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A Cold Night by the Fireplace

It was cold out and I was horny so I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come over so I could act out one of my fantasies. We would have the house to ourselves all night so I decided that this was the night to make love to him on the living room floor with the fireplace burning. I started the fire then put down some blankets and the comforter from my bed then I ran upstairs and put on my best lingerie.’ When he got to the house I opened the door and kissed him hard, pulling him right to the blankets. He pushed me gently down and I laid there and watched him undress quickly. The fire glowed on his naked skin making him look so hot and wonderful. He bent down and kissed down my entire body as he slowly pulled my bra and thong off. When my pussy was exposed he spread my legs and licked my clit with eagerness! He wanted me so bad I could tell, he sucked and dug deep into my pussy with his tongue, I screamed and moaned begging for more!! After several minutes of attention I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came all over his lips and tongue.
After I came he sat up and put a condom on his large already rock hard member that we liked to call Stanley!! He then picked up my legs and pushed Stanley right into my wet pussy, plunging in and out groaning and moaning with every thrust. I begged for him to go in as deep, and as hard, as possible!!! He knew how I liked it, he was amazing at fucking me. We both came together and afterward he laid down next to me, holding me close and kissing the sweat from my forehead. We then spooned and rested for a while in front of the fire. After a while I could feel Stanley growing again and I crawled down under the covers, pulled off the dirty condom and started sucking him clean. My man relaxed as I sucked and sent Stanley to the back of my throat. Eventually he moaned loudly and grabbed my hair; holding me onto his cock as his cum came swiftly down my throat. I kept sucking and swallowing his sweet sweet cum until Stanley was limp again. Once he was done I sat up and kissed his lips and pressed my hard nipples to his mouth. He knew what that meant and grabbed my hips as he sucked and bit my nipples hard; I moaned softly as he pushed me back against the pillow and held me down to bite my nipples as hard as he wanted. I loved having him take a hold of me and bite me hard and he took advantage of that love. I moaned and screamed as his mouth maid me wet. I was still trembling as he let me go and pointed Stanley at me, so I had to oblige of course. I bent over and sucked him up and down and rubbed his balls making him hard again. Making my man hard is so easy we can do it several times a night if he is up to it.
As I sucked him he was rubbing my ass and poking in and out of my ass whole, soon I felt him grab the lube from his pants pocket and rub my tiny ass whole in and out and around with the warn wet lube. After I was all lubed up and we were both ready he pulled me up and f***ed me onto my hands and knees with my ass facing him. He then got into position and pushed his hard cock all the way into my ass, making me scream!!! He pushed in and out and plunged deep inside rubbing my nipples ever so often as he did this. We both screamed and moaned as he filled my ass with his cum and I flooded the sheet with my cum. When we were both spent He pulled out and laid next to me. I pulled the comforter over us and we snuggled as we slept for a few hours before doing it a few more times in the morning. It was a very successful fantasy.

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