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I was fully straight before this incident PART 2

So there i was on my knees, sucking a rock hard cock, something i had only seen in porns, but usually watching porn my cock grew big, but actually being on my knees and sucking a real cock was soo very differnt. My heart was thumping so load and i had never felt more horny in my life!! i would and was willing to do anything at all. Anything!

'Okay move over David, let him taste mine' i heard Ben say. With that he push off my knees on got me to lie on the floor. David came near to my head and lifted it up slightly. I didnt know what was going on. Suddenly i saw Ben appearing with his cock inches away from my face. My mouth opened soo wide in shock!! his cock was massive!!! i couldnt stop staring at it, i was mesmorised by the beauty of it. 'Haha look David his mouths already open for me' Ben then looked at me 'Good boy' and dipped his cock into my mouth. It was almost chocking me, he left it fully inside for a loong tym and slowly took it back out and then in agen for at least 20seconds. 'Thats it now you should be able to take this, go on David push it' With that David started pushing my head all the way up. He was fucking Bens cock with my mouth, Moving up and down so fast, i had spit all over me from the juices of his cock. Ben and David were really enjoying themselves and I was theyr little toy.

They then told me to kneel and widen my legs, David slowly slipped under me and started applying lots of saliva on my ass hole, spreading it out and stretching it very firmly. Ben looked at me and smiled 'Davids gna fuck that ass so its ready to take my hard cock, are you gna be a good boy and fuck his cock for me, all i want you to do is go up and down on it like you see on porn can you do that?' he seemed genuinly nice, he asked very politly i was soo happy that Ben was being soo nice to me, 'yes ben i definatly will do that for you!' 'good boy' been smiled at me, i got tingles down my spine, i didnt know whther it was because ben smiled at me or because he now had his cock inside my mouth again or the fact that David had slipped to fingers inside my ass and was vigoursly fucking it.

Ben left his cock fully in my mouth. 'Okay go on now, slowly go down on his cock and work it for me' i did as i was told 'help david put his cock in ur ass' i got davids cock and slowly pushed it inside me.

Wooow it felt amazing and i only had his tip inside, i slowly pushed down on it so it inserted deeper and deeper inside. David moaned with delight. Wow he must like it i thought to my self, soo i pushed ma ass all the way down is cock. he again moaned louder. 'Good Boy, now up and down' again ben seemed so happy with my so i had to make him proud of me, i shifted up again on his cock and slowly pushed back down, i could hear David moaning each time i went down, so i decided i will push down faster and harder and make him moan louder and louder and pushed down fast he moaned 'aaahhwww!!' That was mee moaning omg!! i love it like this!! faster i want fast!! so i pushed up again and thrusted Davids cock faster and faster.

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