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Mum's soldier boy. page 1

fictional story.

As I step of the plane in England to pouring rain I cast my mind back to a day earlier and the scourching sun of Iraq, I was now officaly on leave after 6 months tour of duty. I hailed a cab and set of home for a well earned rest. As I reached home I could see the banners and flags welcoming me home, I knocked on the door to be greated by Mum and baby s****r Sally (who was now 21).

We all sat down with a cuppa and chatted about stuff, and whats happenedin Iraq, people comming and going welcoming me home. I went up to my old room and chilled out, I took of my traveling clothes and lay on my bed in just boxers and closed my eye's. Sally came barging in and sat on the bed looking at the lump in my trousers, Sally and I where close but I hadnt seen a women other in uniform for atleast 5 months as my cock grew.

Sally commented on my cock saying is the monster sturring and reached out to stroke it, I groaned as her finger traced over the form saying it needed a pussy to freshing it up and laughed, I hadnt had sex in over a year and was gagging to get it out and wank myself silly, she teased it more rubbing her hand over my huge balls, I commented saying she keeps this up, my cock will go off before it should, Sally blushed saying well I better stop then with a grin on her face and rubbed it harder, I told her that if she didn't stop I would have to remove her panties and smack her bottom like a naughty girl.

Sally said well why dont you fuck me and no need to remove my panties I took them of before I came in,opening her legs to reveal a shaved pussy that was soaking wet, she smelt gorgous as she begged to be fucked like I did on her 18th birthday. I pulled my boxers down as my cock sprung out like a pole all thick, twitching as it smelt pussy, I got inbetween her legs as I fed it into her pussy she groaned softly not to disturb mum who was down stairs.

Sally begged to be fucked as I drew my cock out and then pushed in again, her pussy was tight but was a real good feeling, she arched her back and cum I undone her top to reveal her tits that where fairly big with brownish nipples I slowly sucked them running my tounge around them, as I moved in and out of her pussy, her left leg wrapping around my waist pulling me in, as she begged for harder and faster.

I upped the pace as I moaned my balls hung down slapping her cute arse I was trying to hold on so it wasnt over to quick, she cum again and again begging for me to cum in her pussy as I felt it rise, I moved faster and faster until had no other choice but unload 6 months of cum into a pussy, I had wanked of but not the same as pumping into a pussy, my cock exploded as I groaned loudly unable to keep it quiet as Sally trembled with a orgasm that ripped through her body.

We fell asl**p like we did years ago but this time like lovers, I woke about 3 hours later with Sally still in my arms covered up with a quilt but had no idea how that happened, Sally woke and had no idea either as we kissed and felt each other as she rubbed my cock before sucking me off cumming down her throat. We got dressed and went downstairs, mum had left a note saying, if I wanted come to the local for a pint.

I decided not to and sat watching tv, I heard mum come back as she entered the room she commented saying that I was up and dressed, I prentended that I had no idea what she ment, she said I know you and sally had sex and had known since the night of her 18th. She said she put the quilt over us to keep us warm, kissed me on the cheek and commented saying that my cock was huge and would love that in her. she took my hand and told me to come with her as we made our way to her bedroom, she sat on the edge of the bed as she undone my zip pulling out my cock rubbing it until it was stiff, her eyes widened looking at the size before opening her mouth and feeding it down her throat, no one had deep throated me as I felt it slide down her throat.

She rubbed my balls slweezing then softly as she moaned, she pulled my cock out of her mouth as she slurped rubbing it slowly, she stopped and stood up and removed her clothes, as she undone her bra her firm tits jutted out huge dark nipples, I noticed her left nipple was pierced she removed her panties to reveal a shaved pussy and a pierced clit her belly button was as well, I asked when she had these done, she said she had fucked a guy that done piercings and convince her to have them done.

I sucked her nipples like a hungry baby as she cum in seconds begging for my cock to split her pussy, she bent over as I held her waist feeding my cock into her pussy, it was tight like a virgins but felt good as it opened up with excitment, I moved back and forth as my cock shone with her jucies coated the shaft, I jabbed in and out making her cum again and again, as she begged for more, I pumped harder and harder my stomach banning her firm arse as my cock slammed into her pussy pushing her shaved lips apart.

She shock as I felt her jucies hit the sencetive head of my cock before it throbbed and exploded streams of cum into her pussy, my balls aching as I had never cum so hard before. I pulled out of her creampied filled pussy as she collapsed on the bed breathing deeply, she managed to say she had never been fucked so hard before. That night as we lay in bed I felt her firm arse as I felt horny, I pushed my cock up her arse as she sighed saying it was a good feeling and wanted more, as I moved in and out making her sigh saying it felt good, she shook again as she rubbed her clit before I cum again I slipped out and lay on my back as mum moved down the bed to suck my spent cock dry.

more to follow.......

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