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Adventures with Devin. Pt.1

(Everything in Adventures with Devin are based off true events.)

When I was thirteen my best friend, Devin, introduced to me the world of porn. I had only jerked off a couple times before he showed me some porn one night when I spent the night. He flicked on some porn and asked me if I had ever jerked off. I said yes, so he stood up took off all his clothes and started beating off to some porn. At first I didn't know what to do, but soon found my self naked and jerking off with him.

For about a year we did this. Not once did I spend the night and we did not jerk off.

But on his f******nth birthday things changed. I spent the night and we were jerking off just like usual. He looked over and said

"Can you give me an extra birthday gift?"

"Well, what do you want?"

"Let me touch your dick."

"What!? Dude.. Are you gay?"

"Man relax, my b*****r does it with his friends all the time."

"But, I mean... What if someone comes in?"

He looks at me, reaches his hand over and grabs my dick.

My eyes go wide, and I look at him. He laughs but keeps stroking.

"Can I-"

"Yes, please."

I reach over and take his dick in my hand.

That night we jerked each other off and did that same thing for a couple more months. Then things got even more intense.

Like usual we were on his bed jerking each other off when he stopped. He looked at me and asked me..

"Have you ever gotten your dick sucked?"
He continues to stroke my dick. I do to.
"Nope. You?"

"Yea, once. Felt great."
I knew he would say yes. He was a pretty good looking k** at that age.
I laugh "Yea well maybe some day I'll get some head."

"Maybe today?"
It takes me awhile to catch on. Then I realize what he means.
"You really want to?"

"Yea man, just curious you know?"

"I guess so... Go ahead."

He reaches his head down and starts sucking the tip of my dick. He works my cock further into his throat. At that age my dick was only about 6 inches so it was easier for him to take the whole thing. He keeps blowing and blowing making me moan with pleasure, and I start to feel myself getting ready to cum.

"I'm about to cum"

But he keeps sucking my dick.

"Dude I'm gonna cum!"

Before I knew it I let out a huge load in his mouth. He pulled his head off my dick, looked up at me and swallowed.

"Man, your cock tastes great!"
I laugh.
"That felt really good to."
He stood up to go get a towel, to wipe some extra cum off his face. When he stood I couldn't help but check him out. Nice ass, muscular back, buff calves. No wonder all the ladies want him, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, Devin is pretty damn hot.

Devin sits back down and looks at me.
"Want to return the favor?"
I blush a little.
This is the first time I got a real good look at his cock. He was just starting to grow some pubes and his balls were pretty big. His dick was a little bigger than mine and had a little more girth to it. I took it in my hand and began to suck. It tasted amazing. He was moaning pretty loud so I could tell I was doing a good job. He started to rub my back which made me get even more into it. I wanted it all. I began to swallow all his cock down my throat. And then he came. It tasted like salt but it was good. Since he swallowed I figured I should to. After that we turned off the porn, and said goodnight...

To be continued....

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