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Later that night, Priscilla sat curled up in a chair. Her eyes were
trained on the television, but her ears were tuned to Ben. He was
talking to his daughter, Tammy, on the phone.

Priscilla couldn't wait until it was her turn to talk with Tammy. She
fidgeted impatiently in the living room chair, unable to concentrate on
the TV show.

"I'm through," Ben said to Priscilla. "You can talk to her now."

Priscilla leaped out of the chair. "Can I take it upstairs in the
bedroom?" She wanted privacy. The things she was planning to say, she
didn't want Tammy's parents to hear.

"Sure," laughed Ben, "why not?"

"Thanks, Mr. Hudson." Priscilla scampered upstairs to the bedroom.
Panting, she grabbed the extension. "You can hang up now, Mr. Hudson. I
got it," she said to Ben over the phone.

Ben chuckled to himself, then hung up. He turned to his wife. "I'll bet
they spend the rest of the night talking on the phone."

Ellen smiled. "Yeah, about boys."

Ben shook his head. "I'm glad Priscilla's father is paying for this
phone call," he said with obvious relief.

When Priscilla heard the click, she heaved a sigh. "Are my parents
around, Tammy?"

"No, they went out. Your mother said to call in the morning."

"Good. We can talk. I'm up in your room. Where are you?"

Tammy yawned. Boredom and frustrated passion were gnawing at her mind
and body. "I'm up in your bed ... naked."

"Whew," Priscilla whooshed. With what she wanted to tell Tammy, being
naked sounded exciting. "Hold on a minute ... I'm going to take off my
clothes, too."

Tammy's mood instantly brightened. She waited for Priscilla to return
to the line, gently stroking her silky blonde pussy hair. A dreamy
smile played at her mouth. She wondered if Priscilla had discovered any
of Beauty's unique talents.

"I'm back," Priscilla panted, her excitement growing. She lay on her
back, her legs spread, her fingers gently moved up and down her lithe
naked body. "I'm naked too, Tammy."

Tammy slipped her fingers into her moist cunt. No cherry skin barred
her way. Beauty had taken care of that months ago. "Have you been
riding Beauty?" Tammy asked wistfully, thinking of how much she missed

Priscilla gave a dirty giggle. "I've been doing more than that."

"Tell me about it," Tammy said. Her mood brightened even more.

Priscilla's voice lowered to a conspiratorial tone. "This morning down
by the stream I rode him naked and creamed all over the saddle."

"Is that all?" Tammy said with disappointment. She brought her fingers
out of her cunt. Casually, she snatched up the warm fuck juices with
her tongue.

"While your parents were in town this afternoon I was in the barn with
Beauty ..." She let the sentence hang, hoping to change Tammy's
apparent disinterest.

"I hope you did more than just sit naked in the saddle?" Doing that was
old hat to the little farm girl. Tammy had done those things when she
was a k**.

"I did a lot more than that," Priscilla bragged. "Beauty licked my tits
and my pussy, and I came all over his mouth." The young virgin
shuddered from the memory.

Tammy's interest had been piqued only slightly. "Did you see Beauty's
cock?" she asked, wishing his prick were between her legs at this very

The image of Beauty's cock flashed through Priscilla's mind. "Yes," she
gasped, "it was so big! I feel like I dreamt it."

"Did you play with it?" Tammy's pussy was drooling a gooey cream. The
phone nestled against her neck, her hands were free to caress her plump
tits as she spoke.

"Oh no!" Priscilla exclaimed.

"Oh shit," Tammy spat, "my poor pony!"

The innocence in Priscilla's voice showed through. "What do you mean?"

"Never mind," Tammy replied. Depressed, Tammy didn't want to talk
anymore. "I gotta hang up, Priscilla. Don't forget to call your parents
tomorrow." Without waiting for a reply, Tammy hung up, leaving a
bewildered Priscilla holding a dead phone.

"Damn, damn, damn," Tammy muttered angrily. She squirmed naked on the
bed. Her hands roamed her sizzling hot flesh. "Why did I ever agree to
come to the city!" Three fingers gouged into her wet steamy pussy.
"Unnnn ... I wish my fingers were your cock, Beauty," she squealed.
"Shit, I want your nice hard pony-cock."

Tammy stroked her pussy. Warm cunt juice flowed over her caressing
fingers. Her ripe teenage hips rotated. Her softly curved ass cheeks
rubbed against the sheet.

"Shit," she gasped. One hand mauled a plump tit. The swollen nipple
burned against her palm. "I need your cock, Beauty."

Blue eyes turned glassy. She flicked her tongue out over her lips. She
hummed, pretending Beauty's cock was caressing her lips.

She opened her mouth, imagined his hard pony-prick entering her throat.
Sticky cream gushed from her cunt.

The muscles in her pussy responded to her wandering mind. Spongy walls,
oozing cream, beat a steady tattoo against the empty channel of her hot
pussy. "Oooo, let me cum," she whimpered. "I gotta cum!"

Tammy twisted, frustrated, desperate. It had been ages since the horny
c***d had had to resort to her fingers. Beauty, his fantastic lips and
even more fantastic cock, had served her needs completely. Now, she was

The beautiful c***d, her blonde hair strewn about the pillow and her
flushed face, twisted in agony. "Oooo, Beauty. Your cock! Nice hard

The teenager was delirious. She fucked three fingers into her pulsing
pussy. Hot cushiony muscles grabbed hungrily at her fucking fingers.

Tammy released her jiggling tits. They were red from the rough
treatment she had given them. She brought her hand down, then curled
her fingers through the silky strands of her sparse blonde pussy hair.

With one hand she fucked her stiff fingers in and out of her bubbling
cunt. With her other hand she manhandled the bloated clit poking out of
its sheath. "Unnnn! Christ! I need ... need you, Beauty!"

Hot gasping breaths escaped from her mouth. Pussy juice flowed. Her
tits floundered. Her fingers worked frantically on her hole and clit.

Tammy closed her eyes tightly, recalling a perfect image of Beauty's
gorgeous cock. Spasms attacked her cunt in a jealous rage and milked
her fingers. She began to shake. Her orgasm was coming closer.

Her long legs, slim, curved sensuously, began to slap up and down on
the bed. Her blue eyes gazed at the ceiling. In her excited state, a
vision of Beauty's cock and balls was there to greet her. "Oooo!
Beauty. Cum in my mouth ... my pussy ... all over me!"

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