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Lottery winner got laid part 3

After our eventfull holiday we got home and I returned to work to hand in my notice, as realised I didnt need to work in a stressfull enviroment, as I got settled waiting for Carmen to bring the morning mail in. a knock at the door and this young girl came in saying she was the new assistant and Carmen had finished on friday. I looked her up and down as I asked her to come in, her long blonde hair,blue eyes and gorgous body was noticable to start as I undressed her with my eyes layer by layer, her name was Sandy and had just left uivercity, I gave her some work and made a few phone calls.

I phoned Carmen and spoke to her asking why she left, she told me someone had phoned out we where fucking and if I didnt go there would be trouble, I asked her if she had noticed the voice she said it sounded like my wife but she couldnt be sure, I said I would call that evening and stay over so we could talk late and I would then come into the office late in the morning hopefully to get things sorted. I phoned the wife and told her that Carmen had left but she didnt seen surprised, by it and told her I had given my notice in so I could spend more time at home.

I noticed it was close to dinnertime I asked Sandy if she would like to go for lunch at the local so we could get to know each other better she agreed and off we went. As we sat eating I looked at her long legs and got a glimpse of her panties as she crossed her legs, they left nothing really to cover except the slit of her pussy. I found out all about her as I carried on stripping her with my eyes.

That afternoon I sat in my office thinking of Sandy riding my cock, I got a server hard on so I closed the blinds and said I didnt want to be disturbed as I sat at my desk rubbing my cock slowly, the thick shaft stood to attention trying to imagine if Sandy was shaved or not, I closed my eyes as my foreskin went over my cock head then back over and down the shaft, I was in my own world, as I thought I heard a noise.

I carried on slowly rubbing at a steady pace oblivious to anything as I groaned, all of a sudden I heard a gasp to open my eyes and Sandy standing in the doorway, I stopped and covered up, she said don't stop I love the view and a huge cock as well I would love to help,as she added aint that what a assistant has to do, with a evil smurk I told her to come in and shut the door.

She walked up to me and reached out grassping the shaft softly rubbing it, as she lowered her head and sucked it lightly wr****g her tounge around the head, I groaned as I felt her tits her nipples stiffened on my touch, I slowly undone her blouse and her bra as she removed them, her tits stood firm nice pink hard nipples as I slowly sucked one at a time, flicking then with my tounge her areloa stiffened as the cold air hit it after being in my warm mouth.

I reached up her skirt feeling her wet panties, she said well take them off youve seen a glimpse in the pub, I pulled them down to reveal a peach colour thong as I had my question answered, she was as smooth as a baby's bum, I run my finger along her lips she begged me to finger her, as my finger slipped in searching for her clit, I pushed in further as I hit her G spot making her jump begging for more, as i rubbed she moaned and cum soaking my hand with her jucies.

She bent over my desk and lifted her skirt begging for my cock to split her pussy with my cock, as I got up I could see her wet lips I pushed my cock in as her pussy ate my cock like a hungry a****l, she groaned as my cock, slid in coating my shaft in her jucies as I moved in and out I felt her tits as her nipples got harder, I grabbed her hips moving quicker, she groaned she was cumming as I thrust into her pussy her pussy lips stretching with every stroke and she let out a moan as she orgasmed.

I pulled out and laid her on my desk putting her legs over each shoulder as I rammed my cock into her wet hole, as her firm tits moved with every thrust, as my balls hit her arse I felt i wasnt gonna last much longer, my cock throbbed as she begged for more as I couldnt hold on now more, pumping huge amounts of cum into her pussy she groaned loudly cumming herself, we got dressed and left for the day, I phoned the wife saying I wouldnt be home that night, as I was working late and would stay in a hotel, as didnt want to drive home late she agreed and said night.

I arrived at Carmens and ...... final part to come.

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