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Great Sex

Well I had the most explosive start to the year with the most intense f***ed orgasm I have ever had. I was alone as my girlfriend was out with her friends, one of them being a right filthy whore I

believe, as when they go out she always wants to be fucked when she comes home d***k. I am convinced she tells my girlfriend to go home to me and fuck me silly. This night though I wasn't

expecting her home so was on xhamster looking at my fav vids, friends etc. This one finally did for me:
Unloaded everything I had as I was so horny. I went off to bed soon after very satisfied and to my amazement shortly after my girlfriend let herself in to my house. I could hear her wobbling up the

stairs and thought she may have been sent by her whore friend to do a job on my if you know what I mean. The only problem was I had just emptied my balls to that blond bitch with the hairy

pussy on xhamster and wasn't sure how quickly I could fuck and very horny girlfriend. I pretended to be asl**p to try to buy me some time to get hard again but did feel very excited alright at the

prospect of being fucked by my horny girlfriend. I was so excited that my cock started to get hard again but I was nervous if I was hard enough to give her the fucking I knew she needed. She

climbed into bed and reached down to my cock and pulled me off. She started licking my ear and drooling whispering that she wanted to be fucked. She then got on top of me and pulled out her

tits with her big areolas and nipples which got me hard and ready to fuck telling me how fantastic they were which they are! I pulled her panties aside and slid my cock into her already soaking

cunt. She then pounded my cock on her clit which made her cum to my relief. Then she ground down on my cock as hard as she could forcing the skin right down the shaft of my cock to my

balls and opening my my cum slit. I clenched my pc muscle as hard as I could to get as hard as possible and to try not to cum. She started to girate so intensely on my overstretched cock

and engorged mushroom bell end ready to explode. Her cunt movements pulled the shit out of my cock. She reached back and pulled my ball bag back and forth further intensifying the

sensation. I tried not cum but her cunt contractions vacumed every drop of spunk left in my balls out rather than me cumming deep inside her. It was the most amazing feeling ever, trying to stop

cuming but being overruled by a dominant cunt! To feel the jizm being projectiled at f***e out of my open cum slit was the ultimate. Looking forward to her next outing with her whore friend already.

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