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Hotel Sex with an Xhamster Friend

I'm meeting a new guy, Sandy today. He's coming from 12 hours away to have a fun weekend of sex with me. I'm excited and have booked a hotel room at the local Days Inn. It's far enough away from home, but still close enough to downtown or anywhere else he'd like to go see. That's if he wants to go any place besides to bed. The hotel has been built around the swimming pool and hot tub. I like it because you don't have to go outside to get to the pool area and each room has a view of the pool.

I get to the room a bit before Sandy gets there, to take a dip in the pool and sit and relax in the hot tub. I am reading a hot saucy book while sitting in the hot tub, when some guy enters. He splashes me and tells me he's sorry to get my book wet. He seen the cover and said that he loves to read those books. His wife gets thrilled knowing that he was getting new ideas for a new sex session. I told him, that I love to read about how hot someone else's sex session are.

We sat and chatted about our different ways of fucking, when his wife came down and found us laughing. When she interrupts us, I was glad that he wasn't sitting next to me, because we would have been busted for flirting. But, who am I to care if we get busted, I'm single and can fuck with who I want.

Anyways, she joins us in the tub, her husband introduces themselves to me as Jack and Linda. I tell them I'm Lori and I was glad to meet them. I tell Laurie that I was reading this book, when she said that she loves to read them, too. She asked if I was here on business and I told her that I'm meeting a friend here from out of town. Jack told her I was on a fuck mission. I laughed and said, yes, I'm on a fuck mission with a guy I've never met. Linda told me thery were in town for a big convention that is being held downtown and likes to be further away than the crowd. They come to this hotel everytime they come into town and enjoy the atmosphere with some of the other people they meet.

I asked what room they were in, she told me they are just down the hall in room 110. I told her I was in room 126, right down the hall from them. Then Linda said that they were going out for dinner and need to get cleaned up to leave. Jack invited me to go along, but I had turned them down, because Sandy wasn't here yet. I went ahead and got out of the tub with them and walked down the hall with them. I got to my room and went in. There was a suitcase on the bed and the shower running. I walked to the bathroom and said hello. The shower curtain opened and there stood a naked man with shampoo in his hair, soap suds all over his body and a very large dick starting to stand at attention.

I smiled and asked if he was Sandy. He said yes and told me to join him in the shower. I undid the towel and stepped in. I said hi, said I was Lori while I held his dick. Heck of a way to introduce ourselves, but I must say it was fun. Sandy helped me out of my swimsuit and began to play with my tits. I continued stroking his dick as it grew harder. Sandy kissed me and said that he is very happy that he came to see me. With that, I sat on the edge of the tub and began to suck on his enlarged dick. His dick was so big, that I could hold on to him as I sucked on him. His precum squirted in the back of my throat as he growled with excitement. I fingered myself and told him that we need to go to the bed and have a romp there.

We got out of the shower, I wrapped myself in the towel and combed my hair in the mirror. Sandy came up behind me, grabbed my tits and kissed my neck. He tells me that he wants to bend me over and fuck me right here. I asked what's stopping him. I took my towel off, leaned over the sink and put my ass out in the open for his access. Sandy spread my legs with his, slid his hand in between my legs and began to finger my clit. I moaned as he slid up and down my folds of moisture. Sandy and I moaned as I came on his fingers. Sandy then got on his knees and began to lick my pussy. I squatted down to sit on his face. Sandy grinned as my cum dripped in his mouth. As he fingered me I came more and more.

I begged Sandy to fuck me, that I want his dick deep inside me. He stood up and we walked to the bed, We kissed some more as he laid me down. Sandy kissed me all over my body, sucking each nipple, fingering my hole and getting us both more hot and bothered. I orgasm from his kisses and fingers inside me, flickering like mad, making me shutter with excitement. Sandy then moves on top of me and slides his hard dick inside me. I shake as he enters, but he kisses me and tells me how good I feel. He makes love to my pussy, just slow thrusts in and out. I'm begging him for faster movements, when he tells me, we will fuck later, he just wants to love on me.

I tell Sandy that he has paid attention to our conversations we've been having. He said yes and that's why he wanted to be with me. He knows that I'm starving for a good old fashioned love making, slow and sensual. I smile and kiss him some more. I feel Sandy getter harder as he's ready to cum, he thrusts harder as his hot cum oozes out of him. Sandy holds me tight as we kiss and talk a bit more.

Sandy says he's hungry and wants to go out for dinner and to pick up some wine for the rest of the night. We get dressed and head over to the pub across the street. After dinner, we went to the grocery store, get a few bottles of wine and some munchies. When we get back to the hotel we run into Jack and Linda. They said they left early because she wasn't feeling the best. Jack said he was headed to the room to change and was headed back to the hot tub. I introduced them to Sandy and told Jack that we might meet him there. We parted and went to our room.

Sandy pulled me close to him and kissed me some more as he unbuttoned my blouse, to reveal my low plunged bra. He pulled my right tit out and sucked it hard as he rubbed and pinched my left nipple. I let out a loud moan and stroked his cock through his pants. I fumbled with the button and zipper until I had freed his growth. I stroked him and teased his head with gentle touches. Sandy helps me out of my pants and lifts me to sit on his cock. He slides in me with ease. I hold on to him around his neck as he fucks me standing up. He walks over to the window, presses my back on to the curtain and fucks me harder. I feel coolness on my back and realize the curtain is opened a bit.

My ass is against the window and I know that people can see what's going on, luckily the only person that sees what's happening is Jack. He's standing in the view of other people. He waves to Sandy and notions for him to continue. Jack pulls his dick from his shorts and begins to stroke one out. When Sandy finishes with his cum spewing all over my chest, he tells me to turn around. I look over my shoulder and see Jack with his dick in his hand. I smile at him as he begins to cum on our window. Sandy opens the door for him to join us.

Jack walks in and said I gave him a nice view of my ass and that he would love to fuck me. Sandy walks in the bathroom to get me a washcloth to clean up with. Jack and I talk as i touch his cock. Sandy said that he's cool with the three of us fucking as long as I am. I smirked and said yes, I would love to be fucked my two men with large dicks. Sandy went to get a bucket of ice for our wine, when he came back Jack and I were in the 69 position, with me on top. He stripped down and put his dick next to Jack's so I can suck both. Jack asked Sandy if he'd like to have some of my cum, he said yes and switched positions with him.

I tell Jack that I want to feel his dick inside me. Sandy rolls me over and Jack lifts my legs to enter me. Sandy then stoops over me for me to suck him some more. As Jack fucks me, he fingers my slits and makes me squirt. Jack then tells me to sit on his cock and let him suck my nipples. I sit and let him suck me as I suck on Sandy some more, then Jack pulls me towards him to kiss me. With that, Sandy pours some of his wine on my ass and goes for the clean up, licking my ass and fingering my ass. He gets the lube from his bag, squeezes some in my opening and slides his dick in slowly. It's tight at first, but a few movements and I'm enjoying being fucked by the two.

We hear a knock on the door, Sandy lifts from me and peeks out the window to see Linda standing there in her robe. Sandy lets her in and sees me riding Jack. Linda bends down to kiss Jack , then lifts to kiss Sandy on the lips. They begin to kiss as she unties her robe, to reveal she has nothing on underneath. Sandy kisses her nipples and fingers her pussy. He gasps as he says how wet she is. She said she has been watching from the window since we started fucking. She had turned her bullet on to vibrate inside her, to get her nice and wet.

Jack told her to quit talking and to suck Sandy's dick. Sandy laid on the bed, she crawled on top and let her pussy sit on his face. Sandy pulled the bullet out and shoved it in her ass. She turned it on high and sucked his dick as she came into his mouth. the four of us fucking and sucking each other is a fantasy of mine and it just came true.

I lifted from Jack's dick, got on all fours and told Jack to fuck my ass. Linda did the same and Sandy fucked her ass. Linda and I were facing each other, so we kissed each other, so passionately that the guys both got off. We laughed and kept on kissing making the guys wonder. I know Sandy said that what we had did was the hottest thing that has ever happened to him. I kissed him and curled in his arms, while Jack and Linda got dressed to go back to their room to finish off their night of fucking.

Sandy and I fell asl**p watching some soft porn on the tv. When I woke up around 5 or so, I went to the bathroom, then crawled back into bed. I fingered my pussy some, then went for my vibrator. I teased my clit as i fingered myself making me cum a little. I move the vibe to my opening and slid it in with it being on high. I'm fucking my pussy and rubbing my nub..I moan a bit loud when Sandy woke up to watch me get myself off. He watched with a snicker and said that I need to continue. He held his growing cock and stroked it slowly. I told Sandy that he looks yummy this morning and I can't wait to have him inside me. He told me to fuck my pussy faster, he wants to see me cum.

I pumped my pussy and fingered harder to bring myself to cum. I pulled my vibe out, turned it off and sucked my cum from it. I continued with my fingering my slit, then deep into my pussy, pulling out with sticky cream. I put my fingers in my mouth and moan with the sweet taste fo myself. Sandy bends down to my pussy and licks me clean. His tongue laps at my folds, making sure to get every drop. I hold his head there pulling him closer to lick me harder I want to cum again, from his tongue. Sandy sucks on my nub, then shoves his tongue deep in my hole, til I cum for him.

Sandy lifts his body on top of mine and begins with hard thrusts into my pussy. He fucks me til I cum again, then pulls his dick to my face for me to suck my cream from him. He fucks my face til he wants more cum on him. I turn over on all fours, for him to lube my ass and his dick again and shoves himself hard in my ass. Not a nice feeling at first, but then he fucks me, stretching me for his ever growing thickness. I tell him I love his dick in my ass,. Sandy fucks me harder then pulls from me, flips me over and jerks his cum onto my tits. I reach up to him and suck the little bit of cum from his dick, then I rub his cum into my skin.

Sandy gets up to make a pot of coffee for himself and gets me a bottle of tea from the cooler. As he waits for his coffee, he turns the shower on and steps in. I follow in his foot steps. The hot water feels great. Sandy takes the body wash I bring in with me and lathers me up, making sure he soaps my tits and works the lather to my pussy and my ass. I begin to wash his body too. As I stroke his dick and balls, I reach around for his ass. I lather each cheek and shove a finger up his ass. He smiles at me and tells me to put another finger in. I'm fucking his ass as he is fingering mine. We enjoy pleasuring each other when the water starts to get cool.

Sandy rinses off, then steps from the shower. I take the shower head off and change the settting to a hard pulsating stream. I lift my legs to rinse my pussy, making sure to use the water to pulsate on my nub. Then switch to my ass to clean it of the soap. I move it back to my pussy and feel the excitement build inside me again. I'm moaning and saying Sandy's name as I get off from the water vibration. Sandy stood there watching me and laughed as I got off. I smiled and told him, that in the past 18 hours with him I have enjoyed myself and I'm going to hate it when he leaves.

I get dressed, with Sandy watching me. I decided not to wear a bra to tease him, knowing my tits are free under my shirt. As we are leaving for me to show Sandy some of the sights downtown, we run into Jack and Linda. Linda invites us to go to the convention with them. It's a sweets convention, all kinds of candy and new concotions that companies will be pushing to sell to k**s. We look at each other and go along with them.

We walk in to see all the big name candy companies with tables full of their products. We get a bag as one company hands it to us. Every company is giving away free samples. I'm in heaven with the chocolate. Sandy likes the hard candy tables. He gathers up the free suckers, as much as he can take. After a few hours, Linda looks for us and tells us their shift is up. We leave for lunch, then do some sight seeing. I take them to the river front. I tell them I love to come here during the summer to watch the barges. If I have a guy with me, I like to fuck here also. Linda asked if I was afraid of being caught. I told her that's what makes it so much more fun.

We go for lunch, then head back to the hotel. I tell Sandy I'm ready to sit in the hot tub for a while. We change into our suits, get a bottle of wine and head off to the pool area. Jack and Linda join us in the tub. We chat for a bit and tell each other about our favorite ways of sex. We laugh at each others fun. Jack is sitting next to me and Sandy on the other side, with Linda across from me. Jack has his hand on my thigh, working his way to my crotch. Hi slides his fingers under my bikini bottom and fingers my slit. Sandy sees him doing so, He leans over to Linda and kisses her. he rubs her tits, making her nipples poke through her top. Linda stands and straddles Sandy and sits facing him. She kisses him back, making herself more available to his touching.

I reach over to grab Jacks dick, but he has already pulled his shorts off. I grab him, stroke his cock and tell him how badly I want to suck him. I want to taste his cum again. Jack lifts to the outer edge of the tub as I kneel on the seat to suck his growing cock. The four of us are playing around, when another couple comes to sit in the tub. They see us fooling around and ask if they can sit with us. Sandy and Jack say yes, as us girls are sucking and being played with. Sandy grabs my head, holds me in one place as he squirts his hotness in my throat. I swallow and suck him dry. Jack stands up, pulls his shorts up and helps me from my knees. Sandy and Linda joins us.

We begin to head to Jack and Linda's room, when Linda realizes she left her watch on the table. Jack goes back to the pool and sees the couple having sex. He tells them what room we are going to if they would like to join us. They said thanks, but they didn't have time, because their k**s were asl**p in the room.

Once in their room, Linda strips out of her suit and attacks me. She is pulling my suit off and is kissing me. She tells me that since our kiss from last night, she has been aching to have me. I hold her nipples to pull them. She says she loves to have them pinched. I pinch them as she fingers my slit. I lift one leg on the bed as she inserts her fingers deep inside me. I move my hips as she pleasures me. I go to reach for her pussy, I get to finger her folds, but not her hole. Sandy gets up to finger Linda's ass. Jack walks into this craziness and sits at the table to watch. His shorts come off and he strokes with us playing.

Sandy pulls his dick up to Linda's ass. He spits on her opening before sliding his dick in. Linda bends me over to sit on the bed. We kiss, then she pushes me down to lick my pussy. Sandy then bends Linda over for an easier access to her ass. He fucks her ass, then pulls out to fuck her pussy. Each time he enters her ass, she moans loud, then shoves her fingers harder into my pussy. Jack comes over to the bed, straddles my face and sticks his dick in my mouth, for another blow job. He said he loves how I suck his dick.

Sandy pulls Linda from me, has her get on all fours and fucks her ass til he cums. I'm sitting on Jack at this time, riding his dick. Jack pulls me close to him and fucks me til he cums in me. The four of us get ourselves cleaned up, dressed and say our good byes. Sandy and I go back to the pool for a little swimming and playing around. Too many people in the pool area for fucking, so we head to our room. We order dinner to be delivered, watch some tv, fuck some more and go to sl**p.

it's the next morning and we fuck 2 more times, before getting dressed. Our bags are packed, I'm sitting on the bed while Sandy opens the door for us to leave.. I stand next to him, put my hand on his pants for one last feel. Sandy is hard as my tits are in his hand. i undo his pants, bend down and begin to suck him right there. The door is partly open as Sandy walks me back to the bed. He sits and lets me continue sucking. I have my hand down my pants and am fingering myself again. Sandy tells me to take my pants off and straddle him. I do as so, I slide on his shaft and fuck him. Sandy has my tits in his mouth, then works his kisses to my lips, We are going at it, like 2 teenagers.

Sandy Stands up, holding me on his dick and turns me to the bed. He lifts my legs high and puts them on his shoulders and fucks me til I scream. I'm having a huge orgasm as he cums hard in me. Sandy fucks me a bit longer, til we get a phone call asking if we want to rent the room another day. Sandy tells them that we will be leaving shortly. He enters my pussy one more time, to finish with his next cumming. This load isn't as much, but it was worth every drop. We got dressed again, I didn't clean up before putting my panties back on. I want to feel his cum drip from within.

We walk to our cars, Hug each other, kiss good bye and on our way we go. When Sandy got home later that night, he called to say thanks for the fun weekend. I told him it was very fun and I hope we are able to do this again. I told him I got Linda's number and she wants me to join them sometime for more fun. They just live about a hundred miles from me, so it's a day trip for me. Sandy told me to have fun with that. We got off the phone and went to sl**p, dreaming about our weekend of sex.

The next few weeks we talked on line and was planning for my trip to his place. He told me his wife wouldn't be home, that she was headed to Florida to spend some time with her s****r. The house will be ours and we can fuck everywhere. He told me his wife is a bed kind of lady only...boring. I told him, I will plan to take off that week and can't wait for our next sex session.

** this is just a story, I wish was true**

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