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Lottery winner got laid part 2

Well a few days had past and all arangement where made for the presention of the cheque, we had made the holiday plans, and I had fucked Carmen again at her place as well as getting a bj at the office cumming in her mouth a few times. The day arrived and we recieved the cheque and sat down with money advisers on how to invest in these rather financial bleak times.

The day arrived to go on our cruise, The 3 of us set of for the port all excited as we got on the liner we settled into our cabins and rested I went to see our daughter Pam, I knocked on the door as she said come in as I walked in I feasted my eyes on her, she was wearing nothing but a pair of black cami knickers that looked stunning, she looked and said do you like them I bought them with the money you gave me, I said a perfect view as my cock rumbled in my boxers wanting her pussy again, she slid them down bending over she said well help yourself, I walked behind her and unzipped my trousers to reveal my huge cock ready to slide in her wet pussy.

As I pushed in she groaned her lips where soaken wet as I moved back and forth her begging for more, I felt my cock throb as I cum i her pussy, she fell on the bed as my limp cock hung inbetween my legs, I sat on the bed and started to suck her nipples my tounge went around her aureola as she sighed at the touch, my finger slipped into her pussy rubbing her clit as she opened her legs slightly, she arched her back and groaned loudly as she orgasmed, she said that was amazing, and had never cum like that.

I kissed her softly and left saying daddy loves you more than words could say, she smiled and as I left I saw her rubbing her pussy and then sucking her fingers. That evening after our meal, the wife said she wanted to live out her fantasy,and told me to go back to our cabin and hide, she went off looking for her victim whilst I hid.

I waited for a while as I heard my wife return with a young bloke that was about the same age as Pam, he was passionatly kissing her as he grabbed her tits making her groan, I saw her rubbing his trouser front as she slowly unzipped his trousers, reaching inside to pull out his cock she gassped as she pulled out this huge lump of meat that hung down like a pendulum with a huge cock head and he was cut.

She rubbed his cock making it hard,knelt down and sucked his cock slurping as she deep throated he groaned as her head moved back and forth as she rubbed it slowly, she took it out of her mouth, and stood up as he undressed her kissing the exposed as he did, he undone her bra her tits fell I noticed her nipples where huge, as he sucked them one by one, I got my cock out rubbing it as I watched, he bent her over and slid his huge cock into her as she gasped with pleasure.

She groaned with pleasure as he moved faster she reached underneath feeling his huge balls that hung down, as she said she was cumming as she begged for harder, as he drove his cock in and out she screamed as she shook, he groaned and emptied his load into her pussy. He slipped out as his spent load dribbled down her inside leg, she kneeled down and sucked his cock dry, she then demanded to be licked out, as he did like a good boy, he licked her nipples and sucked them deep into his mouth.

He moved down her stomach kissing as he went towards her shaved pussy, his tounge dissapeared into her slit as he flicked it fast like he was whipping cream, she groaned as she grabbed his head ramming it into her honey box making her cum again and again before she begged him to stop, by now his cock was hard as he pulled her up before turning her round, bending her over and pushing his cock up her arse making her scream as he hit home base.

He fucked her like a crazed a****l pounding his huge dick into her before he pulled out and cum all over her arse as he groaned, before again she sucked him dry, she had never really wanted to do this to me but twice without being asked was totaly amazing, he gave her his cabin number and told her if she wanted more than give him a call I could see that would happen. He left and I came out of hiding with a rock hard cock in my hand,the wife looked licked her lips and dropped to her knees sucking it like a hungry whore as I cum in her mouth, that night we fucked like horny teenagers before falling asl**p.

The following morning I knocked on Pams cabin door as I heard moans and groans from it I listened closely Pam was being nailed and was seriously enjoying it, I heard her scream and then silence, I retreated back to our cabin and waited, I heard her door open and looked, it was the guy that had fucked my wife the night before, I waited then knocked on my daughters door, she could hardly walk as she asked me in, she said she had been fucked by a bloke with the dick of a horse, I said I know I heard you, she grinned saying he was massive I agreed saying he had your mother as well.

I sat down and explained all, she said well youve all ready fucked Carmen aint you, I nodded in shame, she carried on by saying Carmen had confessed she couldn't believe she had been fucked so hard and wanted more, I told Pam that the agreement was mum would get fucked by a young guy, and I would try and fuck Carmen, she said well your have to try then, the trip went well Pam and the wife shared this young guy a few times, as well as me fucking Pam.

final part to follow

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