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Unexpected visitor

The day is 23rd of September, it's my birthday! just like the usual busy day during the occasion, my friends and other relatives were invited. we drink and party the night. Then, one nice lady visitor name racquel came looking for my nwife, rose, looks like shes having a problem on her husband. She hang for a while with us taking up some beer. But, maybe shes not used drinking because maybe 4 bottles then she cried out like hell and screaming the shit about her husband. I was angry then, I told rose to bring her inside and make her calm down. Rose pull her inside the house offered her a coffee and wiped her with hot towels, I came inside to check them and they said their ok, racquel said sorry and shes about to leave, I replied, "better to stay for awhile and just relax its not good to go out there when your having a problem. You can stay at guest room for the night." she followed exactly I said. About 2am, all my visitors were all gone, my wife was too early on bed leaving me alone with all the works cleaning up the mess. I brought some things to the kitchen, my eyes widen when i saw racquel in the kitchen on a squat seeing her white butts . I ask her " I thought you're asl**p already" she said "oopps sorry, Im so thirsty i came out looking for some cold water" i took the pleasure of serving her and the asked her about the problem shes crying about her husband, she answered "better not talk about him Im so pissed off just reminding him" I dont know what came out of me but Im trying to drive her on me. i said to her "your just to beautiful to let him ruin you" then she hug me tightly and cried. At first i feel like also a friend to her getting into her emotions, but something change me. As she hugs me tightly I felt hers big boobs pressing me, pull her back a bit then kissed her. I'm stunned, thinking why i did that. I looked at her, looks like confused whats going on. she did not say any word, instead, she kissed me back. now it really turned me on, not thinking what will happen, i grab her to the comfort room.I pulled off her shirt and grab her big breast. It was to long before I did like this, thats Im very scared every moves, when i was sucking her nipples i heard her saying " no,no,no. stop it, this is wrong" but what i did is suck and her lick nipples even more stronger.. the moment i was getting it more intense, shes moaning and whispering "lets do it". I quickly pull down her pants and panties, seeing her trimmed pussy, I sit down on the bowl and pull her on top of me. Shes quite tight, looking at her making a face while inch by inch penetrating her tight pussy. Now, Im all inside of her, she has all the control, looks like a rodeo contest. i feel her sweet and warm juice coming out, i said "your getting all the fun, let me drive" i ride her on the doggie stlye, i thinks shes feeling me coming, she whispered "i wanna feel your warm juice, its ok Im on a pill" I look at her then smile, burst up my cum into her pussy. we were moaning inside the comfort room. She and I dressed up quickly and get out of the CR, I return to the kitchen just in time my wife woke up looking for her friend, i did tell I think shes crying in the CR, there she went and knock her to calm down and fall back to sl**p, she came out and said shes ok now, she walk to the guest room there she goes to sl**p. Soon when the suns up, she help my wife to prepare for breakfast. After that, she came to our house almost every friday night for a beer or a poker game, and were fucking now every chance we get, without knowing of my wife, not in our house CR anymore.

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