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Jon was,slender built boy,almost in his teens and had a smooth skin without
a hair or blemish on his entire body.A handsome boy who should never have a
problem getting the girls,but there was one problem,he was overly shy,when
close to a girl he found it hard to talk to them.
He had just experenced his first wet orgasm and could not get over how great
the huge wad of cream that had just spewed from his dick looked as lay
puddled on his belly.

On impulse he took some between finger and thumb and hesitated at first
before touching it to his tongue.As he tasted it he was surprised and
pleased at how nice the taste was.
>From that day on for the next week he masturbated every day and sometime
twice a day.
Each time he shot his load he would eat more untill finally he was eating it
all and looking forward to the next wad.

Everything seemed to arouse his sexual thirst to learn more.He began
watching for the chance to see his mom in her panties and bra,which was a
habit of her's to walk around in such a manner while getting ready to go
Once he saw her remove them and they dropped to the floor,as she stood there
naked his eyes began to buldge and his breath caught as she bent over.

He had a clear view of her pretty ass as well as two puffy lips just below
her ass hole,which in itself made his dick throb.
He watched as she showered then after drying off returned to the bedroom,her
ample tities bouncing with each step,nipples that he had sucked when he was
a baby.Of corse he was getting all of this on film which he was to spend
hours looking at over and over.

He quickly returned to his room as she came out going down the stairs.To
this day he did not know what brought it to mind but he quickly ran to her
bathroom,found her soiled panties then ran back to his room hiding them
under his pillow.
That night he pressed them to his nose as he breathed in their fragrance
then quickly stuffed the crotch in his mouth and began to chew as he pounded
his cock without mercy.

This went on for over a month then one night she came in pretty well lit and
undressed but passed out before she was able to get her pj's on and was
laying on the bed naked as he looked in.
Jon was in his shorts and quickly removed them as he walked to the side of
the bed.
"Mom?"He said,there was no answer.
"Mom,you ok?"Still no answer.

He could tell she was breathing ok from the way her breasts were rising up
and down.
He was shaking all over as he opened her legs wider,then with trembling
hands parted those puffy lips he had seen before.
His breath caught at the sight of the pink flesh inside,it was wet and it's
sweet aroma filled his nose,the same aroma of his cum when he ate it.

Evedently she had been with some man and he had come in her.
Jon bent closer sticking out his tongue as he gently touched it to the
inside of her slit,yes,it had the same taste as his cum,only better,it was
mixed with something else.He was to learn it was the taste of his mom's
By now his body was shaking inside uncontrolably as he emerged his tongue
inside her pussy as far as it would go,with his lips buried between her
puffy lips tasting her enner pink flesh.

The taste he was enjoying was mind boggling as he sucked hard now and then
for more of the tasty juice.
His whole body stiffened as he felt hands grip his head and his mom moaned
Her ass was gently nudging upward against his chin as he went back to
sucking his her pussy.

Her thighs wrapped around his neck as her heels dug into the small of his
"Oh Jon,what are you doing to mama baby,you shouldn't be doing that
sugar."She moaned,but never attempted to move his head away.
Her words only encouraged him more,although he was a amateur at eating
pussy,she seemed to be well pleased with his actions.

His mom began to rotate her hips as she hunched her ass slowly and he was
sure his lips would be bruised afterwards.
There was a small bump that his upper lip kept rolling up and down over and
the action seemed to make her move even more so he continued doing so even
though he was not really sure just how this brought her pleasure.

"Jon honey,your making mama feel so good,oh you lovely,sweet boy,I'm gonna
come sweetheart,Oh Jon,Oh Jon!"
Her ass stopped in mid air as Jon felt his mom's hips begin to quiver,her
hands holding his head tightly to her slit.
It was then his mouth began to fill with this almost cool liquid and he
quickly began to suck it up,swallowing it before he choked.

When her ass finally lowered to the sheets he looked up at her face,she had
almost an angelic look to her as she lay smiling.
Now Jon had never fucked anything but his fist but he had read enough and
heard the older boys discuss it enough to know how to fuck.
He moved quickly up his mom's body,feeling the warm softness of her beneath
him as he fumbled around,trying to get his dick inside the hole he had just
been sucking on.

The touch of his mom's hand around his dick made him jump as she guided him
between the lips of her pussy and his cock slowly buried itself deep inside
her body.
Just before he began to fuck like mad he heard himself moan.
"Oh Mama."
Then his ass was hunching like a driven piston as his mom gripped the cheeks
of his ass tightly,jerking downward each time he thrust home.

She was making growling sounds as she hunched her ass upward wildly,almost
throwing him off.
Now when it came to a dick,Jon was no piker,he was built better than a lot
of grown men.Five inches was good for a boy his age but this lad had seven
inches of hard meat when aroused and even though he was not aware of the
fact,he knew just how to use it.

His mom had wrapped her naked legs around his waist as she removed her hands
from his ass,replacing them with her heels as she dug them into the cheeks
of his ass.
In all the heat and excitement Jon discover his mom's tits bouncing around
and began to suck a nipple just as he had when he was a baby,god it felt
good in his mouth.

His mom was whispering huskly in his ear now.
"Jon,oh Jon baby,your making mama come again honey,fuck me honey,fuck mama
hard baby,ah sugar I'm coming ah baby,baby,baby!"
She had a death lock on his entire body,what with her legs and arms wrapped
tightly around him.He could feel her body tremble from head to toe beneath
him then his cock erupted filling her full of his young cream.

Both Jon and his mom collapsed,his dick still buried inside her as the
worked to catch their breath.
Jon was sure when she came to her sense's he would be scolded and taken to
task,but she smiled as she pulled him to her then pulled the cover up over
the both of them.
They fell asl**p that way,in one another's arm's,the warmth of his mom's
body naking him feel content.

The next morning Jon woke up and he was alone,he began to wonder if it had
all been a dream but when he noticed his mom's aroma,wow,it had really
happened,he had sex with his mom and it was great.
She stuck her head in smiling as she said,"Time to hit the shower tiger and
come to breakfast,ten minutes,don't keep me waiting."

"Ok mom,ten minutes."He said and jumped out of bed.
She smiled as she looked at his naked body,his cock swinging back and forth.
"My favorite guy,"She said,laughing as Jon's face turned red.
She was puting his breakfast on the table as he came in and sat down as his
mom took the chair beside him.

"from now on you can sl**p in my room,unless we have company,would you like
"Gosh yes,mom,that would be awesome."He blurted out before thinking how
juvinile it sounded.
She laughed as she said,"Then awesome it is honey,your my guy now."

Jon had trouble the rest of the day keeping his eyes off his mom's body as
she went about her daily chores.His mom had the most sexy ass he had ever
laid eyes on and now that he had sampled it,she had became even more sexy.
It was like he had went to heaven each night when he crawled in beside
her.Sometimes they had sex and other nights he was just content to lay in
her arms and fall off to sl**p.

When his aunt became ill and his mom went to stay with her for a week Jon
was devastated at first.She had arranged for a neighbor to look in on him
from time to time.
He liked Mr. Kline(Roy)but was a little angry at the fact his mom didn't
think he could care for himself.

The second day Roy called and said he would stop by that evening if Jon
didn't mind.
Jon had been watching the tape he had made of him and his mom and would jack
off while watching.He had been setting stroking his dick as he watched
himself on top of his mom fucking her and had forgot all about Roy till the
door bell rang.

He jumped up quickly putting his cock back in his pants and turned the vcr
off before answering the door.
"Hi Jon,I'm not enterupting anything am I?"Roy said.
"Naw,come on in,I was just watching TV."
Roy was in his thrities and was had a great built from working out all the

You want something to drink Roy,I think mom has some beer in the fridge?"
"Sure would,if you don't mind."Roy said.
Jon went for a beer and a soda and while he was at it he picked up some
chips before returning to the other room.
He stopped cold in his tracks as he saw the Tv on and him and his mom on the

He quickly set the tray down and shut the tv off as he truned and looked at
"I'm sorry Jon,I was just going to get the game on and the vcr kicked in,you
must have had it on pause."
"Your not going to tell anyone are you Roy,I don't want to cause mom any

"No,no,I promise Jon,not a word."Roy swore.When Jon had calmed down Roy
asked if he would mind him seeing the rest of the tape.
Jon reluctantly put the tape on again and the two watched as his mom and him
went at it on the screen.
"Wow Jon,that's really hot man."Roy said.Both guys had a boner buldging
their pants out.

"Yeah,isn't she the prettiest woman you ever seen?"Jon said,his eyes filled
with pride as eyed his mom on the tv.
"She sure is that,but the guy looks pretty good to."Roy said,smiling.
Jon blushed,even though he tried not to.Roy had moved over closer to him and
before he know what was taking place,Roy had his hand on the boys cock
massaging it.

"You ever been with a guy before Jon?"
"Hell no,I'm not a queer Roy."Jon said looking at him.
"I never asked if you were a queer Jon,only if you had ever had sex with a
another man or boy."
By now Roy had placed an arm around Jon's shoulders and had loosened the
boy's pants freeing his cock and was stroking it.

Jon never attempted to stop him as he bent his head and took the boys cock
in his mouth licking the knob free of pre cum.
After a few minutes Roy stood pulling Jon to his feet and proceeded to
undress the two of them.
Jon was amazed at the size of Roy's cock and caught himself licking his

Roy had one arm around Jon's waist as he stroked his cock with his other
Jon surprised himself as he took Roy's dick in his hand returning the
He forgot all about his feeling about about being a queer,the lust had taken
over.He never put up any resisitance as Roy gently placed his lips to
his,his tongue demanding to be let inside.

When Roy began sucking Jon's tongue,the boy thought sure he was going to
come all over himself but f***ed it back as moans tried to escape his mouth
and were smothered out by Roy's kiss.
Both parties were breathing heavy now as there hands began to speed up.
Roy finally ceased jacking the boy and pushed Jon's hand away as he looked
into his eyes saying.

"Jon,have you ever been fucked?"
"You mean fucked anyone beside's my mom?"
"No boy,by another man."
"No,I'm a guy not a girl Roy,what the hell."
"Sure,but it feels good to be fucked as well as fucking I can swear to
"You mean a guy has fucked you?"
"Sure,several times Jon,believe me,you would love it."

Roy placed a finger in his mouth working his saliva over it.then as he
placed his lips' to Jon's again he placed his hand between his leg's,working
the finger between the cheeks of Jon's ass till he had it inside his love
He felt Jon's body tense up and said,
"Relax boy,just relax and it will go in much easier."
He felt the Jon's body relaxing as he eased his finger the rest of the way

Jon's arms was around Roy's neck as the two contiued to kiss,it seemed he
was really getting off on sucking tongue.
Roy was pretty sure if her kept him occupied he would not pay as much
attention to his finger.
There was a bottle of baby oil on the night stand which he was to learn
later Jon used for jacking off.Not leaving the boys mouth Roy reach over and
retrieved the bottle,uncapped it and after rmoving his finger he squirted
oil over his other fingers then quickly returned to the boys virgin hole.

This time he worked two fingers up Jon's male pussy and the boy remained
relaxed,as he contiued kissing.
When Roy had three fingers inside the boys ass,reaming him out he pulled his
mouth back.
"You like that Jon?"
"You mean kissing?"
"No,I mean what I'm doing to your ass."
"Yeah,it does feel kind of good."

"Thats how your mamas pussy feels when you fuck her."Roy said.
Yes,really."Roy said as he smiled at the boy.
"My dick would feel even better,wanna try it?"
"I don't know Roy,your dick is a lot bigger than your finger."
"Thats just it Jon,I have three finger inside your ass right now."
"Get otta here,you don't either."Jon said,gasping as Roy continued finger
fucking him.

"Ah but I do sweet meat,how about it,you gonna let me put my dick in there?"
Jon thought for a minute then quickly said,"Ok,but if I say stop,you
"Its a deal."Roy said and quickly removed his fingers as he turned the boy
over telling him to get up on his knees.
As Roy knelt behind Jon he squirted oil in his ass and over his cock before
guiding it to the boy's love hole and gently eased the head inside the
stretched anus.

The oil had slicked up the inside of Jon's anus well and Roy's cock slid
slowly in with ease.
Once his thighs pressed against the cheeks of the boy's ass he let Jon's
bowels get used to the foreign abject that was inside them.
"Now that wasn't so bad was it?"
"Are you all the way in?"Jon asked.
"All the way,now just relax and I'll show you how your mom feels when your
fucking her."

Roy began to hunch his ass back and forth gently as he looked down at his
cock moving in and out of the virgin hole he was enjoying.He marvaled at how
tight the boy was as he said,"You ok Jon?I'm not hurting you am I?"
"N..n..o Roy,well, maybe a little but it feels good all the same."Jon
Roy was delited when the boy began to wiggle his ass for him as he stepped
up his pace.

He eased the boy down on his belly,his cock still buried profoundly inside
his warm,tight hole.
As the big cock pistoned in and out of his male pussy he was thinking that
it was no wonder his mom liked being fucked so much.
Roy was begining to speed up just as Jon shot his load from the friction of
the sheet beneath him rubbing his dick.
The Roy groaned softly as his dick erupted inside Jon's love hole.

When he romoved his dick and Jon turned over,Roy saw that he had already cum
and his dick was went down to half mast.
"Jon,don't think I'm gross,but I would like for you to pee in my mouth,ok?"
"Your k**ding.right?"
"Not at all,I love drinking pee,espcially from boys or women."
"I'll try it if thats what you want.Jon said.

"It's what I want and in a bad way Jon."
At first Jon wasn't sure he would be able to as he held his dick over Roy's
open mouth,but then his flow started and he was gushing warm piss into his
baby setters mouth,watching as the guy gulped it down.He knew right then
that he wanted to try that and soon.
After he had emptied his bladder the two lay talking about sex.

"Was that the first time you ever fucked your mom Jon?"
"Yeah,in fact it was my first time to fuck anyone,how about that,my mom got
my cherry."He said as he laughed.
"Your mom is a very pretty woman,I'd sure like to sample that myself."
"I can ask her if you like."Jon said.
"No man,she finds out I fucked you she would have my hide."
"Not if she knew you was aware of her letting me fuck her,hey,maybe we could
all three have sex together."Jon said.

"Thats sure something to think about,sure,let's see how it goes and you let
me know.Now,you mind if I stay over tonight?"
"Gosh no,you want to do it to me again?"
"Your reading my mind sweet meat,come here."
Once again they were kissing as Roy prepared to fuck his new found piece of
ass again.As he fucked he was wondering what the mother would be like in
bed, he could hardly wait to find out

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