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My Favorite Teacher Part 5 Straight To The Ass

Michelle licked the cum from Miss Peters belly and kissed her.
"Look at this mess! The janitors will report this and then our affair will become public.",said Miss Peters.
I looked down and saw a small puddle of female juices in front of me.
"Don't worry i will deal with the janitors.",said Michelle.
She gave me a kiss and walked out completely naked while jiggling her ass. I couldn't help myself and starred at this masterpiece of an ass. Miss Peters seemed a angry. We both got dressed and sneaked out of the school. She gave me ride home.

On the next day i had to use the toilet. While i was standing in front of it, a hand started to softly stroke my dick while someone kissed my neck.
"Miss Peters, what are you doing? We could get caught."
My dick was rock hard.
"Wrong! I'm your other fuckslut."
I turned around. Michelle was standing in front of me. She was wearing a red top with her grey yoga-shorts from yesterday. I could see her erect nipples through her top because she wasn't wearing a bra at all. She gave me a kiss. I entered her mouth with my tongue. She started to stroke my cock again while i squeezed her trained ass. She broke the kiss and led me into one of the cabins. There was no one else in the washroom. She locked the cabin and pushed me onto the seat.
"Five janitor's were not enough to satisfy me the same way you did yesterday. You must be good if an experienced woman like Miss Peters keeps you for so long and i saw that she taught you well in the way of giving pleasure to a woman. So i want you to fuck my brains out!"
She pulled her top down. I sucked on her nipple while twisting the other. I moved my hand down to her pants but she grabbed it with her's and stopped my hand.
"Not now!", she whispered into my ear. I moved my hand to her ass and massaged her ass-cheeks. She continued on stroking my cock and hold my head tight against her chest while she started to moan softly.
"UH that feels great but now let's get serious!",she moaned.

She took her pants off. She wasn't wearing panties too. Her pussy was already wet. She turned around and bend over to give me a better view of her ass.
"Spank me!",she said.
My hand hit her right cheek and left a light pink reprint on her ass.
"Uh! Harder!"
Another slap and it left a pink reprint on it.
The pink changed into a light red.
"OH YES HARDER!",she screamed from pleasure.
BANG! The sound echoed through the whole room as she let out a loud scream of pleasure. Her cheek was red. She got up and rubbed her cheek.
"Now to the fun part.",she said with a smile on her face.

She came towards me and positioned her ass over my cock. She guided my cock into her tight asshole. And then moved all the way down over my shaft till her cheeks touched my crotch. She took it up the ass without a blowjob or getting her pussy stretched. I was amazed. She looked back at me and said with a smile:"Never did it that way?"
"Doesn't Miss Peters take it up the ass?"
"Only with lots of lube."
"Well then lean back and enjoy it!",she replied and moved up again just to ram herself all way back down. There was no resistance in her hole.She pressed my legs together and band forward to support her hands on my knees. Her ass was moving up and down while her moans became louder. I saw a bunch of shoes in the gap between wood and ground. I smiled while knowing that most of them are jerking of to Michelle's moans caused by my dick in her backdoor. I wanted to give them a show. I spread my legs and hold her tightly against me. I must caught her by surprise. I inserted a finger into her soaking pussy and started to pump.
"Oh fuck Thomas! Didn't expect that but please don't stop!",she moaned while she must have realized the shoes.
I pumped her harder and her moans turned into screams of pleasure while my fingers penetrated her g-spot. With my other hand i twisted her nipple and i kissed her neck.
"FUCK FUCK FUCK!", she screamed.
Her pussy squirted and covered my fingers,the ground and even the door with her juices. I could hear a few moans from outside the cabin. Her ass tightened around my cock and i couldn't hold it anymore. I unloaded into her ass. She jerked my cock with her ass muscles to get the last drop of cum out of my urethra. Both of us were panting. She got up from cock with shaking legs. She inserted two fingers in her spread asshole and sucked the cum from them. I was still rock hard.
"Uhm that tastes good."
Parts of my cum dropped out of her anus. She turned around and saw my boner.
"Well i guess someone needs a second round but i won't be able to take it up the ass again. So you have to be satisfied with my pussy."

She came towards me and sat down on my cock. This time she faced me and inserted my cock into her soaked pussy. I spread her cheeks and felt drops of my cum on my legs. She supported her hands on my shoulders and i started to suck her right nipple. She moved up and down on my cock and i started to pump to her rhythm. She started to moan again as my mouth started to change the nipples.
"Oh fuck don't stop Thomas this is great."
I pumped harder. She crooked her fingers into my shoulders.
Her pussy tightened around my cock and her juices shot out of her again.My lap was now covered with both our juices. She was panting again. She got of my cock and down on her knees. She licked me clean.

"Now it's time to make you cum.",she said in a seductive voice.
I stood up and inserted my cock into her waiting mouth. She sated to suck my tip and licked it with her tongue. She didn't wait long and was deepthroating me. The look in her eyes told me she wanted my cum. She started to massage my balls to get the last drops out of them. I felt the pressure building and closed my eyes. She stopped sucking me and jerked me with her other hand. I opened my eyes and saw the first wave of cum landing on her face followed by a second one. The third and last one only made it onto her tits. She took my tip into her mouth and sucked the last drops out of my softened cock.

She stood up and put her pants on. I looked under cabin. Our audience left.
"Well let's skip Miss Peters class. We are already way to late.", Michelle said and opened the cabin to clean her face and her boobs in the sink.


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