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The Roommates Pt2

The roommates pt2

When we arrived every light in the house was out.

We figured that 2am was a little late for poor Mark and Josh.

Mark snoring like a lumberjack and Josh

playing soft music and burning inscents burning.

Smiling we entered our bedroom and closed the door.

The next morning Dash and I had ALOT to tell Mark and Josh, but we

hesitated to tell them until we got a feel for what our to new roommates were into,

we decided to start doing little things to gauge how comfortable they were with sex in general.

I decided to start first. Having two white men living in our house was new for us

At first I was a little nervous about testing them,

but I soon lost that nervousness when I saw Josh jacking off

with the door slightly ajar. I turned and ran back to the stairs and screamed his name.

Giving him a chance to cover up or close the door. To my surprise his door was still

open and he was standing in front of the television muttering to

himself and stroking his rock hard cock. It had been a long time since I seen a white cock in person.

Still a little surprised and shocked I bypassed Josh's room and made the decision to go ahead

and play this little game with them. After my shower I text my husband who was still downstairs (doing God knows what)

to let him know what was going on and what I was going do.

He said ok and the game was on. It was hard to decide what would be the best outfit to seduce our roommate.

When I was finished picking through the seemingly millions of choices and getting all oiled up.

I decided to spend some time with our new roommate. I knocked but there was no answer for a couple of beats.

Oh, hello Neeva." "How are you doing today?"

"Im fine." "Just a little drained from the party last night." "We had a great time, but that 2

am thing kicked my butt." I noticed he was wearing just a towel and rocking one major hard on.

I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of that monster.

"I was wondering if we could get to know each other."

"Be friends ya know?" "Yeah, I would like that."

Mark took a step back and allowed me to enter, then closed the door behind him.

Before the conversation turned more personal I got one final text from Dash

Dash: Going to the gym

Perfect! I thought to myself. That gives us some major alone time.

I decided to remove my shirt to reveal my bikini top. The poor thing could barely contain my super sized tits.

I could tell Josh was enjoying the view so, I played coy with him for a bit.

Josh, is there something you want to tell me?" I asked with a small smile.

"Yes, there is a lot of things I want to tell you Neeva." "First, I want to ask you where

Dash?" "I believe he is on his way to the gym, I doubt he is gone yet but I can check if you

want?" "No, no," he replied.

Before I knew it Josh was on his knees in front of me pulling my bikini top up and sucking and biting my nipples.

It had been so long since I felt another man's on my silky caramel skin. His strong hands seemed to be everywhere

on my breasts, stomach, ass, pussy. Everywhere.

We had barely begun exploring each other when we heard a light knock at the door.

Josh and I decided to ignore the knock and continue on as if we hadnt heard anything.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood Mark wearing nothing more than a wrist watch.

Not one to be disturbed by the appearance of an unexpected guest.

I motioned for Josh to stand so I could suck his cock a bit. For a moment I forgot Mark was still standing

in the doorway staring at the two of us. "May we help you, Mark?"

"Yeah, I thought you might like an extra pair of hands."

Hahaha, ok.

Mark carefully made his way over to the bed with his cock in hand. "Suck my cock baby"

Before another word was spoken I brought Mark's cock to my lips and started teasing his it with little nibbles

and strokes of my tongue until I felt the head turned a deep purple color.

I ran my tongue down the side of his cock til I reached his swollen balls.

Taking them in my mouth one at a time. Then releasing them with a slight pop.

The constant movement of my tongue was driving Mark crazy.

His moans grew louder as I started to work my tongue faster. Each time my tongue grazed his most

sensitive spots I felt his hand grip my hair a little tighter.He was coming too close to the edge so I pulled back

a bit and gave him a moment. It was now Josh's turn to feel my mouth on his cock.

Josh was much larger than Mark. He was packing a full 10 inch thick cock that I could

barely fit into my mouth without feeling like I was being stretched completely.

I planted a sultry kiss on the head of the thick cock before further inspecting it.

I wanted to take my time with it. Learning ever inch of his cock before I was done.

Josh started to push his cock into my mouth inch by inche until he was touching my tonsils.

As he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth I quickly worked my tongue on the underside of his cock.

It wasn't long before the familiar taste of cum started to fill my mouth, but this was one of many loads I would be tasting today.

Mark wasn't one to just wait his turn so he decided to get down and start licking my tight cunny.

Never had I ever felt a man's tongue darting in and out of my pussy like that.

The sensation seemed to bring something up inside of me; Something primal.

Within seconds I started rocking my hips back and forth on Mark's face. His nose made for a very interesting dildo

Each time I brushed his it I felt lighting shoot through my pussy and up towards my tits. I wanted

to cry out in ecstasy, but with Josh's huge cock in my mouth it was impossible. There would be no loud screaming and

moaning on my part only the muffled sound of his cock pumping in and out of my mouth. Somewhere in between Mark's

amazing tongue fucking and Josh's mouth fucking I decided I wanted someone to record our naughty escapades.

Once the camera was introduced things really started progress.

Josh pulled me up from the floor and commanded me to sit on his cock reverse cowgirl on his small couch.

Suddenly I was impaled by Josh's monster cock.

"Fuck!!" "I never knew black pussy was this good." "Might end up cumming too soon." "Its so tight" he groaned as

he hammered away at my pussy

At first entry I cried as a young girl would with the breaking of her hymen.

When I finally got more comfortable Mark approached and and started tweaking my nipples until they became hard as rocks.

With my pussy completely open and accessible Mark knelt down to rub my clit as Josh piston his cock

in my slippery cunt. I was in heaven. Well I thought I was until my husband came home to find us all fucking like rabbits.

He didnt say a word. He just sat down the on the bed and watch as his young wife was taken by two strapping white men.

He had no objections or judgement. He seemed to revel at the sight of me getting pounded into

oblivion by our roommates. Dash was really getting into it. He had already pulled his cock out and proceeded to stroke it to its full length.

He also began telling Mark where my special spots were and how to get me to cum all over the place. I felt so out of control.

As I bounced on Josh's cock I watched Dash start to undress and stroll over to me. I wasnt sure what to expect. This was our first crack at interactive

a foursome. For a moment I started to feel guilty about being on another man's cock right in front of my loving husband.

I tensed up as he got to me. When I closed my eyes I could feel him grab my tits and start licking and

biting my painfully hard nipples. He had no idea what he was doing to me. My body was going up in flames with ever second

that past. The louder I moaned the harder he sucked.

Three hours had past and the three of us were still going strong.

By now it was mid-day. You could hear the neighbors c***dren running around as well as husbands and wives coming

home from work, completely oblivious to the scene that was playing out in their good friends house.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew they had two male roommates, but had no idea they were all fucking each other.

As if on cue. Josh started cumming. He asked me where I wanted it, but before I could answer he pumped several ropes

of creamy hot cum inside my wanting cunt. It was now Mark's turn, but I was

somewhat disappointed. He wanted to shot his load in my mouth. With my cunt and

my mouth full of cum I waited to see What my husband was going to do.

"Stand up and bend over sweetie." he said. I did as I was told and without warning I felt a hard slap on the ass

and a good size object pushing at my back door. It was my red butt plug. "Shit" I screamed as he pushed the plug deeper.

Once it was pushed all the way in Dash started to fuck my ass and tell me how much of a slut I was.

Normally a woman would be offended, but it only made my pussy throb. Yes Daddy, Fuck my ass"

"FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS" I cried as I started to squirt all over the floor.

The entire room was silent except for my screams and the sound of my pussy juice dripping on the floor.

I hadnt had the chance to catch my breath before Dash snatched the toy from my tight little hole and replaced it with

his own thick cock. The feel of the room with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Gone was the sound of my dripping pussy.

The noise that filled the room was the slapping of my DDDs as well as Dash's body slamming against my ass. With one last

push and grunt Dash filled my hole with cum and that was that.

Spent and worn out we all managed to shake off fatigue and go on our way.

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