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Recurrent fantasy

I've had a dream that recurs quite often only the details change. I think that it's almost the perfect male fantasy, but it may just be me. Well last night it was probably the best ever...

As always I'm in a large room, it's warm and quiet, It stretches in all directions as far as I can see. As I look around I'm suddenly aware of women, many women, everywhere I look. They're in various states of undress, some completely naked others in opaque clinging clothes or in sports gear. They're also in different positions, lying prone on beds, sitting on chairs, bent over tables. I start to become aroused at the view, and as think about what I'd like to see the ideas materialise in front of me.

I've an urge to go down on a women, I clearly want to feel lost in the process as the woman I approach is quite large. She's sat on a sofa, her legs dangling over each arm, her red bush thrust forward inviting me. I crouch in front of the chair and cupping her buttocks pull her pussy towards my face. Parting her wet lips I press my mouth hard against her, slowly starting to tease with my tongue, bathed in her sweet smell. She starts to groan, and I can feel her clitoris starting to swell under my lips. I lift my face for a second to look at her now gaping pussy. She doesn't want me to stop and presses her pussy forward against my face. I oblige, using both my tongue and fingers I slowly bring her so close to climaxing, and then stop. The teasing is driving her crazy, I just sit there holding my tongue hard against her clitoris. I can feel her pulse against my tongue and her pussy contracting, pulsing, around my fingers. Just holding my tongue there is enough, I can feel her starting to climax, her pussy twitching hard around my fingers. I bury my face even further and with each twitch I slide my tongue across her clitoris, making her ride out her orgasm for an age. Her gushing pussy juice runs down my chin. Finally she lays back in the chair, face flushed.

I stand, my hard cock bobbing, precum dripping to the floor. My throbbing cock wants to be buried, as tightly as possible. Turning I see a small Asian woman, she's lying on her back, stocking covered legs pressed spread. I walk over and slide her to the edge of the bed, wrapping her legs around my neck. I pull her black knickers to one side to reveal a neat black bush, dark puffy lips leaking juice. I rub the head of my penis against her opening, mixing our fluids, sliding it up between her lips against her clitoris. I can't wait any longer, I thrust inside, I hold there for a second enjoying the warm tightness, buried as deep as I can go. I push her legs back, making her feel even tighter, and start to thrust. The wet squelching noises only make me harder, and as I pull out completely on a thrust there is a wonderful sucking noise. We're both sopping wet now, completely friction free. I turn her on her back, she arches, lifting her pussy in the air. Bending over her I slide back in, and cup her dangling breasts in my hand. It feels amazing in this position, and as I thrust faster and faster I can start to feel my balls tightening. While I want to feel this sensation for ever I also want to fill her with my cum. I thrust one last time and then climax, my balls convulse hard, my throbbing cock squirting again and again. She cups my balls, pulling down, which only making me explode even harder. Once the convulsions have stopped I pull out of her, watching my cum starting to drip out of her gaping pussy. She pushes me onto my back and takes my cock in her mouth, her tongue gliding over the friction free cum covered head. Sucking hard she brings me back to erection.

I'm aware then that I'm being held down against the bed. Two other women appear, one a skinny black with pert breasts and massive nipples the other a brunette wearing a sheer bodystocking, her large breasts held tightly by the material. The black woman sits on my stomach, sliding her pussy forwards and backwards, every now and again brushing against my penis head. The brunette straddles my face pressing her hairy pussy down. I can't now see what the black woman is doing, which just intensifies the feeling. I insert my tongue in the brunettes pussy, her thighs holding my head tight I can only just breath through my nose. I can quickly feel my balls tightening again and grunt loudly when the black lady finally slides my cock inside. The faster my tongue darts the faster the black lady rides, the two seem to be connected. I have a whole body orgasm, as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me...

It's at this point I woke up, my shorts covered in cum my throbbing cock exploding. I can't get the dream out of my head today, each time I think about it my cock starts to stiffen..

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