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Hot Couch Sex

What's up fellas this is a fictional story I have based off my fantasies. Enjoy xox

It was Saturday afternoon, my eyes glued to the blaring T.V screen my bordem had reached a level that was unbearable. "Bzzz...Bzzz", I had realised that my cellphone went off. I reached for my pocket and discovered a text message from Paul my good friend from school.

Paul: "Hey Rick, I'v finished studying, i'll be over soon. I'll bring some drinks for later see you soon".

I heard the crunching sound of gravel, as Paul drove up the driveway. My parents where interstate for a business meeting, they told me they would be home sometime next week.

Paul: "Hey ricko! I'm here!"

I opened up the door and let Paul in, he had a sick pack of Coronas, my favorite beer. By this time it was around 6pm, and we decided to put on the wrestling I recorded earlier. We cracked open the cold ones and enjoyed the program. It was a really cold night, we were beside each other under a big blanket on the couch.

Paul: "Gee it's getting a bit toasty under this blanket"

On que he took of his shirt and lofted it onto the floor, revealing his perfectly ripped pecks and abs. And the ceiling light gave it that perfect gleam to it. This aroused me quite a bit, by cock slowly growing by the second, I felt the urge to adjust it so he wouldn't notice, but a part of me wanted him to notice, so I just left it as it was. My long, hard dick throbbing for his sweet ass, was pressed against my shorts tightly. Paul reached down for the remote between us to adjust the T.V volume, at this point he was just staring down at my hard man meat.

Paul:"Well...what do we have here mister?"

He asked in a questionable tone, "Gee... ahhh well.."

Paul: "It's nothing to be embarrassed about Rick, actually I think it's kinda hot"

It appeared he was reaching for the remote but to my surprise he had something else on his mind. He slowly stroked my cock through my pants. Removing the blanket I realised he had a raging hard-on too. We look into each others eyes, our daze so strong. We slowly inched in and began making out. His tender lips pressed against mine, my tongue exploring his mouth. By this time we both had all our clothes off, I was on top of his perfect body, his warm hard dick pressing against mine, his pre-cum leaking out and slightly lubricating my cock, it felt amazing. I quickly raced to my bedroom and retrieved my lube. I returned to Paul on his back, cock vertical in the air ready to fuck. I smeared a good amount of lube over his beautiful cock. I gave the lube to him and let him rub it into my tight ass-hole. I got on my knees above him my slowly sat on his rock hard meat. He pit it inside me a few inches, took it out and finally went in the whole way. Deep inside me, his slippery cock filled my ass. I bounced up and down taking control of the situation, he thrusted his hips vigorously making me clench his back in pleasure. I could feel him inside me, one of the best feelings ever. His cock was tensioning inside me. He shot his warm load into me, filling my ass with creamy man juice. He let ou a massive yelp of pleasure. I hovered my ass over his head and clenched my cheeks, cum oozing out all over his face. He let me fuck him im his beautiful ass in return. it was such a good night, one to remember.

Hope I got some of you hard. ;) This is my second story I'm still getting the hang of it so any feedback would be awesome. Happy New Years and stay safe xox

~~Bi_Guy_95 (by the way 95 is my lucky number if any of you were wondering :) Have a good one )~~

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