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Jill Second Jerk Off Story

This story is a follow up to my first jerk off experience with Jill, my former neighbor.

The summer after Jill's first year in college, and one year after jerking off in front of her in a field a few miles from her house, I touched based with her again. She was reluctant, at first to see me. She knew when we got together we would inevitable start talking about sex and when she got horny she could be persuaded to check out a guy's cock.

After a few weeks of talking, she let me know she would be at home, by herself, that afternoon. Her parents had asked her to clean the house and she said I could stop by and say hi, that was all. I accepted the challenge to see how far I could go with her.

When I arrived, a former boyfriend of hers was there. He was a classmate of mine as well. I could she she wanted him to leave. She looked tired and just wanted to relax. She used my arrival to tell her ex that he had to go, we were going out. I knew that was lie to get him to leave.

After the ex-boyfriend reluctantly left, she told me she had to finish cleaning the floor. Being the pervert I am, I was turned on by her appearance. The weather was warm and humid and she was wearing a dirty tank top and short shorts with sandals. Her tan legs, belly and bottom of her ass were dampe with sweat. I could see her nipples of her C-cup breasts straining to get through her bra. Even though was tired, her eyes had a look of a woman who just had a great orgasm and was relaxing.

We made small talk for while and then she she said she wanted to have a beer and relax by herself. I thought my luck had run out. I asked if I could use the bathroom before leaving. Jill said, fine as long as I didn't make a mess.

When in the bathroom, I pissed and then tierd a blue shoe lace around the outside of my cock and balls. I then used some had lotion to start storking my cock. I remembered the time I jerked of in front of Jill the year before and that image of her staring at my cock while I shot strings of cum into the air got me going. I had the door a quarter open while doing this.

Jill was still in the kitchen and I could hear her open the fridge and pop open a beer. After a few minustes she asked what was going on and when I would be done. I purposely did not answer her.

I was sitting on top of the toilet seat with a raging hard on and swollen balls from the tight shoe lace. I actually was startled when I heard from the crack in the door Jill asking "What is with the shoe lace". Without looking towards the door, I kept storking my cock and said the shoe lace gave me a bigger hard on and help shoot cum farther.

Jill asked when I would be done and I said if she came in the room, that would speed things up. She slowly enterted the bathroom and stopped a few feet from me. She was mostly looking at my face, with a little bit of twinkle in her eye. She knew that I had come over to jerk off.

She asked me to come quick if she watched me jerk off. Her parents could be home in a little while and she didn't want to have to explain my presence. I asked her to get closer. She did kneel down so her face was only a foot higher than the top of my know red cock. Jill was fascinated by how my balls were swollen and asked if they hurt. I chuckled and said, no, but they felt very full.

After a few minutes, I could see Jill was getting anxious. She wanted to see me cum but didn't want to have her parents home when that happened. I leaned back and stroked from my balls to the head of my cock very fast and hard. You cold hear my hand slapping against my balls and the slick sound of a hand on a will lubed cock. Jill focused on the action.

In short time, my first wad flew in the air a few feet, landing on the floor with a splat. The next spurts covered by hand, cock and then drippled onto the tiolet seat. Jill stared intently the entire time.

I kept stroking my cock slowly, relishing the sloppy cum sound I was making. Jill smirked at me and asked me to clean-up, telling me not to leave any cum behind as that would be very tough to explain.

She left the bathroom and I cleaned up. When I left she told me she hoped I enjoyed myself. I smiled and said of course as I went out the door.

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