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Lunchtime Shenanigans

I used to work in customer service, as a counter clerk at a very busy establishment. As a fun and friendly gal, I quickly became popular with the customers. As the only shameless yet still professional flirt in the place, I came to acquire my own clientele, of sorts. So, although it was a shit job, I usually had lots of fun. For a time, I had to work a split shift, and I usually had a two or three hour (unpaid, of course) lunch. It wasn't so bad, because I lived in town, so I could go home if I wanted. Or, I could go shopping, and I often did.

One particular day, I was dreadfully horny, having seen and flirted with several of my favorite customers that morning. I had already dipped into the bathroom to have a quick frig, and by lunchtime, all I wanted to do was spend some quality time addressing the state of my throbbing cunt. Since I had the time, (2.5 hours) I decided to take a drive to the toy store, a Lover's Lane about 20 minutes away. I was feeling decadent, and I wanted a new toy. I knew if I shopped quickly, I'd have time to make it back to work and have the bathroom to myself for a significant amount of time.

As always when I go to the toy store, I was initially dazzled by the vast array of goodies. A sales lady approached me and asked if she could help me. I replied, that yes, I was looking for a new dildo, perhaps even a vibrating one. She led me to a display and began explaining one particular toy. I wasn't going to buy it, but I got really turned on as she told me the various ways it could be used- watching her pretty mouth shape and say 'pussy' and 'cock ring' had me tingling. I said I would take a look around and see what appealed. I settled on a shapely, pretty dildo vibe styled as a g-spot stimulator. The shape intrigued me- at the base it looked like any other vibrating toy, but after about 5 inches, it tapered drastically to a kind of slim 'waist' before flaring again into a knob, inside which was a second vibe. All that, AND it was purple? MINE. I grabbed a few other things- toy cleaner, extra batteries, and OH, why YES, I WOULD like a slim jelly anal dildo, please!

I knew the clock was ticking and I had to hurry if I wanted to play. So I checked out and zoomed back to work. I checked up front to see that the other clerk was occupied, and sure enough, there was a long line of customers. Excellent- I wouldn't be disturbed. But I only had about 20 minutes. I beat it to the bathroom and dug my new toy out of my purse, having taken it out of its package before I left the parking lot at the store. A quick wash and rinse in the sink-- hurry, hurry!! I tore my pants and panties down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet, knees wide. The rush of cool air against my suddenly exposed pussy reminded me that I was indeed very, very wet. I leaned back and got as comfortable as I was able, knowing I had to hurry, but trying not to rush just the same. I closed my eyes and held my breath as I traced the tapered knob end up and down my soaking slit, shivering both from the sensation and the sheer naughtiness of what I was doing. Such a lusty, wanton slut!- I playfully admonished myself- If only those people out there KNEW what you were doing in here!! My heart pounding, my body tingling, I gasped as I slid the knob end into my tight, slick sex with an almost audible 'pop'. It was too much, felt TOO good; I couldn't go slow any longer. I fucked myself fast and hard, keeping my hot cunt clamped around my delicious new toy; pounded my sweet pussy, reveling in the sloppy, slapping, sloshing sounds. MMMMM- it felt so GOOD I didn't EVER want to stop! But my arm muscles were fatigued, sweat was stinging my eyes, and a glance at my watch told me I had two minutes to get my ass out front and relieve the other clerk. Fuck, there was no TIME to clean up properly, to put everything back to rights. I stuffed the merrily buzzing toy deep into my pussy, pulled up my pants and panties, and wiped my hands dry- no time to wash. I wristed most of the sweat from my brow as I quick-checked my reflection- not too bad. VERY red cheeks- oh well. Let them wonder! I hustled out of the bathroom, grinning wickedly as I sniffed my fingers- mildly, yet unmistakably pussy-scented. Then I went to greet my public.

I was thrilled with my dirty little secret- above the counter, I smiled and worked, while below the counter, my loins were in luscious turmoil. My pants and panties were snug, and so did a decent job of keeping the toy in its slippery place, but still tightened up from time to time, to feel the fabulous tug on my clit. Whenever I had to bend over, the vibrations tingled my asshole in JUST the nicest way. I couldn't ever quite catch my breath, and a few customers commented on my high color and my breathlessness. I'm a little hyper- I told them. I had a lot of caffeine at lunchtime. (inward snicker). I finished out my shift in that state, all told about another 2.5 hours. I never did climax, and my pussy was quite sore by the end, but MAN- what a fun way to finish off a dull work day.

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