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A Womans Touch (true story)

New years Day was the first day withour rain for a week. It was a beatiful cold Winters day so we decided to go for a drive in the van.

We headed for a nature reserve about 15 miles away. We go there often as there are plenty of secluded lanes in the woodland area to park up and have sex.

Mrs V wore a black "wrap" dress, black hold ups, no pants and a pair of stilletos. The dress is Mrs V's favourite flashing dress as she can open the wrap to reveal a stocking top and bare thigh.

As we drove along the motorway to get to our destination Mrs V was very daring. The wrap section of the dress was fully opened and more than one truck driver had a view of her shaven pussy.

We arrived at the bature reserve and as per normal checked out the car parks in the hope we would catch people having sex. To date this has not happened. The first two car parks we again drew a blank. So we drove to the final car park.

The car park had three cars in it. two near the entrance / exit and another parked in the very end bay about 100 yards away. This was unusual so we decided to have a closer look.

As we approached the car it appeared to be empty. However, as we got about 10 yards away a lady sat up in the drivers seat. She was clearly up to something.

We circled the car park and decided to park right next to the car. Doing this totally hid the car from view as the van is much bigger. The female driver had tried to adjust herself but her stocking tops were still on view. Mrs V, from her higher seating position was now looking straight into the car at the woman driver. She was about 30 and very attractive.

Mr V asked what was happenening? At the meoment nothing was but Mrs V then wound down the window of the van and beckoned the woman to do the same with the car window. I don't know what you were up to Mrs V said to the lady in the car but I am going to play with this and proceeded to show the car driver her Rabbit dildo which she then slowly inserted into her very wet pussy.

The lady in the car reclined her seat, and started to use a dildo of her own. Mr V could not believe what was happening. Mrs V then got out of the van. Nobody could see her as the van hid her from the rest of the car park. She leant through the open window of the car and started to play with the drivers pussy. Mr V undid hid trousers and pulled them down to reveal his cock. It was clear from the arm movements of Mrs V that she was fingeringing the woman in the car. After 3 or 4 minutes the woman let out a screan and came to orgasm.

Mrs V got back in the van and left the door open. Taste this she said and pushed her fingers into Mr V's mouth. That is Claire's pussy juice. It transpired that Claire was the name of the woman in the car.

Mrs V knelt on the passenger seat of the van, her ass facing the open door and started to gobble Mr V's cock. Suddenly Claire appeared at the open door. She picked up Mrs V's dildo from the van seat and eased into Mrs V's pussy. Mrs V started moaning and thrusting back against the dildo whilst at the same time sucking Mr V's cock.

Mr V could not take in what was happening. His wife was sucking his cock whilst an attractive woman pushed a dildoo in and out of Mrs V's pussy. Then Claire spat on Mrs V's ass and pushed her finger deep into Mrs V's bum hole. This was too much for Mr V who emptied his hot spunk deep into his wifes throat.

With Claire fingering Mrs V's ass and using a dildo on her cunt it did not take Mrs V long to cum. She started to buck wildly and let out a loud screan as she had an intense orgasm.

We drove home and could not stop talking about what had happened. We ripped our clothes off and fucked as soon as we got in. The whole experience was so horny.

Now we need a good looking woman to lick Mrs V's pussy whilst Mr V watches. Any offers?

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