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My Neighbour's Panties.

I had been away at school for my first year at the U of Miami. I was 20 years old, and had spent more time working on my tan, than my education. Due to this fact my parents decided that it might be better if I spent the next semester at a local community college.

While I had been away, the house next door to my parents had been sold to a couple in their early 30's. The husband was a busy corporate slave, and spent a lot of time at work. The wife, Michelle was her name, was an attractive woman, who just oozed sexuality. I found her attractive the first time that I saw her.

As I said, I had become very proud of my tan, and spent more time working on it in the backyard of my parents house. I would lay out in our yard, usually wearing just a small pair of shorts. The yard between my house and Michelle's was separated by a 4' chain link fence, which did not provide me with much privacy, but was not of much concern to me.

Several times when I was out in the yard, I noticed Michelle doing some work in her yard. We would say hello and smile, but that was the extent of our interactions. After I had been home for several weeks, I had developed sort of a routine where I would spend several hours each morning working on my tan. I started to notice that Michelle was around, working in her yard every time I was out there. I also started to notice that she was wearing less and less each time.

One particular morning, I was laying out in my usual nylon running shorts. Michelle came out and started to mow her lawn. She was wearing a very tight white t shirt, without a bra, and a gauze type skirt. The dress material was very transparent, and I could see that underneath she was wearing a very sexy pair of white french-cut panties. As she walked back and forth in her yard I was becoming very turned on looking at her nipples showing through her shirt, and the way her panties had creeped up her ass. I felt my cock starting to stir in my shorts and was a little worried that Michelle might see my building excitement. At first I tried to cover my growing excitement with my hands, but this looked rather obvious. I continued to watch her, and was getting more turned on. I could feel her eyes on my body, as walked toward our yard pushing her mower. I thought that I could see a small smile on her face, I was feeling kinda exposed. I decided to really give her a good look and dropped my arms to my side. In this position my hard cock was completely visible under the tight material of my shorts. I acted like my eyes were closed and just let Michelle take in my excitement. Laying there with my cock throbbing, and a older woman able to see it almost made me cum in my shorts. She didn't say anything when she finished mowing, waved and walked inside. I couldn't take it, I almost ran to my room, ripped off my shorts and masturbated myself into a raging orgasm.

The next day, I had just gotten out of my car, and saw Michelle standing in her driveway. I smiled and said hello. She said hello, and asked me if I could help her move a box in her garage down into her basement. I said sure and followed her into her garage. As she pointed out the box, I could help but notice how sexy her body was. She was wearing a half cut T shirt that barely covered her breasts, and a small pair of shorts that clung to her ample ass. Again I found myself getting turned on, and felt my cock pressing against my shorts. As I followed her into the basement the box was rubbing against my shorts and making my cock even harder. As we reached the bottom of the stair, Michelle's phone rang. She pointed me to the laundry room, and told me to set the box in there, while she answered the phone upstairs. I walked into the room and set the box down. I looked down at my shorts and saw that there was an obvious bulge from hard cock. I did not want to walk back upstairs with my excitement that apparent. I was looking around the room wasting time, and I saw a laundry basket new the washing machine. On the top of the basket was pair of silky white panties. I couldn't help myself, the thought of Michelle wearing those panties was to much. I quickly shoved them into my pocket (which did nothing for hiding my hard on) as she was walking back into the room. She thanked me for my help, as I stood there trying to hide my excitement. I felt her eyes moving over my body as she spoke, and felt them stop on my very obvious hard on. She smiled and turned and walked up the stairs. As I followed her, my eyes were locked on her ass, which made me even hotter.

I practically ran home, went straight to my room, and stripped off all of my clothes. My cock was at full attention as I laid back on the bed with her sweet panties. At first I teased my cock with them. Slowly letting the smooth material touch my cock and balls was one of the greatest feeling I had ever had at that point in my life. Knowing that her pussy had been in those panties was almost enough to make me cum right away. I had to pull them away from my cock. Slowly I brought them to my face. At first I just looked at them, and imagined how they must have looked pulled tight against Michelle's body. I imagined how the outline of her pussy must have looked as stoked my cock with my other hand. Slowly I let the sexy material move closer to my face, bringing the crotch that had held her pussy near my nose. I took a deep breath of her scent, and again had to stop masturbating to prevent my load from exploding. Using both hands I spread her panties wide open and breathed in her musk. At this point I wanted to taste her pussy, and I let my tongue trail over the place that hours before had help her pussy. The taste was so sweet and overwhelming, that I began to masturbate furiously as I tasted her pussy. In a few short minutes I had sprayed my hot cum all over my stomach, and chest. This was indeed the best masturbation experience I had ever had. And I was looking forward several repeat performances with Michelle's panties.

The next morning about 11 AM my phone rang. I answered it and found Michelle on the other end. She told me that she had something very important that she wanted to discuss with me and asked if I would come over. Not really thinking anything about it, I told her that I would be over in few minutes. As I was getting dressed, I tried to figure out what was so important. I couldn't think of any thing, but always enjoyed the opportunity to be near her, so I headed next door.

When she opened the door, I almost fainted. Michelle was standing in front of me wearing a white camisole, and a small pair of french cut panties, identical to the ones that I had taken. I could see the dark outline of her nipples though her top, but was too freaked out to really look. She told me that I had gotten there sooner than she had expected, and that she was just changing. She motioned me to follow her, and we walked towards the living room. I couldn't believe I was seeing what I was, as I watched tight ass move back and forth in front of me. I expected her to turn off at the hallway, and go to her room to change. She didn't. Instead she walked over to a LazyBoy chair and sat down. She looked at me for a few seconds, and stated that she knew that I had stolen her panties from the laundry room. My heart dropped, as I began to stammer my denial. In a very stern voice she explained that she knew I had them, as she had just taken them off and laid them in the basket right before I had gotten there. Again I lamely attempted to deny it, but she was becoming angry (or so I thought). She demanded to know what I had done with them, and threatened to tell her husband, and my parents if I did not tell her. I was really scared as to me this woman was an adult, and 15 years older than me.

At this point I saw no way out of the situation, and I admitted that I had masturbated with them. An evil smile crossed her face as she sat there and thought about what I had just told her. I was scared out of my mind, even though she was sitting in front of me in lingerie. I was really not ready for the next thing she said to me. She demanded that I show her how I had used them. I again stammered that I couldn't, but she threatened her husband and my parents if I didn't. She told me to undress, and I just kinda looked at her. She changed the tone of her voice, and sternly to me to take off my clothes. Although I was not sure what to do, I began to comply. I stripped off my shirt and shorts, and stood in front of her in my boxers. She then instructed me to take them off and lay down on the floor in front of her. As I stepped out of my boxers, I started to feel a tingling in my cock. Even though my heart was pounding, I was feeling very exposed. Michelle, now in a softer voice asked my to show her how I had used her panties. She stood up, and took off the pair that she was wearing. She dropped them so that they landed on my growing cock.

I couldn't believe it, here I was completely naked if front of a woman that was 15 years my elder, and she was now half naked also. Again she encouraged me to touch my cock and show her how I used her panties. I could see that her nipples were hard and swollen through the thin material of her silky top. She sat back down as I started to stroke my throbbing cock. Again I let the soft material of her panties tease my cock. I was so turned on having her watch me that my cock was raging. As I started to play with her panties, I could feel that there was a wet spot in the crotch. This was too much, I had to taste her pussy. Leaving one hand on my cock, I brought Michelle's panties to my face and again breathed in her sweet lust. As I looked up, I could see that Michelle was now playing with her pussy. I was so turned on being so exposed to this woman, and now we were both watching the other masturbate. As he fingered her pussy I kept her panties in my face, tasting her pussy, as my hand moved over my cock. She wanted to watch me cum, and told me to let my load go all over my chest. It wasn't long before I granted her request, and pumped my hot sperm onto my chest and into her panties. This drove Michelle into a frenzy as she worked her clit between her fingers. She took her panties from me and tasted my cum in them. I could see that her body was heaving as she came...what a sight.

After she was able to get her breath back, she instructed me to get dressed. I did, and she asked me if I had enjoyed our little visit. I told her that I had, to which she replied that if I was able to keep it to myself that we could develop a sexy relationship...Well to say the least I did and we did!

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