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My f****y has always been a close one, and it's probably for
that reason that neither my b*****r Scott nor I ever went through
that rebellious teenager phase so typical of modern k**s. I did
move out when I went to college, but I only moved as far as the
little apartment over the garage, because I wanted to have some
semblance of a social life. My b*****r, who's a year younger than
I, decided to keep living with the folks until he found something
One night about a year ago, I came home very late after a
long-term study session and stumbled up the stairs to my apartment,
yawning all the way. It was well after midnight. Dad was out of
town on business, and I figured Scott and my mother were in bed by
As it turned out, they in bed all right, but they were far
from asl**p.
As I opened my one window to get some air (it was midspring,
and I love to sl**p with the window open that time of year) I
noticed that a light was on in the window directly across from
mine. Scott's room. The blind was almost completely open, and I
could make out some frantic movements but little else; the light
was kind of dim. Fearing the worst, I got a pair of bird-watching
binocs out of a nearby closet and trained them on Scott's window.
When I realized what I was seeing, I immediately felt very foolish,
and more than a little bit horny.
What I'd seen was a girl's head bobbing up and down on my
b*****r's erect cock. Obviously, Scott had snuck a girl past Mom
and was enjoying himself while he could. I felt a little jealous,
because I hadn't gotten any in more than two weeks, and I needed it
bad. Maybe that's why I kept watching, instead of doing the decent
thing and putting the glasses away. But maybe...maybe there was
some other deeper, more sordid reason.
God, I thought, salivating a little, Scotty's hung like a
horse! The girl was gulping down at least half his joint on every
downstroke, short brownish hair swaying, and still I could see that
there was maybe four or five thick-veined inches left (they were
*really* good binocs). I could feel myself getting wet down there,
even though I knew I shouldn't. After maybe ten minutes, I saw
Scotty's cock jerk, and he yanked it out of his girlfriend's mouth
to spray her heaving chest with his pearly-white load. Guess she
didn't like the taste or something. The girl leaned back, panting
heavily, rubbing his spunk into her heavy tits, and it was then
that I saw her face for the first time.
A hammerblow of shock hit me, and I almost dropped the binocs.
The woman who'd just sucked my b*****r's prick to orgasm was
no mere girlfriend. She was our forty-year-old mother.
I groaned, my lower lip trembling. What was going on here?
Mom and Scotty? This was wrong...wasn't it? Nevertheless my left
hand snaked its way down to my lap and started rubbing my denim-
clad crotch. I was as hot as I've ever been. My right hand
clamped tight around the binocular case, and I never even thought
about putting them away.
Now Mom was lying back on the bed, legs wide. The binoculars
were powerful enough for me to see the dew beading the auburn hairs
sparsely covering her puffy cuntlips. Her clit was as hard and
erect as a little uncut cock. Then Scott moved into my field of
view, grinning like an idiot and slowly pumping his big fuckrod
back to life with one hand. Definitely Scott. No doubt about it.
Very deliberately, I unzipped my jean and slid them down my legs,
never taking my eyes away from the tableau before me. My panties
followed, and soon my fingers were squelching inside my sticky
twat. I guess my b*****r was too horny for any additional
foreplay, because he just crawled between Mom's legs and slid his
cock-monster into her waiting snatch. My angle wasn't the best,
but Scotty was one of those considerate lovers who holds himself up
on his outstretched arms so as not to crush the woman beneath, so
I could see just about everything that was happening. I thrust my
fingers deep into my cunt, flicking my clit with my fingers,
wishing it were my furrow he was plowing.
Mom was definitely loving his sexual attention. She writhed
and bucked like a rodeo bronc, and I could see that she was moaning
or shouting something; I wish I could have heard what it was. It
didn't take long before Scotty stiffened and shot his seed into
her, and it was obvious by the way she arced up off the bed at that
moment that she was coming too. Hell, so was I; my screech filled
the little attic room, and I almost crushed the lightweight $300
binoculars in my hand as I spasmed in orgasm. After a long moment,
Scott rolled off our mother and stared at the ceiling, gasping; she
was smiling dreamily, and I'll bet I was too. Five minutes later
she got up slowly, kissed the tip of his shriveled pecker, and left
the room, turning the light out as she went. I went immediately to
bed, where I rubbed my clit until I came again, then lay awake
thinking about what I'd seen. I'd have to brace Scotty sometime
soon, and ask him a lot of searching questions about this quite
unfamilial relationship he was pursuing with our mother.
Unfortunately, midterms got in the way, so I was continually
busy for the next few weeks, and never got to ask his about it.
That doesn't mean I didn't think about it, of course. While I
didn't have the good fortune to catch them at it again, I sent
myself to sl**p each night with a good come, engendered by the mere
memory of the event.
Two weeks later, midterms were over. I'd aced my exams and
was feeling pretty good about myself. It was time, I decided, to
talk to Scotty about the little fling he and Mom had been enjoying.
Deep down, I wasn't really too sure what my intentions were other
than mere prurient curiosity, but I knew I had to have it out with
him. It was Friday afternoon, the beginning of Spring Break, and
I went home immediately after my last class. Instead of going up
to my apartment, I entered my parents' house and made my way back
to the f****y room, where I figured Scotty was playing computer
games or something; he spends most of his time there. As I
approached the half-open door, I heard a series of soft moans, and
my heart started to race. Sounded like I'd caught Scotty and Mom
in another hot situation! I carefully eased my head around the
edge of the door.
What I saw next just about blew my mind.
My middle-aged Daddy was sitting on Scott's lap. Both men
were stark naked, and I could see that Scotty's cock was buried in
our father's bunghole. Dad's cock, just as respectable a rod as
Scotty's, was arcing toward the ceiling, dribbling a thin line of
pre-come as Scott stroked it gently with his free hand. The two
men humped together in a gently rhythm. I just stood there, mouth
hanging open, and listed to my father's soft moans, which suddenly
resolved into words.
"Oh, man, your hard young cock feels so good up my asshole!
Fuck me, Scotty, fuck your Daddy, fill my hot ass with your come!
Uhhhh! Oh, that's it! Stroke my cock so that I can come too!
OHHHH!" With that, a thin stream of semen shot straight up into
the air, at least two feet, to splatter all over their conjoined
legs. Scott humped faster, then thrust hard into Daddy's ass,
groaning explosively.
I got out of there fast before they saw me. I was tingling
all over and crying, uncertain about how I was supposed to feel.
I couldn't fucking believe it. Scott was fucking both our parents!
This was so wild, so weird, that I couldn't think straight. The
next thing I knew I was lying naked in my bed, feeling myself all
over with one hand and reaming my pussy with the biggest dildo I
owned. I came so hard I blacked out, and didn't come to until the
next morning.
Later that morning, while Mom and Pop were out playing golf,
I called and invited Scotty up to my room. I told him I had
something *very* serious to tell him, and I prepared carefully for
his visit, dressing in a tight little halter top and a pair of blue
silk shorts: no underwear. I'm no raving beauty (hell, no one in
my f****y is, we're just real people) but I'm not chopped liver,
either. I can hold my own in any sexual contest. I didn't know
what was going to happen today, but my breathing grew labored just
considering the possibilities, and I could feel the lubrication
starting to make my cunt tunnel squishy.
He came up shortly thereafter, dressed in a pair of cut-offs
and a Raiders tee-shirt. Scott's about five-eight, with bushy
black hair and a lithely muscular body. He's not much into sports,
but I suspected I knew how he keeps himself in shape. As he
entered, looking perplexed, I shut the door nervously and leaned
against it. My nips were hard as little missiles, but I don't
think he noticed right away.
"What's the matter? Someone die?" he asked, concerned.
"I know you're fucking Mom and Dad!" I blurted.
He didn't even have the good grace to look embarrassed; he
just grinned. "'Bout time you caught on, big s*s! How'd you figure
it out?" Then he snapped his fingers. "I know! Two weeks ago
Wednesday, when Dad was on that business trip. Mom forgot to close
the blinds. Hell, I didn't notice it til the next day."
"That's it," I admitted. "Then last night, I...I saw you
buttfucking Daddy in the f****y room."
His grin widened. "Yeah, is that wild or what? All these
years Dad and Mom have been married, and it turns out he's been bi
the whole time! When he caught me fuckin' Mom, he demanded a piece
of the action. I didn't want to at first, but now I like it. We
go at it all the time."
My mouth was dry, and my heart was beating like a triphammer.
"So, does Mom know you're fucking Daddy?"
"Are you k**din'? I tell her everything. She thought it was
way kinky; I had to screw her three times in a row to cool her
down! Now we all do it together whenever we can. Hell, we had a
threesome last weekend while you were studying. It was great!"
I thought I might faint. "How long has this been going on?"
"Mom and I have been doing it since I was sixteen. Dad just
joined in about three months ago." He unzipped his pants and
withdrew his huge cock; it was quite hard by now. "You want I
should fuck you too?"
Oh my God! YES, I did want: I could feel the cuntjuice
overflowing my slick twat and soaking into my shorts. "Do you
think you can handle all three of us?" I breathed.
"I'm young yet," he leered. "And hey, you're body's so nice
I could get a hard-on anytime, just looking at you."
My b*****r's so sweet! I groaned, then walked up to him and
knelt in front of his turgid slab of fuckmeat. "You're such a good
b*****r. I love you. Let me show you how much."
Scotty grasped his prick firmly at the base. "Oh, yeah, s*s!
Suck it!"
With a low moan, engulfed the flaring tip of his cut manmeat,
and gradually eased my way down his shaft, breathing through my
nose. The musky smell of him was driving me crazy. I didn't stop
until my nose was pressing hard against his belly, and I could feel
the crinkled moistness of his ballsack against my lower lip.
Unlike Mom, I have mastered the art of deep-throating, having
worshiped avidly at the alter of Mother Linda Lovelace. I know
that nothing, not even a good pussy-fuck, could make a guy come as
hard or as much as a damn fine cocksucking.
"That's it! Swallow that cock, baby! Ahhh God! Nobody's ever
swallowed all ten inches! From now on I'm coming to YOU for my
blowjobs, Alicia!" I sucked like a vacuum and pulled back,
marvelling at the sheer size of his cock. I couldn't wait til he
blew his load into my hungry gullet. I just hoped he was as studly
as advertized, because I knew I had to have that thing up my snatch
and soon.
"Jesus CHRIST! SUCK IT! Oh, 'Licia, Bubba's gonna blow a big
mess of spunk right down your throat. I hope you can take it all,
'cause I got a lot more to give you. Ahhhhhh fuck! Ohhh....if I'd
known you were this good I'd've climbed into you bed when I was ten
and fucked you then instead of wasting all that spunk thinkin'
about you all those years...."
His voice trailed on into meaningless sex-babble, and I
continued to pump my head up on down on his fuckknob. The poor lad
didn't last long under my nasty ministrations. Thirty seconds
later he arced his back and shouted, "EAT MY CUMMMMM!" and spewed
about a quart down my throat. I swallowed it down eagerly, gulping
every drop. I just love come. Always have, always will.
Scotty literally collapsed, falling bare-assed onto my bed.
Unfortunately, his dick quickly shrank down to a shiny nubbin that
didn't hint at his true incredible length.
"Geez," he moaned. "What the hell have I been missing?"
"Lots, I guess," I said, quickly stripping to the bare
essentials and sliding into bed beside him. "Your shoulda been
nastier when we were younger, so we could have gotten an earlier
start. But you were too much of a good boy, I guess. What
He stared at my tits (just slightly bigger than Mom's, with
dark areolae the size of silver dollars) and his prick twitched.
I felt his hand insinuate itself between my legs, and he raked his
fingers across my cunt. I gasped and opened wider to let him in:
he slid his fuckfinger inside, knowing using his thumb to gently
massage my clitoris.
"What happened...? Mom caught me jacking off."
I could feel myself started to respond; my hips were rocking
back and forth of their own volition.
"I was thinking about you. Up til then, I usually did when I
jacked off." Working that talented finger in and out of my snatch,
he launched into the raunchy tale of his first fuck.
It was a little over two years ago that it happened. I'd
just had a rough physics test at school, and I came home looking
for a little sympathy. Nobody was home, so I went back to my
bedroom to relax.
"Of course, my favorite tension reliever then was jerking off.
So I pulled out my cock and started pumping on it, you know? I
thought about that time we were at the beach when I was 13 and your
bikini top fell off and I saw your breasts for the first time...I
know you were really embarrassed, but I thought they were really
beautiful and I've never forgotten how horny the sight made me
"Anyway, there I was, about ready to come, when Mom walked in.
I didn't even hear her drive up. I just heard a gasp and opened my
eyes, and there she was, standing in the doorway, looking shocked.
I just froze, cock in hand, but it was too late: I could feel my
balls churning, and I knew I was about to come. I thought Mom was
gonna freak. But she just looked at my cock with a funny
expression on her face and said, 'Oh, no, you don't, not on *my*
expensive sheets!' and walked quickly up to the bed. Then she
bent down, pushed my hands out of the way, and swallowed my cock!
My own Mom! I couldn't believe it, but my cock did. I shot about
a gallon of come down her throat before I could stop myself."
As my b*****r talked about coming in Mom's mouth that first
time, he increased the sweet rhythm of his finger suddenly, and I
felt a firecracker burst in my hot box as he gave me my orgasm
first of the day. I shook all over for a long minute, and when I
finally settled down I said hoarsely, "Well, go on."
He grinned, and started ramming into me with both the index
and fuckfinger of his hand. I could see that the tale and the
activity was turning him on too, for his cock was about at half
mast now. "So I lay there in shock, watching her swallow my come,
and then she stood up suddenly and started rubbing herself between
the legs, right through the material of her dress. After a minute
of this she said, 'I-I can't take it anymore. You're Dad's not
paying much attention to me lately, and I'm really lonely. I need
to fuck. Would you mind fucking me, son?'
"How could I say no? I mean, I really love Mom, and she's a
great looking woman for her age. I just nodded like a dumb k** and
watched as she slid out of that dress. She was wearing a lacy
green bra and matching panties, and the sight of the material
clinging to her wet cunt really got me hot. By the time she was
nude, I was already hard. She climbed up on bed, turned around,
and stuck her beautiful ass in my face. 'I got to taste your sweet
come, baby,' she told me, 'so it's only fair you get to taste
mine.' I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven! I'd never had the
hots for Mom before, but that was changing fast.
"I was a little hesitant at first, because this was the first
time I'd gone this far with a girl, but after a few seconds of
looking at her hot, juicy slit I flicked out my tongue and tasted
it. She almost fell off the bed she jumped so hard. It tasted so
good I just had to keep on licking her, and it was driving her
crazy! She kept telling me how good it felt, how much she liked
the way her little boy licked her, and how she couldn't wait to
feel her nasty boy's cock in her cunt. She was really vulgar, and
we both loved it! I think she was having one long orgasm the whole
time I licked her.
"Well, I was going at it so exuberantly that I licked too far
toward the back of her cuntmound and ended up tonguing her asshole
instead. She liked that, too, just kept shuddering and telling me
to eat her ass. Finally we had to stop. She was getting too
sensitive to go on, and it was getting late. We figured Dad would
be bringing you home from choir practice soon, and there was one
more thing Mom wanted to do yet.
"'Now for the big time,' Mom moaned. 'I've got to feel that
huge prick stretch my pussy out of shape.' I'd never heard of
fucking in any position but the missionary style, so I expected her
to lay down on the bed so I could climb on top of her. Boy, was I
surprised when she got down on her hands and knees in front of me
and said, 'Do it, Scotty! Fuck your hot mommy like a bitch in
I gently disengaged Scott's fingers from my snatch, rolled
over on my hands and knees, and thrust my ass into the air
incitingly. "Like this?" I said, wriggling my gluteus maximum in
his face.
"Yeah!" he breathed. "Like that!" He climbed up behind me
and slid his hard length deliciously along my slit.
"Tell me more," I breathed. "It's making me really hot."
"Yeah, sure, OK." He was breathing hard again. "Anyway,
there Mom was on her hands and knees, begging me to fuck her like
a bitch dog. It looked really sexy and kind of kinky, and I was a
little uncertain about it, but you know me, always the obedient
son. So I got up behind her and shoved my big hard cock into her
wet snatch." With that, he thrust into me, all nine long inches in
one smooth stroke.
My pussy muscles rippled around his rod and I squeaked,
"OHHH, geez, Scotty, you're so BIG!"
"That's what Mom said." He started moving back and forth
slowly, and I matched his thrusts with enthusiasm. We were in no
hurry, and I wanted to hear the rest of this hot story.
"'You like that, Mom?' I said. She kinda growled and went,
"Yes, yessss, fuck me you little stud, give me every inch of that
big high school cock, drive it in me, make me come again and
again!' Then she shook and cursed and I knew I'd made Mom come
again already. I was really proud of myself..." he moaned softly
and increased his movements, pounding into me now like a
triphammer. I could feel the warm tingly sensations of my own
orgasm building in my loins and the tips of my nipples. Scott
groaned and I could hear him gritting his teeth, trying to hold
back just a little longer. At that moment I loved him more than
ever. My little b*****r's such a considerate lover.
He went on. "She, she was moaning and groaning and telling me
what a great lover I was, how much she loved me, and I was feeling
real cocky, so I said, 'So you like your little boy's cock, Mommy?
You like the way I'm grinding it up into you and making you feel
good? Yeah, you love fucking your son, don't you? You're a nasty
naughty Mommy, aren't you?'
"She wailed and moaned as I plowed into her. I could tell I
was driving her crazy. 'Yes, yes, god help me, I love having my
baby's manly cock driving in and out of my horny cunt! Give it to
me hard, baby! Harder! HARDER!"
I could feel his cock beginning to swell as my own orgasm
rushed in on me.
"I could feel her getting ready to come again already,
Alicia," he panted, "and I knew it was because I was talking dirty
to her, oh god you're so hot and tight, and I said to her, I said,
'Oh, yeah, you're a nasty cocklover who wants her son's i****tuous
seed buried deep in her belly, don't you? We're gonna fuck and
fuck and fuck and I'm gonna fill you up completely with my boycream
and UHHHHHNNNN! I'M COMMMMMING, 'LICIA!!!" He plowed his massive
organ deep into my belly and spewed a fountain of sticky lovejuice
into me. I screamed and came so hard I lost all control of my
limbs, and we went down in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs. After
a long moment, my b*****r groaned like a man waking from the dead
and rolled off me. I rolled over and gazed at him lovingly in the
sweet haze of aftersex, taking in his sleek lines, tight muscles,
and especially drinking in the site of his limber cock, glazed now
with a combination of our juices. He wasn't hard, but he was
apparently too turned on yet for his cock to return to its normal
flaccid state.
I reached out and took his pretty penis in hand. Jacking him
slowly, I said, "Jesus, Scott, that was the singular most
satisfying orgasm I've ever had."
"Me too."
"Better than Mom?" I teased.
"Maybe. Yeah, for sure." How gallant!
"So what happened after that first time?" I asked softly.
"Well, we were both still pretty excited, so we did it again."
He grinned suddenly. "I'd managed to come in her again, after
getting her off maybe three more times, when all of a sudden we
heard you and Dad drive up. Man, we musta set all kinds of speed
records getting dressed and downstairs!" He chuckled at the
memory. "Anyhow, we did it again in the bathroom about 2 AM that
night, and after that nearly every day. Thank goodness Mom is on
the pill or we might have had a new baby runnin' around the house
by now!"
"Sounds like fun," I said. "Maybe we should practice." A
second later I had him groaning with pleasure as I deep-throated
that lovely prick.

Naturally, I called a f****y meeting the next day.
Dad and Mom settled in on their easy chairs opposite the
couch, while Scott slid onto the sofa beside me and put one arm
casually around my shoulders. I glanced down at his bulging crotch
and smiled.
Dad gazed at me expectantly for a moment. When I didn't
immediately speak, he asked, "So what's up, Alicia?"
Talk about your leading questions. Grinning broadly, I slowly
unzipped Scott's shorts, making quite a show of it, and pulled out
his throbbing erection. I coyly kissed the tip as it jerked in my
hand. "Why, this big thing is, Daddy. And I happen to know you
and Mommy have been sharing it." I moved my hand up and down the
huge organ as Scotty began to sigh with pleasure.
"You don't mind if I share Scotty's big cock too, do you?" I
cooed. "He doesn't mind, as long as it's OK with you two."
"But you're his *s****r*..." Mom began, but Dad broke in:
"...And we're his parents, and he's been fucking us for years.
Hell, why not, if he thinks he can handle all of us."
"Thanks, Pop," I purred, pulling aside the crotch of my
running shorts and showing them my dripping snatch. Daddy licked
his lips. "Of course, you guys'll have the added bonus of fucking
your horny daughter whenever you like. If, of course, I turn you
two on..."
Mom just nodded, in a daze, as she reached down and rubbed her
cunt through her housedress. Dad said softly, "Of course you turn
us on, baby," then unzipped his trousers to show me the truth.
"See how hard Daddy's cock is?"
His boner was very like Scotty's, somewhat thinner but just as
tall and proud. It was capped with a flared purple head, and I
could see a small drop of pre-come oozing out the tip. I couldn't
wait to taste it and feel it plumbing the depths of my every
accessible orifice. One distant small part of was shocked by his
behavior and mine, but it was very small and very distant; the rest
of me was roaring with lust and was fully cognizant of just how
horny a slut I'd suddenly become.
"Mmmm, that looks delicious," I said to Daddy. "I've just
got to taste it." I looked toward mother, who had begun shimmying
out of her dress, her face flushed. "Do you mind?" She shook her
"What about me, s*s?" Scott asked, looking a bit hurt.
I smiled at him. "I'm not ignoring you, hon, but we had our
fun last night. I wanna try Dad out now. Mom will take care of
you, won't you, Mom?"
"Of course," she said throatily, letting her dress slide to
the floor. She was clad now in bikini panties and a thin cotton
bra, which soon joined the dress in a pile on the floor. I got up
from the couch and emulated her example; by the time I'd sashayed
over to Daddy's chair, I was completely nude and my clothes lay
s**ttered across the hardwood floor. I knelt before my father and
lowly pulled his trousers down his legs until they were off. Then,
without further ado, I leaned forward and took his rigid cock into
my mouth, grasping it at the base. I slowly pushed my lips down
his organ as he groaned, until my face was pressed into the brown
kinky hair at the base. I slowly withdrew, sucking gently, then
deep-throated him again. As I pulled back a second time, I raked
his bulbous cockhead with my teeth.
This must have been too much for him, because he gasped, and
his cock jerked out of my mouth of its own accord. Spasming
mightily, Daddy splashed thick sticky ropes of come across my face.
I caught some of it in my mouth, but most of it got away, much to
my disappointment.
A quick glance to my right showed my b*****r plowing his tool
into Mom from behind, while she moaned and arced her back and
reared back to meet his pounding thrusts. It looked like so much
fun I decided to follow their lead, but with a bit of a difference.
Daddy's cock was still hard, as I suspected it would be, so I
turned my back to him and slowly sat down on that paternal
The emotions and sensations which flowed through me as I felt
my father's prick slid up my cunt sheath were damn near
indescribable. I almost had to pinch myself -- it couldn't be
possible that the enormous shaft penetrating my pussy was my own
father's! I couldn't be fucking Daddy! And yet I was. A month
ago, this would have been unimaginable; like many people, I'd
thought of my parents as sexless, ignoring the fact that my b*****r
and I must have come from somewhere.
I felt an orgasm shoot through me, and we'd barely even
started. Daddy groaned as my cunt muscles rippled along the length
of his cock. "Oh, Alicia, that's so nice. You're almost as tight
as Scott." He slid his hands up the curve of my waist and cupped
my breasts, tweaking my nipples, which were still rock hard from my
orgasm. I sighed and squirmed against his cock. Through glazed
eyes, I watched Scotty pull his cock out of Mom's steaming twat and
feed it to her. Daddy kept working on my nipples as I gently moved
against his, and after a long moment I came again.
That was Daddy's signal to start fucking. His squeezed my
breasts hard to anchor himself, and started thrusting in and out of
me with vigor. "," he gritting. "
"Oh Daddy, I love you. Make me...CUM!!" I shrieked as my
orgasm overtook me again. But still he didn't stop, pounding into
me like some sex-crazed Don Juan. When I came to my senses Scott
was fucking Mom doggie-style again, and I could see from the pearly
whiteness dripping from her pointed nipples that he'd already
spewed his first load. Dad pounded on for another five minutes,
mauling my stiff nipples the whole while, until we both managed to
come together in a screaming crescendo that made the whole house
shake. Mom and Scotty were already done, sitting side by side on
the couch as Mom played with Scott's shiny, half-hard cock.
I sighed with pleasure, then slowly levered myself off my
father's lap. His slender cock slid out of me reluctantly. I
wobbled over to the couch and sat down next to Mom. "I'm ready for
some more," I announced. Mom murmured her agreement.
"Sorry, ladies," Dad panted, "It'll be a while before we can
perform again."
"Yeah," Scott said tiredly. "Mom drained me." She glanced
my way with a wicked grin.
"I know what we can do, Mom," I purred, and my hand found its
way into my mother's lap. "Let's give the boys a little show.
Maybe that'll rekindle their interest." I slid a finger into Mom's
slick depths, and she gasped.
"What..w-with you?" she whispered. I saw Scotty's ears perk
up at that, and I'm sure Daddy had the same reaction.
"Why not, Mom? Both the boys have fucked all three of the
other members in the f****y; you and I've only had the opportunity
to fuck Daddy and Scott. No fair! Whaddaya say? Wanna fuck your
only daughter?" I started sawing my finger in and out of her cunt.
"Oh, YES!" she groaned. "I want to taste your nasty snatch,
baby!" I gently guided her to the hearth-rug, which was thick
enough to be comfortable, and in seconds we were writhing in a hot
sixty-nine. I was darting my tongue in and out of the hot cunny
I'd emerged from twenty years ago, and my Mommy was licking my own
slit with gusto. I was a little startled when I felt her slip a
finger into my asshole, but that made the pleasure all the better:
I came less than a minute later, and it was one of those long, gut-
wrenching orgasms after which a woman can die happy. I know I made
Mom come at least three times in that long, languorous quarter-
hour, and I came twice more as well.
Finally, I lifted my head. "You boys about ready for some
more action?"
Were they ever. Unfortunately, they'd started without us
girls, the bastards. Scotty was bent over the back of the couch,
and Daddy was plunging that big, slim cock into his asshole with
reckless abandon. Scott groaned, "Fuck me, Dad, fuck me!" and
suddenly let loose with a stream of creamy jizz that soaked the
white leather of the couch. Dad came a second later, driving in
deep and filling up his son's lugubrious ass with sperm.
We all decided we'd had enough for one afternoon, and went our
separate ways, to take showers and to rest. We agreed to meet
again at 9 PM to see what would happen. What happened, as it
turned out, was an all-f****y orgy that lasted until the wee hours
of the morning.
That was ten years ago, but our collective ardor hasn't
cooled. Hard to believe it all started when my horny b*****r
decided to jerk off in the middle of the day, unaware he'd be
caught by our equally horny mother! We still get together at least
once a month for the f****y orgy, only now there are six
participants: both Scotty and I have married, and his wife and my
husband have become enthusiastic charter members of the f****y Fuck
Club. I've got a boy and girl I'm *pretty* sure are Jeff's, and
Scott and Melinda have a boy they're *pretty* sure is Scotty's, but
hell, no one can be certain, and no one really cares. k**s are
k**s, and we all love them the same. And we can hardly wait til
each one of them turns sixteen, because we've got birthday presents
for them that are guaranteed to knock their socks off...


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