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Glory hole

It was a friday night. No where to go, all my friends were busy. I decided to go to a new bar I'd heard of. I entered the bar, it seemed nice, a few nice looking women and a couple of homely ones.
I sat down and ordered a drink. The bartender said the show would start i 15 minutes. I sat back and ordered another drink. As I sipped my drink the show started. A nice woman came on stage,she looked like Reba. She started singing.
I had to pee and went to the rest room. I went into the stall pulled down my shorts. I noticed a hole in the stall,I sat down and looked through it. It had a perfect view of the urinals.As I was looking a woman walked in. To my surprise she lifted her dress and starting peeing, god what a nice cock she had. It got me hard watching her.
I stoked my cock and watched, She finished peeing and started stroking.I gasped,she must have heard because she looked right at me.Then she walked over to the stall,still pulling on her cock. Next thing I know she's stuffing her cock through the hole. It was a nice 7" cut one with precum on the tip.I grabbed it and swirled the cum around the tip,she sighed.
I don't know what came over. I'd never done this before.I was so hot I decided to put it in my mouth.She tasted so good. I licked the crown and then down the shaft to her balls, Then I took the head in my mouth and sucked. I heard her moan"oh yes". This got me even hotter I was sure I would cum any second. I took her whole cock in my mouth and sucked hard,another moan With a "yes yes yes". I was so hot now I just kept going up and down on that great cock. She moaned "I'm gonna cum", I sucked harder and felt her cock start to throb in my mouth. She shot a nice load in my throat, I pulled back and she came allover my face. I heard "thanks" and the cock Was gone.
I felt frustrated I hadn't cum yet. I looked out the hole. To my delight there was 5 more cocks out there all standing in line waiting.I was in heaven. The next cock was shorter but a good tree inches around.I tongued it all around till it was all wet. Took it in and deepthroated it. She must have been real horny because she started to cum right away I pulled back and let her shoot all over my face.I was loving this naughty fun.
I sucked three more cocks with them cumming on my face. I was so hard it hurt to stroke. The next cock through the hole was at least ten inches long and a girth of a soda can.WOW I rapped my lips around the tip and struggled to take her deep.I got about half in my mouth. I then decided to switch things up.I lathered that cock up and down till it was all wet.Then I stood up bent over and said"like to fuck my ass". "OHH YA" was what I heard.
I pushed myself back until the tip of that sweet cock was nestled in my asshole.I pushed back spreading my ass cheeks, It hurt but was a thrill in my cherry ass. The head popped in and I heard "Oh god what a tight ass", I pushed until I had all ten inches up my ass. I stood there for a minute to relax the pain. She started moving slowly back and forth it felt great. Her cock started to throb,it was all I could stand I came all over the stall. Next thing I know she was shooting a huge load up my ass filling me till it ran down my balls.I heard "thanks" and answered "my pleasure".I pulled up my shorts. Cum was running down my legs,all over my face,It was great.I didn't clean up I just walked back into the bar. It was full and everyone was clapping. I thought what the hell. I'd just become a cum bitch why not go with it. I removed my shirt and stepped out of my shorts. Standing there totally naked with another raging hardon everyone kept clapping. I just strutted around getting gropped and probed. Needless to say the rest of the night I didn't buy any drinks and had lots of cocks in every hole with a major cum bath.
At closing time the lady with the ten inch cock asked if I wanted to go with her I said "hell yes". We fucked and sucked till we both fell asl**p. The next day she said she had to go to work would I like to join her? Hell yes again. WE went back to the bar. She got ready for her show and I sat down to a free drink and a smile from the bartender.The place filled up with lots of nods,winks and smiles toward me.What the fuck I just stood up,removed my clothes and put them on the bar. My lady friend started her show and asked me onstage. This brought hoots from the crowd.Standing there knowing I was a cum bitch with a raging hardon, my friend said work the crowd.
Again I strutted naked around the bar. Stopping to suck a cock,or have someone play with my ass. I went back to the stall and sucked more cock then I could count.Leaving my ass free for my friend with the ten inch cock.
The bar has since hired me to waitress. It's great I don't need clothes.

I get a cum bath every night.

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