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we ring each other for a date we go for dinner we end up in a quiet bar for a few drinks we start to get on whit one another you have on a knee long dress i have a sexy grey suit you have a blouse on top few buttons are open i can see your hot cleavage few drinks later i ask can i walk you home you say yes id like that we get talking about sex on the way back to your place we are giggeling walking down the road thinking will he kiss me good nite i get you to your door say tonight was great give you a small sexy kiss you pull back and say you wanna come in for a while i say yes... We go inside kissing in the hall way you say to me lets go up to my room i follow your hot ass up the stairs mad to give it a smack i hold my self back we get into the bed room we are kissing very heavy now i turn you around start to kiss your neck from behind rubbing my hands down your sexy sides over your sexy hips feeling your body from behind i work my way back up the front feeling your tits i start to remove your blouse one button at a time till its just hanging on your shoulders whit one hand i remove your top dropping to the floor im still kissing your neck and rubbing your body i kiss the back of your neck while i undo your Bra i take my two hands slip the straps down your arms i fling it across the room still behind you kissing your neck & shoulders rubbing down to your dress i put my thumbs into your waist band run them to the front and the hole way to the back i reach the button and the zip then slowly remove and undo the zip the dress hits the floor your standing in it i take my right hand put it down your body from behind and get to the back of your knee lift your leg out of the dress whit the other leg you just flick it to one side your left in your panties and high heels i start to kiss you down your spine getting to the ridge of you spine i put my fingers in to your panties on the side i pull them down to your feet i put on hand on your back tell you to bend over the bed i give your sweet sexy ass a kiss and start working your pussy from behind... while im on the floor i start to undress my self as im standing my pants hits the floor your bent over the bed i press my throbbing nob against your soaking wet pussy and slip it in i then here you say oh my god i take your hand from behind and just drive my cock deep inside your splashing pussy your juices are running down my legs i burst my load into you i pull out watch my cum fall out of your pussy down your legs i then push you on to the bed and say stay there ill be back in a minute for round two and walk out of the room xxx...

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