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Tow the Line: Part 2 "Party Where Your Heart

As I Stepped inside the J Dorm I could tell all eyes were on me. As I dodged awkward glances and pointed jabs I happened to catch a glimpse of Audrey leaning against a back wall.

"Hey Trash Can Guy!" she shouted waving me over.

"Sorry I never asked your name." she added as I crossed over.

"It's Nicholas Frost, most people call me Nick." I said lying...well not exactly, more like half truthing. Nicholas is my Middle Name, my first name is Calvin after President Coolidge (Don't ask me why).

"Nick I wanna properly introduce you to some friends. You met Damon already." she said pointing to Deep V Douche who was now wearing a Fedora and vest to complete the Douchebag look.

"That's Taylor, Carrie, Mike, Omar and Julie."

As she pointed out each of her friends I could practically feel the disdain flowing in my direction, the only one who seemed different was Julie who winked and blew me a kiss.

"Slut!" I said to myself.

I'm not the best conversationalist at all, I'm awkward when it comes to the last several years of Pop Culture. The last movie I saw in theaters was Star Wars Episode III, I never watched a single episode of Glee or American Idol and before that day I had never heard of Psy.

Audrey tried to cheer me up, she placed a red Solo Cup in my chapped and scared hands and told me to drink up. The Beer was like nothing I had ever had before, it was very rich with hints on Orange in it.

"What is this?" I asked

"It's Ben Franklin've never had it? It's the best Micro Brew around." she said.

"I'm mostly a Budweiser or Coors guy, the beer doesn't have to be fancy."

As I took a sip Audrey's face lit up.
"Baby!" she said running to the door.

Audrey ran over a wrapped her arms around a slender Red Head and gave her a deep kiss.

"Who's that?" I wondered.

"Oh I want you to meet the Nicest Guy." Audrey said to the Red Head.

"Paige this is Nick, Nick this us Paige my Girlfriend." she said.

Yeah I know, right! Here I am thinking I might possibly have a chance then I get this Roadblock tossed in my face.

Fuckin' College!!!!!!!!

"Nice to meet you." I say with a shake and a smile.

"You look familiar Nick, where do I know you from?" Paige asked.

"I'm pretty much all over the Campus. Washing the White Boards, emptying the trash..basically anything that is meanial." I said

"Oh right!" she said.

"Oh stop that...he's being modest. He's very eloquent and well read too." Audrey said.

I was suddenly feeling like a third wheel and was about to make a hasty withdraw when Audrey said.

"What do you think?" she asked.
"Him...really?" Paige said.

"Yeah I mean look at him." Audrey said.

I wasn't sure exactly what Audrey was talking about until I realised my stature. I was a good foot taller than the rest of the people inn the room.

"Can I bet let in on the joke?" I asked

"Oh sorry Nick, Paige is the Drama Director and they are doing an adptation on the 12 Labours of Hercules set in Modern times."

"And we need someone to play Hercules. Unfortunately none of the Drama Students have the Physique required." Paige added.
"When I saw you I instantly thought Hercules. Tell me how'd you get so muscular?"

"I was very weak as a k**. I needed to be strong in the 'Group Home' I was in so I lifted weights."

"Can you act?" Paige asked.

"I've never really tried before, but I'm open to giving it a shot."

"Great!" Audrey said.

"Cool, be at Goodwin Hall at 3pm Tomorrow so we can introduce you to the rest of the class."

I left the party after an hour of meaningless chit chat and found myself walking to the Employee Apartments just off the Campus grounds. My place wasn't much, a small kitchen, living room and red room but it was better than living on the street.

I pulled off my shirt and tossed it into the hamper followed by my slacks and boxers.

I turned on my radio and as the Power Chords of AC/DC's Thunderstruck flowed from the speakers I turned on the Shower.
I stepped in and took a moment to let the heat soothe my lower back. Leaning back I let the water cascade over my heat wetting my hair. I reached for a bar of soap and began to lather up. I Prison you don't get Shampoo and have to use Bar Soap to clean your hair too, I was out for almost three years but still found it hard to by Shampoo from a bottle.

As I washed away the suds I heard a pound on my door. I turned off the water, grabbed a towel and then lowered the music.

I walked to the door and peered into the Peep Hole and saw a tiny whisp of a Girl standing there. It took me a minute to recognise her as Julie, Audrey's friend from the party.

"Hello...Julie is it?" I asked opening the door.

"You remembered!" she said bouncing up and down in an obvious attempt to make her boobs jiggle.

"Audrey meant to give you this but she forgot." Julie said handing me a script.

"" Julie asked looking at me.

It took me a moment to realise I was only in a towel.

"Oh man...let me throw something on."

"Oh no, that's fine." she said.

"If it means anything Audrey made the right choice to have you play Hercules."

I could tell Julie wanted to come in and I was inclined to let her, especially because at any moment a faculty member could appear.

"Would you like to come in?" I asked.

Julie nodded and slipped past me. I closed the door and found her sitting at my kitchen counter top where I eat meals.

"Why else did you come Julie?" I asked

"I'm gonna be playing Hercule's wife Megara and I wanted to see if I measure up."

She said hooking her thumb under the knot I had tied in the Terrycloth towel wrapped around my waist.

"Oops!" she sheepishly said slipping the knot.

As the towel fell away Julie's eyes widened.

"Oh my!" she said.

I knew it was wrong, but it had been quite a while since I was "Intimate" with a woman. I lifted Julie off the stool she was sitting on, d****d her over my shoulder and to the Bedroom.

"Take me Hercules, have your way with me!" she shouted.

"Oh Fuck!" Julie moaned as I slid my cock in. I never felt anything so tight and slowed my self significantly as not to finish to quickly.

"I wanna fuck standing up!" Julie whispered into my ear.

I stood up and Julie jumped into my arms. As I held her ass In my hands to wrapped her legs around my torso and her arms around my neck.

I began to push up and she followed suit, each time we collided I felt her ass cheeks jiggle slightly. She looked me right in the eyes and said one word.


"Oh you want it hard?" I asked her to myself.

She began to squirm as we slammed together. I could feel the impact of our flesh rippling in her chunky ass and picked up the pace.

"Fuck that's it....that's it I think I'm gonna....gonna....OH SHIT!" she shouted.

I let her down and she grabbed my Cock in her hands. She took it into her mouth as she began to stroke it. As she did I felt a great tightness in my balls and then I came.

As she coaxed every last drop out of my shaft she looked up at me and smiled.


Julie downed by Cum Shot as if it was nothing then smiled with delight.

"I gotta go, I have Econ in the Morning." she said.

"You do that, and now you're just gonna leave?" I asked.

"Yeah...but I'll be back, count on it."

As Julie dressed I couldn't help but wonder how different my life would've turned out if I hadn't killed my Dad. Would I be a Student at a place like this? Would a Girl like Julie be my steady Girl?"

As the door closed I shook my head.

"No point dwelling on what might've been." I said to myself.

After putting on some Boxers I cracked open the script and started to read.

To Be Continued in "Tow the Line: Part 3 "The Play's the Thing".

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