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Sasha's Tail

Sasha's Tail

The sun shining on Sasha Stewart’s face was what woke her up, but she was still groggy, and didn’t know where she was or how she had gotten there. As her mind cleared slightly, the last thing she was able to remember was going into the strange bar to use the telephone and ordering a small glass of white wine. She had taken one sip and disliked the taste and, the next thing she knew, she was lying on a hard surface but, other than that, she had no idea of where she might be. Her glasses were missing too, but that seemed minor compared to the rest of the circumstances.

Her mind was still cloudy from what had obviously been a d**g in the wine and, when she tried to sit up, she discovered her predicament was worse than she could have guessed. She thought one of her arms had gone to sl**p while she was lying on it, because she couldn’t move it. When she tried to move the other arm, she realized they were fastened together behind her by what seemed to be leather straps. She was apparently a prisoner, but didn’t know why or of whom.
Even without using her hands, she managed to struggle to her knees, and that was when she discovered she was practically naked. Around her waist was a wide belt, but she was nude below that, except for an odd looking pair of black boots, and above the waist she thought she could feel leather straps or belts of some kind.

Sasha tried to call out to ask if anybody was around, but found she could not. The strange sensation in her mouth, which she had been thinking of as some kind of lingering effect of the d**g, was actually an object. When she bit down on it, the thing seemed to be made of hard rubber or leather and, when she tried to use her tongue to expel the unwanted object, it felt cylindrical in shape. She pushed harder, but it was tied or strapped to the back of her head, and she couldn’t move it more than minimally.

From her new position, Sasha looked around as well as she could without her glasses. She was in a fairly large, building or room in a building, and the only illumination was the sunlight coming through an opening high on one wall. When Sasha tried to stand up, she could not do so, and she turned her head to try to locate whatever was holding her down. That was when she learned there was a collar around her neck and, running from that collar was a tether of some kind, and its other end was fastened to a large upright.

Sasha continued to take stock of her situation, which seemed more perilous by the minute. She was nude, or as good as nude, tied up in some place she knew nothing about and unable to call out to anybody. Her purse appeared to be gone, which meant her cell phone was not available and she had no money and, apparently, no jewelry that she could feel on her arms or hands or see anywhere else on her person. Generally speaking, it was obvious she was up the proverbial creek without the means of locomotion.

The words “white slavery” entered her mind, and she realized that was a very strong possibility. Sasha was aware she was a striking young woman, with a pretty face, a well-tanned, attractive figure with large, shapely breasts, and a great head of very pale and long blonde hair. If she had fallen into the clutches of a gang of white slavers, they would consider her to be a prize property. Even so, the belt and straps around her body didn’t seem like something such a gang would be likely to do. She knew nothing of the practices of white slavers, but it seemed to her either leaving their captives clothed at first or stripping them naked would be more likely.

The floor was starting to hurt her knees, so she adjusted to a sitting position and stayed like that, pondering her chances of escape, and deciding they were slim. As she sat, at least the affects of the d**g wore off and she regained her wits. The straps holding her forearms behind her back were too tight for her to slip her hands through them and, when she pulled against them, they seemed to be quite secure fastened. The belts or straps around her body were not very tight, but they were also just there, and didn’t have anything to do with holding her in place.

Sasha thought of how wild a****ls who were caught in traps had been known to chew off a leg to escape, but she could never have the stomach for that, even if her teeth had been available. Crying was useless, but she indulged herself anyhow, until she heard what sounded like a squeaky door being opened and closed, followed by footsteps approaching her.

She was frightened, but Sasha told herself she might at least get some idea of what was happening to her. The area was suddenly flooded with light, making her blink and close her eyes briefly. When she opened them again, she beheld a large man holding a small satchel in his hand. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue work shirt with a bandana over the lower part of his face. A cowboy hat was pulled down over his eyes, concealing them, and he was wearing brown boots that were worn and scuffed. He ogled the naked captive and spoke to her.
“Good morning, Blonde Bombshell. I hope you slept well.”

Sasha was unable to reply, except for glaring at him. She had been referred to by that sobriquet a few times, and even addressed by it, but never before by a stranger. He seemed unaware of her hostility, or might have just not cared about her feelings. The man in work clothes reached into the satchel, removed something and extended it to her.

“Here’s your glasses. They kept falling off last night, so I held onto them until you came to.” He approached, stood beside her and placed them on her nose and ears. After fondling her naked breasts with his rough hands, he stepped away from her.

Sasha was surprised that somebody had done something decent for her, even such a minor thing, but it didn’t make her any less hostile toward anybody involved in her a*****ion. She was still glaring at the man and still unable to ask him any questions or curse at him or ask to be released or say any of the other things she wanted to say, or do anything but make unintelligible noises around the strange object in her mouth.

“You’ll have to learn to talk better than that, the man chided her. “Either neigh or whinny. Even with your bit in your mouth, you should be able to do that.”

“Bit?” she asked herself. “This thing in my mouth is a bit? That’s something a horse would have in its mouth.” Abruptly, Sasha realized that, except for the glasses, she was being treated very much like a horse would be, including the leather straps around her upper body, which somewhat resembled a harness.
The man interrupted that line of thought by stepping around to stand in front of her and set the satchel on the floor. He removed what looked like another belt from it, except there was a large plume attached that looked very familiar, but Sasha couldn’t recall what it could be or where she had seen it. One at a time, he raised her feet, lifted them through the belt, which he pushed onto her legs until it was loose around her thighs with the odd plume to one side.

When she looked more closely at the belt, she saw a long, thick protuberance that looked as it might be the handle of the plume, and that sight made her more frightened than anything up to that point. It was obvious that long thing was intended to be rammed into her pussy or her ass, and Sasha very much didn’t want it in either place. She started trying to kick her feet, which seemed strangely heavy, to try to shake it off, but her efforts did no good. The man picked up his satchel, came around behind her and put his hands between her arms and her sides to raise her to a crouching position. Reflexively, Sasha moved her feet so they were under her body and she was leaning forward with the man still behind her.

“And now for your tail,” he said. “I made it with your own hair. Isn’t it lovely?”
Sasha realized t
hat was the reason for the familiarity. She had seen her hair a million times, but always on her head, not attached to a belt. Her pale blonde hair was, in her opinion, her crowning glory, and she wanted it to remain on her head, not made into a tail. However, she found out very quickly that what she wanted didn’t make any difference to the man with her and whatever group of thugs and criminals and k**nappers he belonged to.

He stood beside her again, but facing in the opposite direction, picked her up and held her with one arm around her waist while his other hand moved the belt with the attached tail so it was around her hips and held in place by his body. She tried to kick him, but her legs were blocked by his, and all she could do was to ineffectively bump her thighs against him. Once the belt was where he apparently wanted it, she felt him lean over, as if to pick something up from the floor.

“This might hurt a little bit at first,” he told her. “But I’ll try to be gentle, and you’ll get used to it after a while.”

Sasha was not sure what the man had in mind, but she was certain she didn’t want it to happen at all, and she definitely didn’t want to get used to it if she could help it. Abruptly, she felt a soft pointed object poke against and then penetrate an orifice on her body where no finger or anything else had ever been. Her efforts to avoid the impending degradation increased, but they were equally futile.

“Your ass is sure tight. I’ll make sure to use plenty of lube.”

She felt the intruder easing farther into that most private place and, suddenly, Sasha’s bowels felt as if they were being filled with a gush of liquid. Seconds later, this was followed by another, and the intruder was removed, but the liquid that had been left behind was still filling her to the point that some of it was actually leaking out. It felt oily as it ran down the insides of her thighs, and she realized the “lube” was short for lubricant. That had to mean the man intended to cram the long shaft into her rectum. The very thought of such a vile thing happening to her was so shocking she struggled against the man as hard as she could, but it did her no good. He was much stronger than she and, even if her hands had been free, he would have had no problem overcoming her resistance.

The first intruder into her anus was followed by another one, thick and blunt, and Sasha realized it must be the man’s finger. This one had as little difficulty penetrating the ring of muscles making up her anal sphincter, and it moved around inside her, twisting back and forth, and spreading the oily liquid before being removed. Its removal gave no comfort to Sasha, because she realized the worst was yet to come.

And she didn’t have to wait very long for it. She felt the belt being moved on her body until it was apparently in the position the man wanted and, seconds later the tip of the protuberance was pressing against her anus. It was moved back and forth and up and down before being wedged into her, sending out a ripple of pain and a flood of humiliation. Both feelings became worse as the shaft was slowly worked into her body, by twisting and pushing. Sasha had seen it was in the shape of the cone, so she knew the pain would get worse the deeper into her body it was f***ed.

“Oooooph! Oooooph!” she incoherently protested.

“I know it hurts at first, but you’ll get used to it after a while,” the man tried to reassure her.

In this attempt, he utterly failed. Sasha continued struggling, not expecting it to do her any good but, at least, demonstrating to the man and herself and to anybody who might be watching that she was not accepting of the humiliation. The pain grew steadily more excruciating as her ass was stretched farther and farther open and the big shaft was burrowed more deeply into her. Just when she thought her agony couldn’t get any worse, the penetration stopped, and she felt the man’s fingers at the orifice, which had been dilated to the point she would not have thought possible. The pain had stopped increasing, but it didn’t lighten up any either, simply staying at the same level and throbbing through her whole body. The bastard who had driven it into her said she would get used to it, but Sasha didn’t see how that could be possible.

The man set his victim back down on the floor, holding to one of her pinioned arms to keep her from falling onto her face. “Okay, now you’ve got your tail and you’re a proper ponygirl. I’ll wait a few minutes for your body to adjust to it before taking you to the stable to let you meet your stablemates. The boss will come there to see you later when he has the time. I know he’ll love you. He digs palominos, especially with big tits like yours.”

He briefly fondled the breasts which he had promised would be appreciated by “the boss” and patted Sasha’s shapely ass cheek. After casually taking those liberties with her, he released the leash from the collar around her neck and snapped another into place. She still knew almost nothing about the place where she was a prisoner, except that she didn’t like being there and expected to like it even less the longer she was f***ed to stay.

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