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My Blind Date

I can't believe how lucky I was to have found someone like you. Bold! Daring! And, so sexy and eager to please. We had met online in a chat-room. You were Michelle, then. (I learned later that wasn't your real name. Of course, real names don't matter when your hot and horny.)

When I'd worked up the courage to call you, you invited to a motel I knew.
When I walked into your room, I thought you were too beautiful to trust blind dates. But, you were seductive. Your thin bodly, nicely shaped and very attractive face. I wanted you from the get-go. (In the best way!)

I held out my hand, introducing myself to you. Your hand was warm and soft, your smile inviting. I kept your hand in mine and pulled you to me. I took you in my arms, pressing the whole lenghth of your hot body to mine. Then, as I leaned forward toward your face, your eyes began to close. At the same time, your lips parted ever so slightly as we kissed, sweetly, like young lovers. Your tongue was in my mouth met. I lightly sucked on it. Our passion were growing. You pressed the lower part of your torso to mine. Hard! (VERY HARD!)

Maybe you didn't notice! BUT, YOU DID!

Instead of retreating, you started rubbing against me in an insinuating, encouraging manner. I had no doubt where this was going. While we continued to kiss, I kept one hand against your back in a tight embrace and let the other find your ass. It was a nice ass, round cheeks and firm.

Then, I grabbed your ass in both hands and pulled you tight to me and began grinding my cock against you in a fucking motion. I lifted your skirt up and enjoyed kneaded your silk-covered ass. (You seemed to like that.) After a short time enjoying that, one of my hands went around between us and reached to what I expected to be a wet pussy.

There was moisture, but it was leaking out the top of a COCK. OMG! YOU HAD A COCK!

My first reaction was "NO! I can't be turned on. I'm not gay!"

It didn't take long for you to change my mind. You reached for and found my very hard, very thick and very sensitive cock. My mind had said "NO!" But, my cock was in charge. I urgently pushed you to the bed where you sat.

I said, "Baby, I know what you want. So, if you want tosee what that is, take my cock out of my pants. I think you'll find it ready, eager and waiting."

You did as I told you. I felt a shiver of excitement as you looked at it with full admiration as you held it in your hand. "Your cock is beautiful." You began. "It's so big and hard and ..."

I interrupted you. "Shut up already and put it in your mouth. I know you want to. And, I want you to!"

Your smile said, “I like it when you tell me what to do.” And, you pulled my erect cock toward you and, after giving it a taste, slid the head between your lips. You began licking the pre-cum off the end adding more moisture with your spit.

I grabbed the back of your head and encouraged you to take more of my cock in your mouth. You were eager, I could tell. You wanted to suck my balls dry. I had other plans, but this felt so damn good, I just let you go to town on my cock.

You’d bring me close, then closer. Finally, I reached the back of your throat and you were doing your best not to gag. But your mouth was a built in “prick prison”! I was trapped. And, I was loving it. SO WERE YOU!

(I had buried my cock in many women and they often complained when I hit the cervix with too much f***e. The back of your throat was a barrier that I would not violate, anymore than I wanted to hurt them. Besides, I knew from experience there was only one place I could put my cock and get it fully sheathed. I also knew you had the same convenience waiting for me. Eagerly? I’d find that out, soon!

You were swallowing your drool as your head bobbed up and down on my cock. No doubt about it! You were happy sucking my cock. And, I was getting close to flooding your mouth with more than you could swallow. I was getting too close. (But, I was loving your sexy handling of my proud cock.)

Then you pulled away and said something, like you had read my mind. I was surprised, but happy to hear you say, “Don’t cum yet, lover! I’ve always wanted a cock up my ass. A nice thick cock like yours fucking my ass-pussy.” You looked up at me. “You’d love to fuck my ass. Right?”

My answer was to pull you up to your feet and give you a warm open kiss, tasting my cock as I did so. Then, on releasing you, I turned you around to face the bed. I pulled your hips to me and pushed your torso forward. You went down on your elbows and lifted your ass to me in a love offering, an irresistible offering.

I pulled your skirt over your hips and looked at your panty enclosed ass. “Nice,” I thought. Slowly, I pulled your panties down until your ass crack was fully exposed. I licked my finger and intruded the area slowly feeling your tight little pussy.

You were great. “Ooh! That feels good, baby. You got me so hot. I need your cock. I want to fuck. Put it in me, slowly; then, I want to feel every inch as it enters my ass.”

I did as you asked. (You were offering me everything I wanted. The speed of things now was perfect, as well. I liked starting out slow. Then, as the ass relaxed and got accustomed to my cock, I could push in and pull out like a stud bull.)

Your pussy was all ready. You were relaxed so much, that I didn’t have to go as slow as I usually went. You took it all, every inch to the hilt. It was so tight and such a nasty, forbidden pleasure that I knew it’d be only a matter of moments before I would have to cum.

Your ass pulled on my cock when I’d try to pull back. Then, you’d welcome me again as I drove forward. You were working the walls of your pussy like a pro. We fucked like that only a little longer (I wanted more), but I was going to cum. And, I wanted my cum to go in your mouth, on your face as you watched me stroke it off.

Again you read my mind! “Don’t cum in my pussy! I want it in my face, on my tongue. Fucking cum all over me.”

That did it. I couldn’t hold back and pulled out of that wonderful pussy of yours and began stroking my cock. You turned around and held your head up as a target. Your mouth was open. You were feeling between your legs and playing with your bra-encased breasts. You were hot, telling me how much you want my load, my sweet and sticky jizz, my cum. “Stroke it, lover! I want your cum. Fuckin’ cum all over me. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

It was electric as my orgasm overtook me. I was transported into pure ecstasy as my cock exploded in your face, your hair, on your cute nose and sweet lips. You caught a fair amount in my mouth and seemed to enjoy it. I didn’t care about anything. I was having an orgasm unlike any I’d ever had.

You were sexy, very sexy, and beautiful. I loved your face. I was fully in love with you at that moment. I only wanted to please you. Plus, I had always wanted what I had given you. Always!

I undressed, wiped my dripping cock with my underwear, threw my clothes in the corner and then I turned my attention to you. You were staring at my cock with true appreciation. I put my hands on your shoulders and just as you leaning forward to put my cock back in your mouth, I pushed you back onto the bed and opened your legs.

Your skirt slid up to your waist and I could see your cock. It was so hard and long that it was escaping your panties in a sensational, tempting manner. I got on my knees and immediately pulled your cock out in full view. Not bad, I thought. IN FACT, pretty damn good!

You were so hard and excited as I took your long cock in my mouth. I held it in place by pressing hard to the top of my mouth with my energetic tongue. You moaned. This wasn’t going to take long.

Your hips were rising off the bed, fucking my mouth as I enjoyed sucking and licking and tasting the full length of your beautiful cock. I put my hand under your cock and cupped your balls gently playing with them. You squirmed even more. My other hand went lower and began teasing your ass hole. You wanted me to fuck you real bad. But, you couldn’t wait. And, I knew I’d have another chance later.

I grabbed your cock in my hand and began stroking at a quickening pace as I talked to you. “You are one incredible fucker, so sexy. You like my feeling your ass, caressing your breasts, kissing your lips, telling you how I was going to fuck you. Well, it’s my turn!”

My hand was moving very quickly up and down as I continued, “Now, I want your cum to shoot wherever it wants. But, I will take some in my mouth. I want your cum. I need it. Give me what I want.”

You moaned, and it started. At first, there was a big spurt that practically hit the ceiling. I pressed against the base of your cock as I continued milking the cum. My head went down just in time to catch the next blast in my mouth. (It was good. I loved it.)

Your cock continue to spasms more cum in my mouth. I swallowed most of it. Your moans of pleasure were all the encouragement I needed. But, suddenly, it was too much for you. “Please, stop! I’m sorry! It’s too sensitive! It feels good … but it almost hurts.”

I smiled to myself, knowing exactly how you felt. Exactly.

I laid down beside you and pulled you in my arms for a loving embrace and a sweet kiss of appreciation. The feeling we had for each other was mutual. Our lusts had driven everything that happened. And, we knew more was cumming. Much more. We were both sharing our fantasies as we continued to explore each others’ bodies. (Mmm! That was so good!)

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