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When a c***d wakes up in the dark with a
tummy ach or a bad dream he makes his way to his
parent's bedroom for comfort and assurance that
everything if all right. When I would crawl over the
foot of the bed and struggle to get under the covers
with my parents my mother would be lying on her
side facing the wall. Dad would be on his side facing
the opposite wall. I was unaware that they had
probably had just finished fucking.

I would crawl under the covers and press my
body against my mother's back. More often than not
if she had a nightgown on the thing would be up
around her waist. It was warm between them. I
could smell the soap they used to bath with before
going to bed but there was also another smell that
made me feel something I didn't understand. As the
years passed I continued to seek out the warmth of
their bed. I was never denied entrance to their bed.

We lived on a farm in a three bedroom house
with one bathroom in Georgia. During the warm
humid summer in Georgia we tended to sl**p in as
little clothing as modesty permitted. Mother was a
pretty woman that was part Cherokee Indian, which
probably accounted for her dark hair and
completion. She was five-feet six and had a nice
round butt. Dad was of Scot heritage and five-feet
nine, and about 160 pounds. He had light brown hair
and he had one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen
at the time.

As I reached puberty my body started
changing and when I would cuddle up against my
mother's backside my dick would find that warm
moist divide in her round butt. I was feeling a
stirring in my cock that made me feel strange about
my feelings for my mother. Then one morning she
got up and got my dad off to work while I was still
sl**p, then she came back to bed. She had removed
her nightgown and the panties she had on that night.
When she lifted the covers to get back in bed the
cold morning air woke me up. It started me to see
her standing there totally naked.

It was not that I had not seen her naked
before but this morning I felt my dick get hard. I
tried to hind the reaction I was having to her, but
she pulled my hands away, so that she could take
hold of my cock and she played with it until I was
driven to distraction and I begged her to stop
before I cum. She shocked me by getting on the
bed and straddling my hips and as she squatted down
she guided my cock into her cunt. She rested her
armpits on her knees as she started bouncing her big
round butt up and down. I could not believe my own
mother was even sexual, but she was actually fucking
me. I was in such a state of shock that I could not
cum. I was almost in tears because my dick was
starting to hurt. Then my mother did something
unexpected. She leaned over me and as she rested
her hands on my chest and kissed me on the mouth
while driving her tongue into my mouth she pinched
my nipples. That was what took my mind off of my
dick and I squirted cum into her pussy.

She didn't say anything. She just kissed be
before she went to the bathroom to clean her pussy
and get dressed before she got me up and off to

It became a regular event. Sometimes she
would sit with her back against the headboard and
spread her legs as an invitation for me to eat her
pussy as she called it. I loved the smell of her
pussy. I would rub my face against her hairy pussy
and lick her cunt until she would cum. Many a day I
didn't wash my face before going to school just so I
could smell her pussy under my nose most of the

I had one friend that used to come home with
me after school. We would fool around with each
other all of the time. On the nights he would sl**p
over we would start jacking each other off, and
sucking each other's cocks. When we were older and
I knew more about sex we took turns fucking each

Even on the nights when I stayed in my bed she
would wake me up in the morning by slipping her head
under my covers and sucking my cock. She was the
first person to suck my cock until I came in her

It was not much later that her b*****r ****d
me. I was staying at his house and when we were
alone he started playing rough-house with me. As
the wrestling started getting intense he suddenly
pinned me to the floor. I was struggling to defend
myself but he was much stronger than me. He
started pulling my clothes off. When he had me
pined to the floor with all of my clothes off he
opened his own pants and pulled out his own cock.
His cock was not all that much large than mine but
he did have a lot more hair around his cock. bl**d
veins were swelling while he was waving it in front of
my face. He wiped my lips with the head of his cock
and I felt the pre-cum moistening my lips. There
was nothing for me to do but open my mouth and
find out what it tasted like. He was fucking my face
while I held my mouth open. He leaned over my body
and took my cock in his mouth and sucked me until I
came in his mouth. He came in my mouth shortly
afterwards. When he eventually pulled his cock out
of my mouth the muscles of my jaw were aching
from having to hold my mouth open so long.

At that moment I hated him for squirting cum
in my mouth. He turned around and continued to lay
on top of me as he asked me if I was ready to find
out what else guys can do with each other. I didn't
want to talk to him but the idea that there was
more that guys could do with each other intrigued
me. I had to forgive him and ask him what he was
talking about.

He started telling me about corn-holing. I
didn't even like getting enemas, so the idea of him
putting his cock in my ass was a turn-off. To assure
me that it was possible and pleasurable he offered
his ass to me. He had some sort of lubricant hands
that he applied to his cock and stuffed some into his
own asshole before he got down on all fours. I
found that his asshole was tighter than my mother's
pussy. It didn't take long for me to cum.

When he insisted that it was my turn I was
apprehensive about allowing him to do me that way.
He had me get on all fours before he greased up my
ass. My asshole rebelled against the invasion of his
greasy finger. I regretted agreeing. I tried to
crawl away but he grabbed me by the shoulders and
held me fast as he rammed his dick into my asshole.
I begged him to pull it out but he just kept humping
my ass. When he climaxed he collapsed on my back,
his weight was too much for me to support and I
collapsed onto the floor. I could not believe I had
just been fucked by my uncle. The throbbing pain
turned to a feeling of pleasure that had my dick
pinned against the floor throbbing too.

I don't know how my father found out about
my uncle fucking me but he did. It was only a
matter of days that mom went out for a Saturday
of shopping with her girlfriend. Any time the two of
them got together it was an all day hiatus. When
she was gone dad came into my room naked with his
half hard cock swinging between his legs.

I was too stunned to resist. He virtually ripped
my clothes off and tossed me on my bed. He
dripped my legs over his shoulders and drove his
cock up my butthole. He screwed me ever harder
than my uncle had. He even jacked me off while
fucking me. I could not resist sucking his cock after
he pulled it out of my ass. There were many more
afternoons of dad fucking my ass. He even saw to it
that I had some girl's clothes to wear while he
fucked me. He would even shave all of my pubic hair
off of me. Mom didn't seem to mind my not having
pubic hair either.

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