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An Aunt's Seduction

An absolutely true story

Let me start by saying that I have never uttered a word of this to any human being but through the anonymity of the internet, I feel like I can now tell this story.

I am in my mid-fifties now, so this took place quite some time ago, but no doubt has partially shaped who I am today. Back when I was seven or eight I had an aunt who used to come to our house and visit for two weeks in the summer. She is six or seven years older than I am so at that time was f******n or fifteen.

Back then, my parents were apparently clueless as she was assigned to sl**p in my double bed with me. I guess in retrospect, they had nothing to worry about with me but regarding my aunt they should have given this arrangement more thought.

It all started innocently enough. The first few nights we went to bed and slept like it was totally normal. Then one night my aunt and I were talking in bed and she got around to asking me if I would touch her…if she showed me where. Well, “there” where was right between her legs. I remember feeling her curly pubic hair and then the hot, slick wetness of her pussy. I would lay and rub her pussy for what seemed like a long time and I am pretty sure she came on my hand as I remember it getting even wetter. She also softly moaned and her hips were all over the bed. All this happened under the covers and in the dark, so I never saw what I was actually touching, but I knew she liked it. We did this every night for most of her stay. Honestly, I don’t remember her touching me, but I would not doubt that she did, horny little bitch that she was.

Then on her last morning, she asked me if I wanted to see what I was doing. I eagerly agreed and she showed me her hairy pussy and the pink wetness between her lips. I remember being horrified…scared out of my mind. She even promised to “dry” it for me as I was kind of grossed out by the appearance. Needless to say, during the rest of that visit, nothing else happened.

Fast forward a number of years until I was 14. By this time my aunt had an infant c***d and was divorced. As she was my mom’s youngest s****r, we helped her find an apartment near us, bought her a used car and generally helped in any way we could. Her life appeared to be tough…very little spending money.

I used to sl**p over at my aunt’s apartment quite a bit, always on the couch and with no other motives. My only motive was to be out of my parent’s house as I was a teenager and being away was ALWAYS better than being home.

One night my aunt decides that we should “camp out” in her living room and watch late night TV. So we made up a bed of blankets and such and lay together on the floor. She had on a nightgown and panties and I was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

One thing led to another and we ended up talking about girls tits. As you might have guessed she offered to let me touch hers. I thought they were fantastic…the soft tits with the hard brown nipple topping it off. She held the one closest to me for me to suck which I did with abandon. This only caused her hips to stir. I sucked on her just like I was nursing, but her milk was long gone.

Now, I had long ago forgotten (or perhaps suppressed) the memories of those pussy rubbing nights long ago. Plus, now I was a teenager, so even a breeze made my cock hard. I was very hard just touching and sucking her nipples. At this point she once again asked me to touch her between her legs and I quickly obliged. She was soaking wet and now I was eager to see her bush and feel the wetness. How things change in seven years.

She asked if she could touch me and I was powerless to say no. Just the feel of her hand on my cock almost made me cum. My head, cock and balls were raging…this was too fucking cool! My cock was leaking precum and she was really enjoying it.

She said that I could put my face down there and lick her if I wanted. WANTED? Like I needed her to ask me. I put my head between her legs and started to lick between her lips. I remember the musky smell of her pussy and the glaze I got on my face. I did not know anything about clits or of fingering, but I did my best. It must have been OK as she was squirming all over.

At this point, I know she was worked into a frenzy…because her next words were, “you can put that in me if you want”. This was my aunt! My head was screaming no, but my cock was all yes. However I had no idea what I was doing. This was before the days of internet porn and what we had were all still pics.

I got between her legs and let her guide my hard cock into her wet pussy. I was not large, maybe 5 inches or so hard, but it was enough to make her gasp a little as I slid easily into her. I remember thinking that it was absolutely the best feeling I thought I had ever experienced. So warm, so wet and so slippery…perfection!

Well, f******n year old boys do not last long, so after about ten or fifteen awkward strokes, I croaked that I was cumming. I knew this feeling from jacking off a lot. My aunt purred that it was alright to cum in her pussy as she was on the pill. Hell, I never even thought differently. BANG! I started shooting my hot cum as deep inside her as I could and at the same time, I felt her soak my balls with her juices. Her pussy felt like it was milking me. God damn…this was wonderful. Hot, wet and wonderful.

I would be lying if I said that immediately afterwards that I was not immersed in guilt…I was feeling very guilty. I thought we were so wrong. Well, this feeling of guilt caused me to steer clear of my aunt for a while. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, I avoided her and basically got on with my teenage life.

In the end, it was the only time that we ever fucked, but it was glorious and to this day I remember it fondly. I wish I had had the savvy to become fuck buddies with her.

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