lapped up with her swirling, swiping tongue. As Walter had promised,
she sensed that he was really going to squirt a big load of cream.
Again she suppressed the gagging reflex, plunging his enormous fuck
organ farther into her mouth. At last her cock sucking efforts were
rewarded with a spewing load of cream.

"Oh, Mrs. Kelly! Suck my cock, Mrs. Kelly! I'm cumming!"

The stick white stuff gushed from the tip of his prick, making the
cock-lance tremble and pulse as it disgorged its sappy contents deeply
into the mother's mouth. The cum squirted onto her tonsils, running
plentifully down her throat, satisfying Margaret with a mid- afternoon
bellyful of hot, tasty jizz. Eagerly the cock-loving woman sucked
harder than ever, violently beating his prick at the same time,
refusing to take Walter's huge prick out of her mouth until she'd
licked the last traces of spunk off the crown of his cockmeat.

"Oh, Mrs. Kelly," Walter moaned, slumping on his seat. "Oh, shit, you
really made me cum that time!"

"But you still want to fuck your mother, don't you?" Margaret sighed.
She smirked as she sat up, licking the cum sap from her mouth. "I'm
supposed to be helping you with that strange little craving of yours. I
don't think I'm making much progress."

"I guess not," Walter grinned.

"Perhaps it would be wise if I were to call your mother and set up a
private appointment with her," Margaret said. Then she smiled to
herself, considering the idea. Patty Wayne was undoubtedly a very horny
woman, to so freely allow her own son to fuck her. It had been a long
time since Margaret had enjoyed a cunt licking session with another

Chapter Seven:

"And you say that Walter is still trying to initiate an i****tuous,
sexual relationship with you?" Margaret asked. She sat with her
notebook and pencil again, pretending to take notes. A day had passed.

"That's right," Patty sighed. She squirmed nervously on the couch,
uncomfortable to be discussing her private life with a ther****t. She'd
expected Margaret Kelly to be old and dowdy. It was discomfiting to see
that the counselor was her age, and was endowed with a petite body
every bit as curvaceous as her own.

"Did Walter try to have sex with you last night?" Margaret raised her

"He certainly did. He was very aggressive."

Patty trembled in spite of herself, remembering the furious pussy-
pounding Walter had delivered the night before. Again, she had failed
to suppress her need to fuck her own son.

"Was his cock stiff?"


"I have to ask a delicate question now." Margaret folded her notebook
and dropped it on the floor. "You've told me so far that Walter has
made sexual advances on you. I haven't asked yet, point blank, if any
of these advances have been successful. Have they?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Have you fucked your own son?"

"Of...of course not!" Patty spluttered, instantly reddening with shame
and fear. "What kind of question is that? I would never allow my own
son to help himself to my own body."

"That's not what Walter says."

The ensuing silence was long and tense. Patty's blush deepened, and she
shamefully averted her eyes, avoiding the counselor's calm stare.
Already she knew that she'd been caught. Horrible fantasies flashed
through her mind's eye: of newspaper headlines, of a judge denying her
custody of her son. Patty wondered if there was any point in trying to
lie further.

"I'm not going to tell anyone about this, Patty," Margaret said
soothingly, as if reading her mind. "Anything you admit to me will be
kept in strictest confidence. But I do think it would be best if we
started being honest with one another. Walter admitted, with some
persuasion on my part, that he has already fucked you many times. He
says that you enjoying sex with him a great deal, but that you feel
ashamed of yourself for letting your own son fuck you. Is that true?"

Patty took a deep breath and, finally, met the counselor's eyes.

"That's about right," she said.

"You know, maybe it's not really so awful to let Walter keep fucking
you," Margaret suggested. "After all, you're both horny, and he's old
enough to --"

"No!" Patty stopped her with a brisk wave of her hand. "Please, don't
even suggest that. It's disgusting. It has to end right now. I simply
can't allow Walter access to my body any longer."

"Then why do you let him fuck you at all, Patty?" Margaret paused,
letting the question sink in. "Is it because you're so horny?"

"I...I guess."

"Have you always been so horny, or has it only been since your

"Always, I guess."

"I see." Margaret hesitated again. "Patty I'm going to ask you some
very personal questions now. How often do you think about fucking and
sucking in the course of a given day?"

"A great deal."

"Does your cunt usually respond to these thoughts by becoming moist and


"Was you cunt moist and swollen when you first allowed your son to fuck


"The questions I'm asking now, are they making your pussy feel wet and

Patty flushed with embarrassment.

"I guess."

"I think it would be good if I took a close look at your cunt, Patty."
Margaret held up her hand, as if to stem off a possible objection.
"Don't worry. I have a degree in physical therapy," she lied. "I'm just
going to inspect it, Patty. All you have to do is pull down your pants
and let me have a look."

Patty thought about this for a moment, but by then Margaret's stream of
sex-oriented questions had made her pussy so itchy and horny that she
was too distracted to object. She rose to her feet, kicking off her
shoes and pulling her jeans off. Now all she had on were her panties.
Patty sat back down on the couch, pulling the cotton bikini panties off
of her rounded little ass, exposing her hairy pussy mound to the

"You have a great deal of pussy hair," Margaret observed.

Margaret knelt on the floor in front of her. Patty blushed as she let
the counselor spread her long legs wide apart, completely opening her
wet, curly-haired pussy. Margaret leaned close, pushing her face
between Patty's legs. Then she ran her fingers up Patty's inner thigh,
wiggling one between the pouting lips of Patty's extremely horny cunt.

"Does that feel good?" Margaret asked.

She began moving the finger briskly in and out.


"Your cunt lubricates very easily, Patty. I've only just begun to touch
it, and it's already dripping. It's very warm and swollen as well."
Margaret pushed in a second finger, jacking her off harder. "Does this
feel better?"


Patty blushed with shame, splaying her legs wider. The whole scene was
absurd; she already knew that Margaret was a horny dyke who wanted to
seduce her. But, since she had begun fucking her son, Patty's sex needs
were so uncontrollably strong that she reacted helplessly to any
stimulus. Now she started humping and wiggling her ass eagerly on the
couch, fucking her wet pussy onto Margaret's hand.

"Now your cunt's getting even wetter. The inner lips seem to be
spasming as well. You have an extremely tight pussy for a woman your
age. I can see why Walter has such a strong desire to fuck you, even if
your are his mother."

"Ungggh! Oh, Margaret! Unngggh!"

"Was your pussy this hot and juicy when your son fucked you for the
first time, Patty? I notice that your cunt seems to spasm harder when I
ask you about it. Does it arouse you to think about your own son
fucking your pussy, the way it feels to have a young boy's stiff,
throbbing fuck organ pounding into your cunt?"

"Ungggh! Oh, stop! Stop talking dirty! Ungggh!"

"Your clit is swollen, Patty."

Still pumping her fingers rapidly in and out of Patty's gooey fuck
hole, Margaret brought her left hand to the fat, dark pink bud
protruding at the top of her cunt. She put her left forefinger on it,
rubbing in a circular motion. Patty gasped, fucking her hips rapidly
off the couch.

"Does this feel good?"

"Ungggh! Oh! Unggggh!"

"I think it would be good now to see how your pussy responds to oral
stimulation, Patty."

Margaret lowered her head, burying her face between Patty's thighs. She
pressed her mouth to the blonde's wet, tasty fuck hole. The next thing
Patty knew, the counselor had begun to lick and suck.

Hungrily Margaret sluiced her tongue up and down Patty's throbbing fuck
hole, eagerly lapping the cunt cream from the folds of Patty's pussy.
Patty instantly felt her pussy growing even hornier, oozing a heavy
flow of fuck oils onto the counselor's tongue. Margaret slid her hands
up higher, peeling open the pussy petals. She thrust her tongue deep
inside Patty's pussy, licking deep inside Patty's cunt.

"Oh, suck me," Patty gasped.

By now the extreme pleasure of having her pussy licked had made her
lose all control of herself. She clutched Margaret's head with both
hands, frantically fucking her ass off the couch.

"Lick it good, Margaret! Ungggh! Oh, shit, you're making my pussy so
juicy! Suck it, Margaret, suck my cunt!"

Margaret pushed her tongue in and out of Patty's pussy, making the
blonde hump her ass faster on the couch. The clit was very hard now,
twitching obscenely with its need to be licked and sucked. Margaret
wriggled her tongue on it, sending spasming waves of intense pleasure
coursing through Patty's body. Then she took the swollen clit directly
between her lips, sucking hard, puckering her cheeks on it, as if it
were a tiny cock.

"Suck me, suck me!" Patty gasped. By now the blonde's face was a mask
of insatiable fuck need. "Ungggh! Put your fingers in again! Oh, shit,
my cunt's so wet! My pussy needs to cum!"

Again Margaret straightened her fingers, gooshing them into the
clasping interior of Patty's hot, achey fuck tunnel. Rapidly she jacked
off the horny woman, banging her knuckles on the puffy lips of Patty's
fuck slit. Then Margaret sucked the clit bud much harder, pressing her
tongue on the tip, pushing it back and forth.

"I'm cumming!" Patty squealed. She clawed the back of Margaret's head,
almost weeping with pleasure, fucking her ass frantically off the
couch. "Ungggh! Suck my pussy, suck my horny fucking pussy! I'm cumming
now, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Patty's pussy spasmed violently, nearly as hard as it had the last time
she'd enjoyed a savage fucking with her son. The delicious musky-
smelling cunt cream flowed heavily from the hairy hole, giving Margaret
a plentiful amount of pussy juice to tongue and lick up. Margaret kept
her head buried between Patty's trembling thighs, continuing to lick,
suck and fingerfuck the cum-spasming pussy. Eating cunt, she thought,
was almost as satisfying as slurping the cock juice out of a huge,
throbbing boner like her son's.

"Well!" Margaret sat back on her heels, licking her lips to savor the
last droplets of pussy juice. "I'm sure you feel better now, don't you,
Patty? You certainly came hard, didn't you?"

Patty sprawled on the couch, staring down at her. She'd come to discuss
her sex problems frankly with the ther****t. Instead she'd wound up
allowing the ther****t to lick and suck her cunt. Patty wondered what
was coming over her. She felt so horny these days that the slightest
prompting could induce her to spread her legs and give her pussy to

"Your pussy's still very juicy," Margaret observed. She slipped her
finger back into Patty's pussy, sliding it teasingly in and out. "Would
you like to suck my cunt now, Patty?"

"I--I don't think I'd better."

"Don't be ridiculous."

Margaret stood, in no hurry, instinctively understanding that Patty was
too horny to refuse her. Margaret stripped naked, revealing her petite,
busty body to the blonde. Then she stretched out on her back on the
floor, splaying her thighs wide apart, showing her wet, black-haired
pussy to the sex-starved blonde mother.

"You'll feel a lot better after you suck my cunt, Patty," Margaret
purred. "I can see that you're still very horny. I'm only trying to
help you, after all. If I let you lick my pussy, your desire for
sucking might be satisfied. You might not be so eager to give blow jobs
to your own son."

Patty slid off the couch, her mouth already watering, unable to resist
the sight of Margaret's moist, juicy pussy. Patty lay on her stomach
between the brunette's legs, confronting the curly-haired fissure of
her butter fuck slit. Then she pressed her mouth on it, red-faced with
shame and passion, licking another woman's cunt for the very first

"That's a good girl," Margaret sighed.

Margaret splayed her legs wider, completely opening her throbbing pussy
for Patty's lips and tongue. She pushed her hand down, peeling open her
pussy petals with her fingers. Then she started humping her ass lightly
on the floor, hungrily thrusting her wet, horny pussy onto Patty's

"Get your tongue in there, Patty! Ungggh! That's a good girl! You like
the way my pussy tastes, don't you?"

Patty didn't answer. She was already too busy licking and sucking. As
Margaret had suggested, the taste of another woman's wet cunt was
extremely exciting to her. She felt her won pussy throbbing lewdly as
she thrust her tongue in deep, lapping the fragrant cunt oils from the
depths of Margaret's aching cunt.

Margaret's cunt was getting wetter, throbbing on her lips. The inner
lips spasmed, needing something to suck on. Patty straightened one
finger, then as second, gooshing them into the narrow, creamy interior
of Margaret's fuck channel. Margaret gasped as the blonde started
jacking her off, banging her fingers rhythmically in and out of her
wet, overheated fuck slit.

"Suck me now," Margaret cried. Her big tits jiggled as she humped her
ass off the floor, fucking her wet, hairy pussy onto Patty's mouth and
fingers. "My clitty! Ungggh! Suck my clitty! Oh, fuck, oh, please, put
it in your mouth now! Suck it, suck it hard!"

Patty obeyed, now pumping her fingers in and out of Margaret's cunt as
fast as she could. Margaret's clit was fat and swollen, protruding at
the tip of her fuck opening. Patty wrapped her lips around it, sucking
hard, puckering her cheeks as shed did when she sucked her son's cock.
Margaret clawed the back of her neck, hard enough to draw bl**d. Then
Margaret's aching, tight cunt hole spasmed and throbbed in a long,
violent cum.

"Lick it, Patty! Unh, unh, unh, lick it, suck my pussy! I'm cumming
now, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

Patty feverishly kept sucking and fingerfucking, guiding the horny
brunette through the duration of her orgasm. At last Margaret let her
pink-flushed ass cheeks drift back to the floor. Margaret sat up,
smiling shamelessly, rewarding Patty's cunt lapping efforts with a
long, lewd kiss.

"Now, you enjoyed that too, didn't you?" Margaret said. "See, Patty? I
don't think there's really any harm in fucking your son, but you don't
really have to, if you don't want to. Whenever you get horny, you can
just come to see me. Free of charge. You have a beautiful body, and a
wonderful, tasty pussy. I'll be happy to lick it for you whenever it
feels wet and hot."

* * * * *

"Ooh, that's nice, honey. Your big cock feels so good." Margaret lay on
her back later that night, her ankles bouncing on Henry's shoulders,
letting her horny son enjoy another fuck in his mother's tight cunt.
"You love fucking Mummy's tight pussy, don't you?"

Henry didn't answer. He was too busy laboring feverishly between his
mother's thighs, ramming her bl**d-swollen cockshaft in and out of her
pussy. Margaret humped her ass to meet his rhythm, eagerly thrusting
her horny cunt onto his cock.

"Honey? Would you like to fuck another woman besides Mummy?"

"I don't care," Henry panted.

"Her name's Patty Wayne, Henry. I know you'd like her. She's blonde,
and very pretty. And she's got awfully big tits." Margaret hesitated.
"Do you remember the other day, when I was telling you about the boy
who fucked his mother? That's the one, Henry. Patty is very, very
horny, honey. She wishes she could keep her son out of her panties, but
she's just too horny to resist him."

Henry was too busy fucking his mother to answer, but Margaret could
feel his prick swelling even stiffer in her pussy. She knew Henry
sensed the direction her conversation was leading, and she knew that
the idea already turned Henry on.

"Henry, why don't you visit Patty Wayne tomorrow? I'll give you an
excuse, so you can see her when her son's at school. I'll bet she'll be
at home, playing with herself. She really is terribly horny, son. She
needs more fucking badly."

"What d'you want me to do it for?" Henry panted.

"Because I think it would be fun for you," Margaret giggled. "And I
think it would be nice if the four of us could all start fucking
together eventually. Patty just needs a little more persuasion. Your
cock is an awfully good persuader, honey. I know that for a fact. Will
you promise to see her tomorrow, Henry? And give Patty a good humping?"

"That's a good boy." Margaret whimpered, feeling her pussy throbbing
around his cock. She wrapped her legs around his back, bucking in a
frenzy of lust. "Now fuck your mother, Henry! Hard, lover, fuck your
mother hard!"

Chapter Eight:

"Oh, oh! Fuck your mother, Walter! Fuck Mummy's horny pussy! Harder,
Mummy's going to cum now! Fuck Mummy's cunt as hard as you can!"

Patty was on her back, her legs up in the air, whimpering and moaning
as her son labored on top of her. Walter had been ready to go to school
when he'd decided he wanted another fuck in his mother's pussy. She'd
protested at first, as she always did, but he'd had little trouble
persuading her to lie on her back and spread her legs.

His pants were bunched around his ankles. His schoolbooks were on the
floor, next to the bed. Walter fucked his mum fast and hard, not even
thinking about her pleasure, concentrating only on making the cock
juice spurt up from his balls as soon as he could.

"Fuck Mummy's pussy, fuck Mummy!" Patty locked her arms around his
shoulders, fucking her ass off the bed in a frenzy of passion. "Harder!
Mummy's so horny! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I'm cumming now! Fuck your
mother, I'm cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Walter grunted, coming down hard, ramming his prick deep inside his
mother. Then the milk-white cock sap flooded out of his balls, raining
into his mother's cunt channel, flooding her buttery pussy with juice.
Walter kept fucking furiously, shuddering as the last droplets of spunk
burned from the head of his cock. Then he popped his enormous fuck
organ out of her hairy cunt slit and wiped it off insolently on her
inner leg.

"See you later today, Mum."

He pulled up his pants, picked up his school books and left. Patty
remained on her back on the bed, fully clothed, her skirt hiked up to
her waist to give her son access to her cunt. Her pussy hole was all
wet and swollen from the torrid fucking he'd just given her, and she
could feel his sticky cock juice seeping out of it, matting in the
dense curls fringing her cunt.

She'd been reduced to nothing, Patty thought. Her need for constant
fucking was now so strong that her son could easily persuade her to lie
on her back and spread her legs any time his cock got hard. All she
could think of was the constant need in her wet, creamy cunt.

Patty put her hand on her steaming pussy, feeling all the cum juice
seeping out of the slit. The next thing she knew, she was fingerfucking
again, rubbing her fat little clit, thinking about how good it felt
when her cunt stretched around her son's cock.

* * * * *

"Unh, unhg! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy! Unh, unh, need to cum!"

This time her son wasn't with her in the house. It was one in the
afternoon and Patty was still finger fucking. She sprawled on her
living room sofa, staring blankly at a game show droning on the
television set in front of her. Her terry robe was open, exposing her
huge tits and her wet, hairy pussy. Patty wiggled her ass on the couch
as she moved her hand between her thighs, rubbing and stroking her
hard, aching clit.

"Fuck me, fuck me -- "

The doorbell interrupted her. Patty considered not answering it at all.
It was probably just a door-to-door salesman, and whatever he'd want to
sell her wouldn't be half as important as satisfying her wet cunt. At
last, reluctantly, she rose, tied the sash holding the robe together,
and went to see who it was.

The visitor was a boy just about Walter's age. Patty squinted at him,
wondering why his face looked so familiar.

"Yes?" She held the door open, automatically drawing the robe tight
across her tits.

"Hi," the boy said. He smiled. "My name's Henry. You know my mum,
Margaret Kelly?"

Patty flushed, instantly feeling a cold sense of trepidation. What
reason could Margaret have for sending her son to visit her?

"Y-yes, I know her," Patty stammered. "What do you want to see me

"Well, it's not too good to explain it out here." Henry smiled, seeming
very calm. "Do you mind if I come in and talk to you for a minute?

He walked past her, entering her home without permission. Patty
hesitated, then shut the door and followed him into the living room,
where she found that Henry had already made himself comfortable on the
couch. He wore only a T-shirt and cut-off, and Patty felt her cunt
getting wet again as she stared at the sumptuous bulge behind his
zipper. God, what kind of slut had she turned into? It had gotten to
the point that even glimpsing a bulging prick could make her horny.

"Man!" Henry sat up on the couch, sniffing. "This whole hose smells
like wet pussy!"

"What on earth!" Patty gasped. She gaped at him dismay, blushing
fiercely, automatically holding her robe tighter. " dare you
say such a disgusting thing to me?! Get out of my home this instant!"

"Aw, that's okay," Henry grinned. "I didn't mean anything by it. I
guess you were playing with yourself when I came over, huh?"

"You're disgusting. Get out of my home."

"Take it easy."

Then, Henry shocked her again, calmly unzipping his cut-offs and
pulling them off. Now he was naked from the waist down except for his
tennis shoes. His prick was enormous and stiffening rapidly, swelling
with bl**d and jism in little jerks. Henry took his cock in hand and
stared intently at her body.

"See, my mum told me how horny you are, Mrs. Wayne," he said. "She said
you'd be a good person to see if I wanted to get my cock sucked. I
really like a good blow job, Mrs. Wayne. I decided to take the day off
from school to come over here, to see if you could give me one. How
about it?"

"What-what-what do you think you're doing?"

"Just asking to get my cock sucked. That's all."

And then Henry wrapped his fingers around his enormous fuck organ,
stroking it hard and fast. Patty stared in disbelief and growing
passion as the meaty prick swelled stiffer and stiffer. Soon it was as
hard as an iron bar, every bit as enormous as her own son's cock.

"I know you went down on my mum, Mrs. Wayne," Henry said calmly. "I
know it's because of how much you like to suck on things. So, why don't
you just suck my cock, too? It's really a big one, isn't it? Why don't
you put it in your mouth, Mrs. Wayne, and see hot it tastes?"

Patty's mind was reeling. She'd never met a grown man who was so
aggressive, let alone a lad who was young enough to be her own son.
Helplessly she stared at Henry's big boner, watching it pulse as he
jacked it with his fist. Her pussy tingled as she thought of how
intensely satisfying it would be to suck a big, hard cock this
afternoon, to satisfy her constant craving for stiff prick with a nice,
spicy bellyfull of spunk.

"Come on, Mrs. Wayne. You know you want to."

Patty dropped to her knees. She couldn't believe she was doing it,
couldn't believe her craving for hard cock had grown so strong that she
would suck off any arrogant stranger who asked for it. Henry smiled
knowingly, stepping closer. Now his big cock was right in front of her
face. Patty wrapped her fingers around the root, staring at the tip.
Cum juice was leaking out of it. She sighed as she jacked the huge cock
slow and hard, making the piss hole open up, oozing more jizz.

"That feels good, Mrs. Wayne."

Patty popped the cock knob into her mouth and started licking and
sucking. It was good, tasty prick to suck, with cum sap nearly as rich
and delicious as her own son's. Patty made gurgling, slobbering sounds
as she nursed contentedly on the giant cock, shutting her eyes,
blocking out her shame as she concentrated on the taste and feel of the
prick between her lips.

Now it was getting even stiffer, pulsing on the roof of her mouth.
Patty thrust her tongue onto the piss slit as the jizz oozed out more
plentifully. She tightened her right hand around the base of his cock,
and then she started beating his meat, fast and hard, whipping her
right hand up and down from the root to her stretched, ovalled,
hungrily sucking lips.

Henry stared down at her, sighing as he enjoyed the torrid cock
sucking. He held her head with bot hands, curling his fingers in her
thick blonde hair, rocking his hips lightly to fuck his prick in and
out of her mouth. Patty felt like a complete whore now, happy to do
absolutely anything for Henry as long as he'd let her suck his cock.
She thought of him with his mother, imagined Henry's face as Margaret
told him what a horny pussy licker and cocksucker Patty was.

Had Henry learned that Patty fucked her son too?

"Harder," Henry panted.

Now the hung arrogant lad's face was contorted with pleasure as his
orgasm grew nearer, as the heavy load of cock juice congested in his

"Oh, shit, you suck hard!" He pulled her hair, rocking his hips, making
the cream-starved mum gag on his thick prick. "Jack it fast, Mrs.
Wayne! Unggh, what a good cock sucker! I'm gonna cum any fucking

Patty sucked his cock as hard as she could, her whole face reddening
with the torrid intensity of the blow job. Rapidly she alternated
between puffing her cheeks up and sucking them in again, keeping as
much pressure on the lad's hard-on as she could. The huge prick grew
stiffer still, spitting droplets of pre-cum onto her swirling, lapping
tongue. Patty panted through her nose, whipping her right hand
tirelessly up and down his cock, thinking of absolutely nothing now but
the impending explosion of cum.

"Swallow it, Mrs. Wayne! Suck my cock, suck the juice out! Ungggh!

The hot, milky white jizz spewed forth, squirting across her swirling
tongue, coating her tonsil as the froth white stuff lashed down her
throat. It wasn't as delicious as her son's cum, but Patty was so
starved for the taste of cream that Henry's gushing seed satisfied her
completely. Hungrily she clung to the juice-squirting boner, tirelessly
jacking and sucking it, determined to nurse out every drop of his cum.
Her frantic cock sucking efforts were rewarded. Henry's cock kept
spewing out juice for over a half-minute, and Patty's belly felt warm
and full with all the cream she'd just sucked out of his balls.

"That's enough," Henry said abruptly. "Take off that robe, Mrs. Wayne.
Now I get to fuck you."

Patty say back on her heels, gasping, her cheeks bright with a mixture
of humiliation and lust. Henry was stripping of the rest of his
clothes, never taking his eyes off her body. Patty hesitated, her
fingers on the sash holding her robe together. Then she pulled it open,
exposing her spectacular, big-titted nakedness, hoping that her
gorgeous body would make Henry horny enough to give her the savage
fucking she needed.

"Get on your back."

Patty did it. She stretched out on the floor, completely naked now, her
big tits jiggling spongily as she wiggled her ass buns into a good
humping position on the rug. Henry stared at her as she raised her long
legs high in the air, completely opening her drippy pussy hole for the
first thrust of his cock.

"Fuck me," she panted. "Hurry, Henry. Fuck my wet cunt."

Henry dropped to his knees, his giant, spit-slickened cock lance
pulsing over her belly. Patty looked up eagerly as he mounted her,
aiming his spongy cock tip at the pouting, curly-haired lips of her
cunt. The horny blonde watched and felt the cock going into her,
stretching her tight pussy open, making her glistening cuntal walls
spasm and suck as they forcibly accommodated the belly-probing length
of his cock.

"Oh, fuck me! Ungggh! Feels so good, Henry! Unh, you've got such a big
one! Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my horny cunt!"

Henry sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous, stiff-nippled
tits under his chest, and sinking his cock farther into her cunt. Then
he started fucking. Up and down his lean young ass heaved, stroking her
pussy, spearing his hard, aching prick in and out of the creamy
tightness of her cunt. Patty quickly started humping to meet his
strokes, excitedly bouncing her ass off the floor, fucking her wet,
glove-tight pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

"Fuck my cunt, lover, fuck my cunt hole!" She wrapped her thighs
together high across his back, holding him close, shuddering as his
giant cock sank farther into her pussy. Patty knew there was more of
it, more that he hadn't yet sunk into her. Patty desperately needed to
feel every inch of it, every inch of his giant cock-lance ramming into
her belly, stuffing her cunt to bursting with the thickness of his

Then Henry started fucking hard and very deep. Patty grunted as the
stiff prick rammed all the way into her belly, reaching the depths of
her womb. Now Margaret's naked son was fucking like a wild man, panting
on her shoulder, drilling her tight pussy as fast as he possibly could.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my tight pussy!" Patty chanted. Her cunt was
throbbing uncontrollably, gripping and sucking the skewering shaft of
his cockmeat. Again and again the big fuck organ rammed into her,
stretching her furry cuntslit every time he stuffed his cockmeat in to
the hilt.

Henry slid his hands down, clawing the sides of her ass cheeks. Then he
started fucking her as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked on top
of her bare, sweat-glistening body, ramming his cock into her belly,
almost punishing her with the steely stiffness of his big cock.

"Unngggh! Oh, Henry!"

Now Patty felt the cum welling up deep inside her, making her gooey
pussy suck even harder around his cock. She grimaced, her face
contorting with raw fuck passion, twisting her head dazedly from side
to side on the floor. Then she started humping in a frenzy of fuck
need, abandoning all control as she feverishly pistoned her stuffed,
sucking pussy onto the pounding shaft of his prick.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy!" she gasped. "Ungggh! I'm cumming,
Henry! Fuck my cunt, it's cumming, cuuummiiinngg!"

Her pussy spasmed violently in orgasm, the juice nearly gushing out of
the ravished cunt-slit, the fur-fringed lips throbbing with almost
painful intensity around the racing cockshaft of Henry's cock. Henry
kept fucking her cunt as hard as he could, guiding her through the
f***e of her orgasm. But still he didn't lose his second load into her
pussy, and suddenly Patty realized where she wanted to feel his big
cock ramming next.

"Take it out," she panted. "I-I want you to fuck my asshole. Right now,
Henry. Hurry!"

Henry paused for a moment, grinning, as if to show his appreciation for
how quickly her true colors had come out. Then he pulled his huge,
throbbing prick out of her pussy hole, the giant shaft of fuck meat
twitching obscenely up and down with its need to shoot its load of cum.
Patty stared at the boy's big cock, resisting the urge to pop it back
into her mouth for more sucking. Instead she rolled onto her belly,
reaching behind her back to spread her ass cheeks wide, shamelessly
displaying her pink, puckered asshole for the stabbing impalement of
his cock.

"It's all hot and horny, Henry," Patty whimpered, as her itchy little
hole throbbed obscenely in and out. "Hurry, honey, please fuck my
asshole for me! Do it hard, my asshole needs your cock!"

"Shit, Mrs. Wayne! My mum sure was right about you!"

Then Henry mounted her again, this time aiming his huge, swollen cock
tip at her distended shit ring. Patty grunted and bit her lips as she
felt the enormous cock lance stabbing into her, cleaving into her
bowels. The thickness of his cock stretched her asshole to bursting,
even though he only had the first two inches in.

Patty knew it was going to hurt, but she didn't care. Bravely she
spread her pink-flushed ass cheeks wider apart, desperately horny to
have her tender asshole gorged with hard, fucking dick.

"Deeper, Henry," she pleaded. "Oh, please, please, ram it up my
asshole, honey! My asshole needs your big fucking cock!"

Henry started humping on top of her, groaning as he felt her rubbery
shitting muscles sucking and flexing around his cock Her shit tunnel
hadn't been lubed, but the naked blonde was so horny, and her asshole
was throbbing so hard, that Henry was sure he could bury his prick up
her bowels without hurting her. He panted on her neck as he commenced
his fucking rhythm, making Patty cry out as he rammed his cock up her
asshole deeper with every thrust.

"Unggggh! Oh, Henry! Unggggh! It's so big and stiff, Henry! Unnggggh!
Fuck my little asshole, honey! Oh, shit, pack me with it! Pack me

By now the hung youth had over half of his hard-on rammed up her shit
channel, and Patty knew she didn't have to hold her ass cheeks open
anymore. Eagerly she thrust bot hands under her belly, groping through
her juice-matted pussy curls until her fingers touched her clit.
Shamelessly, she started fingerfucking, pleasuring her pussy as her
asshole sucked and spasmed around young Henry's cock.

"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" she pleaded, almost
screaming out the words. "My asshole's so horny, Henry! Oh, fuck, oh,
yes, my asshole needs your cock!"

Then Henry came down very hard, suddenly ramming every inch of his
immense prick into the tender, gripping warmth of her shit channel.
Patty bucked violently, almost unable to bear the pleasure coursing
through her bowels. Henry lay motionless on top of her, letting her
itchy anus suck and spasm around his cock meat.

"Fuck it, Henry, fuck it good!"

Henry pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the tip of his enormous
cock distended her rubbery shit opening. He grunted, then nailed his
big prick all the way in again. Patty shuddered with need,
fingerfucking wildly, thrusting her stretched asshole onto his cock.
Then Henry settled into a hard, bowel- impaling rhythm, relentlessly
stabbing his bl**d-swollen cock in and out of her ass.

"Ahhh, yesss," Patty hissed.

She humped rapidly to meet his strokes, her asshole sucking and
throbbing, convulsively spasming around the rooting length of his
prick. The pleasure in her stretched, burning asshole was spreading
through her whole body, making her stiff nipples tingle, making her
pussy ooze hot fuck juice onto her pumping, digging fingers. Patty felt
another cum welling up in her crotch, making her horny asshole suck his
cock that much harder. There was nothing she could do to control the
intensity of her passion. There was nothing she loved more than sucking
the juice out of a big, stiff prick, or feeling one ramming deep inside
her pussy and ass.

"I'm cumming, Henry!" she panted. "Unngggh! Oh, shit, so horny, so
fucking horny! Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! I'm
coming now! Unggh, ungggh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Henry fucked her tender little asshole as hard as he could, thinking
only of his own pleasure now, massing the steely stiffness of his cock
as he hammered it into his bowels. Patty came again and again, thinking
of her son, wishing it was her own son's cock rooting in the depths of
her bowel tract. Then Henry's cock grew even stiffer up her ravished
shit chute, and Patty knew she was about to feel another milky load of
cock cream spewing into her bowels.

Henry's prick started cumming. The sticky white stuff sprayed out of
his cock head, geysering into her asshole, basting the rubbery walls of
the shit channel with a soothing tide of cum. Patty gasped as she lay
submissively beneath him, flexing her shit hole, making her asshole
suck all the jizz out of his prick. She knew she didn't have any
control anymore. She was just too horny. If Henry wanted to, he could
fuck or suck her any time his cock got stiff. So could his mother.

So could her own son.

Chapter Nine:
"Ungggh! No, Henry, please stop fucking me! My son's going to come
home! You don't want my son to catch you fucking me, do you?"

"I don't care," Henry grunted. "Move your hot little ass, Mrs. Wayne!"

They were in her bedroom now. Patty was on her back, naked, her long
legs cocked high, her ankles bouncing on Henry's shoulders as he rammed
his huge cock lance in and out of her cunt. It was late in the
afternoon now, and Walter could come home at any time. Patty had lost
track of how many times she'd let Henry fuck her tight pussy, how many
times the seemingly endlessly horny lad had sprayed his load of cock
juice deep inside her mouth, asshole or cunt.

He seemed to enjoy reaming her asshole best of all. Now, as Henry kept
ramming his prick into her pussy, Patty was conscious of how stretched
and itchy her asshole felt, how red and sore her shit sphincter had
grown from accepting the pile-driving thrusts of Henry's cock. It hurt
to have a sore, violently reamed asshole, but it felt good at the same
time. Now Patty's asshole was tingling and throbbing along with her
pussy, responding lewdly every time young Henry rammed his cock to the
hilt in her cunt.

"Oh, Henry! Ungggh! You're making me so horny again! Ungggh! Keep
fucking my pussy, Henry! Oh, fuck! Oh, please, ram my pussy till I
can't even walk!"

Henry pushed her legs up even higher, completely opening her curly-
haired pussy for the skewering thrusts of his prick. Then he picked up
the pace of his count ramming, savagely drilling his huge, rock-hard
cock into the creamy tightness of her cunt. Patty felt the giant
cockmeat pole slamming into her belly, ravishing her pussy to bursting
with every thrust. Madly she humped her ass to meet Henry's rhythm,
crazed with her insatiable need for hard cock.

"Gonna cum again!" she cried. She flung her arms around his shoulders,
whipping her ass off the sheets in a frenzy of lust. "Ungggh! Fuck my
pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! I'm cumming now! Fuck my cunt,
Henry, cumming, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her tight, hairy pussy sucked and throbbed uncontrollably in orgasm,
spewing out fuck oils, contracting again and again around the womb-
reaching stiffness of Henry's prick. Henry kept fucking as fast as he
could, his giant cock nursed by the spasming sheath of her pussy. Then
yet another load of hot, milky cock juice started raining out of his
boner. Patty felt the cum spouting deep inside her pussy, basting the
well-reamed inner walls with a soothing tide of jizz.

"Ahhh, shit," Henry sighed.

He pulled out of her hairy fuck hole, smiling with satisfaction as he
flopped beside her on the bed. Patty just lay there with her legs
spread, panting, the gooey mixture of jism and pussy juice running out
of her cunt onto the bed. When she recovered enough to look up, she was
surprised to see that Henry was finally struggling into his pants.

"I guess I better get out of here," he mumbled. He grinned at her over
his shoulder. "Man, you sure are a horny humper, Mrs. Wayne. I guess
you must be pretty glad I came over after all, huh?"

Patty stared at his cock, watching the long, meaty pole disappear from
sight as he zipped up his pants. Then she realized how horny she still
felt. It simple didn't matter to her that her son was coming home, that
her own son would catch her sucking and fucking another boy's prick.
Patty just knew that she couldn't stand to go even ten minutes without
the sexual stimulation she craved.

"Don't go, Henry."

Henry stopped dressing, looking at her. Realizing that she had
descended to the very depths of degenerate sexual behavior, Patty slid
off the bed and knelt on the floor. Henry grinned at her knowingly as
she stripped of his pants for him again, freeing his already stiffening

"My asshole's still horny, Henry," Patty whimpered. "If I suck your
cock for you again, will you give my little asshole another hard

Henry just smiled. Patty wrapped her fingers around his cock root,
staring at the knob as she rapidly started beating his prick meat. His
big cock smelled strongly of pussy juice. It turned her on to slurp on
a long, fat hard-on that had just finished fucking her tight cunt.

"Put it in your mouth, Mrs. Wayne!"

Patty opened her mouth, shuddering with her need for cock- sucking as
she shoved over a third of the prick between her lips. The well-fucked
cock wasn't completely stiff yet, which meant she could suck and chew
on it more easily. Patty shut her eyes and commenced the frantic cock
sucking, slurping and gurgling, dragging her lips hungrily up and down
the quickly swelling trunk of fuck meat.

"Oh, Mrs. Wayne!"

Henry dropped his hands, curling his fingers in her blonde hair,
looking down to eagerly observe the cock sucking. Patty sucked prick so
hard that her whole face reddened with the effort, and it was
impossible to hear herself panting through the nose over the loud,
constant smacking and slurping.

Henry's prick grew stiff again in obscene little jerks, until the huge
pole was again as hard as iron. Patty f***ed herself to stop sucking
cock, knowing how badly she needed to feel his prick meat drilling into
her asshole. She took the cock out of her mouth and inspected the stiff
organ her sucking had created. The cock knob and shaft now glistened
with an obscene mixture of pussy juice and wet spit.

"Fuck my asshole again, Henry!"

She crawled back onto the bed, her itchy well-fucked shit hole tingling
in anticipation of another violent bowel-probing. The naked blonde
reached behind her back, spreading her ass cheeks with her fingers,
again exposing her red, horny shit hole to Henry's eyes and cock. Henry
mounted her, pressing his spongy cock tip onto her puckered shit
opening. The next thing Patty knew, her tender asshole was again
stretching wide to admit an enormous, asshole-busting prick.

"Shove it in deep," she gasped. She grimaced as she felt her asshole
stretching open, sucking and gripping around Henry's cock. "Oh, honey,
my asshole's still so horny! Fuck it good, Henry! Unh, unh, my hot
little asshole's horny all the time!"

Henry started thrusting, hammering in his cock. In and in the enormous
cock pushed, sinking into her tender asshole, stretching her shit chute
wider and wider around the relentless pressure of his prick. Patty
released her jiggling ass buns, knowing she no longer needed to hold
them open to help Henry shove his cock in.

She thrust both hands under her belly, shuddering as she sank her
fingers into her cunt. Shamefully, Patty started finger- fucking,
beating off her pussy as she thrust her abused, aching asshole onto
Henry's cock.

Henry grunted, coming down hard, nailing his immense prick all the way
into the rubbery grip of her shit hole. For a moment he lay still on
her saucy ass cheeks, enjoying the pressure of her shitting muscles as
they clung needfully to his cock.

Then the hung youth started fucking her tight asshole again, sliding
his cock in and out of her bowels. Patty humped to meet his rhythm,
thrusting her burning shit sphincter onto his prick as hard as she

"Fuck my asshole!" she pleaded.

She fingerfucked her pussy in a frenzy, alternating between stroking
her clit and darting her fingers in and out of her cunt.

"Ungggh! Oh, fuck! Oh, please, It's so horny! My asshole needs fucking,
Henry! Ungggh! Ram the shit out of it, make it cum, make it cum!"

Henry started assfucking as hard as he could, savagely plowing his
enormous, freshly cum-laded prick into the sucking depths of her anus.
Patty soon felt the cum spreading through her loins. It seemed to grip
both her pussy and asshole at the same time, making her pussy spew cunt
cream onto her fingers, and her anus grip and suck around Henry's cock.

"I'm cumming!" she cried. "Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny asshole!
Cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Henry kept fucking her hard and deep, guiding her through her orgasm.
It was only when she recovered her senses that Patty realized that the
violent assfucking session had been observed from beginning to end.

It wasn't just Walter standing in the doorway, though, grinning at his
horny mother. Margaret was standing and watching too.

Chapter Ten:

"Well, I can see that you're having a good time," Margaret purred. "Is
my Henry keeping you happy, Patty? He's a good fucker, isn't he?"

Patty just lay there, Henry's prick still stiffly embedded deep inside
her asshole, her eyes shifting rapidly from Margaret to Walter as she
tried to understand what was going on. They didn't give her time to
think. Margaret crossed the room, sat on the edge of the bed and
shamelessly caressed Patty's naked body. By then Walter had already
begun stripping off his clothes.

"See? There's nothing really wrong with you, Patty," Margaret
whispered. "You're just horny, that's all. You need a lot more fucking
than average. That's why I sent my darling Henry over to visit you. I
know what a wonderfully large cock he has. You see, darling, you're not
the only mother who fucks her own son."

Henry raised his hips, grimacing as he slid his enormous cock out of
Patty's stretched, tender asshole with a lurid plopping sound. Then he
stood in front of his mother, looking at her expectantly. Patty
watched, almost unable to believe her eyes as Margaret dropped to her
knees, facing Henry's gigantic prick. The lad's massive, twitching
hard-on was soiled and sticky from fucking Patty's asshole. Margaret
obviously didn't care at all. She opened her mouth wide and thrust her
head forward, stuffing her own son's giant cock lance between her lips.

She does fuck her own son, Patty thought. The blonde looked on in
disbelief and growing horniness, seeing the hunger with which
Margaret's lips clasped around Henry's cock. Margaret was obviously a
very hungry, cum-loving cocksucker. She wrapped her fingers tightly
around the base of Henry's cock skillfully beginning to jack her son's
big prick a she sucked and slurped on the tip.

Standing in front of the door, Walter was now completely naked. He held
his own huge prick in hand, jacking it slowly as he watched. Margaret
sucked loudly and wetly on Henry's hard-on, almost seeming to enjoy the
taste his prick had acquired from fucking Patty's anus. Soon the blow
job had cleaned every trace of shit juice from Henry's organ, leaving
it glistening with spit from base to tip.

"Look, Patty." Margaret took the big boner out of her mouth, looking
mischievously at her blonde friend. "I got my son's cock all nice and
clean for you again. Now Henry can fuck your pussy, while Walter fucks
your asshole too!"

Patty remained where she was, her stiff nipples tingling and her pussy
getting wet again, gradually understanding the kind of i****tuous
foursome that Margaret proposed. The last remnants of her conscience
told her to get out of the room immediately, that letting Henry and her
own son double-fuck her while Margaret watched would be stooping into
the very gutter of depravity. But Patty had never been double-fucked
before. Despite the endless humping she'd enjoyed that day, her whole
body thrilled to the thought of being stretched by two enormous,
pounding cocks at the same time.

Patty said nothing. It was the same as giving in. Henry smiled at her,
then joined her on the bed again, this time stretching out on his back
with his enormous, spit-dripping boner pulsing obscenely over his
stomach. Patty shared a long, knowing look with Margaret. Then she
submissively did what they all wanted her to do: she mounted young
Henry, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips, taking
hold of his giant cock and directing the rosy knob into her cunt.

"Doesn't it feel big going in, Patty?" Margaret whispered, then looked
over her shoulder at Patty's son.

"Look, Walter. Don't you like watching your mother's pussy stretching
around another boy's prick?"

Walter was watching, still jacking on his own prick, watching for the
moment when he could bury its throbbing stiffness deep inside his
mother's bowels. Patty grimaced, feeling Henry's big prick stretching
her pussy, the glistening walls of her cunt sucking and gripping around
its breadth. She clutched Henry's shoulders tightly, wiggling and
thrusting her pink-flushed ass cheeks, making his stiff cock drive all
the way up her buttery cunt.

Henry started thrusting, ramming his mammoth boner into her pussy.
Patty felt it disappearing into her, gooshing deep inside the innermost
depths of her pussy channel. She shuddered, banging her thighs on
Henry's hips as she f***ed his prick all the way in. Then she started
humping again, fast and hard, rapidly banging her tight, juice pussy up
and down on Henry's enormous prick.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Ungggh! Fuck my cunt, Henry, fuck my juicy
cunt! Oh, ram it in, Henry! My pussy wants your prick!"

Soon the humping unison fell into a fast needy rhythm, with Henry
clutching Patty's hips and Patty holding onto his shoulders, her huge
tits jiggling over his chest as she slammed her hairy pussy onto his
cock as fast as she could. Suddenly she felt the bed sagging behind
her, and realized that her son had joined them on the bed. Patty
quickly sprawled flat on Henry's chest, eagerly awaiting the first
skewering thrust of her own son's hard cock into her already well-
fucked bowels.

"Spread 'em open, Mum!"

Patty knew what her son wanted. She reached behind her back, grasping
her ass cheeks, spreading them wide to display her pink, itchy shit
hole to her hung, horny son. She glanced to her right, noticing that
Margaret was now squatting against the wall and fingerfucking as she
watched. Then Patty forgot everything as she felt the first pressure of
her son's enormous cock, cleaving into the rubbery tightness of her
sore, horny shit tunnel.

"Oh, Walter!" she gasped. "Fuck Mummy's asshole! Oh, shit, oh, fuck,
you've got such a big prick!"

Walter was already humping hard, moaning with pleasure as he felt his
mother's tight, aching asshole compressing around his prick. The first
part of his cock bored into her shit chute easily, and then Walter had
to start humping hard to f***e the rest in.

Patty felt like she was getting fucked by a horse. Both of the pricks
were so huge, and having them in her pussy and asshole at the same time
made them seem even larger. Only a thin flesh membrane divided her
pussy and shit tunnel, and that membrane was not stretched by the
pulsing, chafing length of their cocks.

Patty felt more overwhelmed with raw fuck need than ever before in her
life. Feverishly she started humping between the two hung studs,
thrusting her cunt onto Henry's prick one moment, eagerly fucking her
stretched, horny asshole onto Walter's prick.

Walter grunted, moving his ass, forcing his giant, cum-laden cock all
the way into the rubber tightness of his mother's shit sphincter. For a
moment he lay still, letting his big prick soak in the constant,
pressurized warmth of her bowels. Then he started fucking again, much
harder than before, rhythmically drilling his mammoth, aching cock
lance through the stretched ring of her tight anus.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole!" Patty squealed.

She was almost screaming out the words now, her whole body aching with
the most intense pleasure she'd ever felt. The sweat dripped from her
body as she humped frantically between them, her tit melons jiggling,
desperate for as much hard cock as she could possible get.

"Don't shoot off in her," Margaret hissed. The naked brunette was
fingerfucking in a frenzy, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt
as she watched Patty getting double-fucked. " it for
me, boys. "Don't shoot your cum in her. I need to get fucked too!"

Then Patty felt herself starting to cum. She knew instantly that it was
going to be a big, hard one, as her asshole sucked uncontrollably
around her son's pounding prick, as her pussy spewed cunt oils onto
Henry's cock. The blonde grimaced and whipped her ass in a frenzy of
passion, desperately trying to take in even more of their pricks.

"Unh, unh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole now! Unh! Harder, both of
you! I'm cumming now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck the shit out of me!
Cumming, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her twin, ravished fuck channels spasmed violently, gripping the two
giant cocks, holding them deep inside her body as the cum pounded
through her loins again and again. The cum lasted for nearly a minute,
and both Henry and Walter kept fucking her violently through every
second of it. When the spasm finally subsided, Patty was on the verge
of u*********sness. She offered no protest as her son pulled his huge
prick out of her tender asshole, giving her room to slide off of
Henry's cock and crumple on the floor beside the bed.

"God, I can't wait," Margaret hissed.

Henry was still lying there, his giant prick pulsing over his belly,
now waiting eagerly for another chance to fuck his own mother. Margaret
swiftly straddled him, taking Patty's place, planting her knees on the
bed to either side of his hips. She reached down, taking hold of his
stiff prick, directing the knob into her cunt. Margaret held onto
Henry's shoulders and wiggled her tight little ass in a downward
spiral, shuddering and panting as she felt her pussy being stuffed with
the cum-bloated thickness of Henry's prick.

"Now fuck my asshole, Walter!" she gasped. "Hurry, hurry!"

Margaret was sprawled forward, crushing her tits on her son's chest.
She reached behind her back, shamelessly displaying her pink, puckered
asshole to Patty's son. Walter swiftly climbed onto the bed again, his
prick throbbing harder than ever. Looking up at them from the floor,
Patty watched dazedly as Walter fit his swollen cock tip into the
puckered gateway of Margaret's bowels.

"Ungggh! Feels good, Walter!" Margaret cried. "Fuck my horny asshole
now! Oh, please, fuck my horny asshole!"

Walter started humping, grimacing with pleasure as he sank his prick
into the narrow, spasming shit hole, as he felt Margaret's shitting
muscles sucking around his cock. Margaret wiggled her ass to help him
shove his cock in, her pussy still throbbing rhythmically around
Henry's cock. A half of Walter's cock plowed up her asshole, then two-
thirds. Walter grunted and fucked down hard, drilling every inch of his
enormous, cum-laden boner into the sucking grip of Margaret's bowels.

It felt incredibly good. Margaret had sample nearly every sexual
variation known, but she had never really had her fill of double-
fucking. The two cocks stuffed inside her at the same time felt even
bigger than they really were, stuffing her loins completely with hard,
throbbing cock meat. Margaret grimaced and flushed, her face contorting
with the intense pleasure of fucking. Then she started humping fast and
hard, feverishly trying to fuck both of the big pricks at once.

"Fuck me, fuck meeee!" she gasped. "Unh, unh, fuck Mummy's pussy,
Henry! Oh, please, Walter, fuck the shit out of my horny little
asshole! Oh, hard, do it hard! I need to cum so fucking much!"

Walter pulled out, withdrawing until only the hear-shaped crown of his
hard-on distended her anal lips. He paused, then rammed his cock even
deeper up her ass. Then he started fucking the naked, horny brunette
with a quick, driving rhythm, tirelessly spearing his enormous prick in
and out of her horny, itchy anus.

"Fuck Mummy's pussy, Henry!"

Henry responded, humping his ass to meet Walter's rhythm, drilling his
cock in and out of his mother. Walter fucked harder, his prick swelling
progressively stiffer in the rubbery grip of Margaret's asshole,
growing close to showering her bowels with jizz. Soon both of the hung
young studs were humping as hard as they could, guiding Margaret to the
peak of ecstasy, ramming their pricks in and out of her horny, writhing

"I'm cumming!" Margaret cried suddenly.

The orgasm burst violently deep inside her belly, radiating through her
pussy and asshole, making the twin fuck holes spasm even harder around
their cocks.

"Unnggggh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole! Oh, shit, I love it! Cumming
now! Unh, unh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Henry cried out, fucking his hips as high off the bed as he could,
slamming his prick to the hilt in his mother's cum- throbbing, juice-
spewing pussy. Even in the middle of her cum, Margaret groaned with
intense satisfaction as the milky-white cock juice started spewing out
of Henry's cock, flooding torrentially deep inside her cunt. Henry
fucked harder than ever, draining his load into his mother, feeling the
sappy white goo running out of her furry cuntslit and puddling luridly
on his stomach.

Walter rammed down hard, sinking his prick to the hilt in her asshole.
Then he started cumming too, shooting his load of cock juice deep
inside the brunette's pulsing ass. Margaret's shameless smile widened
as she felt her rubber shit tunnel being showered with more cream.
Eagerly she kept bucking and humping between them, now flexing her shit
sphincter to drain the last gooey droplets out of Walter's cock.

And, watching from the floor, Patty had already begun finger- fucking
as fast as she could. She knew that the boys would keep their cocks
hard, ready to fuck their mothers all day and night. Patty knew now
that she couldn't restrain the intensity of her passion for fucking,
and she knew that she didn't want to. She simply lived for the joy of
having her pussy and asshole reamed, or slurping on her son's enormous
cock, sucking the tasty cock juice out of her own son's big prick.


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