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Mommy Is One Fucking Kinky Freak part 1

I didn't want to disturb them, and I was honestly trying to be as quiet as I could possibly be while watching Mommy and Sean from the bedroom's doorway, but I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud at the shocked expression on my little br-other's face. He had just experienced his very first orgasm and was staring, in a kind of horrified fascination, as the cum exploded from the head of his red,thumb sized dick, and launched in one long spurt to splash full fo rce into Mommy's open mouth!

"What a good boy!" Mommy exclaimed,after swallowing the first mouthful of my br other's sperm. She then took him by the shoulders and pushed him over backwards onto the bed so she could keep sucking on his tiny,purple cock head.

Laughing to myself, I could tell Mommy was about to make Sean's first time just as memorable as she had for me almost a year ago, and the memory of that day still made my balls tingle and twitch!

Mommy had pinned Sean to the bed with her hands until his thrashing about became too much for her to handle. So, deciding to be of some help, I walked over, pushed Mommy off of him and grabbed him by the ankles.

"Don't move or I'll snap your knees. Got it, Bitch?" I warned him.

"Thanks,Honey!" Mommy giggled, then she stood up, took my face between her hands and french kissed me deeper and harder than ever before! I loved the idea of cleaning my little br-other's cum from our mommy's tongue and lips. Heck, fair's fair after all, right? I mean, with all of the blow jobs I had been making Sean give me, he had swallowed almost as much of My cum over the last year as Mommy had!

"Keep a tight hold,Sweetie! 'cause This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Ride!" She ordered me, then got up and used her legs to hold his arms down as she lowered her shaved, wet, long, dangling meat curtained cunt over Sean's mouth and nose. "Yee Haw!" she screamed, and began to grind her dripping snatch all over his face!

For almost ten minutes I held my little br other's ankles and watched as he frantically ate Mommy out. The lil' fella sure is a cunt eating bas tard, I'll give him that, and he kept it up even after she began yelling "Eat Your Mommy's Cunt,Baby! Do it,Seanie! YES! SUCK MY CUNT HOLE!!! TONGUE IT! AAhhhh,YES! Don't stop! Eat That Pussy! Ungh! Suck my clit! Suck My Hole! Tongue Fuck Your Mommy! Mommy's gonna cum for You, Baby! Mommy's-Gonna-Cu-UH-UH-OHGAWD-UMMMMmmmm!!"

Suddenly, My mother quit wiggling about. She just sat there, panting as her long,sweat damp hair dangled over my little br other's groin. "Mommy's pussy tastes So Good! Doesn't it? You Love Mommy's cunt,don't You? You want more? Yes?! You Want More?!" she purred, and without warning Mommy reached out and grabbed Me by my upper arms. She was staring me straight in the eyes and smiling. "This Pup's not nearly as good as You are,Sweetie. God, I Need You to Fuck Me! I want Your fat, nasty cock thrusting deep up into my cunt! I want to feel your cum coating the walls of my Vagina and filling my Womb! But first..." Mommy grunted,tightened her grip and began pissing as hard as she could directly into Sean's mouth and down his throat!

Terrified that Mommy was going to drown him with her piss, I did the only thing I could think of, I reached out and pinched both of her nipples as hard as I could!

Red and Green Lights exploded behind my eyes when Mommy's fist landed upside my head, and I knew that I was in trouble when I felt her arm go around my neck, locking me in a choke hold, squeezing me tighter and tighter until the world grew dark.

When I finally came to, Sean was suspended from the racks in the ceiling by his wrists and ankles and his hard,little cock pressed against my lips.

"I think He wants you to suck on it,Sweetie. It's kind of hard to be sure with that ball gag in his mouth but, as soon as I shoved this dildo up his ass he got a hard-on! What do You think? Isn't it cute,Honey?" She asked in a very flirty voice.

What I thought was, "Mommy. You're One Fucking Kinky Freak!" What I said was "Yes, Mommy! I can't wait to suck the cum from his balls!" and I wrapped my lips around Sean's penny sized dick head and sucked his entire two inch long cock into my mouth, doing my best to make him climax as fast as possible.

"Aw, What good boys you are! Always wanting to please Your Mommy-Wife! That's right,Sweetie! Your Mommy-Wife!" Mommy exclaimed when I spit my br other's dick out of my mouth and screamed "What?!".
"Oh, don't be so surprised,Honey. You know how much I have wanted another baby since Your Father left Us, and now it's official! I quit taking those damned birth control pills the first time we fucked,Sweetie! And Now...You're going to be a Daddy! Isn't that Wonderful?! Just Think! We're Going To Have A Baby Of Our Very Own ! Now, Come Fuck Me,Lover! Come Fuck All Of Us!" She giggled and slid her cunt down over my cock. And when I felt my dick head press against the slit of Mommy's cervix, I blew My Wad!

What can I say? Like Mother, Like Son!

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