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Danny awoke slowly as the bright sun filtered through thin bedroom
d****s. His head pounded with a modest hangover and his naked body
ached. It took a couple minutes for his head to clear. Then he
remembered why he felt like a truck had hit him.

He looked over and saw the nude form of his twenty- seven-year-old
wife, Dawn. She was one year his senior in age and eclipsed his 5'9"
height by over two inches. He envied her for still being asl**p. The
midday sun would not hit her face for another half an hour. He thought
of closing the d****s, but they both enjoyed the warm sun and
exhibitionist thrill that the d****s were thin enough for others to
spy on them if they so chose.

The air was heavy with the mixed aromas of sex of sweat. The couple
had struggled home a little after 4:00 AM and had gone straight to the
bedroom and passed out. For Danny it had been a combination of sex;
just how many times had those two friends of Dawn's fucked him; and
booze. He knew it was never a good idea to mixed heavy sex with Jack
Daniels and no food. For Dawn he was pretty sure it was mostly sexual
fatigue. She had d***k very little, as usual, but had been fucked
almost as often as her husband. Plus, the attentions paid to her and
by her to the two men's wives.

Both men, Shawn and Larry, were part-time bouncers and part-time
dancers at the strip joint where Dawn worked as a topless, and often
nude, hostess/waitress. Naturally, both men were extremely handsome
and quite well hung. But the reason Dawn had selected them from the
stable of nearly a dozen men at the club was twofold. First, they were
both gay. Some of the dancers were straight and several were gay, but
Shawn and Larry were that perfect balance.

Secondly, they were even better hung than most of their coworkers.
Indeed, they were both best classified as freaks of nature. Dawn had
watched as Larry on his very first night stripped off his g-string and
stunned the mixed audience of men and women with his 9" of flaccid
white cock. She had never dreamed a white man could be so well hung.
As he danced his fourth and final number, Larry had pressed his
rapidly hardening cock into the chests, crotches and faces of a dozen
admiring fans. When he was finished a roar of approval demonstrated
how much the crowd admired his 13" cock.

Bucking all the rules of the club and risking getting fired, Dawn had
left the serving floor to follow Larry into the unisex dressing room.
Before the door was even closed, she deftly removed her panties and,
an instant ahead of one male and one female dancer, dropped her
dripping pussy over that massive cock. The only thing that saved her
from being fired was when she let her boss press his face between her
thighs and lick the union of cock and pussy. It also helped that when
Larry was ready to erupt she let that monster cock leave her pussy and
deposit a huge load of cum in the boss's slurping mouth.

Dawn was shocked and embarrassed when Larry and one of the strippers
she had beaten in the race to his cock pulled her aside. He introduced
her as Kelly, his s****r/lover. The pair had carried on an i****tuous
affair for sixteen years since she was nine and he was ten and had
lived as husband and wife for the last six years. That first encounter
had been six months ago and they had engaged in several threesomes and
a few foursomes. This included on with their boss. It was when Larry
sucked the fifty year old man that Dawn learned the dancer was bi.

Shawn was probably the best dancer in the whole club. He was certainly
the best of the male dancers with a grace and sense of timing that
belied someone much older than his nineteen years. When Dawn first saw
the 6'5", 225# strapping youth working the door at the club her eyes
yo-yoed between his cute boyish features and the massive bulge that
ran down the inside of his left thigh. She could not wait to watch him
dance the next night. As he pulled his g-string away from his body,
Dawn and everyone else in the bar received glimpses of a nearly
perfect, but slightly larger, copy of the massive manhood John Holmes
had exercised in so many movies.

Dawn had to wait a week to see just how big that massive slab of flesh
could grow. It was not at the club, but at a party hosted by Larry and
Kelly. Dawn was given the honor of fucking Shawn first, but before the
night was over all three had experienced the shock of taking that
incredible manhood. All three struggled to get more than a couple
inches into their mouths. All three also had Shawn's cock fuck them.
For Larry it was his ass taking every inch and for the women it was
their pussies. Dawn fought and fought but came up three inches short
of taking the almost 15" length into her cunt. Kelly, used to the
demands of her b*****r/husband's huge cock and fists, was able to
accommodate every inch.

The final member of the previous night's orgy was Shawn's beautiful
sixteen-year-old girlfriend. He had met her when she tried to slip
into the club e****ted by her stepfather and one of his beer buddies.
The first time they met Dawn was struck by the girl's incredible
beauty. A 5'11" blonde with light blue eyes and short hair that did
nothing to hide her perfect face and displayed her long, sculptured
neck. The evening Dawn met Amber she wore a pair of low rider cut offs
that dipped six inches below her navel in front and allowed peeks at
the underside of her trim ass from behind. She also wore a white t-
shirt that stopped almost as far above her navel.

The other thing that struck Dawn about the girl was the number of
times her body was pierced. A quick count totaled twenty. There were
seven rings in each of the girl's ears, one in her right eyebrow, a
stud and ring in her left nostril, a post in her tongue and two rings
in her navel. A closer and more intimate search revealed three more,
one ring each in the girl's nipples and a post through the hood of her
clit. That more intimate look also found a pair of very bright red
lips tattooed on the Amber's hairless vulva and a three inch rendering
of a flaccid cock on her right buttock.

When Dawn inquired about how the girl arranged for all the piercings
and tattoos at her age, Amber smiled, ran her tongue suggestively over
her lips and said, "I'm very nice to a woman who runs a tattoo parlor
here in town."

"Don't your parents have a problem with all of this?" asked Dawn
forgetting for a moment that the girl's stepfather had tried to sneak
her into a strip joint.

Amber, standing completely naked in the sunlight drenched living room
of Shawn's apartment and completely oblivious to the large open
windows said, "My mom is a fat, gross, d***ken bitch who doesn't care
about anything except where she's going to get her next bag of potato
chips and bottle of gin. Made dad took off before I was born. I met
him once when I was about eight. He said he was sorry and that mom was
so disgusting he had to take off. He gave me $500, a kiss on the cheek
and I never saw or heard from him again."

Stretching her long, luscious body and playing with the ring in her
right nipple, Amber continued, "You've heard about my step-dad. He's a
decent hard-working guy who puts up with mom and has given me a good
home. Sure he's been getting in my pants since I was twelve, but he's
gentle and he almost always makes sure I get off too."

Amber went on to talk about her little stepb*****r. She said the tyke
was almost as cute as she was. Dawn noted there was no sense of ego or
braggadocios in the comment. The girl knew she was attractive and knew
the same about her b*****r. Amber did say she suspected her stepfather
had started fucking his son. On a couple occasions since she started
seeing Shawn, the girl had come home to find the living room reeking
of sex, her dad asl**p naked on the coach and the next morning the boy
had been walking bowlegged.

Dawn found Amber to be a skilled and insatiable lover. The tireless
tongue brought her off nearly a dozen times that first afternoon. In
addition, she had spent half an hour orally attending to her massively
endowed boyfriend. Dawn was not surprised that the girl was unable to
take all of her lover into her young cunt. She estimated that little
more than two-thirds of the massive rod found its way into Amber's

Danny's eyes continued to admire his wife's slender form as she slept.
When Dawn's body shifted and she ended up lying on her back, his
wife's slightly parted thighs gave him a clear, if shaded view of her
swollen pussy lips. He remembered the abuse they had taken the night
before. Like his tender ass, Shawn and Larry's huge cocks had
assaulted them. In addition, both Kelly and Amber had taken turns
licking, sucking, stretching, biting and fisting the beautiful

Danny also remembered something else about his wife's pussy. He had
deposited three loads of cum inside her and he knew the other men had
done similar. "I wonder how much is still there?" he said in a quiet
voice that was really no more than thinking out load. Deciding to see
for himself, Danny slowly moved until he lay between Dawn's thighs.
His face was less than eighteen inches from her pussy and the aroma of
sex was overpowering. Gently, not wanting to disturb her sl**p, Danny
spread his wife's tanned legs.

The first contact of tongue to pussy lips sent a rush through Danny's
head. The taste was as strong, nasty and delicious as had been the
smell. He loved few things more than sucking a man's cum from his
wife's cunt. It was almost as good as getting a load directly from the
guy's cock. Danny knew men and women who considered a messy morning-
after pussy to be disgusting, but he considered it a treat to be

It took Dawn nearly five minutes to awaken to the sensuous touch of
her loving husband's tongue. Her soft moans and the gentle rolling of
her hips gave evidence of her new level of consciousness. Dawn though
how wonderful it was to be married to such a special man as her Danny.
A man who worshiped her in thought and deed and who had absolutely no
hang-ups about sex.

Drifting back into a nearly dreamlike state, she thought of how they
had met or rather how she had found him. It had been at a frat party
her senior year. It was the first really warm weekend of the summer
and you could sense the sexual juices flowing all over campus. Dawn's
oversexed nature had her on the prowl for a night of uninhibited sex
of whatever sort she might find. She found it right where she had
expected to, fraternity row.

She was no stranger to any of the testosterone hot beds and was a
regular guest at several. One in particular however, was known for the
best parties, the sweetest pot and the most sexually creative men.
That was her destination that night and she was not disappointed. She
was barely through the door when she reached two offers two dance,
three rather indecent proposals (one from a female faculty member) and
a beer.

Dawn drank, smoked a little pot and danced for about an hour before
selecting the man she wanted to begin what she hoped would be an
evening of debauchery. The made-out on the area cleared as a dance
floor and by the time she broke away and lead him upstairs, her blouse
was gone and her bra was undone. They headed for the third floor her
hand on his denim-clad cock and one of his squeezing her exposed right

They hurriedly slid into the first door on the right not realizing it
was already occupied. On the bed, three mostly naked men surrounded a
fourth totally naked form on its hands and knees. One of the men was
fucking the kneeler and the other two were presenting their stiff
pricks to the hidden form's mouth.

Dawn stopped first and stared at the sexy quartet. She had always had
strong voyeuristic and exhibitionist traits and this was one of the
sexiest scenes she'd witnessed in some time. The guy with her first
wanted to find some place more private, but Dawn's nibble at his ear
and soft hand sliding under the waistband of his pants changed his
mind. The stud finished removing her blouse and was working on her
jeans when a deep moan and a guttural plea to, "Fuck me harder!" arose
from the bed.

For the first time both realized it was not a girl, but a man being
used by the other three men. Her lover-to-be expressed instant disgust
and demanded they leave. Dawn, who found way gay male sex as erotic as
most men found lesbian sex, would have no part of leaving. Her guy
again demanded to leave and she said, "Fine. Go. I'll find somebody to
fuck my tight pussy."

"So be it, bitch. But it won't be any of these faggots I can guarantee
you that." Dawn was at once relieved that she had not and would not go
any further with the bigot.

The guy stormed out and slammed the door. Dawn, her eyes never leaving
the spectacle of the four men, quickly removed her jeans and panties.
She moved about the room getting the best views possible and playing
with her dripping pussy. For nearly an hour and a half, the men put on
the wildest sex show she had ever seen. The guy on his knees, a
handsome k** who she already knew she was in love with, was the only
one getting fucked. The others occasionally and briefly sucked each
other's cock and one even sucked their victim to a hearty climax.

The highlight of the session came when one of the men lay on the bed
and had the fourth guy (yes it was Danny) turn his back to him and sit
on his cock. Then he pulled Danny back until he lay on his chest. A
second guy then stepped forward and slid his cock in Danny's already
stuffed ass. Dawn had been double-fucked several times, but always
with one in her ass and one in her pussy or two in her pussy. She'd
never tried two cocks in her ass and had never seen it tried in any of
many porno tapes she had seen.

The third guy moved around to Danny's face and offered his limp cock
that had just come from Danny's ass to him to suck. The foursome
maintained this position for quite a while until the guy on top of
Danny began to swear and climaxed in the stuffed ass. Withdrawing, he
switched places with the guy Danny was sucking. It took the new fucker
only a couple minutes to add his load of cum to the many already in
the young man's ass. Finally, the guy on the bottom could begin to
vigorously fuck the asshole he no longer had to share. Less than a
minute of frantic pumping had him shooting a final load into that dark

Even before the three guys began to move away and gather their
clothes, Dawn could see cum dripping from Danny's ass. Her mouth
watered at the sight. She thought to wait for the others to leave, but
she was too far gone to wait. To the hoots and catcalls of the other
guys, she dove headfirst onto the bed. She gave them all a good look
at her naked ass as she slid closer and then locked her lips to
Danny's stretched asshole.

She could barely her their comments and occasional encouragements.
There was a treasure trove of cum at her lips and she wanted it all.
One of the guys came over and placed a hand on Danny's stomach telling
him to, "Shit out all the cum. Fill the cunt's nasty mouth with our
shitty loads." Coming from these guys, the nasty talked only turned
her on more. She looked up and made eye contact with Danny for the
first time and told him to do exactly what he had been told. And that
was exactly what happened.

A geyser of cum flooded Dawn's mouth. It filled her mouth and she
tried to swallow, but in doing so, it caused more to splash her lips
and chin. A second muscle contraction brought a much smaller geyser
and by the third try, there was only a trickle. The guy who had told
Danny to shit cum into her mouth complimented them both on the show
and then reached down to finger some of the brownish cream onto Dawn's

After the other three guys left, Dawn looked the bedroom door and
returned to the bed. She finished cleaning up all the remnants of cum
she could find and then finished that part of the evening by giving
Danny her best blowjob and swallowing one more load of cum. That
finished she moved up in the bed and lay next to the guy who could no
longer be considered a stranger even though she had no idea what his
name was or knew nothing about him, except that he was a slut for gay

The kissed. Both of their mouths were heavily flavored by delicious
male cream. Breaking their kiss, they finally introduced themselves
and Dawn found her knew friend was a junior majoring finance who had a
steady girlfriend. He said he liked straight sex, but had a need for
nasty gay sex that could be absolutely overpowering! Dawn said she was
much the same, expect she did not currently have a steady guy and her
unbearable craving was for nasty sex in any form she could get it and
what she had just seen was some of the nastiest yet.

Danny thanked her for the compliment and then almost shyly asked if he
could eat her pussy and lick her ass. Dawn was shocked by the mannerly
shyness displayed by a guy who had just been gang fucked in her
presence by three guys and whose ass she had just eaten out. Of
course, she consented, and she found him to be a skilled and
enthusiastic oral lover. Later Danny fucked her for the first time and
again they found an almost mystical compatibility.

After their unique first meeting, the couple began a slightly more
typical courtship. They already knew much more about each other than a
normal pair. Danny learned just how horny and lustful Dawn could be
and he had no problem sharing her with others. Sometimes male or
female partners joined them and other times Dawn sought her thrills
alone. Danny also continued to have numerous gay encounters on campus
and off. One of his favorite locations being a local adult theater
where he loved to strip naked in the back row and allow his mouth and
ass to welcome nearly any man interested.

By the end of the spring semester, they were already engaged and were
planning a wedding for the following spring. It was the night Dawn
accepted his proposal and he knew she would soon meet his f****y that
he told her more about his sexual past. Danny was the younger of two
sons by nearly twelve years. His parents had never planned on more
than one c***d and he had never felt completely, or sometimes even
remotely, wanted.

His mom died when he was five and less than a year later, his dad
began to use him sexually. Dawn started to express her rage, but Danny
quickly quieted her by saying the early introduction to gay sex was
the best thing his dad ever did for him. It started with occasional
blowjobs. From the first time, the young boy found he really liked the
feel of his dad's cock in his mouth and especially liked the taste of
the stuff that shoot out of the tip. The creamy sauce became the
favorite treat of six year-old

When his dad realized how much his boy liked sucking his cock and
eating his cum, their encounters became more frequent. By the end of
the second month, his dad gave Danny the assignment of waking him
every morning at 6:30 AM by sucking his cock. It was not long after
that Danny's b*****r followed him one early morning and observed the
little boy in his happy task. When his father came in the boy's mouth
and face and Danny simply replied by swallowing most of the cream and
saying, "Thank you, daddy. I love your cock and cum so much," the
eighteen year-old wanted some of the same treatment their dad was

That afternoon, after school and before their dad got home from work,
his b*****r told Danny what he had seen that morning. The little boy
was scared because he dad had told him that no one must ever know
about them. Seeing the concern in his b*****r's face, the elder
sibling said, "Don't worry little b*o'," his favorite nickname for his
b*****r, "I'm not mad and I'm not going to tell anyone even though
what you're doing is against the law." He wanted to comfort the boy,
but like most teens, he also had a bit of a cruel streak.

The teen smiled at his b*****r and opened the top bottom and zipper of
his jeans. He slid them and his underwear down his hips. Six inches of
steely teen-cock sprung free. "I know you really like sucking dad's
cock and all I want is for you to do the same for me."

Danny, thankful that he wasn't in big trouble or about to get a
beating, walked over to his bother, knelt before him, pulled the
upright cock down toward his lips and began sucking the second of many
cocks he would serve. His b*****r was much more vocal that his dad and
immediately started talking dirty and call him a nasty cocksucker and
other names. He also kept saying how good the boy's mouth felt on his
dick. When he came, Danny's b*****r shot a lot more cum than his dad
and it blasted into his mouth with a lot more f***e.

That day really began Danny's career as an active cocksucker. Before
he would suck his dad almost everyday and usually, but not always, be
rewarded with a mouthful of cum. After that day, his relationship with
his dad did not change, but know he was sucking his b*****r two or
three times a day and getting a good load every time from his
b*****r's fertile balls.

It took less than a week for the father to learn what was happening
between his sons. He was not upset, but he did warn them to be very
careful about keeping their f****y secret. The boys did a surprisingly
good job of it, but it was their dad who spilled the beans. One night
at a party, the man had a little too much to drink and bragged to his
boss that he had met the best cocksucker in the world. The boss
peppered him with questions about who "she" was until his d***ken
subordinate to him it was not a woman.

The supervisor immediately assumed it must be a girl and threatened
his employee with a call to the police if he did not expose her.
Danny's father, another drink loosening his tongue and destroying his
judgment, to the man it was not a young girl, but a young boy. This
shocked and pleased the man who was in fact a closeted gay man who had
always fantasized about little boys. When again threatened with
expose, Danny's father told his boss the whole story and agreed to
bring the man home to meet his son and become the first non-f****y
member blown by Danny.

For a little over two years, all of Danny's sexual activity was oral.
For his eighth birthday, Danny's special gift from was dad was his
first fucking. The loss of the eight year-old's cherry was a time of
pain and pleasure. There was obvious pain for a little boy being
fucked by a full-grown man and pleasure for the man, but also
surprising pleasure for the boy. Once the shock of his initial
violation passed, Danny warmed quickly to have his tiny, hairless
asshole used by his father and later his b*****r.

Ass, or as his father called it boy-pussy, fucking became almost as
regular an activity as cocksucking. Danny loved both and never
resisted his dad or b*****r. When his dad's boss wanted to fuck him,
Danny willingly lay on his back and lifted his spread legs over his
head. Dad also began to occasionally bring other men home as well.
Usually they were business clients who used the boy in exchange for
deals that could and did advance the man's career, but others were men
he met through a boy-lovers' site on the Internet.

Danny's b*****r, with his dad's permission also brought home a friend
or two from college and later from his work. As with his b*****r,
Danny really liked the treatment he received from his b*****r's
friends. The boy loved the huge loads they shot, the vigor they fucked
with and their ability to get hard and cum several times. Danny found
three traits that he specially appreciated in his lovers; long, but
not necessarily thick cocks, the ability to shoot huge loads and the
wont to talk dirty and call him nasty names.

In addition to demonstrating and reinforcing his love of gay sex, his
experiences from such a young age meant Danny's abilities as a lover
also developed. At ten, he first managed to deep throat his b*****r's
then 7" erection and shortly after his eleventh birthday, he first did
the same for his dad's shorter, but thicker cock. He was f******n the
time one of his dad's friend's told the man to stick his cock in his
son's pussy right along with his. Danny initially screamed in shock
and pain, but then begged the men to never stop. For his sixteenth
birthday, he b*****r's new bride fist-fucked her b*****r-in-law.

Surprisingly, as he entered his teens Danny found himself becoming
attracted to girls. The night of his first date, dad and b*****r
relentlessly k**ded Danny. He met his girlfriend and her mom with cum
in his stomach and ass. Through high school, he lived a double life.
No one at school knew of his frequent gay escapades at home and his
dad and his dad's buddies joked about fucking the mouth that kissed
those pretty teenaged girls.

Until he arrived at college, Danny had never had a male lover close to
his age. Ten years was the narrowest age difference and most had been
as much as thirty years or more older. Even his first college lover, a
handsome professor who fucked the eager freshman after the third class
of the new semester, was almost twenty years his senior. Danny
continued to seek out and find older lovers and it was not until
pledging his fraternity that he experienced sex with someone his age.

One of the sophomore members recognized something in the new member
and within days he was regularly serving several of the men of the
house. Danny was in cocksucker heaven. He rarely went more than an
hour or so in the house without his mouth around someone's cock. It
was a couple months later when one of the guys asked if Danny liked
getting fucked and the freshman's affirmative answer started a
periodic flow of men who wanted his ass. It was a treat he also freely

Dawn was not Danny's first college girlfriend to know about his
bisexuality. She was, however, the first to not only accept but also
encourage and participate in his adventures. They went several times
to a local video arcade and shared the numerous cocks that appeared
through the large glory hole. They eagerly ate cum from each other's
ass or pussy and introduced several of their fellow students and a
couple professors to the join of bisexuality. Their conquests were
mostly male, but a few women also had their horizons expanded by the
nasty couple.

Dawn was finding it increasingly difficult not to show overt response
to Danny's lovemaking. She finally opened her eyes completely and
stared down at her husband. He must have sensed her gaze because his
eyes lifted to hers. Danny, his mouth never leaving his wife's
delicious cunt, and Dawn shared a silent moment of total love and
devotion. With the arrival of her first powerful orgasm after a string
of half a dozen smaller ones, his lips left her pussy. Danny's body
slid up his wife's and the couple shared a deep kiss.

While passionate, the kiss was relatively brief because Dawn found her
lips to be very tender and her jaw to be quite stiff. She tried to
recall just how much time she had spent stretching her jaws around
Shawn and Larry's gargantuan pricks. One memory that was very clear
was Amber, double-headed, 16' long dildo half buried in her cunt,
savagely fucking her face. Dawn felt her husband's hard cock against
her groin and knew she should reward him for his wonderful wake up
service. However, she knew there was no way her battered mouth could
do him service.

Dawn gently pushed Danny off her body and onto his back. She then
moved her longer body into a seated posture over her husband's form.
His cock was pressed flat along his hairless groin and under the very
wet region of her pussy and ass. She did not take his straining
erection into her body and Danny did not seek entry. They had long ago
agreed that sexual intercourse would be a special treat for special
times between the two of them.

Dawn slowly rode her handsome hubby for a few minutes before deciding
he deserved something more. For the first time she looked toward the
bedroom door and saw it was open as usual. "Terry," her husky voice
called out. "Terry, dear, could you come in here and help out mommy
and daddy?"

A minute later the form of a seven year-old c***d appeared in the
doorway. With shoulder length curly blonde hair tied in twin bows,
large blue eyes and clad only in a very short denim skirt, the lovely
c***d studied the couple on the bed. Dawn noticed a skillfully applied
layer of make-up and lipstick on her c***d's face and the perfectly
painted fingernails and toenails. She also noted the high heels and
knew Jenny the fifteen-year-old neighbor who had been their regular
babysitter for three years must still be there. Terry and the girl got
along so perfectly and the teen was most discrete about Dawn and
Danny's lifestyle.

Dawn had picked her out as a potential sitter for her special c***d at
first because of her cuteness and proximity. The pretty, almost
tomboy, lived just down the block. She was amazed at how easy the girl
was to seduce. A brush of a hand along her neck and another across an
erect nipple barely covered by the girl's bikini as the pair lay by
the pool and Jenny's mouth was seeking Dawn's. She introduced her to
Danny and their initial encounters were simple threesomes. The moment
of truth came the day Dawn brought the teen into their bedroom as two
boys barely older than her were fucking Danny's mouth and ass.

Jenny's gasp of, "Oh, yeah," was all either needed to hear. The woman
and girl joined the man and boys on the bed for a wild night of sex.
The next day the couple told Jenny all about Terry. The way he was
being raised as sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl and the fact that
each had been using him sexually for most of his life. Jenny first
asked if she could also play sex games with the boy and the couple
agreed as long as Terry was willing. She then asked if they minded her
playing dress-up games will Terry and they heartily encouraged her.

"My, don't you look pretty this morning," said Dawn.

"Silly mom, it's almost 2:00 o'clock. That's not morning!" said Terry
in perfect c***dish style not reacting to and seeming to barely even
notice Dawn and Danny's overtly sexual pose.

"Okay, you look very pretty this afternoon," said Dawn accepting the
reprimand. "Is Jenny still here?"

"Yeah, she was just getting me ready to go to the mall. We were about
to pick out one of my cute girlie blouses and go shopping."

"Go tell Jenny you'll be delayed a little and then come right back."

Terry turned and ran out the room calling Jenny's name. As her
beautiful c***d turned, Dawn noted that the brief skirt hugged the
boy's almost nonexistent hips. It was so brief she the bottom hem
barely extended below the c***d's tiny ass. "That's a hot little
number," she thought, "maybe Jenny and I should get matching skirts
and go tease all the men and women at the mall."

When Terry came back a few seconds later, Dawn told the c***d to take
off the skirt. As sexy as it was she wanted access to what lay
beneath, even as her husband enjoyed their c***d's mouth. Without
hesitating, Terry slipped out of the skirt and continued toward the
bed. Now the boy's little 2" penis was exposed along with the silver
ring that looped out of, under and behind the pink head.

Yes, Danny and Dawn's only c***d was a genetically all boy. However,
the couple had decided before his birth that whether they had a boy or
girl it would be raised as both and neither. The name Terry, or Teri,
was also selected very early in the pregnancy. Since his birth, Terry
had been dressed alternately in male or female clothing. Sometimes his
parents altered his gender more than once in a single day and other
times he lived for several days as a boy or a girl. More than once
Jenny had made the switch in a store. A c***d of one gender entered
the fitting room and one of the other emerging.

As Terry climbed onto the bed, Dawn moved away. "Suck your daddy real
good now missy," said Danny. He and Dawn also tried to vary the
pronouns they used for their son depending upon his attire of the day.
Terry did exactly as his daddy asked. He'd been sucking cock and
eating cum even before he was aware of it. As an infant, he was
frequently given his father's cock as an oversized pacifier. Danny
didn't actually cum in the boy's mouth until he was two, but Terry had
often fed on cum in a hundred different ways. It began less than three
hours after his birth when Dawn spread a heavy coating of cum on her

Terry lifted his mouth and asked in his a sweet young voice, "Daddy,
if I suck you real good would you fuck me? Sometimes when we go out
and my pussy is full of cum, Jenny will stick her fingers in there and
let me lick them off."

"Where does she do this honey?" asked Dawn.

"Usually in the dressing rooms at the mall, but last time she did it
twice in Mc Donald's."

"Did you like that?" asked Danny.

"I was scared the first time she put her fingers in me because I
thought someone would see, but they didn't. I really liked it when she
put them in my mouth. Lots of people saw then and some of them must
have liked it too because they had big smiles on their faces."

"If you and Jenny promise to make good use of daddy's cum, of course I
will fuck your cute pussy." Danny said this knowing he would have
fucked the youngster anyway. The first time Dawn encouraged him to
fuck the c***d he knew why his dad, b*****r and their friends liked
fucking him so much. There was something so wicked and yet so pure
about putting an adult cock in the tiny little hole of a willing and
eager c***d, especially a boy.

Thinking of fucking Terry's willing little ass brought Danny over the
brink. Terry handled every drop of his dad's load. The tyke's mouth
may still be too small to swallow his dad's entire cock, be he had
learned to take a load of cum without spilling a drop. When Terry had
made sure every drop of cum was in his mouth he sat up, face and cock
smeared with lipstick, and kissed him mom. He liked sharing the creamy
treat with her.

"If you suck your daddy's ass, I think you might get a real neat
surprise," Dawn told the boy after they broke their kiss. "Also, you
know that putting your hand up there will get him hard lots faster."

Although he was only seven years and two months old, Terry knew what
his mom meant by a neat surprise and he was also aware of the effect
his hands and arm had on his dad's ass and cock. He lay back down on
the bed and Dawn helped Danny lift and hold his legs up by his head.
Then Terry's mouth sought out the loose ring of muscle that was his
father's frequently fucked asshole. He often wondered if some day his
pussy would be able to take big things like he knew his father's did.

Danny did his best to keep the loosened muscles around his ass tightly
shut. He did this to tease his son and not give him access to musky
tunnel they shielded. Terry's tongue worked at and around the wrinkled
orifice for a few minutes before his dad not only relaxed his hole,
but also opened it wide. In seconds it became an opening big enough to
accommodate one of his son's entire arms.

Terry squealed for joy and pressed his face hard into the opening.
Soon his entire mouth and the tip of his nose were in his father's
gaping hole. He quickly went to work. His tongue swept the pink flesh
around the sides of the tunnel for any remnants of cum. He found quite
a lot. Some was dried and almost crusty, but much of it was still
liquid and had been kept warm in the man's bowels.

As Dawn watched their son press more and more of his face against his
father's asshole, she wondered for the hundredth time if it might
actually be possible for her husband to give birth through that
enlarged hole. Certainly some of the things she and others had put up
there were almost as large as a small infant. She had seen a video
where a woman pushed an entire, life-sized infant doll into her cunt
and then had pushed it right back out. Thinking about the sight
convinced her that Danny could do it with a little difficulty and a
lot of pleasure.

When Terry's face reappeared he said, "Wow, dad. Your pussy sure is
stretched out wide!"

"It should be, honey," Dawn interjected. "You should be very proud of
your father. He got fucked all night by two of the biggest cocks

"How big were they? As big as this?" asked Terry holding up the
c***dish arm that had just slid into and out of Danny's ass.

Dawn smiled at the slender extremity coated with cum and said, "Oh
sweetheart, they were much bigger than that. One was like this," she
said holding her hands over a foot apart, "and the other was like
this." This time her hands were nearly eighteen inches apart. It was a
slight exaggeration, but not much. There was a gasp from the doorway
and all eyes turned to look at Jenny standing there in a cropped t-
shirt and brief, but slightly baggy, cut-offs.

"No way," exclaimed the newcomer. "There's no such thing as a cock
that big, except maybe on a horse!"

"Okay," agreed Dawn, "Maybe it was only like this," and she moved her
hands three or four inches closer together.

Jenny and Dawn continued to disagree about how much the woman must be
exaggerating the size of the men who fucked Danny and her. As they
did, Terry continued to use his slender arms and small hands to reach
deep inside his father's bowels. Six times a hand went in and five
times it came out coated in cum and with more creamy liquid in the
half-open cupped hand. By the time Terry's arm came out coated with
little more than the saliva it started with, Danny's cock was ready
for his son's pussy.

Dawn meanwhile, gave up in her effort to convince Jenny of the
potential in the human gene pool for gargantuan cocks. Instead, their
conversation moved to the more mundane as she asked Jenny what she was
up to. "I was just coming in to see how soon Terry would be ready to
go to the mall. I wanted to help her try on some dresses and maybe
even a swimming suit. Then, if it's okay with you, I was going to take
her to an earring kiosk a friend of mine works at and get her ears
pierced. I think they'll go great with the one in you had that man put
in his cock."

Dawn told Jenny that sounded like a wonderful plan for the afternoon
and they could go as soon as Danny had a chance to really fuck the
boy. They watched Danny get ready to do just that. Instead, he froze
for a moment and laughed. The man's body hid Terry's so Dawn and Jenny
had no idea what caused his outburst. At least, Dawn had no idea. A
moment later Danny held up an 8" dildo that was extremely lifelike in
every way except one. It became very narrow at the bottom of the shaft
and had a broad base. It was a cross between a dildo and butt plug.

"Look what I just found in our son's pussy!" said Danny with a huge
smile on his face. "I wondered how it got there."

"What do you know about this young lady?" said Dawn to Jenny in a
mockingly stern voice.

"I honestly forgot all about that. This guy gave it to me for my
birthday a month ago as kind of a gag. Well, it's just too big for my
ass, but I thought it might be perfect for Terry's pussy. We put it in
last night and he liked it so much we just forgot."

The women watched Danny's body move forward and the soft gasp from the
hidden body told the story. "MMM, that's so nice!" sighed the man.
"That big thing loosened my son up real nice. We may just have to keep
it and give you something else."

Jenny nodded her silent approval as she watched father fuck seven-
year-old son. Dawn joined her in doing just that. The man's large body
nearly hid that of his son, but their position meant the girls' rear
angle gave them a perfect view from behind Danny's ass. They could
clearly see his slightly larger than average cock sliding smoothly and
quickly in and out of Terry's pussy. Dawn especially liked the way her
son's pussy lips stretched outward and clung to the shaft of his
father's cock each time it was withdrawn. It also gave them a clear
view of Danny's gaping hole.

The sight of her son getting fucked, as always, was making Dawn's
juices flow. Her cunt lips were soon soaked and it felt as though a
steady stream of cunt-cream must be dripping to the floor. Wondering
if the scene was having the same effect on Jenny, Dawn reached over
and pinched one of the girl's very erect nipples. It almost caused her
to spill the glass she had been holding since she came into the room.

Dawn kissed the pretty, tomboyish girl and detected a strange flavor
on her lips and tongue. "Just what are you drinking there?"

Jenny did not hesitate or even consider hiding the nasty truth. "It's
a big helping of your son's warm piss," she said proudly. "He's gotten
us both hooked on it over the last month and now nothing else will do
to really quench my thirst. I think it's even better than pussy juice
or cum!"

Dawn was no stranger to the flavor of piss. She had occasionally had
small samples from damp cocks and more often from girls who lost
bladder control during intense orgasms. However, it was not something
she craved or particularly liked. She thought to herself there was no
way that she could ever drink a large amount of piss from a glass like
any other beverage.

As that thought filled the woman's mind, the teen took a long drink of
her son's piss. She made an exaggerated show of swallowing the bitter
liquid before leaning in to again kiss Dawn. Jenny's tongue was
prodding the woman's closed lips when Dawn reached out and tugged
sharply on the exposed portion of a chain that ran at a slight angle
down the girl's body. It seemed to start near her left breast and
disappeared just to the left of the snap securing the cut-offs.

"Oh, Oh!" exclaimed Jenny in a mixture of surprise; she had been
intent on her attempted kiss and watching the nasty, i****tuous fuck
on the nearby bed; pain and pleasure that caused her to drop the
nearly empty glass.

"That really got caught a nerve!" exclaimed Dawn. "Just what is this
connected to?" she asked tugging a little more gently this time.

"See for yourself," said Jenny as she lifted the brief top.

Dawn followed the silver trail until it ended at the girl's nipple.
There a wicked-looking metal clip bit into the girl's dark brown
flesh. Jenny's tits were little more than small swellings of flesh,
but she had very prominent nipples. The clip and chain d**g the
captured nipple down toward the other end of the chain stretching it
to half again the size of its unattached mate.

The woman did not ask for permission before opening Jenny's cut-offs
and letting them fall to the floor. The silver chair ran over her flat
tummy, though the surprisingly thick mat of brown curls and stopped at
a second metal-toothed clip. This one dug into the girl's left cunt
lip. The thin pink flap of tender flesh was pulled out and up from it
normally sheltered site within her pussy. Dawn could only imagine how
painful the two metal clips and the combined pinching and pulling must
be for the young girl.

Her attention to Jenny was broken by a high-pitched squeal from the
bed. Dawn had heard that sound often and knew her son had just had a
dry, but intense little boy cum. She slid a hand completely into her
soggy pussy and worked herself up to a very quick cum as well. It did
little to sate her lust, but it did allow her to refocus on the
teenaged girl at her side.

"Do you like it when your lovers inflict a little pain on your sexy
body?" Dawn asked Jenny.

"Yes, a lot," she said through a grimace induced by the woman's hand
again tugging the chain. "I'm beginning to think I like it almost too
much, though."

"Why dear, I can't imagine getting too much pleasure from anything."

"I'd agree," the teen said, "or would have until my boyfriend found
out what he can get me to do in response to his hurting me or
sometimes if he just offers to."

As they spoke, Dawn and Jenny did not look at each other. Their
attention was still fixed on the hard fucking Danny was giving his
seven-year-old son. The man's cock slid quickly and repeatedly in and
out of the boy's pussy in long strokes.

"So what kind of things do your boyfriend do to you or make you do?"

"Well yesterday we were driving around in his car and he kept pinching
my nipples really hard. I asked him to stop, but he just pinched
harder and held one. I nearly came right then and he knew it. We
stopped at a light and he let go."

"That doesn't sound so bad," said Dawn admiring the pink polish on her
son's tightly clenched toes.

"That wasn't," agreed Jenny. "It's what he did next. He told me that
if I wanted him to pinch my nipple again I would have to take off my
blouse and ride around topless. I thought for a second and, just
before the light changed, he pinched me again. I lost all resistance
and nearly ripped my top."

"We drove around for another half hour with me topless and him usually
pinching and pulling on my nips. He would even lean over and bite them
at lights. I was so hot from the pain and being exposed that I would
have gotten naked and fucked him right in front seat if he had asked.
I don't know if I fear more that he will or that he won't do just that
next time. He ended it by going through the Taco Bell with me still
topless. Oh god, I fucked him so hard after that I almost killed him!"

"So, what will you do to make me pull on your chain again?" asked Dawn
releasing the silver shackle.

"Oh, please, Dawn. You've got me on fire. Tell me what to do."

Dawn feigned thinking for a minute, before telling Jenny, "Go over
there and take my husbands cock out of my son's ass and suck it clean.
For every inch you take in your mouth, I will give you an extra hard
pull. If you're really good I might just pull your nip right off!"

Jenny scurried to the bed and f***ed her way between man and boy. She
grasped Danny's cock and wrenched it from Terry's stretched pussy. The
thick shaft and big head emerged with a popping sound. Jenny didn't
hesitate before sliding her lips and mouth over the slimy, shiny shaft
of manhood.

She got five inches in on the first stroke and managed six on the
next. It was there, about an inch shy of the base that she was
stymied. Jenny tried twice more to get her lips all the way to the
man's hairless groin before concentrating on cleansing the firm shaft
of flesh.

The teen released the man's cock and fitted it back into Terry's
seven-year-old boy-pussy. Jenny stood up and walked to Dawn. The
girl's look pleading need nearly melted her insides. The girl was
still at arm's length when the woman reached out and, via the chain,
roughly pulled Jenny to her.

"That was number one," she said over the girl's groan. "In a few
minutes you're really going to regret not taking that last inch of my
husband's dick. You might even think it would have been worth it to
actually choke on it!"

Dawn's next pull drew the girl down until she almost knelt at the
woman's cunt. Jenny got the idea very quickly and fell to her knees
and began eating Dawn's tender pussy. After a few minutes of enjoying
the mixed pleasures of the girl's somewhat skilled tongue and the
sight of Danny continuing to fuck Terry's pussy, Dawn gave pull number
three and in an instant Terry again stood at her side.

The woman let the teenaged tomboy rest for a couple minutes. They
stood with one of Dawn's arms d****d over Jenny's shoulder as the girl
wrapped an arm around the woman's hips and her hand idly stroked the
soft ass. The women watched as father and son changed positions. Danny
rolled onto his back and Terry moved over his dad's hips. The boy
slowly lowered his body the man's cock slipping easily into him and
out of sight. Jenny especially admired the mixed sight of long hair,
smeared make-up and erect, pierced penis.

"When are you going to get some piercings?"

"Huh, what?" stammered Jenny hearing, but not quite comprehending
Dawn's query. Before the woman could ask again she said, "I don't
know. My mom keeps telling me I can't and my step-dad just says, 'Talk
to your mother.' I need to find someone who won't care that I'm only

Dawn thought immediately of the man who had pierced her son's cock six
months ago. Of course, it had been done with parental permission, but
all the man had asked was regular fee plus a blowjob from the boy and
a chance to fuck her. Both mother and son quickly agreed to make their
payments. For his part, Danny produced his wallet and paid the man $75
for his service and the second smallest Prince Albert in the shop.

"Follow me," Dawn ordered Jenny as she pulled the silver shackle for
the fourth time. She led her young charge to bed and directed her
Terry's cock and balls. "Suck."

Jenny followed the command and took the boy's entire cock and ball-
sack into her mouth and gently nursed on both. After a bit, she
released the small package and used her tongue to sample the joining
of man-cock and boy-cunt. Then she used her best cocksucking tricks on
the 2" shaft. For at least the fourth time since his father began
fucking him, Terry squealed and his body shook through an intense

Dawn reached around the sucking girl's body and grabbed the chain
again. Jenny's fifth of six promised pulls jerked her off the boy's
cock and nearly caused her to fall over. It was also the most painful
so far. Even as the cry of pain escaped her tightly clinched teeth, a
strong orgasm racked her body. The intensity of pain and pleasure
caused her knees to buckle and before Dawn could release the chain,
she received a brief 'freebie'.

As her the pain and pleasure ebbed, Dawn put an arm around Jenny and
helped her regain her balance. "You are a little slut for pain aren't
you?" the woman asked.

"Oh, yes. I just can't help it. Something about getting my breasts,
nipples or pussy hurt just goes right to my clit."

"Does it work with other parts of your body?"

"Yes, but not as well. Having my ears bitten instead of just nibbled,
having my ass spanked and having my thighs pinched all have some
affect. But none comes close to my the other three!"

"We have one left. Let me think a minute about this one," said Dawn.

She let the suspense build as they watched Danny continue to fuck
Terry. As a result of their new position, it was the boy who really
controlled the fucking. He was bouncing his small body up and down his
dad's large cock. Danny was providing some of the effort as well,
however as his hips would jerk upward to meet his son's descending
body. Dawn had almost decided on what to do next with Jenny when she
realized her husband was about to cum.

The woman waited as she and Jenny watched the man's body strain upward
trying to get even deeper into the seven year-old's boy-cunt. When
Danny's body froze, his groaned, "I fucking cumming!" left no doubt
about what was happening.

As the man's body jerked and spasmed volley after volley of cum into
his son's ass, Terry encouraged him to, "cum up my little pussy," and
"oh, yeah dad, fill me your cum!" When his father's orgasm was over,
the little boy carefully turned around without the man's slowly
softening cock slipping from his ass. He bent over and shared one more
loving kiss with the person who had fucked him into the world seven
years ago and now fucked him into bliss.

When man and boy, father and son had begun to recover from their
powerful sexual high, Dawn quickly told them what Jenny had admitted
about her and pain. Terry professed to already know and Dawn did not
doubt it. She also told father and son about the little game they were
playing and announced how that game would end.

"Stand here, Jenny," she said directing the girl to a spot about three
feet from where Danny and Terry's heads pressed almost together. Dawn
turned the girl so she was in profile. Standing so she could just
reach the chain, the woman extended an arm and grasped it firmly in
one hand and leaving plenty of room for the men to observe.

"You've been such a good slut this afternoon," she began speaking to
Jenny. "You've eaten my pussy and sucked Terry and Danny's cocks so
nicely that I'm going to let you have the last pull." In response to
the teen's puzzled look she continued, "I'm just going to stand here
and not move. I want you to lean back as far and for a long as you can
or wish. The amount and duration of your pain will be completely yours
to decide."

Jenny gave a small smile and quick nod before spreading her feet for
better balance and beginning to lean back. She did so slowly and the
three f****y members watched in awe as her entire small breast was
stretched from her chest and not just the clipped pussy lip, but the
entirety of her sex was drawn out and up.

Jenny held that position for over a minute as Dawn, Danny and Terry
watched in silent awe. A single tear escaped the girl's left eye and
testified to the level of pain she was receiving. The girl's body
moved back even farther and the group watched as the metal teeth d**g
along and finally slid off her nipple. Jenny screamed in pain and
pleasure as she fell backward and crumpled to the floor.

Dawn had not realized when, but at some point during her fall the
other end of the wicked chain had pulled away as well. Jenny lay
curled in a heap on the floor. Her body shook with spasms of pleasure
and sobs of pain. Dawn watched for a moment admiring the girl's level
of sexual awareness and then moved to comfort her.

She moved the teen's hand from her abused nipple and saw the deep
grooves left by the metal teeth. Surprised it was not bleeding, Dawn
gently kissed it as she would a cut on the tip of a c***d's finger.
She then tried to examine the girl's abused cunt, but Jenny's
protective hand would not be move. Looking more closely, Dawn realized
the girl was still fingering herself and adding to her sexual high
despite all the pain.

"Let me kiss it and make it feel better," said Dawn softly. Jenny's
hand moved to give the woman access to her abused sex, but the fingers
did not leave her tight pussy. Dawn gently kissed the sc****d and very
red pussy lip before drawing it gently into her mouth. She continued
the careful tender treatment until Jenny sighed and mewed through yet
another cum. The woman's tongue quickly claimed some of the sweet
juices before leaving the girl to slowly recover.

"That was wild mom!" exclaimed Terry and Danny voiced his agreement.

"Just remember guys," she said to the two most important men in her
lives, "if you let a woman have control she can give you and herself
more pleasure than you ever imagined."

It took nearly ten minutes for Jenny to completely recover. When she
finally stood, she thanked and kissed Dawn and complemented Danny and
Terry on their show. At some point, Danny's cock had slipped from his
son's pussy and now lay limply on a hip. Dawn and Jenny were surprised
to see that not a drop of cum had seeped from the boy's hole.

Jenny reached for her small t-shirt and the cut-offs. As she slipped
them over her still tingling body she said, "Come on Terry, get your
skirt. We'll fix your makeup and find you a blouse cause we girls
still have some shopping to do." Turning to Dawn she softly asked, "Is
what I mentioned before still okay?" The woman had to think for a
moment and then recalled the suggestion of getting Terry's ears
pierced and she nodded her approval.

Terry was now out of bed and working his way into the little skirt.
Dawn lazily took his place in bed beside her husband. She looked at
the clock and realized that in less than four hours she had to be at
the club and ready to work. It would be 95% delivering drinks, but her
boss told her two days ago that one of the semi-regulars was having a
bachlorette party tonight. The woman wanted to do a three-girl strip
show and whatever else for her maid of honor with Dawn and Kelly.
Danny and Dawn were both nearly asl**p five minutes later when Jenny
and Terry stopped in to say goodbye. They both studied the pair and
were pleased to see that Terry, in a pretty blue blouse, the brief
denim skirt, perfectly done makeup and with her hair nicely curled,
looked more feminine that Jenny. Nor did they miss that Jenny's chain
again hung across her body. This time, however, it fell from right to

Jenny paused to look around the room. Dawn asked what she wanted and
Jenny mentioned the dildo she had put in Terry's pussy. "Oh that,"
said Dawn, "I tried putting it in Danny's ass but the whole thing kept
gong in and getting lost. So now, it's in my ass. You're welcome to
it. Just come on over and get."

Jenny thought for a moment, looked at thoughtfully at Terry and said,
"That's okay. I think our little girl has been stretched enough. I'll
put it back in before I leave tonight. Besides, it'll just get in the
way when I want to finger-fuck her all over the mall."

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