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The New Tenant

Many years ago, I managed an apartment building. These were one bedroom units about 650 sq feet. One day I got a call from a prospective tenant urgently looking for an apartment. I met her about 2 hours later. I sensed something wrong, because of the urgency of her need to get an apartment right away. This is usually bad news. When I met her, and showed her around, she instantly liked the apartment, and agreed to all the specifics, which means it was just too easy. I asked her why she needed a unit so quickly, and she explained that she was breaking up with her husband, because they had a terrible fight last night. I explained it would take a few days to check her credit and her references, and I would get back to her in a couple of days. This was when she started to put the "moves" on me.

She said she wanted to look at the apartment again, she then slowly and purposefully walked past me and brushed by me, so that the back of her right hand brushed the front of my crotch ever so slightly, but definitely making contact. She was trying to gauge my reaction. If I object to the physical contact, she could easily called it accidental. I said nothing and did nothing. Confident that I did not react negatively, and I did not move, she progressed to the next step of her plan. Turning and facing me now, she was a few inches shorter than me, she looked straight into my eyes, and asked in a sexy, almost begging voice, that she understood the red tape, but was there a way in which I could make an exception, so that we could come to an agreement sooner not later, maybe if the conditions were right, as sooner as today.

Up until now, I did not even notice her. But when she got up close and personal, I began to see what she was like. She stood about 5' 4" tall, slender body, but could have loss a few extra pounds. She was a light skinned black beauty who spoke English and French in a cute sing-song manner. Her fingers were very delicate, a little blunt, but well manicured, with red nail polish. Her eyes carried a radiant look, were large and expressive, she had full, sweet, pouting naturally red lips. Her hair was medium length, but slightly kinky, which provided evidence of her black background, but at the same time she had very fair clear cream color skin. What a beauty!!! I later learn that she was the product of a mixed marriage, which gave her an exotic look, very sensual and sexy. She walked with a grace and elegance, and glided thru the rooms.

I responded gently, without committing myself, but leaving the door open for further possibilities. "What did you have in mind?” I said inviting her to continue. She continued to come closer to my face, and just slowly, her blouse top loosened and her mounds started to heaved up and down inside her open blouse in the rhythm of her breathing, and that's when they caught my eye. Her boobs, they were not large, but they were not small either, well formed and sized for a women of her statue. They were spilling out of her thin bra, as if they were shouting “release me…release me”.

Here was a woman who knew how to use her body to her advantage. "Well there are some things I could do to make you life more pleasant and maybe even more comfortable, not just now, maybe even later, if you are agreeable, and we can come to an understanding about this apartment, then we can move forward." she replied. At this, we were slowly moving into another phase, without commitment on either side, and doing a dance trying to size each other up, and trying to decide the best and most profitable course of action.

With my eyes still feasting on her deep cleavage, her right index finger slowly and easily landed on my navel. My eyes followed her finger. It was summer time; we were both dressed in summer casual clothes. I wore a T shirt and summer gym shorts, while she wore a light blouse with a short dress that exposed about a quarter of her thighs. As her finger made tiny circles on my shirt, it wasn’t long before her finger tip found itself between the elastic waistband of my shorts, and my shirt.

I could feel my pulse quicken, and my breathing becoming more intense. All kinds of thoughts came leaping into my mind—all dirty, where will this lead? How far will it go? Should I continue, or stop it before it is too late. What am I getting myself into? My mind was going faster and faster, trying to decide if I should allow this to continue?

Once she reached her goal the elastic band of my shorts with her finger, she looked up at my face which was just inches away, she slowly said “Would you like me to continue? And would my continuing give me some extra consideration with regard to time? Time to help you make your decision in my favor right away?” Her lips were now forming a small circle as they puckered up as if to give me an imaginary kiss in the air. She was so close to me now; I could smell her sweet fragrance and feel her warm breath on my face. I responded slowly with “I .. I have made… quicker decisions before, … in the past, but I still have to run … a credit report, and you’re not the only one applying for this apartment. I met someone earlier today, and I have another appointment tomorrow. Besides the first of the month wont come around until next weekend, and we still have some more work to do to get it ready for you.”

“I’m ready to take the apartment now, if you willing to give it to me, I’ll make it worth your while, if you know what I mean, is it a deal? You won’t regret it”, she said with a nasty smile on her face. She was slowly going down, down to her knees facing my crotch, “I ...I...…” I studdered,. She knew that I was hooked, I was in too deep to back out, and all her intentions were clear, and because I did not stop, or call time out, meant I was going along, and she was sensing defenses going down. I couldn't help it, I was becoming very weak, and my legs started to feel like jelly.

“You know you want it, she continued, “Let’s see what you got down here”, with that, her right hand cupped my scrotum, and weighed and felt balls. My penis grew a mind of its own, and bl**d surged down to my shaft. Seconds passed, “Well, well well” she continued, looks like something is moving down there. Let's have a peek”, she slowly pulled my waistband back, and my cock sprung out, standing at attention. Standing straight up, it almost reached my naval.
With that, she opened her mouth, and inserted my cockhead into her waiting mouth.

To be continued…

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